Classroom Quotes

Classroom Quotes by Mitch Daniels, Blake Mycoskie, Jerome Rothenberg, Theodore Roosevelt, Tony Bates, Jose Andres and many others.

Our educational results lag behind other states, and other nations, but worse still, behind the potential of the kids and the devoted teachers in our classrooms.
Mitch Daniels
I don’t think college is for everyone. School is awesome, but for me, I was learning a lot more outside the classroom in the real world than I was in school.
Blake Mycoskie
As for poetry ‘belonging’ in the classroom, it’s like the way they taught us sex in those old hygiene classes: not performance but semiotics. If it I had taken Hygiene 71 seriously, I would have become a monk; & if I had taken college English seriously, I would have become an accountant.
Jerome Rothenberg
The only man who never makes a mistake is the man who never does anything.
Theodore Roosevelt
The amount of education, in the most basic sense of the word, I receive on a daily basis through Skype amazes me. The technology is one of the reasons I wanted to join Skype and am eager to get Skype into every classroom around the globe.
Tony Bates
I started culinary school at a very young age, and really I wanted to be out working, cooking, more than I wanted to be in a classroom. You could say I wasn’t a very good student – I wanted to be a student of life and experience.
Jose Andres
Try to be all you can be to be the best human being you can be. Try to be that in your church, in your temple. Try to be that in your classroom. Do it because it is right to do.
Maya Angelou
Bringing nature into the classroom can kindle a fascination and passion for the diversity of life on earth and can motivate a sense of responsibility to safeguard it.
David Attenborough
I think what pushes me every day is that I’m so afraid to fail. I think it comes from what I went through in school growing up and not being great in the classroom and having to work harder than everybody else.
A. J. Green
I prefer the competitive atmosphere of a classroom setting, like yoga or Pilates. That keeps me going. Although performing on stage is great exercise!
Dita Von Teese
Schools ought to teach students to challenge secular ideologies masquerading as science in the classroom.
Nancy Pearcey
There can be infinite uses of the computer and of new age technology, but if teachers themselves are not able to bring it into the classroom and make it work, then it fails.
Nancy Kassebaum
Differentiation is classroom practice that looks eyeball to eyeball with the reality that kids differ, and the most effective teachers do whatever it takes to hook the whole range of kids on learning.
Carol Ann Tomlinson
What it takes to do a job will not be learned from management courses. It is principally a matter of experience, the proper attitude, and common sense — none of which can be taught in a classroom… Human experience shows that people, not organizations or management systems, get things done.
Hyman Rickover
We should empower teachers to do their job by cutting wasteful spending and crippling bureaucracy, not classroom resources our educators and students need.
Doug Ducey
Happy, calm children learn best
Daniel Goleman
Give these people money, let them play, and they’ll come up with something.
Vannevar Bush
Research is to see what everybody else has seen, and to think what nobody else has thought.
Albert Szent-Gyorgyi
The trouble with doing something right the first time is that nobody appreciates how difficult it was.
Walter J. West
In most every business, you learn by doing. The apprenticeship model is much more effective than the classroom for cultivating entrepreneurs.
Andrew Yang
The world is the true classroom. The most rewarding and important type of learning is through experience, seeing something with our own eyes.
Jack Hanna
My parents never ceased to struggle, but in witnessing their lives, I learned more about natural industry and leadership than in any classroom.
Stacey Abrams
Public education grants secular worldviews an exclusive monopoly in the classroom.
Nancy Pearcey
Computers in classrooms are the filmstrips of the 1990s.
Clifford Stoll
At, we’ve seen what technology can do for a classroom. We make it easy for teachers to request the materials they need most for their classrooms and for donors to make a meaningful contribution to education.
Charles Best
I’m very struck by what you can do in a classroom. I’ve got 200 students. You don’t do partisan politics in a classroom, that’s not appropriate. But you want to give them a strong sense that these are the issues that matter.
Michael Ignatieff
Think? Why think! We have computers to do that for us.
Jean Rostand
I think we’ve got outstanding teaching in Michigan classrooms.
John Engler
When I was a teacher, I’d walk into the classroom. I stood at the board. I was the man. I directed operations. I was an intellectual and artistic and moral traffic cop, and I – and I would direct the class, most of the time.
Frank McCourt
Monica Langley has a great piece in The Wall Street Journal about how they’re trying to create different kinds of moments for Donald Trump, as opposed to just him shouting at rallies. They’re trying to get him in classrooms, and in churches, and in diners and places where he can make a more personal connection.
Bill Burton
Professors will lecture with more inspiration if they occasionally alternate the classroom with the beach: authors will write better when, as Macaulay used to do, they write for two hours, then pitch quoits, and then go back to their writing. But certainly more than the mere mechanical alternation is involved.
Rollo May
The unions say ‘last hired – first fired,’, we say hire and fire based on merit. We want the best and brightest in the classroom.
Scott Walker
There has been a great challenge in improving educational achievement. It’s a long-term issue, not a short-term one. It includes everything from getting more parents involved to addressing issues of poverty and improving what happens in the classroom.
Julian Castro
I was diagnosed with dyslexia – I struggled a lot in school and didn’t enjoy it. I’m not great when it comes to sitting in a classroom – I’m much more about doing things. Boxing massively helped with that frustration and anger.
Luke Campbell
I hadn’t learned to read by third grade, which wasn’t unusual for some kids. I knew something was wrong because I couldn’t see or understand the words the way the other kids did. I wasn’t the least bit bothered – until I was sent back to the second-grade classroom for reading help after school.
Barbara Corcoran
I wasn’t a troublemaker. I wasn’t impertinent. The teachers liked me. But year after year, the comments on my report cards basically came down to a single point, and it was 100% accurate: I seemed to get nothing whatsoever out of all those long hours spent in the classroom.
Tim Howard
The audience will teach you how to act and the audience will teach you how to write and to direct. The classroom will teach you how to obey, and obedience in the theatre will get you nowhere. It’s a soothing falsity.
David Mamet
I never lose sight of the fact that before I was a writer, I was a teacher. I still am. My classroom’s just gotten a little bigger.
Jodi Picoult
I never read a single book as a child. I did not read as a child. I worked on the farm. I had books in the classroom, but that was it. I never read a single book outside of the classroom.
Story Musgrave
In Berkeley, we built the garden and a kitchen classroom. We’ve been working on it for 12 years. We’ve learned a lot from it. If kids grow it and cook it, they eat it.
Alice Waters
The perfect classroom is Paris.
Letitia Baldrige
Prayer is not learned in a classroom but in the closet.
Edward McKendree Bounds
If you can sit at set of sun And count the deeds that you have done And counting find oneself-denying act, one word That eased the heart of him that heard. One glance most kind, Which fell like sunshine where he went, Then you may count that day well spent.
Robert Browning
The opponents of my budget propose taking $200 million out of our classrooms and instead spending it on a larger school employee pay raise. Our focus should be on making sure our children come first.
Bob Riley
In a time of tight budgets, difficult choices have to be made. We must make sure our very limited resources are spent on priorities. I believe we should have no higher priority than investing in our children’s classrooms and in their future.
