Excellent Quotes

Excellent Quotes by Tom Peters, John Lydon, Anne Fortier, Chuck Palahniuk, Chris Squire, Himani Shivpuri and many others.

Excellent firms don’t believe in excellence – only in constant improvement and constant change.
Tom Peters
I love American ski resorts because they’re open to everyone, are not incredibly expensive. They’re not snobby and you can have fun all day long on the most excellent mountains.
John Lydon
Romeo was cute …” “Cute?” Alessandro rolled his eyes. “What kind of man is cute?” “… and an excellent dancer …” “Romeo had feet of lead! He said so himself!” “… but most importantly,” I concluded, “he had nice hands!
Anne Fortier
Actually, watching television and surfing the Internet are really excellent practice for being dead.
Chuck Palahniuk
The other guys and myself have agreed that Billy Sherwood will do an excellent job of covering my parts, and the show as a whole will deliver the same Yes experience that our fans have come to expect over the years.
Chris Squire
‘Bandhan’ is easily one of my favorites as the title itself talks of eternal bonds. It is an excellent example of a movie that shows truth always prevails.
Himani Shivpuri
A man who relentlessly perspires
to be excellent evidently inspires
many with his intelligence and
Biologists have determined brookies to be indicators of ecosystem health and have been recently campaigning to get the word out. If brookies inhabit a stream, the odds are good that the waterway is in excellent condition.
Joseph Monninger
Robert Walker as Bruno was excellent. He had elegance and humor, and the proper fondness for his mother
Patricia Highsmith
Fortunately, I’m married to someone who’s a pretty excellent parent!
P. J. O’Rourke
Christopher Lynch has made the best and the first careful translation of Machiavelli’s Art of War. With useful notes, an excellent introduction, an interpretive essay, glossary, and index, it is a treasure for readers of military history and Renaissance thought as well as for lovers of Machiavelli.
Harvey Mansfield
I have been an unabashed fan of NPR for many years, and have stolen untold excellent ideas from its programming.
Ted Koppel
I’m an excellent dancer. I keep up with whatever’s hot. I’ve been break-dancing and pop-locking since back in the day.
Michael Strahan
Wolf Blitzer is an excellent reporter, but he’s not a star.
Roger Ailes
I agree that two times two makes four is an excellent thing; but if we are dispensing praise, then two times two makes five is sometimes a most charming little thing as well.
Fyodor Dostoevsky
We distinguish the excellent man from the common man by saying that the former is the one who makes great demands on himself, and the latter who makes no demands on himself.
Jose Ortega y Gasset
I always want to work with a good director who’s backed by excellent producers.
Gurmeet Choudhary
Excellent anthology… a celebration of our goodness and our potential for growth. The sense of celebration is stretched by the beautiful photographs.
Joseph C Zinker
I was a good student in the subjects that I wanted to be good in. The curriculum in my section was excellent.
Jack Kirby
Every search has its own momentum. It is why a search makes such an excellent plot for a film or story.
Nan Fairbrother
The circuit training program along with a healthy clean diet is the way to excellent results.
Lee Haney
How would that excellent mystery, wedded life, irradiate the world with its blessed influences, were the generous impulses and sentiments of courtship but perpetuated in all their exuberant fullness during the sequel of marriage!
Arthur Frederick Saunders
Customers today want the very most and the very best for the very least amount of money, and on the best terms. Only the individuals and companies that provide absolutely excellent products and services at absolutely excellent prices will survive.
Brian Tracy
The form of government which you admire, when its principles are pure is admirable indeed. It is productive of every Thing which is great and excellent among men. But its principles are as easily destroyed as human nature is corrupted. Such a government is only to be supported by pure religion or Austere morals.
John Adams
I’ve seen my share of bad goalkeeping, and I’ve had my moments. But I’ve seen some excellent goalkeeping as well.
Karen Bardsley
Enlightenment is a timeless void. It’s an emptiness that’s filled with the most excellent light.
Frederick Lenz
I feel great, the prognosis is excellent.
Steven Cojocaru
Perfect preparation doesn’t exist. Excellent adaptation does.
Lauren Fleshman
Coffee arrived and the espresso was excellent, like an aromatic electric fence.
Ben Aaronovitch
One that desires to excel should endeavor in those things that are in themselves most excellent.
When a man is discontented with himself, it has one advantage – that it puts him into an excellent frame of mind for making a bargain.
Laurence Sterne
Your Marines having been under my command for nearly six months, I feel that I can give you a discriminating report as to their excellent standing with their brothers of the army and their general good conduct.
John J. Pershing
During the long process of history, by relying on our own diligence, courage and wisdom, Chinese people have opened up a good and beautiful home where all ethnic groups live in harmony and fostered an excellent culture that never fades.
Xi Jinping
But I do have time to pencil in golf, and we’ve got four excellent courses.
Darrell Royal
I doubt if there is a single really excellent art school now available in New York.
Howard Pyle
Shaunti wields the researcher’s clipboard, the analyst’s data, and the counselor’s insight to bring the excellent newsflash that great marriages are the culmination of definable, repetitive micromovements that add up to deep relationship satisfaction.
Anita Renfroe
This is what an excellent teacher does; he does not follow his disciples’ fancy everywhere, but leads them to his own mind, and pulls up the thorns, and then puts the seed in, and does not answer at once in all cases to the questions put to him.
Saint John Chrysostom
Discipline helps you finish a job, and finishing is what separates excellent work from average work.
Pat Summitt
An excellent precept for writers: Have a clear idea of all the phrases and expressions you need, and you will find them.
Ximenes Doudan
An excellent wine, someone’s best attempt at cooking, and the candles and flowers on the table can turn the simplest dinner into an unforgettably romantic event.
Letitia Baldrige
I agree that two and two make four is an excellent thing; but to give everything its due, two and two make five is also a very fine thing.
Fyodor Dostoevsky
My dad always said to go for my hobby and used to commend me for my excellent judgement so i try to do the similar for my children.
Heather McDonald
In many cases, Rhode Island is just not on the radar of a lot of companies. But once companies or people take the time to look at our high quality of life, low cost of living, great talent, good business environment, often people see it’s an excellent place, and they want to take a harder look.
Gina Raimondo
By the way, Doctor, I shall want your cooperation.’ ‘I shall be delighted.’ ‘You don’t mind breaking the law?’ ‘Not in the least.’ ‘Nor running a chance of arrest?’ ‘Not in a good cause.’ ‘Oh, the cause is excellent!’ ‘Then I am your man.’ ‘I was sure that I might rely on you.
Arthur Conan Doyle
Number, the most excellent of all inventions.
She looks honestly upset, but then, I’ve learned that I can’t read her. The problem with a really excellent liar is that you have to just assume they’re always lying.
Holly Black
Eric Young is an excellent heel. I think Eric Young is a really, really good heel because he does things intentionally so that you don’t want to cheer him, you don’t want to get behind him, and you don’t want to support him.
Matt Hardy
If you based your knowledge of the human species exclusively on adverts, you’d think that the normal condition of humanity was to be a good-looking single person between 20 and 35, with excellent muscle-definition and/or an excellent figure, and a large disposable income.
Francis Spufford
I’ll build mine tomorrow,” Horace said through a mouthful of food. “This is excellent, Will! When I have grandchildren, I’ll name them all after you!
John Flanagan
Playing for Pep has certainly lived up to the expectations. I knew him from the Bundesliga and saw him coaching Barcelona when everyone saw an excellent manager who is able to get players to improve. He is a great personality and a very nice guy.
