Craving Quotes

Craving Quotes by Kathy Reichs, Gary Chapman, Joel Fuhrman, Alain de Botton, Steve Goodier, Sivananda and many others.

I hated myself for needing him at such times, for craving his strength whenever I felt upset.
Kathy Reichs
Much of the misbehavior of children is motivated by the cravings of an empty LOVE TANK.
Gary Chapman
Since the foods Americans consume are so calorie-rich, we have all been trying to diet by eating smaller portions of low-nutrient foods. We not only have to suffer hunger but also wind up with perverted cravings because we are nutrient-deficient to boot.
Joel Fuhrman
You need a long hard day’s work to reveal the logic of the craving for very bad tv and alcohol.
Alain de Botton
Can you be alone without being lonely? Can you spend time by yourself without craving noise or company of other people? Have you discovered the glory of quiet time spent alone, time spent listening to your soul? Solitude brings with it gifts that come from nowhere else.
Steve Goodier
There is no end of craving. Hence contentment alone is the best way to happiness. Therefore, acquire contentment.
The web offers a creative climate that filmmakers have been craving for.
Vikram Bhatt
Waffles. Im craving waffles.” Bex rolled onto her side. “Tell your waffles hi for me.
Ally Carter
A golden rule? Do not come food shopping when you’re starving hungry and craving stuff. You’ll fill your basket with all the naughty things you probably wouldn’t eat.
Joe Wicks
In every age its (liberty’s) progress has been beset by its natural enemies, by ignorance and superstition, by lust of conquest and by love of ease, by the strong man’s craving for power, and the poor man’s craving for food
Lord Acton
I’m still craving approval from my parents. It took a lot of success for me to realize it was never coming. It’s just not in their nature.
Andrew Stanton
We have been brainwashed into craving a diet that is killing us. What we believe tastes good is generally what we have been socially conditioned to enjoy.
Jane Velez-Mitchell
Trump is many things. He is pampered. He is an immature man. He is a teenager craving unconditional, endless love from everybody.
Amos Oz
I feel like fans who like old Southern rock and country, and more lyric-driven songs in general, have come to country radio. I think that’s why you see country radio growing and albums selling: People are craving a little more of the singer-songwriter stuff going on in country.
Charles Kelley
The perfect joys of heaven do not satisfy the cravings of nature.
William Hazlitt
Always when I see a man fond of praise I always think it is because he is an affectionate man craving for affection
Jack Butler Yeats
We see Lyft as not just an app, but a movement of people coming together in cities and having conversations about things that matter. You’re around some of the most interesting people in the world, and you don’t talk to them. More and more people are craving in-person interactions.
John Zimmer
The craving for colour is a natural necessity just as for water and fire. Colour is a raw material indispensable to life. At every era of his existence and his history, the human being has associated colour with his joys, his actions and his pleasures.
Fernand Leger
The urge to kill, like the urge to beget,
Is blind and sinister. Its craving is set
Today on the flesh of a hare: tomorrow it can
Howl the same way for the flesh of a man.
Andrei Voznesensky
Peanut butter and lamb chops were not foods that had ever been a significant part of our life before pregnancy. In fact, my wife almost never ate either.So where did these craving come from? I concluded it’s the baby, ordering in.
Paul Reiser
People are craving this great progress in electronics, going after computers, the Internet, etc. It’s a giant progress technologically. But they must have a balance of soul, a balance for human beauty. That means art has an important role.
Mstislav Rostropovich
The craving to become causes fears; to be, to achieve, and so to depend engenders fear.
Jiddu Krishnamurti
I hope this doesn’t sound harsh, but if you’re not constantly craving breakfast every second of every day, you’re not a real American. Y’know what, let’s throw the Canadians in there, too.
Rob Riggle
Wisdom is the aristic craving for extraordinary insights, for incandescent revelations that have the power to burst through banausic and doulic ordinariness: wisdom is the lust to be transfigured, transvaluated.
Kenny Smith
Fie on the eloquence that leaves us craving itself, not things!
Michel de Montaigne
I had a craving for pineapple and a pink cardigan” – Becky Bloomwood Shopaholic and Baby
Sophie Kinsella
The people are craving for a better world. Let us mobilize them as co-workers for a better world.
Robert Muller
Perhaps our imagination needs crime stories to fulfill some craving we have, as a way to assuage a darkness in ourselves.