Bob Riley
Educators remind us that what counts in a classroom is not what the teacher teaches; it’s what the learner learns.
Alfie Kohn
What, of course, we want in a university is for people to learn the skills they’re going to need outside the classroom. So, having a system that had more emphasis on inquiry and exploration but also on learning and practising specific skills would fit much better with how we know people learn.
Alison Gopnik
The teachers are trying to build the same culture in the classroom as we’re building in the organization.
Wendy Kopp
Every pot must sit on its own bottom.
Benjamin Franklin
Science does not know its debt to imagination.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Computers are famous for being able to do complicated things starting from simple programs.
Seth Lloyd
Any threat to the health and safety of a child in any school or classroom is unacceptable.
Kate Brown
We have always believed that our people can stand on no higher ground than the school ground, or can enter any more hopeful room than the classroom. We blend time and faith and knowledge in our schools – not only to create educated citizens, but also to shape the destiny of this great Republic.
Lyndon B. Johnson
There is far too much of the feeding-bottle in education and young people ought to be supplied with good intellectual food and then left to help themselves.
Thomas Huxley
There’s no question in my mind of the value in technology in fueling young minds. Like any other tool, if you simply throw it in the classroom and don’t consider how best to take advantage of that tool, and you try the old ways with a new piece of technology on the desk, it’s no panacea.
Craig Federighi
It is commonly agreed that children spend more hours per year watching television than in the classroom, and far less in actual conversation with their parents.
Paul Weyrich
I think it’s important to encourage young people to tell their own stories and to speak openly about their own experiences with the criminal justice system and the experiences of their family. We need to ensure that the classroom environment is a supportive one so that the shame and stigma can be dispelled.
Michelle Alexander
Build what you want to see in the world.
Jack Dorsey
Scientific progress on a broad front results from the free play of free intellects, working on subjects of their own choice, in the manner dictated by their curiosity for exploration of the unknown.
Vannevar Bush
Because most of my career in the classroom has been at art schools (beginning at Bennington in the 1970s), I am hyper-aware of the often grotesque disconnect between commentary on the arts and the actual practice or production of the arts.
Camille Paglia
There’s nothing in the world like getting up in front of a high-school classroom in New York City. They won’t give you a break if you don’t hold them. There’s no escape.
Frank McCourt
Now things have changed for the better. Our reforms end seniority and tenure so we can hire and fire based on merit and pay based on performance. That means we can put the best and the brightest in our classrooms – and we can keep them there.
Scott Walker
I’m living my dream job! My dream job is to be in the classroom.
Jenna Bush
I love teaching. I love working with kids… maybe some day I’ll go back to the classroom. I’m not ready to say it’ll never happen.
Rick Riordan
Heroes represent the best of ourselves, respecting that we are human beings. A hero can be anyone from Gandhi to your classroom teacher, anyone who can show courage when faced with a problem. A hero is someone who is willing to help others in his or her best capacity.
Ricky Martin
Consider what it is like to go into a new classroom and to see before you suddenly, and in a way you cannot avoid recognizing, the dreadful consequences of a year’s wastage of so many lives.
Jonathan Kozol
I remember playing with John Zorn and Ikue Mori in Taiwan in a school classroom. There were, like, 15 people there, maybe, and they were sitting at the classroom desks, and we played under the chalkboard. There’s no difference between playing that and the ‘download’ festival.
Mike Patton
Find a group of friends that are going to push you and want you to do better whether it’s in the classroom or on the court.
Collin Sexton
In addition to a well-funded school system, we need to encourage and exploit innovative approaches for learning outside the classroom.
Priyamvada Natarajan
People think computers will keep them from making mistakes. They’re wrong. With computers you make mistakes faster.
Adam Osborne
In business school classrooms they construct wonderful models of a non- world.
Peter Drucker
the best classroom in the world is at the feet of an elderly person.
Andy Rooney
Home schooled children frequently combine for many purposes – and they interact well. The growth of the home schooling movement means that more and more children are learning together, just not in a traditional classroom.
Ernest Istook
We seek a constitutional amendment to permit voluntary school prayer. God should never have been expelled from America’s classrooms in the first place.
Ronald Reagan
One in four children being victimized? That’s about seven children in every classroom. That’s a significant proportion of the population.
Wendy Craig
Rousseau ranks among the great educational theorists of the modern era, even if he was the last man to put in charge of a classroom. Young adults, he thought, should be allowed to develop their capabilities in their distinctive way.
Terry Eagleton
Part of Washington keeping its promises is a focus on directing more dollars into our local classrooms.
Mark Kennedy
To be clear, people are the most important part of any classroom. If given the choice between a great teacher and the world’s most advanced education technology, I’d pick the teacher any day for my own children.
Sal Khan
The place of the arts in the classroom is essential in encouraging invention, ambition, and an understanding of the importance and pleasures of living an examined life.
Barbara Kruger
You wouldn’t tolerate an underperforming surgeon in an operating theatre, or a underperforming midwife at your child’s birth. Why is it that we tolerate underperforming teachers in the classroom?
Michael Gove
By bringing current events into the classroom, everyday discussion, and social media, maybe we don’t need to wait for our grandchildren’s questions to remind us we should have paid more attention to current events.
Adora Svitak
My mom would keep all kinds of materials in her classroom for children for reading. She kept comic books, newspapers, sports magazines, and books of all kinds.
Diana Gabaldon
I made a point of always teaching undergraduates because they are not a captive audience. . . . I always tried out my research ideas first in the classroom to get feedback from people who didn’t have to listen to me if I didn’t make it interesting.
Edmund Morgan
I think that education is something – it takes place in the classroom. It’s all up to that teacher. We should be respecting and rewarding teachers.
Jane O’Meara Sanders
It isn’t the people you fire who make your life miserable, it’s the people you don’t.
Harvey Mackay
Be the change you want to see in your networks
James H. Fowler
Remember the picture of the president in the classroom, being told of the attack by chief of staff Andy Card? The American people thought they were seeing a man suddenly thrust into a grave challenge no one could have anticipated.
Howard Fineman
A Socrates in every classroom.
Alfred Whitney Griswold
My mom and dad decided to homeschool us – I’m one of eight – because they really wanted us to be outside and learn some other fundamentals instead of it being school all day in a classroom.
Jamie Anderson
The classroom should be an entrance into the world, not an escape from it.
John Ciardi
I find my greatest pleasure, and so my reward, in the work that precedes what the world calls success.
Thomas A. Edison
I don’t see a future where we’re all taught by robots. The real life, physical experience of being in a classroom and having conversations with knowledgeable people is immeasurably valuable and irreplaceable.
John Green
Men, in teaching others, learn themselves.
Thomas Lodge
The American Constitution, one of the few modern political documents drawn up by men who were forced by the sternest circumstances to think out what they really had to face, instead of chopping logic in a university classroom.
George Bernard Shaw
I knew that I wanted to be an illustrator since I was in kindergarten. I can remember the exact day. The art teacher usually came to our classroom once a week, but she was absent that day. Instead, our regular teacher gave us each a huge piece of paper and crayons, and we could do whatever we wanted.