Ilkay Gundogan
AMPLE make this bed. Make this bed with awe; In it wait till judgment break Excellent and fair. Be its mattress straight, Be its pillow round; Let no sunrise’ yellow noise Interrupt this ground.
Emily Dickinson
I prefer you to take as your model a mediocre sculpture rather than an excellent painting, for from painted objects we train our hand only to make a likeness, whereas from sculptures we learn to represent both likeness and correct incidence of light.
Leon Battista Alberti
The Constitution that we have is an excellent one, if we can keep it where it is.
George Washington
Even the lowest of the Hindus, the Pariah, has less of the brute in him than a Briton in a similar social status. This is the result of an old and excellent religious civilization. This evolution to a higher spiritual state is possible only through discipline and education.
Swami Vivekananda
The key to excellent health and longevity is to eat a high ratio of micronutrients to macronutrients.
Joel Fuhrman
I always knew I was an excellent liar; I just didn’t know that I had it in me to fool myself.
Lauren DeStefano
Strength is an excellent example of a physical characteristic that drives improvement in other athletic parameters. More strength means more power, more endurance, better coordination, and better everything else. This is why, all other things being equal, the stronger athlete is the better athlete.
Mark Rippetoe
The soul is a breath of living spirit, that with excellent sensitivity, permeates the entire body to give it life. Just so, the breath of the air makes the earth fruitful. Thus the air is the soul of the earth, moistening it, greening it.
Hildegard of Bingen
It is better to remain silent than to speak the truth ill-humoredly, and spoil an excellent dish by covering it with bad sauce.
Saint Francis de Sales
Yoga is excellent! It not only keeps me healthy physically but mentally and spiritually also.
Amanda Warren
Let no one ask a stronger mark of an excellent love to God, than that we are insensible to our own reputation.
Jeanne Marie Bouvier de la Motte Guyon
If you practice an excellent virtue without perceiving the taste of its aid, do not marvel; for until a man becomes humble, he will not receive a reward for his labor. Recompense is given, not for labor, but for humility.
Isaac of Nineveh
Some sleep too much….Nowhere do the scriptures say, ‘Thou shalt sleep eight hours.’ Nor do they say, ‘Retire early unless you happen to be a night person.’ There must be an excellent reason for the injunction to retire and arise early. …You will profit by this counsel if you heed it.
Joe J. Christensen
Money is in some respects like fire; it is a very excellent servant but a terrible master.
P. T. Barnum
Broccoli, spinach, celery, and the like are excellent low-calorie foods that are densely packed with vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals, and fiber. Their ratio of nutritive value to calories can’t be beaten, and I eat them with most of my whole food meals.
Rich Froning Jr.
Yes, flexibility of body and physical perfection for Yogasana is important. However more important is the state of your mind, Meditative mind. Your flexibility might be excellent but if your mind is not attentive, you are merely doing some physical exercise, not Yoga.
B.K.S. Iyengar
I will continue to work to maintain Planned Parenthood’s ability to provide excellent health care to millions of women.
Jan Schakowsky
Taking it all in all and after all, negro life in Washington is a promise rather than a fulfillment. But it is worthy of note for the really excellent things which are promised
Paul Laurence Dunbar
Gentle and low, an excellent thing in woman.
William Shakespeare
In every company which I have done strategic planning, the number-one value people choose is always integrity. The second values may be quality of products and services, caring about people, excellent customer service, profitability , innovation, entrepreneurship, and others. But integrity always comes first.
Brian Tracy
Excellent wine generates enthusiasm. And whatever you do with enthusiasm is generally successful.
Philippe de Rothschild
He snarled at me. “This isn’t over yet, Betsy.” “Excellent,” I said. “I would also have accepted ‘You haven’t seen the last of me’ and ‘You’ll regret this’.
MaryJanice Davidson
I use no Porter … in my family, but such as is made in America: both these articles may now be purchased of an excellent quality.
George Washington
I think it would be an excellent idea.
Mahatma Gandhi
He is happy whom circumstances suit his temper; but he Is more excellent who suits his temper to any circumstance.
David Hume
I guess I’ve never been introduced properly to Pink Floyd. I know they’re great, don’t get me wrong. Excellent, excellent musicians; great band; awesome harmony; great song writers; I just don’t know anything besides, I guess, the popular songs on the radio.
Phil Anselmo
When our faith is tested by suffering “as gold is tried in a furnace” and we depend with confidence on God and rely entirely on his help, we will be granted the most excellent gift of patience and through faith we may victoriously persevere to the end.
John Calvin
With two years till the nomination, both [Joe] Biden and [Hillary] Clinton are positioning themselves to be the Democratic nominee. And are they stressing their experience, their ideas, their excellent hair? No. They’ve been talking about their poverty.
Peter Sagal
The people you killed seem to be in excellent health.
Pierre Corneille
The fans in Germany are very passionate and the Bundesliga is an excellent league.
Klaas-Jan Huntelaar
Not even my excellent training at Juilliard prepared me for my first movie role, where I played a transsexual who falls in love with a military guy in ‘Soldier’s Girl.
Lee Pace
Good union leaders make excellent public leaders in the legislative and executive branches.
Robert Kennedy
Playing cricket has given me an excellent opportunity to get fit and healthy, meet people of similar interests, integrate with people of different backgrounds and see the world.
Isa Guha
The pressure is self-imposed because I always want to do excellent work, and I always want to be interesting to people watching me.
Kristoffer Polaha
You cannot find excellent corporate worship until you stop trying to find excellent corporate worship and pursue God himself.
D. A. Carson
If you do not feel a fervent love and profound pity for humanity, be assured that the gift of Christian eloquence has been denied you. You will not win souls, neither will you acquire that most excellent of earthly sovereignties – sovereignty over human hearts….Love is irresistible.
Dwight L. Moody
I think cryotherapy is excellent for anybody and not just athletes.
Jason Kidd
That is why it is so important not only to have excellent treatment but also to try to get back the immune defense, because there you have a natural defense that takes place everywhere.
Luc Montagnier
Milk is excellent for our body, but unless you are not utilising it for our exercises, it is not worth anything.
Rahul Dev
There aren’t many political humorists. Dave Barry is excellent, but he doesn’t do it much.
P. J. O’Rourke
The three short years I spent at Harvard, where I lived with excellent people, taught me not only that I must know how to choose my partners but also that choosing excellent partners is a skill you can learn. Obviously, when you spend time with the best, you learn how to choose among them.
Jorge Paulo Lemann
I know a lot of great success stories of those who were excellent problem-solvers because they had found a need that they could fill well. As a result, they built organizations around them and those organizations had belief systems that could be described as a form of leadership.
Lewis Schiff
A good company delivers excellent products and services, and a great company does all that and strives to make the world a better place.
Bill Ford
Meditation practice is regarded as a good and in fact excellent way to overcome warfare in the world; our own warfare as well as greater warfare.
Chogyam Trungpa
That excites me, working with really excellent people, be it wonderful directors or actors or cinematographers and especially writers. My work life is going to a set and having these great experiences and coming home shifted by them.
Deborah Kara Unger
Honesty is a very expensive gift, Don’t expect it from cheap people.
Warren Buffett
Not only is music a beautiful and sublime science, the study of which ennobles and purifies the mind of its votary, but how many and excellent are its ministries to others!
Edwin Hubbel Chapin
Hippocrates is an excellent geometer but a complete fool in everyday affairs.