James Nesbitt
Blood doesn’t satisfy cravings. It magnifies them.
Matt Haig
We grew up watching Woody Allen and Albert Brooks movies, and we see this neurotic, annoying, unlikeable male at the center of a story, and people root for him anyway. I think that’s really what we have been craving as women is the hero who doesn’t look perfect and doesn’t act perfectly.
Jill Soloway
Food is not rational. Food is culture, habit, and identity.
Jonathan Safran Foer
I try to be mindful of snacking, but salty chips sometimes sneak in. I tend to avoid sugars – luckily, I am more of a ‘salty tooth’ – but I try to keep my sugar intake to a minimum and find some healthy alternatives when a craving hits.
Tamara Taylor
I just work out hard enough that, if I’m craving something, I eat it and know I’m going to burn it off the next day with extra intensity.
Karl Malone
It is those pent-up, craving children who make all the wars and all the horrors and all the art and all the beauty and discovery in life, because they are trying to achieve what lay beyond their grasp before they were five years old.
Robertson Davies
We have been raised to fear the yes within ourselves, our deepest cravings.
Audre Lorde
It was the craving to be a one and only people which impelled the ancient Hebrews to invent a one and only God whose one and only people they were to be.
Eric Hoffer
There was no use pretending, no magic left to hear, all the music gave me was a craving for lite beer.
Tom Petty
Refrain from following the example of those whose craving is for attention, not their own improvement.
Seneca the Younger
My teacher, Hopkins, often commented on the craving for certainty that led so many physicists into mysticism or into the Church and similar organisations … Faith seems to be an occupational hazard for physicists.
Norman Pirie
… nothing satisfies the craving of most women so much as scandal.
Emma Goldman
I’m a sucker for good black skirts and pretty little shirts and kooky tops. I have to admit that shopping satisfies my craving for immediate gratification.
Sophie Ellis-Bextor
Until the missing story of ourselves is told, nothing besides told can suffice us: we shall go on quietly craving it.
Laura Riding
If life — the craving for which is the very essence of our being — were possessed of any positive intrinsic value, there would be no such thing as boredom at all: mere existence would satisfy us in itself, and we should want for nothing.
Arthur Schopenhauer
Even my desire to become free or enlightened is just another craving for fulfillment or completion in the future. So don’t seek to become free or desire or “achieve” enlightenment. Become present.
Eckhart Tolle
There is a powerful craving in most of us to see ourselves as instruments in the hands of others and thus free ourselves from the responsibility for acts which are prompted by our own questionable inclinations and impulses.
Eric Hoffer
Enlightenment is eliminating mental confusion, eliminating hatred, jealousy, mental toxins, cravings. That’s very simple and straightforward. Whether you can do it or not is another matter.
Matthieu Ricard
The ability to read awoke inside of me some long dormant craving to be mentally alive.
Malcolm X
The main characteristics of romantic love are craving: an intense craving to be with a particular person, not just sexually, but emotionally.
Helen Fisher
Loneliness, she thought, was craving for other people’s company. But she did not know that loneliness can be an unnoticed cramping of the spirit for lack of companionship.
Doris Lessing
Craving clarity, we attempt to eliminate the risk of trusting God. Fear of the unknown path stretching ahead of us destroys childlike trust in the Father’s active goodness and unrestricted love.
Brennan Manning
I love healthy stuff and junk an equal amount. Whatever I’m craving, I go for it. I’m never trying to lose weight – or gain it. I’m just being.
Kelly Clarkson
People despise the lust for power that originates from a craving for homage and for the attributes of power.
Konstantin Ushinsky
Power, people are obsessed with it. You can take a nice person and turn them into a slob, into an insane being, craving power, destroying anything that stands in their way.
Frederick Lenz
There is so much that is fake about our society. My generation is craving something that is real, honest and true. The Message is straight up! It’s modern, relevant, and direct.
Rebecca St. James
I get a craving like I fiend for nicotine.
But I don’t need a cigarette, know what I mean?
Once you know your deepest wish you can base your life on intention rather than craving
Gil Fronsdal
I don’t think escaping is necessarily a problem, but we can get addicted to almost anything. If you’re craving being in this other reality and you don’t want to participate in your own reality, those are the times we have to start asking ourselves difficult questions.
Joshua Mohr
My emotional life: dialectic between craving for privacy and need to submerge myself in a passionate relationship to another.