Jan Brett
The most important thing we can do is to make sure that we’ve got very high standards, we expect a lot out of all of our young people, and we make sure that we have the best teachers possible in every classroom.
Barack Obama
Dreams don’t work unless you do
John C. Maxwell
The president finally explained why he sat in that classroom on 9/11 for 7 minutes after he was told the country was under attack. He said he was ‘collecting his thoughts.’ What a time to start a new hobby.’
Bill Maher
Our children need to be able to see us take a stand for a value and against injustices, be those values and injustices in the family room, the boardroom, the classroom, or on the city streets.
Barbara Coloroso
Official motto of the White House economic team: Those who can, do. Those who can’t, fantasize in the classroom, fail in Washington and then return to the Ivy Tower to train the next generation of egghead economic saboteurs. Life is good for left-wing academics. Everyone else pays dearly.
Michelle Malkin
My classmates could see I was not similar. So they made me their scapegoat. They hit me or locked me in the toilets. During the break, I would take refuge in the chapel, or I would arrange to stay alone in the classroom.
Yves Saint Laurent
I was inspired to shoot ‘Look Back at It’ in a high school because I’m like a voice of the youth. When the youth sees me in a classroom, I want them to be inspired to accomplish their dreams. I was just like them in a classroom at one point. It all starts in a classroom.
A Boogie wit da Hoodie
I hate it when people look at marriage, especially when it comes to girls as ‘settling down.’ First of all ‘settle’ sounds like a compromise and ‘down’ makes it worse. It reminds me of teachers who ask their students to ‘settle down’ once they enter the classroom.
Richa Chadha
I’m always an entrepreneur, but I’d probably be a teacher. I like teaching kids, whether that’s tennis on the courts or history in the classroom.
Boris Kodjoe
As they work hard for our children, America’s teachers often reach into their own pockets to make sure they have the best classroom supplies. I feel strongly that the federal government should help make up for their personal financial burden.
John Warner
I was never ignorant, as far as being experienced in classrooms and learning about different subjects and actually soaking it up.
Nipsey Hussle
The influence of teachers extends beyond the classroom, well into the future. It is they who shape and enrich the minds of the young, who touch their hearts and souls. It is they who shape a nation’s future.
F. Sionil Jose
Common sense tells us that we should focus our resources to benefit children, teachers and taxpayers by keeping dollars in the classroom.
Bob Beauprez
Computer science is no more about computers than astronomy is about telescopes.
Edsger Dijkstra
In America the schools have become too permissive, the kids now are controlling the schools, the tail is wagging the dog. We’ve got to make a change there and get it back to where the teachers have control of the classrooms.
Chuck Norris
Where do find the most persecuted Christians in the world?… in the classrooms of our government schools, where the assault is not upon the body, but the soul.
Alan Keyes
A primary reason for my success in the classroom was that I couldn’t forget that schooling was changing me and separating me from the life I enjoyed before becoming a student.
Richard Rodriguez
The classroom – not the trench – is the frontier of freedom now and forevermore.
Lyndon B. Johnson
One of the big misapprehensions about mathematics that we perpetrate in our classrooms is that the teacher always seems to know the answer to any problem that is discussed.
Leon Henkin
A leader can’t make excuses. There has to be quality in everything you do. Off the court, on the court, in the classroom.
Michael Jordan
Learning is not limited to the classroom, and Minnesota shouldn’t limit its education resources there, either.
Ilhan Omar
The heights by great men reached and kept were not attained by sudden flight, but they, while their companions slept, were toiling upward in the night.
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Right now, computers, which are supposed to be our servant, are oppressing us.
Jef Raskin
I feel vulnerable every single time I step into a classroom. I feel completely exposed.
Colleen Saidman
At, we believe that classroom teachers often know their students better than anybody else in the system and that their front-line experience gives them a special kind of wisdom.
Charles Best
One of my sisters was doing dance, and I’d watch from the back of the classroom in my trainers. Slowly, I started integrating myself into the fraught south Oxford ballet culture.
Jonathan Bailey
Skype is kind of amazing – look at Skype in the classroom – those are things that can really excite your organization. That’s what has been really great to me.
Tony Bates
It is amazing how much can be accomplished if no one cares who gets the credit.
John Wooden
The future of our country is not found in our boardrooms, but in our classrooms.
Michael Milken
If we get the federal government out of the classroom, maybe we’ll get God back in.
Ronald Reagan
I think, really, that the only way a person can open their heart to someone who is so much another is really by knowing them… whether that’s in a classroom, or a soccer team, or a food pantry, or any of those things. I mean, we’re kind of more alike than we are different.
Elizabeth Strout
Classroom singing is common in India, but no one gives you marks for that. My idea is to introduce music and singing as full-fledged subject so that talent can be polished at an early stage. Also, it will help alleviate stage fear.
Mohit Chauhan
The idea that you can take smart but inexperienced 25-year-olds who never managed anything and turn them into effective managers via two years of classroom training is ludicrous.
Henry Mintzberg
I’ve talked with a lot of teachers, classroom teachers after the Sandy Hook situation, and they say, look, we need to be looking at mental health.
Marsha Blackburn
I took piano lessons when I was a little kid, but even before that, you’re singing in the classroom and wherever. Gosh, children are always singing. But I took music lessons, some choir and things like that at school. I learned how to play the guitar when I was about 13… ancient history.
Cass McCombs
As technology plays a major role inside and outside the classroom, we want to make sure education innovation is accessible.
Sal Khan
Philosophy is not just about talking or lecturing or even reading long, dense books. In fact, it is something men and women of action use – and have used throughout history – to solve their problems and achieve their greatest triumphs. Not in the classroom but on the battlefield, in the forum, and at court.
Ryan Holiday
In the autumn of 1970 I had a job singing in the school system, playing my guitar in classrooms.
Don McLean
In Kenya, e-learning has taught 12,000 nurses how to treat major diseases such as HIV and malaria, compared to the 100 nurses a year that can be taught in a classroom.
Frans van Houten
I don’t want to deal with problems, and so you want to make sure that you don’t give yourself problems by not doing your homework and maybe trying to take a kid that’s got great ability but isn’t going to get it done in the classroom.
Mike Candrea
Because you lack a noble and successful past is no reason why you should lack a noble and successful future.
Thomas Dreier
When you’re a kid and you’re in a classroom, anybody would die to be hanging out in London or having their sixteenth birthday in Japan.
Zac Farro
I did my undergrad at Florida State, got a Bachelor’s, and then I got my Masters in Acting at NYU. So I’ve spent a lot of time in the classroom.
Andre Holland
When I entered normal school, it was hard for me to adjust sometimes. I was so unused to just sitting down in a classroom and copying off the board – simple things.
Alex Sharp
There is nothing better than being in a classroom with really, really brilliant students, and opening up new worlds to them. That’s what I love doing.
Condoleezza Rice
My interests were more extracurricular, more external, and more social than they were academic. My birthday is also in December, so I was one of the older kids. That meant I learned social leadership early on. I was always just much better in a team and work environment than I was in a classroom environment.