There is also something excellent in every audience,–the capacity of virtue. They are ready to be beatified.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
that was the plan? part of it, you don’t wan tot know the rest. i believe the word ‘these dog colllars would make excellent restraints’ were involved. it was a brilliant idea. and we only got really cute well-made collars. this is my favorite. we had the tag engraved to say BUBBA.
Michele Jaffe
There are two things in life that money cannot buy: health and happiness. Aside from that, it does an excellent job.
Perry Brass
I feel that talent means little unless coupled with an insatiable desire to give an excellent personal demonstration of ability…talent must be in company with a capacity for unlimited effort which provides the power that eventually hurdles the difficulties that would frustrate lukewarm enthusiasm.
Andrew Loomis
Most of all, a good maths education encourages students to embrace difficult problems, not shy away from them. In my opinion, the problem is that most UK secondary schools don’t stretch good mathematicians and therefore fail to turn them into excellent mathematicians.
Simon Singh
Throughout the course of my life, I have been very fortunate to have had excellent teachers – not just in meditation, but in martial arts, music, scuba diving, and in my academic education.
Frederick Lenz
‘Aashiq’ is a romantic film, even though my character is a rather aggressive guy. You could even call it an intense romance. And working with Indra Kumar has been an excellent experience. He is a great director.
Bobby Deol
Regardless of how Beautified turned out, it was a great experience, and it was an excellent product and one that people really appreciated in the space.
Hannah Bronfman
We did a really cool video for this song [Milquetoast] with Alex Winter from Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure fame. He’s an extremely intelligent guy. Butch Vig also did a mix for The Crow movie.
Page Hamilton
Any student of the New Testament eager to understand its Greco-Roman setting will profit greatly from this excellent book. I commend it highly for its up-to-date perspectives and usefulness. Jeffers writes with a breadth of expertise on the Greco-Roman world that few New Testament specialists can match.
Craig S. Keener
What’s the greatest advice I give? Develop excellent communication skills.
Julie Sweet
Every male in the world thinks he’s an excellent driver. Every copper who’s ever had to pick an eyeball out of a puddle knows that most of them are kidding themselves.
Ben Aaronovitch
The key to teamwork is to learn a role, accept a role, and strive to become excellent playing it.
Pat Riley
In mathematics I can report no deficiency, except it be that men do not sufficiently understand the excellent use of Pure Mathematics.
Francis Bacon
I have an excellent father, his strength is making me stronger.
Taylor Swift
I was hired for a really excellent academic job early in my life; I was twenty-five when I started at Princeton and I got tenure early on. I really didn’t deserve this; I just happened to be in the right place at the right time.
Paul Lansky
As long as you’re excellent, things work out for you.
Stephen A. Schwarzman
Because of the excellent training in Malayalam cinema, where we have very tight budgets, you are forced to make it work in a small budget and at the same time you have to tell the story effectively.
An excellent plumber is infinitely more admirable than an incompetent philosopher.
John W. Gardner
The London property market has excellent investment opportunities.
Wang Jianlin
Winning the presidential election with 70 percent of turnout is excellent news. I’m very moved.
Andrzej Duda
Chemistry: that most excellent child of intellect and art.
Cyril Norman Hinshelwood
The quality of health care in Canada is excellent.
Michael Douglas
Something in me was always watching life from the outside, permanently obsessed with the notion of belonging vs. not-belonging [to a group]. It did not make for a happy childhood, but it was excellent training for a writer.
Barbara Kingsolver
A classic man is a distinguished man. He cares about taste and his craft. He’s all about the simple model that I live by – eat, drink, be swanky, and have fun getting the job done. He makes sure that he’s excellent in all things and that he cares about his neighborhood immensely.
If someone remarks “What an excellent man you are!” and this pleases you more than his saying, “What a bad man you are!” know that you are still a bad man.
Sufyan al-Thawri
Painting for a whole morning gives one as excellent an appetite for one’s dinner, as old Abraham Tucker acquired for his by riding over Banstead Downs.
William Hazlitt
For they, the philosophers, were considered teachers of right living, which is far more excellent, since to speak well belongs only to a few, but to live well belongs to all.
An excellent angler, and now with God.
Izaak Walton
Obedience is a virtue of so excellent a nature, that Our Lord was pleased to mark its observance upon the whole course of His life; thus He often says, He did not come to do His Own will, but that of His Heavenly Father.
Saint Francis de Sales
MPC, Moving Picture Company, they’re really excellent, they did the majority of the effects.
Ridley Scott
I’ve been blessed to coach alongside and play for some of the best coaches in the NBA, and consider it a privilege to once again be a head coach with an excellent organization like the Suns.
Monty Williams
The pretended admission of a fault on our part creates an excellent impression.
But let’s speak of art for a moment. Yes, art. I know a gentleman who makes excellent portraits. This gentleman is a camera.
Tristan Tzara
The completion of a rigorous course in mathematics – it is not even necessary that the student does well in such a course – appears to be an excellent means of sharpening the mind and developing mental skills that are of general benefit.
Keith Devlin
I have no issues if audiences don’t like a film or a performance, and the film doesn’t do well. My problem is when they say that the film was good and performances were excellent, but the film didn’t run. I have a problem when that happens.
Kay Kay Menon
I’ve always tried out my material on my dogs first. Years ago, when my red setter chewed up the manuscript of ‘Of Mice and Men,’ I said at the time that the dog must have been an excellent literary critic.
John Steinbeck
There’s so much excellent new music around that I can’t afford to buy it all and I haven’t the time to review as much as I’d like. I can’t remember a better time to be a musician or to listen to music!
Malcolm Wilson
There have been many most excellent poets that have never versified, and now swarm many versifiers that need never answer to the name of poets.
Philip Sidney
What was created by the era of the proper gentleman was excellent table manners and genocide over most of the surface of the planet.
Terence McKenna
O Lord, deliver me from the man of excellent intention and impure heart: for the heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked.
T. S. Eliot
A good indignation makes an excellent speech.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Our women’s union members and other women are really excellent and praiseworthy.
Kim Jong-un
The legitimate aim of criticism is to direct attention to the excellent. The bad will dig its own grave.
Christian Nestell Bovee
You look in excellent health to me, Potter, so you will excuse me if I don’t let you off homework today. I assure you that if you do die, you need not hand it in.
J. K. Rowling
“Ah, Miss, hope is an excellent thing for such as has the spirits to bear it!” said Mrs Wickam, shaking her head. “My own spirits is not equal to it, but I don’t owe it any grudge. I envys them that is so blest!”
Charles Dickens
The modern painter…is an excellent couturier
Joris-Karl Huysmans
Yellow fin or albacore are excellent tasting, or the dolphin fish but I don’t mean the mammal variety. They call It mahimahi in Hawaii.
Van Heflin
You know what would help this boy?” Demeter mused. “Farming.” Persephone rolled her eyes. “Mother-” “Six months behind a plow. Excellent character building.
Rick Riordan
I promise to be an excellent husband, but give me a wife who, like the moon, will not appear every day in my sky.
Anton Chekhov
Accommodated; that is, when a man is, as they say, accommodated; or when a man is, being, whereby a’ may be thought to be accommodated,?which is an excellent thing.
William Shakespeare
Complacency with our traditional judgement based thinking methods is not enough. Our existing thinking habits are excellent just as the rear wheel of a motor car is excellent but not enough. We need to put far more emphasis on creative and design thinking. Judgement and analysis are not enough.
Edward de Bono
Have to sow excellent seeds to have an excellent life. Must start with sowing excellent thoughts.
John C. Maxwell
I’m an excellent judge of character. I can tell people who want something from me or if they’re actually buddies.