Susan Sontag
As I began to love myself I stopped craving for a different life, and I could see that everything that surrounded me was inviting me to grow. Today I call it ‘maturity’.
Charlie Chaplin
I’d forgotten how that sort of craving felt, how it rose suddenly and loudly from the pit of my stomach like a flock of startle birds, then floated back down in the slow, beguiling way of feathers.
Sue Monk Kidd
Christianity is haunted by the theory of a God with a craving for bloody sacrifices.
John B. S. Haldane
People have always had this craving to have someone tell them the future. Long ago, kings would hire people to read sheep guts. There’s always been a market for people who pretend to know the future. Listening to today’s forecasters is just as crazy as when the king hired the guy to look at the sheep guts.
Charlie Munger
Just as a tree, though cut down, sprouts up again if its roots remain uncut and firm, even so, until the craving that lies dormant is rooted out, suffering springs up again and again.
Gautama Buddha
A prison! heav’ns, I loath the hated name,
Famine’s metropolis, the sink of shame,
A nauseous sepulchre, whose craving womb
Hourly inters poor mortals in its tomb;
By ev’ry plague and ev’ry ill possess’d,
Ev’n purgatory itself to thee ‘s a jest.
Tom Brown, Jr.
You don’t want to love – your eternal and abnormal craving is to be loved. You aren’t positive, you’re negative. You absorb, absorb, as if you must fill yourself up with love, because you’ve got a shortage somewhere.
D. H. Lawrence
But no artist, I now realize, can be satisfied with art alone. There is a natural craving for recognition which cannot be gain-said.
Agatha Christie
Life is easy, life is delightful. It’s only hard on your illusions, your ambitions, your greed, your cravings.
Anthony de Mello
While craving justice for ourselves, it is never wise to be unjust to others.
Lew Wallace
Inside every child is an ’emotional rani’s waiting to be filled with love. When a child really feels loved, he will develop normally but when the love tank is empty, the child will misbehave. Much of the misbehavior of children is motivated by the cravings of an empty ‘love tank
Gary Chapman
perhaps all this modern ferment of what’s known as ‘social conscience’ or ‘civic responsibility’ isn’t a result of the sense of duty, but of the old, old craving for beauty.
Dorothy Canfield Fisher
Our country craves for the trophy of the African Cup of Nations. I am craving for such a trophy in my career.
I went to a hypnotist. He put me under a spell, and every time I had a craving for a cigarette, I would throw up. It’s very embarrassing right after sex. I find it pretty hard to get that second date after that. Girls get all snobby after you barf on them.
Norm MacDonald
I’ve never believed in dieting, but there are people out there who have problems. My advice would be don’t ever stop yourself to a point where you start craving something, because you end up bingeing. I think the key word is moderation.
Shilpa Shetty
Live is truly a unique entertainment form; it cannot be duplicated and creates lifetime memories that fans are craving more than ever in this experience economy.
Michael Rapino
Despite their cool poses they wear their cravings on the outside, like the suckers on a squid. They want it all.
Margaret Atwood
I’ve found when all I’m eating is really fresh, healthy foods, I stop craving pizza and burgers.
Lauren Conrad
Meeting the body’s micronutrient needs helps to suppress food cravings, and high-nutrient foods do not produce dangerous, addictive craving.
Joel Fuhrman
Science needs the intuition and metaphorical power of the arts, and the arts need the fresh blood of science … Interpretation is the logical channel of consilient explanation between science and the arts. The arts … also nourish our craving for the mystical.
E. O. Wilson
I knew, even as we touched that I had never wanted anything more in all my life. All my crabbed cravings were as a cupful of pond water beside the vast ocean of longing I felt surging through me. My head swam; my eyes blurred. I burned from the inside out as if my blood and bones were consumed with liquid fire.
Stephen R. Lawhead
I never go out, ever. And I think that’s why I’ve been craving human connection so badly, and in a way, I’m excited to go on tour to be around people all the time.
Marnie Stern
The only English patients I have ever known refuse tea, have been typhus cases; and the first sign of their getting better was their craving again for tea.
Florence Nightingale
The desire to be a free person is very worthwhile. To be free means you are no longer the victim of fear, anger, craving, or suspicion.
Nhat Hanh
One should not confuse the craving for life with endorsement of it.