Nancy Dubuc
Living, just by itself – what a dirge that is! Life is a classroom and Boredom’s the usher, there all the time to spy on you; whatever happens, you’ve got to look as if you were awfully busy all the time doing something that’s terribly exciting – or he’ll come along and nibble your brain.
Louis-Ferdinand Celine
When I enrolled in college at age 19, I had a total of eight years of formal classroom education. As a result, I was not comfortable with formal lectures and receiving regular homework assignments.
Philip Emeagwali
If you do it right 51 percent of the time you will end up a hero.
Alfred P. Sloan
A total immersion in life offers the best classroom for learning to love.
Leo Buscaglia
[T]he seeds of [the Argument Culture] can be found our classrooms, where a teacher will introduce an article or an idea . . . setting up debates where people learn not to listen to each other because they’re so busy trying to win the debate.
Deborah Tannen
Visit a typical science classroom and you will discover far more than empirical facts being taught. The dominant worldview among scientific intellectuals is evolutionary naturalism, which holds that humans are essentially biochemical machines.
Nancy Pearcey
Imagine someone with $10 finding a classroom project that speaks to them personally, seeing where their money is going, and realizing that they don’t need to be a millionaire to make a difference.
Charles Best
I was always the classroom clown, and the teachers allowed me a certain latitude. The assemblies were good, and the headmaster used to tell little stories; I loved the idea of communal storytelling.
David Harewood
We’ve heard from many teachers that they used episodes of Star Trek and concepts of Star Trek in their science classrooms in order to engage the students.
Patrick Stewart
When you start one of these programs, school lunch programs, in a country that heretofore had nothing of that kind, immediately school enrollment jumps dramatically. Girls and boys get to the classroom with the promise of a good meal once a day.
George McGovern
Men heap together the mistakes of their lives, and create a monster they call Destiny.
Pearl Mary Teresa Craigie
Universities won’t survive. The future is outside the traditional campus, outside the traditional classroom. Distance learning is coming on fast.
Peter Drucker
The most essential thing in dance discipline is devotion, the steadfast and willing devotion to the labor that makes the classwork not a gymnastic hour and a half, or at the lowest level, a daily drudgery, but a devotion that allows the classroom discipline to become moments of dancing too.
Merce Cunningham
Without optimism & self-belief among teachers, classrooms become wastelands of boredom & routine and schools deserts of lost opportunity.
Andy Hargreaves
He that cannot obey, cannot command.
Benjamin Franklin
Do not follow where the path may lead.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
With reference to the younger generation…”If the experience of their exhausted, insomniac, dispirited elders makes them decide they’d prefer not to go straight from the classroom to the cubicle to the coffin, it doesn’t mean they’re lazy. It means they’re sane.”
Anna Quindlen
Teachers craft classrooms that are good matches for their teaching styles as well as for learner needs.
Carol Ann Tomlinson
I was once caught climbing out of the classroom window while bunking a class. I lied that I had to go to the bathroom and the exit was crowded. The principal believed me.
Swara Bhaskar
Free speech is one of our fundamental principles and it’s pretty hard to speak freely when people are yelling at you when it’s your turn. That would never be allowed in a classroom or in any other kind of meeting.
Jack Layton
Few things are more important to me than the values that we hold dear in this country, and so I believe that there are few things that could be more important to teach our students in the classroom.
Kat Timpf
Education doesn’t just take place in stuffy classrooms and university buildings, it can happen everywhere, every day to every person.
Richard Branson
I was rather a poor student, too easily distracted – did a lot of gazing out of windows, fine for training to be a writer, but not a great way to achieve in the classroom. The truth is that I was happy to bumble along and do enough to avoid detention, but not much more.
Michael Morpurgo
A student who has excelled in the classroom should have the opportunity to attend college and become a productive, taxpaying member of society.
Michael Bennet
Study after study affirms what I saw in the classroom every day as superintendent of Denver Public Schools: Nothing makes a bigger difference for student learning than great teaching.
Michael Bennet
Getting results through people is a skill that cannot be learned in the classroom.
J. Paul Getty
As a studious schoolgirl, I’d go back into the classroom every autumn brimming with enthusiasm.
Susanna Reid
Creating a classroom environment that encourages students to take the risk of learning. We’ve known for a long time that when students lack a sense of safety or of belonging or of contribution, learning takes second place to meeting those needs.
Carol Ann Tomlinson
I’d love to see more middle and high school teachers who are not teaching English develop classroom libraries. Our message to kids should be that reading is for everyone.
Rae Carson
And that’s actually the brunt of what we do is, people going straight from their workplace, straight from home, straight into the classroom and working directly with the students. So then we’re able to work with thousands and thousands more students.
Dave Eggers
Let us become the first generation to decide to be the last that sees empty classrooms, lost childhoods and wasted potential
Malala Yousafzai
One barrier… is the impoverishment of classroom language, the failure to cultivate a common vocabulary about inquiry, explanation, argument and problem solving.
David Perkins
Produce results on the mat and in the classroom
Tom Brands
In their recently aborted struggle to inject Genesis literalism into science classrooms, fundamentalist groups followed their usual opportunistic strategy of arguing two contradictory sides of a question when a supposed rhetorical advantage could be extracted from each.
Stephen Jay Gould
It wasn’t the Supreme Court that expelled God from our public school classrooms. It was the textbook publishers.
James J. Kilpatrick
Computers may save time but they sure waste a lot of paper. About 98 percent of everything printed out by a computer is garbage that no one ever reads.
Andy Rooney
Well-roundedness comes not from sitting in a classroom but from experiencing the larger world.
Alex Tabarrok
The Christian community has a golden opportunity to train an army of dedicated teachers who can invade the public school classrooms and use them to influence the nation for Christ.
D. James Kennedy
Far from making peace, wars invariably serve as classrooms and laboratories where men and techniques and states of mind are prepared for the next war.
Wendell Berry
My teacher said my brain was the size of a pea. He made my life miserable by singling me out in the classroom as a failure.
Willard Wigan
Think of Virginia Woolf, ‘A Room of One’s Own’ – that’s what women have always needed under patriarchy and can’t be creative without. They took away my classroom and my status to teach, and now they have taken away my office, and all of it is giving the message that Virginia Woolf and I are losing what I call ‘womenspace.’
Mary Daly
At school, I was the classroom clown – I was always being thrown out for being naughty. Before I left, a teacher called me in and suggested I became an actor.
David Harewood
Be sure you put your feet in the right place, then stand firm.
Abraham Lincoln
I remember the first day of school my first year in the classroom. My stomach churned with a mixture of excitement and anxiety. Could I do the job? Could I connect with the kids? Will there be the chemistry to build relationships and get the job done, or will I totally flop?
Randi Weingarten
Computers have virtually replaced tape recorders.
Tony Visconti
My favourite lessons in college were when we would have a professional teach us, or when we went out of the classroom for the day. You take in so much more when someone who’s been there and done it is telling you.
Children learn and remember at least as much from the context of the classroom as from the content of the coursework.
Lawrence Kutner
Teachers who have committed their lives to the classroom deserve better than our politics has given them.