CM Punk
Because there are three classes of intellects: one which comprehends by itself; another which appreciates what others comprehend; and a third which neither comprehends by itself nor by the showing of others; the first is the most excellent, the second is good, the third is useless.
Niccolo Machiavelli
Don’t use that foreign word: ideals. We have the excellent native word: lies.
Henrik Ibsen
Walking around nude in front of humans was not a good way to keep a low profile with the community. It was an excellent way to make new friends, though.
Rachel Vincent
A perfect parent is a person with excellent child-rearing theories and no actual children.
Dave Barry
Communism has nothing to do with love. Communism is an excellent hammer which we use to destroy our enemy.
Mao Zedong
It is a misfortune that necessity has induced men to accord greater license to this formidable engine, in order to obtain liberty, than can be borne with less important objects in view; for the press, like fire, is an excellent servant, but a terrible master.
James Fenimore Cooper
The Rosary is the most excellent form of prayer and the most efficacious means of attaining eternal life. It is the remedy for all our evils, the root of all our blessings. There is no more excellent way of praying.
Pope Leo XIII
To be excellent when engaged in administration is to be like the North Star. As it remains in its one position, all the other stars surround it.
Being laughed at is excellent preparation for marriage.
Timberlake Wertenbaker
The religious leader is the most untrustworthy of leaders; in no other station do we have so many opportunities for pride, covetousness and lust, and with so many excellent disguises to keep such ignobility from being found out and called to account.
Eugene H. Peterson
An economist is a surgeon with an excellent scalpel and a rough-edged lancet, who operates beautifully on the dead and tortures the living.
Nicolas Chamfort
Fishing, if I a fisher may protest, Of pleasures is the sweetest of sports the best, Of exercises the most excellent, Of recreations the most innocent. But now the sport is marred, and why you ask? Fishes decrease, and fishers multiply.
Thomas Bastard
The dignity of a physician requires that he should look healthy, and as plump as nature intended him to be; for the common crowd consider those who are not of this excellent bodily condition to be unable to take care of themselves.
Mr. Best has expressed the desire to work with me, and I should be more than pleased to have him. His work has been excellent, and he is absolutely honest, careful, and impartial and has taken a great interest in the work.
Frederick Banting
Here’s to freedom, cheers to art. Here’s to having an excellent adventure and may the stopping never start.
Jason Mraz
I always wondered if I was supposed to be excellent at something or not. I think, because of that, I have a lot of insecurities about myself.
Christopher Atkins
During the last decades, films about the black experience have been produced, directed, and even scripted by white men. Some of them are excellent. But most reflect George Bernard Shaw’s warning that ‘if you do not tell your stories others will tell them for you and they will vulgarize and degrade you.’
Ishmael Reed
Catman – what I really like about him is he’s a really grounded character in terms of – he’s an excellent tracker. We’re giving him a set of new skills for ‘Secret Six’ as it starts again anew. But he’s very sexy, very dangerous, unpredictable.
Gail Simone
Chekhov would have been an excellent screenwriter. He is singularly good at dipping in and out of a group of people’s lives, like Robert Altman did.
Stephen Karam
Nietzsche claimed that his genius was in his nostrils and I think that is a very excellent place for it to be.
Federico Fellini
Only undertake what you can do in an excellent fashion. There are no prizes for average performance.
Brian Tracy
I dont fully understand my wifes emotions – and Im supposed to write an excellent female character and unravel the secret of women?
Evan Goldberg
Many rock musicians are excellent cooks, I’ve found, and those that are prefer to eat their own cooking in the studio. I encourage this behavior as I also enjoy the benefits of fresh food.
Steve Albini
Striving is exhausting. Sometimes I do say things like, ‘I wish I were not quite this driven to be excellent.’ It’s not a comfortable life. It’s not relaxed. I’m not relaxed as a person. I mean, I’m not unhappy. But… it’s the opposite of being comfortable.
Angela Duckworth
I will meet you in the dirtiest city you can dream of. We will drink cocktails so sweet they pucker our cheeks, as we perch on cracked leather bar stools. I will buy you plates of calcium and protein and we will run through the streets in excellent danger.
Michelle Tea
My parents did an excellent job of bringing me up with values.
Bruce Smith
To converse with historians is to keep good company; many of them were excellent men, and those who were not, have taken care to appear such in their writings.
Henry St John, 1st Viscount Bolingbroke
The legitimate aim of criticism is to direct attention to the excellent. The bad will dig its own grave, and the imperfect may safely be left to that final neglect from which no amount of present undeserved popularity can rescue it.
Christian Nestell Bovee
I, had an excellent instructor. One that you currently have locked up. If you want to talk about skills going to waste, then go look in your own jail.
Richelle Mead
My dad is an excellent grandfather. He loves kids. He loves to kiss them to death.
Laila Ali
I’m very fortunate to work with a great group of guys that are great coaches, great motivators, excited about what they do, have a lot of enthusiasm and are excellent coaches.
Bob Stoops
Now supposing I had the part of a young woman to give out, one that wanted some excellent acting. If I were to go to the stage for my actress I would have to take a matured woman, one who would act splendidly, but who would look too old for the requirements.
D. W. Griffith
Miss Petrowska,an excellent pianist, held the audience transfixed with Chou Wen-chung’s work. Miss Petrowska was coolness itself in getting the hardware into the piano and out again…in Messiaen, a feeling for the music’s reverent sobriety combined to produce an absorbing performance.
Donal Henahan
Children are rarely in the position to lend one a truly interesting sum of money. There are, however, exceptions, and such children are an excellent addition to any party.
Fran Lebowitz
Barbarian –A Code of Conduct honored by all true barbarian warriors, requiring excellent coordination with weapons, closeness to nature, awkwardness with women, common sense, and completion of the mission.
Piers Anthony
An excellent man; he has no enemies; and none of his friends like him.
Oscar Wilde
For as the old saying is,
When house and land are gone and spent
Then learning is most excellent.
Samuel Foote
Trying to build myself up with the fact that I have done things right that were even good and have had moments that were excellent but the bad is heavier to carry around and feel have no confidence.
Marilyn Monroe
Excellent! I will still be in time for the ballet!
Jose Raul Capablanca
If you’ve never stepped in a wrestling ring, and you’re with me, we can still have an excellent wrestling match, because that’s how good I believe I am.
Bobby Lashley
We need to take excellent care of our customers, and do so at a profit.
Gerard Arpey
The work to me is everything, and I would throw every rule overboard and send them to the bottom of the sea tomorrow, if I felt there were a more excellent way.
Thomas John Barnardo
They would think she was savoring the taste (blueberries, cinnamon, cream-excellent), but she was actually savoring the whole morning, trying to catch it, pin it down, keep it safe before all those precious moments became yet another memory.
Liane Moriarty
Remember that pain has this most excellent quality. If prolonged it cannot be severe, and if severe it cannot be prolonged.
Seneca the Younger
Americans have always been excellent at making romantic comedies – but dramatically, we don’t really try to do it.
James Gray
The truth is, I have an excellent team, a staff that handles Blue Elephant, my translation company, perfectly. It is like a well-oiled machine.
You know Mildred would never do anything wrong or foolish. I reflected a little sadly that this was only too true and hoped I did not appear too much that kind of person to others. Virtue is an excellent thing and we should all strive after it, but it can sometimes be a little depressing.
Barbara Pym
I have always felt an excellent rapport ever since my very first concert in Britain at Hampton Court. I have always felt understood. The British understand opera very well.