Elias Canetti
Your cravings as a human animal do not become a prayer just because it is God whom you ask to attend to them.
Dag Hammarskjold
The hunger of the spirit for eternity – as fierce as a starving man’s for bread – is much less a craving to go on living than a craving for redemption. Oh, and a protest against absurdity.
Storm Jameson
From craving is born grief, from craving is born fear. For one freed from craving there’s no grief- so how fear?
Gautama Buddha
I just work out hard enough that, if I’m craving something, I eat it and know I’m going to burn it off the next day with extra intensity
Karl Malone
The most striking feature of contemporary culture is the unslaked craving for transcendence.
Andrew Delbanco
Natural knowledge, seeking to satisfy natural wants, has found the ideas which can alone still spiritual cravings. I say that natural knowledge, in desiring to ascertain the laws of comfort, has been driven to discover those of conduct, and to lay the foundations of a new morality.
Thomas Huxley
The fans, the vampire groupies, love the idea of this androgynous, preternatural figure stalking the night, and craving aesthetic pleasure just as he craves blood, wearing only the best velvet clothes, and savoring red roses.
Anne Rice
Opposites attract, and I think temperament is so fundamental that you end up craving someone of the opposite temperament to complete you.
Susan Cain
Companies are very, very good – better than consumers themselves – at knowing what consumers are actually craving.
Charles Duhigg
As addictive and satisfying as my first tattoo, Wolf’s Remedy left me craving more.
Lyle Tuttle
Addiction is craving fulfillment from something that cannot provide fulfillment. In this sense it is not different than the basic mechanism of ignorance that keeps everyone in bondage. With substance addiction the mind/body sets up a vicious cycle that perpetuates the dependence.
Deepak Chopra
In a trader-dominated society, the scribe is usually kept out of the management of affairs, but it given a more or less free hand in the cultural field. By frustrating the scribe’s craving for commanding action, the trader draws upon himself the scribe’s wrath and scorn.
Eric Hoffer
I noticed that people were craving a way of reinterpreting tradition and of being Jewish without joining a synagogue.
Jill Soloway
Directors are our teachers, and I’m always craving to work with a great director. They’re pretty much the first thing that interests me about a project. Let’s put it this way: It’ll take me a lot longer to read a script if there’s no director attached.
Naomi Watts
I do two months of strict dieting, so after fight night, I go for whatever my body is craving. It’s usually sushi. But after that, I go home to Guadalajara and indulge in a lot of tacos before I have to start getting in shape for another fight.
Canelo Alvarez
I will practice coming back to the present moment…not letting regrets and sorrow drag me back into the past or letting anxieties, fears, or cravings pull me out.
Nhat Hanh
Food is not rational. Food is culture, habit, craving and identity.
Jonathan Safran Foer
Some great soups are filling and warm. So, at the four o’clock hour, when people are craving caffeine and a cookie, soup is a really great option because it fills you up and feels like a meal, so it can keep you going until dinner, but it’s not hugely caloric.
Anna Kaiser
The great object of life is Sensation – to feel that we exist – even though in pain – it is this “craving void” which drives us to gaming – to battle – to travel – to intemperate but keenly felt pursuits of every description whose principal attraction is the agitation inseparable from their accomplishment.
Lord Byron
If you’re craving oatmeal cookies, apple sauce won’t do.
Eric Jerome Dickey
Gollum is entirely based on the notion of addiction. The way that the ring pervades him, makes him craving, lustful, depletes him physically, psychologically and mentally.
Andy Serkis
I don’t have a craving for money. And I don’t have a craving for fame.
Damien Rice
There are some individuals who have too strong a craving, a will, and a nostalgia for happiness ever to reach it. They always retain a bitter and passionate aftertaste, and that’s the best they can hope for.
Albert Camus
It is only when it takes the form of physical addiction that sex is evil. It is also evil when it manifests itself as a way of satisfying the lust for power or the climber’s craving for position and social distinction.
Aldous Huxley
I never had a particularly strong craving to procreate, except for earlier fantasies of wanting to be Marmee in Little Women.
Anne Lamott
I grew up with landscape as a recourse, with the possibility of exiting the horizontal realm of social relations for a vertical alignment with earth and sky, matter and spirit. Vast open spaces speak best to this craving, the spaces I myself first found in the desert and then in the western grasslands.
Rebecca Solnit
The craving for information is so huge now, and it can be marketed at such a rapid rate.