Lawrence O’Donnell
I think that were beginning to remember that the first poets didn’t come out of a classroom, that poetry began when somebody walked off of a savanna or out of a cave and looked up at the sky with wonder and said, “Ahhh.” That was the first poem.
Lucille Clifton
Spiritual growth thrives in the midst of our problems, not in their absence. Spiritual growth occurs in the trenches of life, not in the classroom.
Mike Yaconelli
Living, just by itself – what a dirge that is! Life is a classroom and Boredom’s the usher, there all the time to spy on you.
Louis-Ferdinand Celine
And you get Thomas Paine, who’s the least religious Founding Father saying, you’ve got to teach creation science in the classroom. Scientific method demands that.
David Barton
A great deal has been written in recent years about the purported lack of motivation in the children of the Negro ghettos. Little in my experience supports this, yet the phrase has been repeated endlessly, and the blame in almost all cases is placed somewhere outside the classroom.
Jonathan Kozol
Feeling pummeled by the outside pounding of tests and standards, a teacher can easily hide and simply turn to the immediacy of the classroom. It is not surprising that many teachers burrow in their rooms with all that they know about their students. There is no place to take the information.
Heidi Hayes Jacobs
high school guys only appear hot to high school girls. its something to do with the fluorescent lighting in the classrooms, i think. They’re actually really skinny and spotty, and they have giant feet
Rainbow Rowell
Let the radiance of my enthusiasms envelop the poor courtyard and the bare classroom. Let my heart be a stronger column and my goodwill purer gold than the columns and gold of rich schools.
Gabriela Mistral
Even when I went to the Lion’s Head in the Village, where all you journalists would hang out, I was always peripheral. I was never really part of anything except the classroom. That’s where I belonged.
Frank McCourt
For 25 years, I was an assistant professor teaching pediatrics, neurology, pathophysiology, and ethics at my alma mater, Eastern Virginia Medical School. It’s been great training for my legislative work – we get in some debates in the classroom that would rival the General Assembly!
Ralph Northam
I have had a love affair with Wake Forest since my undergraduate days, but I didn’t realize until many years later what I had truly learned at Wake Forest, both in and out of the classroom, about the meaning of a productive and meaningful life.
Arnold Palmer
Once you’re out of the classroom, you might vow never to open another book, after being force-fed their contents for so many years. But know this: Books are the most worthy companions to take with you on this bitter-sweet journey known as life.
Cassandra King
I want to help establish opportunities for at-risk kids to have the same opportunities in and outside of the classroom as everyone else.
Kenny Stills
Physically, teachers are often alone in their own classrooms with no other adults for company. Psychologically, they never are.
Andy Hargreaves
There’s a lot of pressure to chitchat with the audience. But when they’re in school, people don’t want to get up in front of their classroom when they have to talk about themselves or a project.
Hope Sandoval
I learned to listen and listen very well. It helped me athletically and in the classroom as well. The person who talks a lot or talks over people misses out because they weren’t listening.
Jackie Joyner-Kersee
I’m a great believer in poetry out of the classroom, in public places, on subways, trains, on cocktail napkins. I’d rather have my poems on the subway than around the seminar table at an MFA program.
Billy Collins
Part of the beauty of wilderness schooling is that the overheads are very low. You want a classroom? Build a shelter from nature’s store. You want to eat? Forage for it.
Ben Fogle
When you walk into my classroom, I’m going to give it to you straight, just like in the real world, because that’s the only way to prepare you for the real world.
Abby Lee Miller
Do we understand the gravity of the sin of dishonesty? It is not only unchristian, it is anti-Christian…it is anti-Christ! Whether it be lying, or cheating, or robbery or deception; whether it is in the home, in business, in sports, or in the classroom; dishonesty is completely foreign to the teachings of Jesus.
Mark E. Petersen
I don’t recall my parents ever steering me toward or away from science. It was more that I was steered toward learning and excellence in the classroom.
Sandra Faber
I grew up in somewhat of a war zone in West Philadelphia in 1985, ’86. It wasn’t as extreme as someone coming in the classroom and just unloading on a class, but I knew to take the scenic route to go to the grocery store to avoid certain elements.
The best brains of the nation may be found on the last benches of the classroom.
Abdul Kalam
There are some timid souls that will never know victory nor defeat.
Theodore Roosevelt
I realized with grief that purposeless activities in language arts are probably the burial grounds of language development and that coffins can be found in most classrooms, including mine.
Mem Fox
As a country [USA], we can attract more talented people to teaching by raising awareness of educational inequity and getting the public to understand from individual classrooms, schools, and cities that this is an issue that can be solved.
Wendy Kopp
You see, we’ll never be able to compete in the 21st century unless we have an education system that doesn’t quit on children, an education system that raises standards, an education that makes sure there’s excellence in every classroom.
George W. Bush
Librarians have always been among the most thoughtful and helpful people. They are teachers without a classroom.
Willard Scott
The Internet is just a world passing around notes in a classroom.
Jon Stewart
Shall I describe the happiness it gave me to go into the classroom and pick up the chalk? … It seemed to me the supreme, heartbreaking happiness to enter a classroom carrying a register as that bell rang, and start a lesson with the mysterious air of one about to unfold wonders.
Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
When people think of the word ‘drive,’ they often think you have it or you don’t, and that’s where we’re wrong. Drive is something that can be encouraged by a wonderful teacher, by a terrific classroom environment, by an awesome soccer team that you are on, and it can be squashed as well.
Angela Duckworth
I believe with all my heart that the American classroom teachers are one of our greatest and most heroic treasures.
Patricia Polacco
The U.S. has spent billions of dollars on educating and supporting teachers or developing curricula but no resources are applied to ‘improving the brain’ that a student brings to the classroom.
Naveen Jain
My best life lessons and education didn’t come from a classroom – they’ve come from the wild. How you act in the big moments, the ones that challenge you, scare you, tempt you, and force you to make the right decisions, is what defines you.
Bear Grylls
Computing is not about computers any more. It is about living.
Nicholas Negroponte
I miss the classroom and the bit I miss the most is the one-on-one personal interactions with the students, those moments when they surprise you with their insightfulness, or their cheekiness.
Layla Moran
I believe that if we want our children to understand the world beyond their classroom, we must bring the world into their classroom.
Queen Rania of Jordan
Instead of being the ‘font of all knowledge,’ teachers are required to be effective facilitators of student learning both within and outside the classroom at any time.
Susan Mann
Kids in high poverty are much more expensive to educate and need much more support… When they’re packed into a classroom of 40 people, they don’t have the support they need, they’re lost. Schools are supposed to be the thing that levels the playing field.
Gretchen Whitmer
The number one problem in the classroom is not discipline; it is the lack of procedures and routines.
Harry Wong
The least of the work of learning is done in the classroom.
Thomas Merton
My parents moved around Stockton and Lodi. I had a lot of anxiety about jumping into another classroom. They were always putting me in special ed. But I was smart; I wasn’t like these kids in the special-ed classes. But it would make me feel a little bit stupid.