Andrea Bocelli
Agriculture engenders good sense, and good sense of an excellent kind.
Joseph Joubert
First of all a natural talent is required; for when Nature opposes, everything else is in vain; but when Nature leads the way to what is most excellent, instruction in the art takes place.
Focus very clearly on a few small things. The purpose of a business is to give someone something that they want. Have a product or service that’s really excellent. […] What can you offer that no one else can offer and will satisfy them at a higher level than what anyone else can?
Brian Tracy
Arsenal is a well-established club with excellent staff who make sure everything runs smoothly.
Alexandre Lacazette
I don’t really care that much about eating. But I like impressing people with how good a cook I am. So I will cook. I’m an excellent cook. Not many people know that about me.
Patricia Marx
And remember: Everything in business is a paradox. To be excellent, you have to be consistent. When you’re consistent, you’re vulnerable to attack. Yes, it’s a paradox. Now deal with it!
Tom Peters
Every single day has to be excellent. You gotta give it all you got!
Eric Thomas
One of the attractive things about being in Scotland is that we have a very good pipeline of new people coming into the company from the excellent universities around us.
David Milne
Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Luis Suarez all play at a really impressive level and are consistently excellent.
Gael Monfils
People do not naturally become morally excellent or practically wise. They become so, if at all, only as the result of lifelong personal and community effort.
None of us will ever accomplish anything excellent or commanding except when he listens to this whisper which is heard by him alone.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
President Bush has had an outstanding Secretary of State in Colin Powell and there are not many people who could replace him, making Condoleezza Rice an excellent choice.
Mike Crapo
Ancient and modern languages teem with happily expressed sentiments of more or less force and beauty, sufficiently individualized and excellent to warrant their reproduction and classification.
Maturin Murray Ballou
If you are digging for excellent or suggestive renderings, this is among the richer mines.
Steven T. Byington
Badlapur’ has got an excellent soundtrack even though it wasn’t planned at all in the beginning.
Sriram Raghavan
If Clinton somehow pulls out a win in both states, then she has an excellent argument to make to the superdelegates: Voters still respond to fear. Obama’s campaign has been based on the implicit argument that voters no longer respond to fear. If Clinton wins both states, that probably proves Obama wrong on that point.
Cynthia Tucker
Yves Saint Laurent is a young man of excellent taste; the more he copies me the more taste he displays.
Coco Chanel
It would be excellent to do a ‘Star Wars.’
Ben Mendelsohn
I like the powerful story, the excellent performances the beautiful cinematography and the vision of the “The Piano”.
Mabel Cheung
Nothing will ever please me, no matter how excellent or beneficial, if I must retain the knowledge of it to myself. . . . . . No good thing is pleasant to possess, without friends to share it.
Seneca the Younger
I think our police do an excellent job, day in and day out, working to keep us safe.
Theresa May
Then he said in his most excellent Mick impression, “Your powers are useless against Ninja Lords, O great zombie hunter! Surrender or feel the sting of the shuriken!
Alan Goldsher
One cannot lead a life that is truly excellent without feeling that one belongs to something greater and more permanent than oneself.
Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi
I’ve worked with Hollywood stars, but the reason most of the Hollywood stars I’ve worked with are Hollywood stars is that they’re excellent actors, so I’ve been very lucky.
Rhys Ifans
Whether you think a film will affect society or it’s plain entertainment, it’s all excellent, it’s all noble.
Joaquin Phoenix
That prince is highly esteemed who conveys this impression of himself, and he who is highly esteemed is not easily conspired against; for, provided it is well known that he is an excellent man and revered by his people, he can only be attacked with difficulty.
Niccolo Machiavelli
It would be excellent if he is prepared to listen to other points of view.
Shirley Williams
Diana Wynne Jones’ excellent book ‘The Tough Guide to Fantasyland’ is a compendium of the sort of lazy writing that has given fantasy fiction – especially the sub-section that features elves and dwarves and other Tolkienesque elements – a bad name.
Jane Lindskold
It is hard, but it is excellent, to find the right knowledge of when correction is necessary and when grace doth most avail.
Philip Sidney
What can be more excellent than prayer; what is more profitable to our life; what sweeter to our souls; what more sublime, in the course of our whole life, than the practice of prayer!
Saint Augustine
What moralist can deny that well-bred and vicious people are much more agreeable than their virtuous counterparts? Having crimes to atone for, they provisionally solicit indulgence by showing leniency toward the defects of their judges. Thus they pass for excellent folk.
Honore de Balzac
Limitless like the ocean are your excellent qualities.
Dalai Lama
People don’t realize that I’m really funny and I’m an excellent bridge player.
Sheryl Crow
There is a limited supply of excellent songs, but I am not the only one. Paul McCartney, one of the best songwriters of all time, has only produced manure for the past 25 years. Rock musicians over 30 only produce unimportant material.
Noel Gallagher
The celestial order and the beauty of the universe compel me to admit that there is some excellent and eternal Being, who deserves the respect and homage of men
Marcus Tullius Cicero
Github is an excellent hosting service; I have nothing against it at all.
Linus Torvalds
One thing that has happened is a revolution in digital consumer recording, and overall, that’s a great thing for art, but parallel to that there’s been a revolution in boutique audio companies making excellent gear.
John Vanderslice
The little things of life, sweet and excellent in their place, must not be the things lived for; the highest must be sought and followed; the life of heaven must be begun here on earth.
Lucy Maud Montgomery
The most excellent Jihad is that for the conquest of self.
If we think we will have joy only by praying and singing psalms, we will be disillusioned. But if we fill our lives with simple good things and constantly thank God for them, we will be joyful, that is, full of joy.
Richard J. Foster
Have you ever stayed at the Four Seasons Hotel in Mumbai? I’d warmly recommend it. It’s super luxurious, and right next door, there’s a classic slum. So you can do a quick slum tour and get back to your sanctuary without any inconvenience but with some excellent snaps.
Geoff Dyer
If your attitude toward the world is good, you will obtain good results. If your attitude is excellent, excellent will your results.
Earl Nightingale
India introduced Britain to vegetarianism – see Tristram Stuart’s excellent first book on this – and it is possible, indeed all too easy, to be a vegetarian in India and eat extraordinarily good, varied food every day, with very few ‘repeats.’
Neel Mukherjee
A standing army is like a standing member. It’s an excellent assurance of domestic tranquility, but a dangerous temptation to foreign adventure.
Elbridge Gerry
At the Sex Institute in Bloomington, Indiana, they were a phenomenal help, too. We went out there for a few days, and they gave us access to materials. And the biographies, there are four or five, ranging from very poor to excellent.
Liam Neeson
I’m not sure I would have ever started to draw, let alone write, if my childhood hadn’t been so happy. It was a mixture of comfort and adventure. An excellent mixture!
Tove Jansson
When this body has been so magnificently and artistically created by God, it is only fitting that we should maintain it in good health and harmony by the most excellent and artistic science of Yoga.
Geeta Iyengar
A very talented player and all around excellent musician. I love hearing his records on radio!
Gerry Mulligan
Excellence does not come easily or quickly– an excellent education does not, a successful mission does not, a strong, loving marriage does not, rewarding personal relationships do not. It is simply a truism that nothing very valuable can come without significant sacrifice, effort, and patience on our part.
Jeffrey R. Holland
That was Sydney Sage,” said Lissa. “I thought they were all in West Virginia. Why isn’t she with Rose?” “That,” said Abe darkly, “is an excellent question.” “Because they were apparently kidnapping Jill Mastrano in Detroit,” said Christian. “Which is weird. But not the craziest thing I can think of Rose doing.