Clint Eastwood
Hunger, I discovered, is very much a matter of the mind, and as I began to study my own appetites, I saw that my teenage craving had not really been for food. That ravenous desire had been a yearning for love, attention, appreciation. Food had merely been my substitute.
Ruth Reichl
Ballet was so structured. I’d been craving something that could guide me.
Misty Copeland
It is strange to hear people talk of Humanitarianism, who are members of societies for the prevention of cruelty to children and animals, and who claim to be God-loving men and women, but who, nevertheless, encourage by their patronage the killing of animals merely to gratify the cravings of appetite.
Otoman Zar-Adusht Ha’nish
Hitler and Mussolini were only the primary spokesmen for the attitude of domination and craving for power that are in the heart of almost everyone. Until the source is cleared, there will always be confusion and hate, wars and class antagonisms.
Jiddu Krishnamurti
Buddha’s doctrine: Man suffers because of his craving to possess and keep forever things which are essentially impermanent…this frustration of the desire to possess is the immediate cause of suffering.
Alan Watts
By far the most common craving of pregnant women is not to be pregnant.
Phyllis Diller
As meditation deepens, compulsions, cravings and fits of emotion begin to lose their power to dictate our behavior. We see clearly that choices are possible; we can say yes or we can say no. It is profoundly liberating.
Eknath Easwaran
Riches too increase, and the maddening craving for gold,
So that men ever seek for more, that they may have the most.
Romantic love is not an emotion. … It’s a drive. It comes from the motor of the mind, the wanting part of the mind, the craving part of the mind.
Helen Fisher
We love salt, fat and sugar. We’re hard-wired to go for those flavors. They trip our dopamine networks, which are our craving networks.
Michael Pollan
I will smile at friend and foe alike and make every effort to find, in him or her, a quality to praise, now that I realize the deepest yearning of human nature is the craving to be appreciated.
Og Mandino
I think every film actor secretly wants to be a rock star as well; just that part of the job which requires the extrovert in you. Even if you’ve become an actor because it’s your way of hiding in plain sight, there’s still part of you which has that craving.
Ben Barnes
I just try to stick to clean foods, anything grilled like salmon, chicken, fish, brown rice, and veggies. I do have a really big sweet tooth, so I try to curb my cravings with fruit instead.
Katherine Webb
In a society that prates about, but seldom practices, communication, the craving to be listened to, heard, understood – which originates with the first terrified wail, the circling arms, the breast, the consolatory murmur – is hard to assuage.
Nancy Mairs
Benevolence alone will not make a teacher, nor will learning alone do it. The gift of teaching is a peculiar talent, and implies a need and a craving in the teacher himself.
John Jay Chapman
Affection is an overpowering craving to be compellingly sought.
Robert Frost
That’s the secret of ‘True Blood’ – all the creatures that roam Bon Temps become a metaphor for our insatiable lusts and inner desires. Humans craving what they can’t have and those secret appetites transforming them into beasts, or even killers.
Rob Sheffield
I’m a big believer in listening to my body’s cravings.
Chelsea Clinton
The craving to risk death is our last great perversion. We come from night, we go into night. Why live in night?
John Fowles
The craving for power is in itself a sign of inferior abilities and unfitness for responsibility.
Isabel Paterson
I drink coconut water before my workouts. It has just the right amount of calories and electrolytes to get me going. My body has actually started craving it.
Jennifer Morrison
I think people are tired of the CSI/SVU style of lurid and gory crime dramas. I believe there’s a craving for lighter shows featuring detective characters who are fun to watch. I think people would welcome that kind of show.
Carol Higgins Clark
Most of the strength and the leadership skills and the decisiveness, the resoluteness that I think America was craving from Donald Trump, from a leader, is the same in public as it is in private.
Kellyanne Conway
There’s such a craving to make Egypt white or Asian, people don’t just even listen to you. When you explain why would anyone build anything as enduring as the Pyramids in Africa before they would build anything of that nature at home?
John Henrik Clarke
I saw that a humble man, with the blessing of the Lord, might live on a little; and that where the heart is set on greatness, success in business did not satisfy the craving, but that commonly with an increase of wealth, the desire of wealth increased.
John Woolman
If the desires are not controlled now, later they will control you.
Mata Amritanandamayi
People are not free to violate law or convention to satisfy their wants and cravings.
