Documentation Quotes

Documentation Quotes by Simon Schama, Wietse Venema, Pauline Oliveros, Donald Trump, Kenneth Goldsmith, Arnulf Rainer and many others.

Historians are left forever chasing shadows, painfully aware of their inability ever to reconstruct a dead world in its completeness however thorough or revealing their documentation. We are doomed to be forever hailing someone who has just gone around the corner and out of earshot.
Simon Schama
Lack of documentation is becoming a problem for acceptance.
Wietse Venema
There is a book called San Francisco Tape Music Centre:1960s Counterculture and the Avant-Garde and this book describes everything that you want to know or don’t want to know about it, with a lot of documentation.
Pauline Oliveros
My administration is going to stop the tens of thousands of people coming in from Syria. We have no idea who they are, where they come from. There’s no documentation. There’s no paperwork. It’s going to end badly folks. It’s going to end very, very badly.
Donald Trump
I think that the richer and deeper documentation is on the web, the better off we all are.
Kenneth Goldsmith
… I felt like a new man; but I was disappointed with the photographic documentation because I still saw always the old self.
Arnulf Rainer
Incorrect documentation is often worse than no documentation.
Bertrand Meyer
History is that certainty produced at the point where the imperfections of memory meet the inadequacies of documentation.
Julian Barnes
If you struggle with issues of documentation, issues of your health care, issues of whether or not you’ll be punished for being open about who you are, those things affect how you can be employed or not employed, how you can get an apartment or not get an apartment, how it is that you feel free or not free.
Amber Hollibaugh
All the details of the life and the quirks and the friendships can be laid out for us, but the mystery of the writing will remain. No amount of documentation, however fascinating, can take us there.
V. S. Naipaul
In fact, Guerra based his story on the diaries of two explorers, German Theodor Koch-Grunberg and American Richard Evans Schultes. There work is some of the only documentation of cultures that have since vanished. But Guerra did not want white men to be his protagonists.
Tom Cole
The reality is for 50 years in this country, federal law has required people that are illegal – or that are immigrants – or that are legal immigrants to this country to carry documentation to that effect. And that has been the law for 50 years.
Trent Franks
Art is to me the glorification of the human spirit, and as such it is the cultural documentation of the time in which it is produced.
Hans Hofmann
When I did “Seven Easy Pieces,” I actually re-performed the performances of other artists. It was such difficult work because I had to really go through the documentation, look through the sources, to ask the witnesses who saw it.
Marina Abramovic
Once you realize that documentation should be laughed at, peed upon, put on fire, and just ridiculed in general, then, and only then, have you reached the level where you can safely read it and try to use it to actually implement a driver.
Linus Torvalds
As our technology evolves, we will have the capacity to reach new, ever-increasing depths. The question is what kind of technology, in the end, do we want to deploy in the far reaches of the ocean? Tools of science, ecology and documentation, or the destructive tools of heavy industry?
Philippe Cousteau, Jr.
I think it’s important to have some documentation of the past.
Henry Rollins
I basically wrote the code and the specs and documentation for how the client and server talked to each other.
Tim Berners-Lee
We want a world with both historians and novelists, don’t we? Not with one or the other. Every fiction writer crosses the line that divides artistry and documentation – or erases it.
Alan Cheuse
Good code is its own best documentation.
Steve McConnell
I take photos, I used to make films, I journal incessantly, and I really value the documentation of life. Because it’s almost like you are making something special by wanting to make it exist in an object – on paper or even just in the computer – making these recordings, making this music.
Lucy Dacus
Documentation is a love letter that you write to your future self.
Damian Conway
I was in a band in the ’90s called Bikini Kill, and we were so freaked out about documentation then, and there was the whole thing, not just about the male gaze, but that people were going to misrepresent you… a kind fear of the mainstream that a lot of us had.
Kathleen Hanna
I actually write a lot, but mostly just daily gibberish. I am a documentation addict: “I just peed. I walked down the hallway. I dropped my pencil. I just aged a minute.”