Richelle Mead
Excellence Matters. Excellent people. Excellent vision. Excellent marketing. Excellent strategies.
Jeff Henderson
When cafe life thrives, talk is a shared limberness of the mind that improves appetite for conversation: an adequate sentence maker is then made good, a good one excellent, an excellent one extraordinary.
Vivian Gornick
The Ruts were a great punk rock band from England whose songs were as excellent as their time together was short.
Henry Rollins
I have not wanted to intimidate audiences. I have not wanted my dancing to be an elitist form. That doesn’t mean I haven’t wanted it to be excellent.
Twyla Tharp
I got an excellent opportunity to learn and understand democratic values early on. And it shook me. This played a significant role in making me what I am.
Narendra Modi
President Bush has had an outstanding Secretary of State in Colin Powell and there are not many people who could replace him, making Condoleezza Rice an excellent choice.
Michael Dean Crapo
So you’ve decided to travel around the world. This is an excellent thing to do. It’s a precious place, this planet. We should see it.
J. Maarten Troost
Some of my high school teachers did remind me that I had an excellent imagination when it came to making up excuses.
David E. Kelley
But I just really think there is a natural extension into other types of media because it’s an excellent system for reliably locating and retrieving content.
Shawn Fanning
Vampires were an excellent springboard. I still love them; they fascinate me.
Amelia Atwater-Rhodes
Desegregation of schools does not automatically transform them into better schools. It is only a step. The larger goal is to see that the education of our youth is not merely desegregated, but that it is excellent.
Robert Kennedy
Olive oil mixed with raw sugar makes for an excellent lip scrub.
Kirti Kulhari
If any mention was made of homicide, madness, adultery, and intolerable tortures, we would let the church-bells ring louder, the church-organ swell its peal and drown the hideous sound. The sugar they raised was excellent: nobody tasted blood in it.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Senator Jon Kyl has given all of the eventual candidates in this race an excellent model of how to best serve Arizona and the country. He’s set the bar extremely high, and I’ll do my best to meet that standard.
Jeff Flake
I believe that the Apple Shuffle is an excellent compromise among the conflicting requirements of simplicity, elegance, size, battery life, and function.
Donald Norman
At its best, climbing becomes a life focus around which everything else must orbit and at its least is an excellent diversion from the real world.
Todd Skinner
Our intention is to affirm this life, not to bring order out of chaos, nor to suggest improvements in creation, but simply to wake up to the very life we’re living, which is so excellent once one gets one’s mind and desires out of its way and lets it act of it’s own accord.
John Cage
Wealth–the most excellent of all gods.
She filed the image away as an excellent and insulting question to ask the earl at an utterly inappropriate future moment.
Gail Carriger
Earth and sky, woods and fields, lakes and rivers, the mountain and the sea, are excellent schoolmasters, and teach some of us more than we can ever learn from books.
John Lubbock
Not even my excellent training at Juilliard prepared me for my first movie role, where I played a transsexual who falls in love with a military guy in ‘Soldier’s Girl.’
Lee Pace
A golf course outside a big town serves an excellent purpose in that it segregates, as though a concentration camp, all the idle and idiot well-to-do.
Osbert Sitwell
I have an excellent team, a great manager, and we’re going to put something together: we’re going to start a foundation, and we’re going to change lives.
Kamaru Usman
Indeed there can be no more useful help for discovering what poetry belongs to the class of the truly excellent, and can therefore do us most good, than to have always in one’s mind lines and expressions of the great masters, and to apply them as a touchstone to other poetry.
Matthew Arnold
People cannot become truly knowledgeable without being excellent readers.
Bill Gates
I met all these important people and did all these stories, but I always had such excellent producers and assistants. I could show up to interview a world leader or a criminal and they would have things so well prepared anyone could have done it. It wasn’t about ‘me,’ it was about ‘us.’
Mike Wallace
The Chinese have an excellent proverb: “Be modest in speech, but excel in action.
Horace Mann
You get guys that are good. Then you get guys that are excellent. And then you get AB de Villiers.
Dale Steyn
I thought it was excellent, to tell you the truth.
Rush Limbaugh
Actually, all education is self-education. A teacher is only a guide, to point out the way, and no school, no matter how excellent, can give you education. What you receive is like the outlines in a child’s coloring book. You must fill in the colors yourself.
Louis L’Amour
When we started publishing, you had to be better than good. You had to be excellent. But as long as people are reading, I don’t care what they’re reading.
Sandra Cisneros
To lie is vile, to tell truth is excellent, if not noble.
Leonardo da Vinci
As farmers or owners, the poor peasants possess a piece of land. The excellent means of transport enables them often to sell their goods. At the very worst they can mostly provide their own food.
Herman Gorter
This is much more than your typical thriller. Tim Johnston has written a book that makes Gone Girl seem gimmicky . . . Johnston is an excellent writer. You want to set this one down so you can take a breath, and keep reading–all at the same time.
Alan Cheuse
Let us carefully observe those good qualities wherein our enemies excel us; and endeavor to excel them, by avoiding what is faulty, and imitating what is excellent in them.
Excellent education and an excellent environment are two hallmarks of our state. How we treat our environment is connected to so many other opportunities in Maine.
John Baldacci
I really like funny women. I’m drawn to women like Tina Fey and Amy Poehler and Kristen Wiig, Amy Schumer. They’re writers, they’re producers, they’re actresses. They’re brilliant, funny, excellent women.
Zoe Foster Blake
O, it is excellent To have a giant’s strength; but it is tyrannous To use it like a giant.
William Shakespeare
This is what engineers in Silicon Valley typically do. “Ok, well, of course there are some problems of our technology because it is so excellent and is so global so we are just gonna build a better one.”
Ramesh Srinivasan
I do most of the cooking at home, and both my mom and my mother-in-law are excellent chefs. However, I wouldn’t call myself a chef.
Jen Lilley
Every mind has a new compass, a new direction of its own, differencing its genius and aim from every other mind.–We call this specialty the bias of each individual. And none of us will ever accomplish anything excellent or commanding except when he listens to this whisper which is heard by him alone.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Modi is an excellent orator – sure, anybody who spouts untruths is an excellent orator.
Kapil Sibal
If it’s an excellent script, I enjoy it tremendously, the acting part of it.
Julie London
My dad, Frank Addison Albini, was a terrific shot with a rifle and had generally excellent hunting skills. While my dad loved hunting and fishing, he didn’t romanticize them. He was filling the freezer, not intellectualizing some caveman impulse or proving his worth as a real man.
Steve Albini
Take the opportunity to learn from your mistakes: find the cause of your problem and eliminate it. Don’t try to be perfect; just be an excellent example of being human.
Tony Robbins
When people ask me what I do, strangers on a plane, perhaps, I tell them that I think. Thinking is excellent exercise, as much as swimming or jogging.
Tom Glazer
If you like affection, then about one in three squirrels makes an excellent companion.
Bernhard Goetz
Easter is an ancient festival of rebirth, but it’s also an excellent excuse for eating eggs. I really like eggs, of both the chocolate and chicken variety. But the chocolate ones, you must admit, can sustain only a fleeting interest. A sweet, sugary hit – and then it’s gone.
Alice Roberts
De Gea is a great goalkeeper. He is excellent.
Keylor Navas
Men are of three different capacities: one understands intuitively; another understands so far as it is explained; and a third understands neither of himself nor by explanation. The first is excellent, the second, commendable, and the third, altogether useless.