Max Anders
If this advertisement be not sufficient, I can only protrude my wormlike tendrils of apology, craving forbearance on the grounds that a writer must write about what he knows, and since I know nothing about any subject it scarcely matters where I dabble.
William T. Vollmann
Performing with Thomas Rhett our song ‘Craving You,’ I’m so excited for the fans to see it and sort of see our worlds come together because I feel like he’s sort of a genre pusher and boundary pusher, and I feel the same way about my music.
Maren Morris
Any physical addiction, it doesn’t matter how long they’ve been taking it or how full of it their body is, and addiction, would, between three and thirty days, be completely cleared from the system. Usually closer to three days than thirty days. But it is the emotional craving that must be tended to.
Esther Hicks
What we’ve learned is that if you can make the right decision in the supermarket aisle, it’s a heck of a lot easier to make a good decision when you reach in your cupboard when you’re craving a snack at eight o’clock at night.
Tom Rath
The generation that had information, but no context. Butter, but no bread. Craving, but no longing.
Meg Wolitzer
One can aim at honor both as one ought, and more than one ought, and less than one ought. He whose craving for honor is excessive is said to be ambitious, and he who is deficient in this respect unambitious; while he who observes the mean has no peculiar name.
When we tire of well-worn ways, we seek for new. This restless craving in the souls of men spurs them to climb, and to seek the mountain view.
Ella Wheeler Wilcox
Wake up and realize this is all made up of thoughts, just thoughts. Your appreciation of beauty is a thought; your aversion to an object that is ugly is a thought. Your craving or aversion is nothing but a passing thought in the mind. Realize this is just a thought and you will be free.
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar
Joe Biden is a backwards thinker in a world craving forward-looking leadership.
Daniel Cameron
You cannot imagine the craving for rest that I feel-a hunger and thirst. For six long days, since my work was done, my mind has been a whirlpool, swift, unprogressive and incessant, a torrent of thoughts leading nowhere, spinning round swift and steady.
H. G. Wells
Craving security is the cause of insecurity. Freedom is knowing that the only point of arrival is now.
Deepak Chopra
A gluten-free diet still allows you access to almost every fruit and vegetable, a variety of grains and legumes, your pick of dairy products, fresh meats and fish and a whole slew of special gluten-free delights to satisfy your pretzel-bagel-muffin-doughnut craving.
Daphne Oz
The kind of group mentality that we had lived under since the Second World War is starting to erupt, and the craving for individualism is now much stronger. It’s not as taboo anymore, as it was when I was younger.
Nicolas Winding Refn
A poor man defended himself when charged with stealing food to appease the cravings of hunger, saying, the cries of the stomach silenced those of the conscience.
Marguerite Gardiner, Countess of Blessington
To be concerned with the issue; soul versus non-soul, is to be in bondage to craving for becoming and non-becoming.
Gautama Buddha
Buddhism maintains that the common reaction of the human mind to pleasure and to achievement is not satisfaction; it’s craving for more.
Yuval Noah Harari
This craving for health, wealth, long life, and the like – the so – called good – is nothing but an illusion.
Swami Vivekananda
I think it’s very important to be mindful of your body and actually listen to it. If I’m craving a certain kind of food, I’ll have, but I notice when I’m full. It’s kind of like a logical diet. I think when people go on restrictive diets, they put too much stress on themselves, which might make them prone to bingeing.
Samara Weaving
This is a very important practice. Live your daily life in a way that you never lose yourself.
When you are carried away with your worries, fears, cravings, anger, and desire, you run away from yourself and you lose yourself.
The practice is always to go back to oneself.
Nhat Hanh
Tea is quiet and our thirst for tea is never far from our craving for beauty.
James Norwood Pratt
Just as a tree, though cut down, can grow again and again if its roots are undamaged and strong, in the same way if the roots of craving are not wholly uprooted sorrows will come again and again
Gautama Buddha
Is there not a terrible hollowness, mockery, want, craving, in that existence which is given away to others, for want of something of your own to bestow it on?
Charlotte Bronte
Art gives man a reminder that he is not just a consumer but a creator as well. It awakens in him the urge to struggle and perform great deeds; it fills him with the craving to pass on the Promethean fire to generations to come.
