Daniel Dumile Quotes

Daniel Dumile Quotes.

Raise your right palm: We do solemnly swear
To stack more dough more calmly this year.
Daniel Dumile
Uh oh, it’s beer o’clock, I think I’m sober.
How about we think this over, over a can of King Cobra?
Daniel Dumile
You could either ignore this advice, or take it from me:
Be too nice, and people take you for a dummy.
Daniel Dumile
Catch a throatful from the fire vocal
Ashing and molten glass like Eyjafjallajökull.
Daniel Dumile
Mary, you make me wanna eat you
Every time I see you, it’s like the first time I meet you
Fragrance like a flower, subtle and sweet too
Seductive and whatever, it might as well be see through.
Daniel Dumile
Golly, he’s just a pest and your worst best friend,
Who mend and rip space-time fabric like polyester blend.
Daniel Dumile
Listenin to nothin, takin no suggestions,
All destructive criticisms that can’t improve on perfection.
Daniel Dumile
Nowadays, the game is all bugged out,
Phony, like back when Hammer tried to come thugged out.
Daniel Dumile
Only in America could you find a way to make a healthy buck,
And still keep your attitude on self-destruct.
Daniel Dumile
Soup’s on and I got a coupon.
Chinese restaurant asking for the Grey Poupon.
He said “No, duck sauce, soy sauce…
And this ain’t no Burger King, so you no get no toy, boss.”
Daniel Dumile
Scared of a bunch of water? Then get out the rain.
Order a rapper for lunch, and spit out the chain.
Daniel Dumile
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