Nate Diaz
I remember when I was in third grade, I was in a classroom, and the teacher said, ‘What do you want to do when you get older?’ We were going around the room. I said, ‘I want to be a professional basketball player.’ She’s like, ‘That’s not realistic.’ I thought to myself, ‘OK, watch.’
Zach LaVine
Every day, I see my students work hard to overcome obstacles just to be in the classroom.
Jill Biden
Service learning connects classroom studies to real-world issues, with hands-on activities and problem solving. Youth can study biology and ecology by testing the water in their own community; or learn about statistics, calculating the food supply and usage at the local food bank.
Craig Kielburger
Crowded classrooms and half-day sessions are a tragic waste of our greatest national resource – the minds of our children.
Walt Disney
The secret of getting ahead is getting started
Mark Twain
It’s one thing to be sitting in a classroom and have a teacher tell you how to treat other people; it’s a whole other thing to watch, week after week, somebody’s life spelled out to you in an emotional way: That lesson is something that will stay with you forever.
Wilson Cruz
Being a Christian, I’m eager to introduce people to Jesus. I just don’t think I should do it in the science classroom.
Kenneth R. Miller
I really didn’t understand why hackers would want to hack into a classroom. Are they going to learn algebra? Maybe calculus?
Eric Yuan
Death confronts us not unlike the historical battle scene that hangs on the wall of the classroom. It is our task to obscure or quite obliterate the picture by our deeds while we are still in this world.
Franz Kafka
The use of online assessment tools is giving teachers a more fine-grained understanding of individual students’ skills, and assisting them to determine the necessary next steps to enable them to achieve their own learning goals. We are seeing more effective differentiation in classrooms as a result.
Susan Mann
We cannot put a noose around another man’s neck without first hanging ourselves.
Henry David Thoreau
The classroom’s the last room to get the truth.
Zack de la Rocha
The object of education is not to fill a man’s mind with facts; it is to teach him how to use his mind in thinking.
Henry Ford
I’m not very good in a classroom sort of setting. I never was. I was kind of a clown in high school – got suspended a lot.
Bobby Cannavale
People try to apply directly results from the cognitive neurosciences directly to classroom practice and I have to tell you I am very skeptical about the exercise. We don’t know very much about how the brain works – we don’t even know how you remember to write your name.
John Medina
I was terrified of being a teacher. To stand in front of a classroom, the responsibility is boggling. Imagine! Standing in front of people!
John Glover
I’m good at separating things. When I’m in my classroom, I’m totally there. When I’m at an event, I’m totally there. And when I’m with my grandkids, my total attention is on them.
Jill Biden
Lack of homework shows up in the marketplace as well as in the classroom.
Jim Rohn
He who eats my bread, does my will.
Marcus Aurelius
I intend to protect a free and open internet, extend its reach to every classroom, and every community, and help folks build the fastest networks, so that the next generation of digital innovators and entrepreneurs have the platform to keep reshaping our world.
Barack Obama
That’s the one positive thing to have come out of remote learning: Parents are now more aware of the shenanigans in the classroom.
Miranda Devine
If they believe only what they can see, why do we have classrooms?
Yul Brynner
Classroom discussion is where you learn how to debate an idea and stick with an opinion, even when others don’t agree – and not take it personally, either.
Rachel Simmons
If religion and churches are truly threats to our liberties, how did those liberties survive, and in such healthy condition, all those years of classroom prayer and Bible-reading?
William Murchison
I don’t have an issue with what you do in the church, but I’m going to be up in your face if you’re going to knock on my science classroom and tell me they’ve got to teach what you’re teaching in your Sunday school. Because that’s when we’re going to fight.
Neil deGrasse Tyson
My first performance was in AP Calculus when they forced me up into the front of the classroom and made me sing a song, which was really scary, but it was fun.
Kina Grannis
Someday, in the distant future, our grand-children’ s grand-children will develop a new equivalent of our classrooms. They will spend many hours in front of boxes with fires glowing within. May they have the wisdom to know the difference between light and knowledge.
Because I believe that humans are computers, I conjectured that computers, like people, can have left- and right-handed versions.
Philip Emeagwali
Merely gathering knowledge may become the most useless work a man can do. What can you do to help and heal the world? That is the educational test.
Henry Ford
People go into cartooning because they’re shy and they’re angry. That’s when you’re sitting in the back of a classroom drawing the teacher.
Matt Groening
What you do on the court, off the court, in the classroom, it’s all the same. Your habits, the way you treat class, your relationships – it’s all the same. Do it right or don’t do it.
Allan Houston
Coding is the language of the future, and every girl should learn it. As I’ve learned from watching girls grow and learn in our classrooms, coding is fun, collaborative and creative.
Reshma Saujani
Most of the time, I don’t watch classics with anybody. I have to be by myself. That’s my classroom.
M. Night Shyamalan
I used to be very shy. I hated going to a new classroom and having to make new friends, meet new teachers, and adjust to a new environment.
Son Ye-jin
There is a great sense of community within the Montessori classroom, where children of differing ages work together in an atmosphere of cooperation rather than competitiveness. There is respect for the environment and for the individuals within it, which comes through experience of freedom within the community.
Maria Montessori
The more time a girl spends in the classroom, the higher the return on investment for her time, and the beneficiaries are stronger families and communities.
Tae Yoo
We believe Skype in the Classroom will be a milestone in inspiring the next generation of social entrepreneurs and we can’t wait to connect students with TOMS partners.
Blake Mycoskie
It is not the responsibility of the enlightened teacher to bring the student to enlightenment. That may be true in the classroom, but in the world of enlightenment you have to find it, enter into it.
Frederick Lenz
We can close the gap and improve what happens in the classroom by using educational technology that is the same high quality everywhere.
Major Owens
You cannot afford to confine your studies to the classroom. The universe and all of history is your classroom.
Stella Adler
In the U.K. there is still work to be done, particularly in schools, stopping the homophobic bullies in the playground and introducing unbiased discussion on gay issues in the classroom.
Ian Mckellen
Be the trouble you want to see in the world.
Joey Comeau
As we all know, mental health matters, while we still have a long way to go, we’re starting to see the wheels turning for real and meaningful change. As a parent of young boys, the fact these conversations will be happening at home, in their friendship groups and in the classroom is so important.
Frankie Bridge
The first classroom is in a mother’s womb.
Eric Adams
The message of Passover remains as powerful as ever. Freedom is won not on the battlefield but in the classroom and the home. Teach your children the history of freedom if you want them never to lose it.
Jonathan Sacks
The world is a bell curve. Classroom test scores, employee performance in a company or how many people really, really like you. No matter the population you’re studying, they always fit neatly across the standard deviations of the famous bell curve.
Simon Sinek
I remember when the O.J. verdict was read; at my high school, all of the teachers were like, “We are stopping class right now,” and turned it on and we watched it. There were people coming out of their classrooms, like, “Yeah!” Some people were like, “Nooo.” I was in Spanish class.
Jodi Sweetin
I was always making my friends laugh, but I never wanted the attention of the whole classroom.