Stanislaw Lem
Carlyle, a man of strong words and attitudes, a rhetorician out of necessity, constantly aroused by the craving for a strong faithas well as by the feeling of an incapacity for it (Min this respect a typical romantic!)…. Fundamentally, Carlyle is an English atheist who makes it a point of honor not to be one.
Friedrich Nietzsche
Craving that old sweet oneness yet dreading engulfment, wishing to be our mother’s and yet be our own, we stormily swing from mood to mood, advancing and retreating-the quintessential model of two-mindedness.
Judith Viorst
Since all living beings are bound by their craving for existence, you must begin by finding the determination to be free.
Je Tsongkhapa
I can definitely eat more of some candy than I should, so I have found that if I have coffee or a chai latte, it curbs the sugar craving.
Dylan Lauren
All the holy words you read and all the holy words you speak are as nothing if you do not act upon them.В  Even if you read little and say little but live the right way, forsaking craving, hatred and delusion, you will know the truth and find calmness and will show others the path.
Gautama Buddha
The craving for ‘the return of the day’, which the sick so constantly evince, is generally nothing but the desire for light.
Florence Nightingale
I was blessed in the sense that I got handed so much early on in life. I got a lot of the things people go through their 20s and 30s craving.
Sheena Easton
Do I realy regret that night? That one moment of joy beyond compare – some people never experience it in a lifetime. But the downside to that taste of pure happiness is that,like a drug, a glimmer of paradise, it leaves you craving more.
Tabitha Suzuma
I never deprive myself. If I’m craving something once a week, then Ill go have it Ice cream or whatever, I just eat the foods I like.
Kate Upton
But for the cravings of the belly not a bird would have fallen into the snare; nay, nay, the fowler would not have spread his net. The belly is chains to the hands and fetters to the feet. He who is a slave to his belly seldom worships God.
Lust is the craving for salt of a man who is dying of thirst.
Frederick Buechner
After a solid day of fishing, I’m craving something hearty. That’s where a jug of buttermilk comes in. Poaching fish in buttermilk yields the luscious texture and pure flavor, but with a more substantial richness and a poaching liquid you’ll want to lap up with a spoon.
Jonathan Miles
I get to meet fantastic people, and I get to go through so many emotions. For me, I have a craving for that. When I’m acting, I feel great. It’s not to be famous.
Christopher Parker
The characteristic of the present age is craving credulity.
Benjamin Disraeli
I am going to devour you, Magdelegna,” he promised her, the darkness of his cravings coming to bear on her fully at last. “You wanted to know my passions? Allow me to introduce them to you.
Jacquelyn Frank
The deepest principle in human nature is the craving to be appreciated.
William James
Men are but children of a larger growth, Our appetites as apt to change as theirs, And full as craving too, and full as vain.
John Dryden
When you gradually add in nutrient-dense, fiber-rich foods, you simply stop feeling cravings. You run out of space in your belly for the old junk. Instead of craving, you feel full, fulfilled, and content.
Kathy Freston
Your greatest fear is death and your deepest craving is survival. You want Forever, you desire Eternity. In your deluded belief that you are this ‘mind’ or ‘spirit’ or ‘soul’, you find the escape clause in your contract with mortality. Perhaps as ‘mind’ you can wing free of the body when it dies, hmm?
Dan Millman
The highest point of music for me is to become in a place where there is no desire, no craving, wanting to do anything else. It is the best place you have ever been, and yet there is nothing there.
Terry Riley
Whenever I go abroad, I never return home craving roast beef and Yorkshire pudding or fish and chips. Instead all I really want is a particularly good lamb dopiaza.
Chris Tarrant
Everybody likes a few surprises; it’s a perfectly natural human craving.
Jean Webster
What we called love down there was mostly the craving to be loved. In the main I loved you for my own sake: because I needed you…We shall have no need for one another now: we can begin to love truly.
C. S. Lewis
Covetousness is a sort of mental gluttony, not confined to money, but craving honor, and feeding on selfishness.
Nicolas Chamfort
Cravings are what drive habits. And figuring out how to spark a craving makes creating a new habit easier.
Charles Duhigg
I’m a sucker for good black skirts and pretty little shirts and kooky tops. I have to admit that shopping satisfies my craving for immediate gratification.
Sophie Ellis Bextor
I went to business school but left after four months because I just didn’t want to be a puppet of society, stuck in an office, craving some sunlight.