Brian Chippendale
I don’t agree when the USA, that lives by a constitution, says, OK, just because you look this way, we’re going to ask you for your documentation, or you gotta go back to your country.
Software is usually accompanied by documentation in the form of big fat scary manuals that nobody ever reads. In fact, for the past five years most of the manuals shipped with software products have actually been copies of Stephen King’s The Stand with new covers pasted on.
Dave Barry
Features have a specification cost, a design cost, and a development cost. There is a testing cost and a reliability cost. … Features have a documentation cost. Every feature adds pages to the manual increasing training costs.
Douglas Crockford
It is partly the absence of recorded history which sends women now to the lives of women past for the detailed documentation of their daily lives.
Dale Spender
I cannot understand for the life of me why DOE is going forward with this licensing procedure when we do not know whether or not the scientific documentation upon which you are basing your decisions is, in fact, flawed.
Shelley Berkley
If so much of your experience is devoted to the thought of documentation, you’re already sort of spinning out this narrative from this moment that you are attempting to control instead of just experiencing it.
Ted Leo
In library science school, back in the years of glowing green non-graphical screens and protocols called Archie and Veronica, I wrote Internet documentation.
Elizabeth McCracken
I’m a hoarder. For me, documentation has always been key, and I’ve kept everything from my past.
Diane Keaton
The desk thing is a problem for me. The ideal one would be vast and perfectly clear. Yet the bane of the biographical existence is paper; if you’re ‘an artist under oath’ you’re writing from a mountain of documentation.
Stacy Schiff
Saying drinking water is ‘safe’ without any supporting documentation is wrong. Resting on the comfort that the DHEC and the USEPA are there to give you cover is the same mistake the City of Flint made.
Erin Brockovich
There are more than 3500 military and commercial aircraft pilot reports of encounters worldwide; many cases have corroborating radar documentation and multiple witnesses both on the ground and in the air.
Steven M. Greer
It is deeply shocking and incomprehensible to me that despite volumes of documentation and living witnesses who can attest to the horrors of the Holocaust, there are still those who would deny it.
Mark Udall
Even though it is better if the system can be used without documentation, it may be necessary to provide help and documentation. Any such information should be easy to search, focused on the user’s task, list concrete steps to be carried out, and not be too large.
Jakob Nielsen
Everyone concedes that photography is now a medium of exchange as much as a mode of documentation…. photographing has become the visual equivalent of cellphone chatter.
Geoffrey Batchen
I have other projects to do. I try not to let that documentation interfere with my present day.
Ian MacKaye
Even if there is endless documentation, it would be impossible to know what a man thought inside his own mind… This is where the novelist’s creative imagination has to take over.
Irving Stone
Growing up, my mother and grandparents often talked about our family’s Native American heritage. As a kid, I never thought to ask them for documentation – what kid would?
Elizabeth Warren
More academics should blog, post videos, post audio, post lectures, offer articles and more. You’ll enjoy it: I’ve had threats and blackmail, abuse, smears and formal complaints with forged documentation.
Ben Goldacre
Change is an internal thing. Different things happen or transform, and music and art is a documentation of that.
The obsessive documentation is itself adjacent to hyper-consumption in our society. The desire to just have everything all the time and adjacent to that is – it might be a little hokey but – a certain loss of identity that then only gets sort of found or ascribed to these moments that are documented.
Ted Leo
Documentation is misleading, because the performance is dead. So the very early works were not documented at all.
Marina Abramovic
The guy who knows about computers is the last person you want to have creating documentation for people who don’t understand computers.
Adam Osborne
I’m the grandson of immigrants who came across rivers and oceans to get here, some without documentation.
Eric Garcetti
The Old Testament is full of poetry, prophecies, chronicles, documentations, storytelling, fairytales.
Amos Oz
I often really like to play with documenting my performances cinematically. Cinematic documentation is much more interesting than the performance itself.
Ragnar Kjartansson
I think Visions of Cody is the most radical book in terms of poetic stretch and the way Jack Kerouac is able to incorporate documentation and incorporate the live tape recording of Neal and so on.
Anne Waldman