Niccolo Machiavelli
I was later to receive an excellent first two years’ graduate education in the same University and then again was able to pursue my studies in the U.S. on a fellowship from the aforementioned fund.
Chen-Ning Yang
You praise, in three hundred verses, Sabellus, the baths of Ponticus, who gives such excellent dinners. You wish to dine, Sabellus, not to bathe.
Now judicial review, beloved by conservatives, can, of course, fulfill the excellent function of declaring government interventions and tyrannies unconstitutional. But it can also validate and legitimize the government in the eyes of the people by declaring these actions valid and constitutional.
Murray Rothbard
A beautiful hand is an excellent thing in woman; it is a charm that never palls; and better than all, it is a means of fascinating that never disappears.
Benjamin Disraeli
Exceptional ideas create excellent opportunities
Doug Berry
As a player, you get to the stage where you realise that you are not 25 anymore – and can’t play the way you used to. The intelligent players adapt – and Steven Gerrard has the ability to do that. He is an excellent passer of the ball, possesses an intelligent football brain, and has great vision.
Andrea Pirlo
I have had bosses that were genuinely excited when I told them I was pregnant. I feel very blessed, but I also know I need to continue to do excellent work and stay organized.
Megan Alexander
Gandalf, dwarves and Mr. Baggins! We are met together in the house of our friend and fellow conspirator, this most excellent and audacious hobbit—may the hair on his toes never fall out!
J. R. R. Tolkien
… I have always been a disappointment to my friends. I have no gift of talk, not much to say; and though I have always been an excellent listener, that only succeeds under auspicious circumstances.
Margaret Oliphant
The world is an excellent judge in general, but a very bad one in particular.
Sir Fulke Greville
Food is an excellent way to do very elegant worldbuilding – the kind that can make a fictional world seem real, like it extends way past the edges of the frame.
Ann Leckie
It is easier to begin well than to finish well.
…an excellent player, but he [Ian Wright] does have a black side.
Gary Lineker
I believe that the Apple Shuffle is an excellent compromise among the conflicting requirements of simplicity, elegance, size, battery life, and function
Donald A. Norman
I’ve prided myself on being in excellent condition-as good as any man in my profession. Now this doesn’t come from sitting around on your rear end. This comes from hard, hard work.
Wilt Chamberlain
Excellent instruction is less about what a teacher does and more about what students can do and know as a result of the lesson.
Tony Wagner
There is one transcending level, and this is the most excellent of all. This person is aware of the endlessness of entering deeply into a certain Way and never thinks of himself as having finished.
Yamamoto Tsunetomo
Tizi-Ouzou is the capital of Kabylia and makes an excellent base from which to explore these culturally untapped and very beautiful mountains. Conquerors from time immemorial have driven the Berbers inland from their coastal settlements and these mountains have become one of their strongholds.
Carol Drinkwater
I got a grant for the Old Vic Theatre School in London, which had just started. It was only five terms; they used to break you down and never quite put you together again but it was an excellent training.
June Brown
Good writers are often excellent at a hundred other things, but writing promises a greater latitude for the ego.
John Cheever
All newspaper writers have heard that the stuff they compose today has an excellent chance of being used to wrap tomorrow’s mackerel.
Ira Berkow
I started young but at every turn, listening provided a foundation for my leadership. I can say categorically that all the really excellent leaders I have known were, in my view, excellent listeners.
Joe Shuster
There are always twenty excellent reasons for doing nothing for every one reason for starting anything-especially if it has never been done before.
Prince Philip
In order to be Miss Anybody you had to have excellent grades, and I had terrible grades because of my dyslexia.
Fannie Flagg
Joss [Whedon] is an excellent storyteller. It really doesn’t matter what medium he’s working in.
Patrick Rothfuss
My life has been enriched by excellent human relations, work and interests. I have never felt lonely.
Rita Levi-Montalcini
Readers should aspire to what is excellent. They should refuse to read a substitute Bible. They should want a Bible that calls them to their higher selves – or to something higher than their current level of attainment.
Leland Ryken
Why live outside the US? Do you want health care or safe food products or democracy or something? They’re all overrated. Stay for the excellent cable TV.
Ian Mckellen
People are at the mercy of internet trolls who bring people who are excellent in their fields down to their level. They’re diminishing someone’s flame to make theirs brighter.
David Haye
Angels may be very excellent sort of folk in their way, but we, poor mortals, in our present state, would probably find them precious slow company.
Jerome K. Jerome
In 2030 we will be ageless and everyone will have an excellent chance to live forever. 2030 is a dream and a goal.
Man may have the most excellent judgment in all other matters, and yet go wrong in those which concern himself; because here the will comes in and deranges the intellect at once. Therefore let a man take counsel of a friend. A doctor can cure everyone but himself; if he falls ill, he sends for a colleague.
Arthur Schopenhauer
Working with limited resources is an excellent way to hone skills that will serve you well for the rest of your career. You will prioritize profitability from the start.
Jon Oringer
I don’t like being preachy. I think using fun and humor is an excellent way to make people think.
Princess Superstar
Necessity, that excellent master, hath taught me many things.
Pliny the Younger
It was a noteworthy lesson, even for someone who’d been fed a daily diet of italicized lessons: that people in high places, luminaries with advanced degrees in Classics and in possession of excellent manners, can disappoint you as profoundly as anyone else.
Elinor Lipman
Zoo: An excellent place to study the habits of human beings.
Evan Esar
I love those historians that are either very simple or most excellent. Such as are between both (which is the most common fashion), it is they that spoil all; they will needs chew our meat for us and take upon them a law to judge, and by consequence to square and incline the story according to their fantasy.
Michel de Montaigne
Fiction writing and journalism, in my experience, are really excellent training grounds for each other.
Monica Hesse
Examples would indeed be excellent things were not people so modest that none will set, and so vain that none will follow them.
Augustus Hare
If you want to go put on a bathrobe and go walk down the street, excellent. I think it’s more about trying to get an individual style than trying to get a uniform look.
Ian Astbury
My friend Kate St John is not only a brilliant musician and beautiful person, but also an excellent White Goods Adviser.
Harry Enfield
I decided that the University of Sussex in Brighton was a good place for this work because it had a strong tradition in bacterial molecular genetics and an excellent reputation in biology.
Paul Nurse
My mother always told me if I rode a motorcycle with a boy, she’d kill me.” … She couldn’t hear him laugh, but she felt his body shake. “She wouldn’t say that if she knew me,” he called back to her confidently. “I’m an excellent driver.” -Clary & Jace, pg.289-
Cassandra Clare
We don’t get a chance to do that many things, and every one should be really excellent. Because this is our life. Life is brief, and then you die, you know? So this is what we’ve chosen to do with our life.
Steve Jobs
Cormier is an excellent fighter.
Glover Teixeira
I wanted to be a writer for a while. I was an excellent child writer. I won multiple poetry contests. I was published at age three – I think that was more about novelty than my immense talent.
Aya Cash
You have to get outside of your comfort zone if you’re going to make significant changes in your life, and since few things scare people like the unknown, feeling fear is an excellent sign that you’re on the right track.
Jen Sincero
Excellent!” I cried. “Elementary,” said he.
Arthur Conan Doyle
I have been blessed to have had many excellent teachers. The further I get away from school, though, the more I realize that the greatest teachers in my life have come from outside of academia.
Brad Thor
Earth and Sky, Woods and Fields, Lakes and Rivers, the Mountain and the Sea, are excellent schoolmasters, and teach some of us more than we can ever learn from books.