Michelle Rodriguez
I started to see this common theme with the songs that I was writing or co-writing, and it all had this really strong, independent point of view that I had subconsciously been craving from the music scene.
Maren Morris
People often ask me about what constitutes a nerd-friendly show – like, does it have to have sci-fi elements? But I think it’s just a show that satisfies the secret craving we all have to be obsessed with something and not feel at all stupid about it.
Dan Harmon
It was somehow degrading, craving someone so… voraciously – another good calendar word – just because he was physically beautiful. I hadn’t thought that was something women did, either.
Charlaine Harris
Happy indeed are the arahants! No craving can be found in them. Cut off is the conceit ‘I am,’ Burst asunder is delusion’s net.
Gautama Buddha
The Buddha never intended to make desire itself the problem. When he said craving causes suffering, he was referring not to our natural inclination as living beings to have wants and needs, but to our habit of clinging to experience that must, by nature, pass away.
Tara Brach
I don’t think I’m craving any more fame. But success and being recognized for making great work all around the world, I think it’s a great thing.
John Legend
All your wounds from craving love
Exist because of heroic deeds.
We’re children of God through our blood kinship with Christ. We’re also sons and daughters of Adam and Eve, with a hereditary craving for forbidden fruit salad.
Barbara Brown Taylor
It is facile to imply that smoking, alcoholism, overeating, or other ingrained patters can be upended without real effort. Genuine change requires work and self-understanding of the cravings driving behaviours.
Charles Duhigg
Maturity and experience shouldn’t stop one from craving silly things like sliding down bannisters.
Lewis Buzbee
The craving for equality can express itself either as a desire to pull everyone down to our own level (by belittling them, excluding them, tripping them up) or as a desire to raise ourselves up along with everyone else (by acknowledging them, helping them, and rejoicing in their success).
Friedrich Nietzsche
In exactly the same way, … scatter your body, your feeling, your perception, your predispositions, your discriminative consciousness, break them up, knock them down, cease to play with them, apply yourself to the destruction of craving for them. Verily, … the extinction of craving is Nirvana.
Gautama Buddha
Strangely, meanness pays more than offering constructive and interesting commentary. Every season I think, “This is the last season. I’m not gonna read tomorrow morning. Forget it.” The first thing when I wake up – quite late, usually – I am craving the newspaper.
Nicolas Ghesquiere
The principal cause of suffering is craving. Once craving is eliminated, much suffering will be eliminated. Still more suffering will be eliminated once ignorance is eliminated. Both craving and ignorance are equally powerful defilements that cause suffering.
Henepola Gunaratana
What haunts me is not exactly the absence of literal space so much as a deep craving for metaphorical space: release, escape, some kind of open-ended freedom.
Naomi Klein
What kind of person would have a real craving for gummy worms?
Steve Carell
There is no end of craving. Hence contentment alone is the best way to happiness. Therefore, acquire contentment.
Swami Sivananda
When I try to analyze my own cravings, motives, actions and so forth, I surrender to a sort of retrospective imagination which feeds the analytic faculty with boundless alternatives and which causes each visualized route to fork and re-fork without end in the maddeningly complex prospect of my past.
Vladimir Nabokov
Humankind’s craving to control nature and exploit all its resources for profit can be wiped out in a stroke by an organism we cannot even see with the naked eye.
Ram Nath Kovind
Happiness depends only on your mind. When the mind is free of past impressions and future cravings, happiness is there.
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar
The phases of fire are craving and satiety.
People who do not understand themselves have a craving for understanding — a thing which is rather surmised and never spoken than known and clothed in words.
Wilhelm Stekel
We have a natural constant craving for leadership. Democracy is always a fragile and imperfect achievement. Yet a distinct feeling of malaise in our political culture lingers. There is something missing from our public debates.
Tim Soutphommasane
No craving void left aching in the soul.
Alexander Pope
I love handfuls of almonds, laced with wasabi flavor – because it is sinus clearing and satisfies that salty craving with a kick!
Denise Austin
If you want something, have it. If you feel like it’s forbidden, you’ll want it even more. Whenever I have a craving, I go and have it and just make sure I don’t have it again the next day.
Jerry Ferrara
There’s constant drama, and I’m busy, busy, but at the center of the madness is the desire to write, the need to write. That desire, that need, is as palpable and relentless as any junkie’s craving, and will possess me all day until I can park myself in a chair and do my work.
Jillian Medoff