Steven Wright
I mean, if you’ve ever been a governor of a state, you understand the vast potential of broadband technology, you understand how hard it is to make sure that physics, for example, is taught in every classroom in the state. It’s difficult to do. It’s, like, cost-prohibitive.
George W. Bush
If Rip Van Winkle came back, there’s only one institution he would recognize: “Oh! That’s a school. Kids are still sitting in rows, still listening to the font of wisdom at the front of the classroom.”
Kathy Hirsh-Pasek
I want to encourage students during school hours to express their views, to discuss their views in the classroom or the playground.
Gladys Berejiklian
I realized if you can change a classroom, you can change a community, and if you change enough communities you can change the world.
Erin Gruwell
Books have been my classroom and my confidant. Books have widened my horizons. Books have comforted me in my hardest times. Books have changed my life.
Po Bronson
Emotions are classes in the Earth school. Some classes are about fear, and some are about love. The Universe is your tutor, and your classroom is your life. The main course in the Earth school, Authentic Power, is the same for everyone, but different students need different courses in order to complete it.
Gary Zukav
During recess at school, I’d slip back into the classroom and find something in some other kid’s lunch bag that wouldn’t be missed – a package of crackers, an apple – and I’d gulp it down so quickly I would barely be able to taste it.
Jeannette Walls
The true face of the unions is not now a man in a hard hat as much as it is a woman in a classroom or in cleaning smocks.
Karen Nussbaum
He that will not stoop for a pin will never be worth a pound.
Samuel Pepys
Modern people are only willing to believe in their computers, while I believe in myself.
Alain Robert
Let students use technologies in the classroom.
Weili Dai
By bringing current events into the classroom, everyday discussion, and social media, maybe we don’t need to wait for our grandchildren’s questions to remind us we should have paid more attention to current events.
Adora Svitak
I began my career as an economics professor but became frustrated because the economic theories I taught in the classroom didn’t have any meaning in the lives of poor people I saw all around me. I decided to turn away from the textbooks and discover the real-life economics of a poor person’s existence.
Muhammad Yunus
My first fragrance as a kid was Tommy Girl. It was amazing. Wasn’t it the thing to wear? And then I remember I stopped wearing it because it was literally like the whole classroom was filled with Tommy Girl.
Poppy Delevingne
I’m deeply, deeply passionate about creating peace and well-being in the classroom, and well-being as a global nation.
Goldie Hawn
A Minneapolis, Minnesota high school teacher hung this sign under the clock in her classroom. “Time will pass…Will you?”
James E. Myers
If you wanted to create an education environment that was directly opposed to what the brain was good at doing, you would probably design something like a classroom.
John Medina
I discovered how science is truly a universal language, one that forges new connections among individuals and opens the mind to ideas that go far beyond the classroom.
Ahmed Zewail
I was always making my friends laugh but I never wanted the attention of the whole classroom.
Steven Wright
Whether the teacher is authoritarian, undisciplined, competent, incompetent, serious, irresponsible, involved, a lover of people and of life, cold, angry with the world, bureaucratic, excessively rational, or whatever else, he/she will not pass through the classroom without leaving his or her mark on the students.
Paulo Freire
I consider this world to be like a school and our lives to be the classrooms.
Oprah Winfrey
I became a writer through drawing first and then a comic book obsession – Marvel Comics, in particular. I invented a world of superheroes starting in third grade with my classmate, Wai-Kwan Wong. In a classroom of forty kids, let’s just say there was a lot of undirected time. But this was good because I was a dreamy boy.
Adam Ross
One day we were sitting in our little classroom in the middle of Australia Zoo, and Dad bursts in and says, ‘OK, today we’re going to go climb a mountain,’ – the Glass House Mountains are about 20 minutes away – so we packed up all our math work and ran out the door and climbed Mount Tibrogargan.
Bindi Irwin
A tranquil city of good laws, fine architecture, and clean streets is like a classroom of obedient dullards, or a field of gelded bulls – whereas a city of anarchy is a city of promise.
Mark Helprin
If you want to be successful in the gym, in the classroom, in college or when you get out and go into the world of work, that is going to be determined by how hard you are willing to work.
Robert Hughes
Another culture can be learned in the classroom for a single term, but it can be felt from a person for a lifetime.
Chelsea Sexton
I believe that our teachers need more freedom to be creative in the classroom in order to maximize the time students spend learning, not the time they spend taking tests.
Gary Herbert
Our highly qualified teachers not only work hard, but they care about each and every student that enters their classroom. I thank you, Montana teachers, for your sense of duty and compassion to our precious future generation.
Conrad Burns
Only another writer, someone who had worked his heart out on a good book which sold three thousand copies, could appreciate the thrill that overcame me one April morning in 1973 when Dean Rivers of our small college in Georgia appeared at my classroom door
James A. Michener
This kind of totalization of security consciousness [after tragedy of 9/11] has the effect within classrooms (and beyond) of constraining the imagination and reinforcing attitudes that privilege the forces of law and order as against the crosscurrents of freedom and dissent.
Richard A. Falk
Research shows that there is only half as much variation in student achievement between schools as there is among classrooms in the same school. If you want your child to get the best education possible, it is actually more important to get him assigned to a great teacher than to a great school.
Bill Gates
The next generation of innovators, who need neutrality the most, are not at the bargaining table. They’re hard at work in their labs or classrooms, dreaming of the next big thing, and hoping that the Internet is as open to them as it was to the founders of Google.
Edward Felten
I took care of business in the classroom and on the field.
Kenny Stills
We are taking the steps to transform education in Mississippi with every dollar invested in the classroom and every initiative expanding educational opportunities for students.
Tate Reeves
When I first went to LA. Honestly, it was different for me. The whole thing, the student-athlete part, you know, where the student came before the athlete. That was totally new to me. I had down online school since fifth grade so I never really had sat in a classroom and taken a note.
Jennifer Brady
A third place to build the Great Society is in the classrooms of America. There your children’s lives will be shaped. Our society will not be great until every young mind is set free to scan the farthest reaches of thought and imagination. We are still far from that goal.
Lyndon B. Johnson
My mother taught me to read before I went to school, so I was pretty bored in school, and I turned into a little terror. You should have seen us in third grade. We basically destroyed our teacher. We would let snakes loose in the classroom and explode bombs.
Steve Jobs
The style of flirtation specific to classrooms was of service to the students all their lives.
Renata Adler
What if there is no dirt on Merjack? Oh, I can answer this one. (Omari raised his hand like he was in a classroom, then dropped it to his side.) We all die. (Omari) I just love teenage angst. By the way, chip, there are worse things in life than dying. (Nero) Like what? (Omari) Living as a slave. (Alix)
Sherrilyn Kenyon
The status quo was rote memorization and recitation in classrooms thronged with passive children who were sternly disciplined when they expressed individual needs.
David Guterson
You will never stub your toe standing still. The faster you go, the more chance there is of stubbing your toe, but the more chance you have of getting somewhere.
Charles Kettering
Teachers support evaluations based on multiple measures: student growth, classroom observation and feedback from peers and parents.
Arne Duncan
I didn’t drink in the essence of the classroom. I didn’t take legible notes or dance all night. I thought I would marry my boyfriend and grow old and sick of him. I thought I would keep my friends, and we’d make different, new memories. None of that happened. Better things happened.
