Casey Hudson Quotes

Casey Hudson Quotes.

Mass Effect 3 is all about answering all the biggest questions in the
lore, learning about the mysteries and the Protheans and the Reapers,
being able to decide for yourself how all of these things come to an
Casey Hudson
Every decision you’ve made will impact how things go. The player’s also the
architect of what happens.
Casey Hudson
Fans want to make sure that they see things resolved, they want to get some closure, a great ending. I think they’re going to get that.
Casey Hudson
We have a rule in our franchise that there is no canon. You as a player
decide what your story is.
Casey Hudson
Whatever we do would likely happen before or during the events of Mass Effect 3, not after
Casey Hudson
For people who are invested in these characters and the back-story of the
universe and everything, all of these things come to a resolution in
Mass Effect 3. And they are resolved in a way that’s very different
based on what you would do in those situations.
Casey Hudson
The whole idea of Mass Effect3 is resolving all of the biggest questions, about the Protheons and
the Reapers, and being in the driver’s seat to end the galaxy and all
of these big plot lines, to decide what civilizations are going to
live or die: All of these things are answered in Mass Effect 3.
Casey Hudson
Um… You know, at this point, I think we’re co-creators with the fans. We use a lot of feedback.
Casey Hudson