Lena Dunham
Our society cannot afford a two-tiered system in which the affluent have access to superior education, while everyone else is subjected to a dull and incoherent classroom experience. Academic excellence, educational equity, and fairness demand a strong foundation of knowledge for all learners.
E. D. Hirsch, Jr.
I am the kind of dude that would go to your seventh grade class and sit at the back of the classroom and stare at all your butts.
Jack Barakat
I was useless in the classroom; I would spend my time looking out of the window after the first 10 minutes. But when you do an apprenticeship, you don’t have to wait for the teacher to tell you when it’s time to start, because you are on the shop floor learning for real.
Theo Paphitis
Teacher, school administrators and parents will come away from Life-Enriching Education with skills in language, communication, and ways of structuring the learning environment that support the development of autonomy and interdependence in the classroom.
Marshall B. Rosenberg
Mathematicians use intuition, conjecture and guesswork all the time except when they are in the classroom.
Joseph Warren
As an actor in the classroom, you’re revealing so much, and teachers are, you know, they’re just critiquing like a painting or a piece of work; it’s like, it’s you, and it’s your emotions that they’re working with.
James Franco
A man’s real education begins after he has left school. True education is gained through the discipline of life.
Henry Ford
The problem with public school is not overcrowding in the classroom. The problem is not teacher unions. The problem is not underfunding or lack of computer equipment. The problem is your damn kids.
P. J. O’Rourke
Education will not come of itself; it will never come unless you seek it; it will not come unless you take the first steps which lead to it; but, taking these steps, every man can acquire it.
Henry Ward Beecher
The best way to improve children’s performance in the classroom may be to take them out of it.
Tara Parker-Pope
The very first video experience I had was in high school. They brought a black-and-white closed-circuit surveillance camera into the classroom. I will never forget, as a kid, looking at that image.
Bill Viola
Examples of hostility toward religious values and those who hold them abound… This antireligious bigotry is not confined to the classroom.
Ralph E. Reed, Jr.
Medicine is learned by the bedside and not in the classroom. Let not your conceptions of disease come from words heard in the lecture room or read from the book. See, and then reason and compare and control. But see first.
William Osler
When it comes to my vocabulary, I felt a responsibility when I was teaching to raise the bar of conversation in my classroom. And with my own students, I refused to let them use the phrase “I like” or “I don’t like” when we were engaged in a critique.
Tim Gunn
People didn’t understand my passion. I dreamt big. I saw myself playing at Notre Dame. I saw myself in a classroom.
Rudy Ruettiger
All students, no matter their background, benefit from having a diverse classroom experience.
Ned Lamont
We can not wait until we have enough trained people willing to work at a teacher’s salary and under conditions imposed upon teachers in order to improve what happens in the classroom.
Major Owens
Let us not be too particular; it is better to have old secondhand diamonds than none at all.
Mark Twain
In a way, education by its nature favours the extrovert because you are taking kids and putting them into a big classroom, which is automatically going to be a high-stimulation environment. Probably the best way of teaching in general is one on one, but that’s not something everyone can afford.
Susan Cain
Effective managing therefore happens where art , craft, and science meet. But in a classroom of students without managerial experience, these have no place to meet there is nothing to do.
Henry Mintzberg
As a professor, millennials intrigued me. I see them as engagement ready – plug-n-play if you will. They want to contribute in the classroom, the workplace and to society.
Chip Espinoza
One thing I’ve learned from 35 years in the classroom is that people learn best when they are laughing, when they are emotionally hit, that it’s both the brain and the heart.
Robert Reich
Collaboration is everything from getting along with others to controlling your impulses so you can get along and not kick someone else off the swing. It’s building a community and experiencing diversity and culture. Everything we do, in the classroom or at home, has to be built on that foundation.
Kathy Hirsh-Pasek
Each man must work for himself, and unless he so works, no outside help can avail him.
Theodore Roosevelt
I love the classroom.
Stephanie Herseth
In my fourth grade classroom, I even instituted a government structure, because I was really interested in people having positions and there being law.
Kevin Systrom
I vividly remember my sixth-grade classroom. I remember what it smelled like, where I sat, what I could see out the window, and how I felt about things. Peel away my decrepit middle-aged exterior, and an important part of me is still twelve years old. It helps me when I sit down to write stories for kids.
Rodman Philbrick
Public school teachers from every corner of America post classroom project requests on Requests range from pencils for a poetry writing unit to violins for a school recital to microscope slides for a biology class.
Charles Best
You really have to be a good entertainer, or the show won’t work. For me, it was all about having fun with the audience, which meant that I could usually forget that the camera was there. It was kind of like being in the classroom.
Jacques Torres
At 16, when I was at Henry M. Gunn High School, I had a crush on the English teacher, and my grades improved dramatically. This great school had only 400 students, mostly children of Stanford professors, and it was more usual to have classes under one of the oak trees dotted around the campus than in the classroom.
Caroline Lawrence
I enjoyed living in Canada, where my husband comes from, because I was treated like any ordinary person. I became a volunteer at my children’s school; I went into the classroom. It was very grounding. I got sick of being famous.
Dolores O’Riordan
Around 80% of Liberians are unemployed and only half of all children go to primary school. Just one in 20 go on to secondary school. Young children are on the streets instead of in the classrooms. We are not giving them the opportunity to learn and they will struggle to get jobs when they grow up.
George Weah
The most elusive knowledge of all is self-knowledge and it is usually acquired laboriously through experience outside the classroom.
Mirra Komarovsky
School systems now routinely have more administrators than classroom teachers. They have armies of counselors and therapists and nutritionists and ‘multi-cultural learning facilitators.’
Mike Gallagher
Classrooms keep getting set up more and more around the verbal and less around the kinesthetic and active. They are increasingly becoming environments that favour the girls’ brain.
Michael Gurian
Everyday classroom teaching is not what children will remember, but how you made a difference in their lives.
Nita Ambani
Information is available freely on the Net, but what’s missing is passion. And only a teacher can impart that passion and deep desire for excellence every day. Moreover, a classroom environment helps overcome certain psychological aspects, including inferiority complex.
Rajiv Menon
Classroom libraries are not 25 copies of 5 books. Classroom libraries are 1000-2000 copies of different books.
Richard Allington
In the field of education, educators know that they leave a lasting impact on their students for better or for worse. Trust is established or diminished in the classroom and very good educators understand that they are fallible. Despite their best efforts, they will not always do the best for each student.
Carol Ann Tomlinson
The urban barbarism that has turned our streets into battlegrounds and our classrooms into killing fields will not be stopped by an assault on the Second Amendment right of American gunowners to keep and bear arms.
Pat Buchanan
I have attention deficit disorder, so sitting in a classroom is not the best thing for me.
Jeremy Miller
It is in scientific honesty that I endorse the presentation of alternative theories for the origin of the universe, life and man in the science classroom. It would be an error to overlook the possibility that the universe was planned rather than happening by chance.
Wernher von Braun
Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.
Thomas A. Edison