John Lubbock
We may have an excellent ear for music, without being able to perform in any kind; we may judge well of poetry, without being poets, or possessing the least of a poetic vein; but we can have no tolerable notion of goodness without being tolerably good.
Anthony Ashley-Cooper, 7th Earl of Shaftesbury
Our existing thinking habits are excellent, just as the rear wheels of a motor car are excellent, but not enough.
Edward de Bono
Even if you flippin’ fries at McDonald’s, if you are excellent, everybody wants to be in your line.
Oprah Winfrey
I was excellent at English and Drama. Maths and Science I was terrible at. I didn’t have any interest in them. I was happiest at lunchtime, playing with my friends. But I love science now, that’s the funny thing. And I’d be so good at geography, as I’ve been fortunate enough to travel the world.
Peter Andre
I married an excellent parent, but I’m not sure that I’ve made a great parent.
Danny Bonaduce
Experience is an excellent doctor, though he never had a diploma.
Fanny Fern
I read Freud because I find him an excellent writer… a writer of police thrillers that can be followed with great passion.
Italo Calvino
Very often the best chance for a child in an inner city to acquire an excellent start in education is the church school.
Damian Green
The acting in ‘Downton Abbey’ has been consistently excellent across the board.
James Frain
Love is of that excellent nature, that it is esteemed by the best of men, and accepted from the meanest persons; what then is the affection of a Father!
John Pearson
Everyone needs to support AFI. Since they are doing an excellent job, we need to reach greater heights.
Hima Das
It is great to see our young athletes get an opportunity to run on excellent tracks at the Medical College Stadium. And I am happy to see spectators coming in large numbers to cheer our young champions. That is something you would not see in many parts of Kerala.
P. T. Usha
I declare after all there is no enjoyment like reading! How much sooner one tires of any thing than of a book! — When I have a house of my own, I shall be miserable if I have not an excellent library.
Jane Austen
I’ve never forgotten for long at a time that living is struggle. I know that every good and excellent thing in the world stands moment by moment on the razor-edge of danger and must be fought for – whether it’s a field, or a home, or a country.
Thornton Wilder
I try to learn from Falcao, and Manu Riviere as well – his movement is excellent – it’s really good for me. I need to work on my movement and my finishing, but seeing these guys on a regular basis gives me a benchmark.
Anthony Martial
I want to be excellent at my craft.
Joey Votto
Excellent things are rare.
If you join a growth organization, you’ll likely do different things in different roles throughout your career. It’s excellent to learn and build with others. You’ll meet people you want to work with.
Andrew Yang
Only an excellent fabric can originate an excellent fashion
Nino Cerruti
Tim Kaine is an excellent choice for vice president.
Julian Castro
BOB is a luxury brand. The prices are lower than designer prices but higher than high street. We sit on the cusp of paying proper money for excellent quality without having to charge thousands for a dress.
Dawn O’Porter
The most excellent and divine counsel, the best and most profitable advertisement of all others, but the least practiced, is to study and learn how to know ourselves. This is the foundation of wisdom and the highway to whatever is good.
Pierre Charron
Dancing is an excellent amusement for young people, especially for those of sedentary occupations. Its excellence consists in exciting a cheerfulness of the mind, highly essential to health; in bracing the muscles of the body, and in producing copious perspiration…..The body must perspire, or must be out of order.
Noah Webster
I have a friend who is an excellent liar. His secret: Believe the lie yourself when you’re telling it.
Jack Heffron
At painful times, when composition is impossible and reading not enough, grammars and dictionaries are excellent for distraction.
Elizabeth Barrett Browning
While my college had done an excellent job recruiting me, I had no road map for what I was supposed to do once I made it to campus.
Jennine CapГі Crucet
Mystery writers’ conventions are usually good, and this one has been excellent and extremely well prepared and thought out in advance. A lot of people have given their time and their skill, and a good deal of wit, and Anchorage has made us extraordinarily welcome.
Anne Perry
Talk to yourself atleast once in a Day.. Otherwise you may miss a meeting with an EXCELLENT person in this World.
Swami Vivekananda
Even if Pfizer committed itself legally to maintaining some of its research and development in the U.K., its takeover of AstraZeneca would involve dismembering an excellent and strategically important British company.
David Sainsbury, Baron Sainsbury of Turville
The United States is our best friend, and our relations are excellent. Our relations will be strengthened even more, despite our differences in views.
Yitzhak Shamir
This is a very crucial period and we have got five fantastic candidates. All of them would make excellent leaders of the Party.
Harriet Harman
The Law is the true embodiment of everything that’s excellent; it has no kind of fault or flaw and I, my Lords, embody the Law.
W. S. Gilbert
One of the biggest problems of ‘In Search of Excellence’ is that it focused on giant, publicly-traded companies. There are thousands upon thousands of excellent companies. Some of them are two-person accountancies in a community of three thousand people.
Tom Peters
Solitude is an excellent laboratory in which to observe the extent to which manners and habits are conditioned by others.
Richard E. Byrd
The happy life is thought to be one of excellence; now an excellent life requires exertion, and does not consist in amusement.
Failing to open the center at the right moment – a common error by White in the Exchange Lopez – can allow Black an excellent game.
Andrew Soltis
Jeff Beck is my idol .. sometimes he finds notes that I just do not have on my guitar. Frank Zappa’s another one .. I loved Frank Zappa … I do think Van Halen reinvented the guitar … he’s an excellent musician, a shrewd guitarist and as a person he’s wonderful.
Ritchie Blackmore
The apples stewed with prunes are excellent, except for the prunes, I won’t eat prunes myself. Well, there was one time when Hobb chopped them up with chesnuts and carrots and hid them in a hen. Never trust a cook, my lord. They’ll prune you when you least expect it.
George R. R. Martin
I can say that in our gym, ‘Toquinho’ has never hurt anyone. He is a good person, excellent company and a man with a great character. I believe that he has never thought of doing anything evil to any opponent because this isn’t his conduct.
Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira
There is a great deal of cyberpunk that I admire, especially the work of William Gibson which I think is excellent. Somehow he speaks from his own heart and cyber punk is what comes out.
Robert Sheckley
In her excellent, entirely readable Richard Wright, Hazel Rowley accomplishes what [previous biographer] Michel Fabre would have liked to do with once-guarded letters, aging witnesses, previously unidentified girlfriends. . . . Mostly, Rowley concentrates on telling Wright’s very powerful story.
Darryl Pinckney
You may believe you’re an excellent rider,” he called, “but there are a score of Temujai back there who actually are.
John Flanagan
A healthy appetite for righteousness, kept in due control by good manners, is an excellent thing; but to hunger and thirst after it is often merely a symptom of spiritual diabetes.
C. D. Broad
How do you make your company a good place to work in general? That’s a really really really large and complex set of skills. A lot of it is on the job training, combined with excellent mentorship.
Ben Horowitz
I grew up in a small town in Illinois, and my dad was a basketball coach. Thanks to him, I have excellent fundamentals in both basketball and baseball.
Nick Offerman
This most excellent canopy, the air, look you, this brave o-erhanging firmament, this majestical roof fretted with golden fire.
William Shakespeare
I always made my food congenial to my constitution, and my health was always excellent.
Giacomo Casanova
Good enough never is. Set your standards so high that even the flaws are considered excellent.
Debbi Fields
In other words, we are never freer than when we become most ourselves, most human, most just, most excellent, and the like.
Os Guinness
Froth at the top, dregs at bottom, but the middle excellent.
Let excellence be your brand… When you are excellent, you become unforgettable.
Oprah Winfrey
Melancholy men of all others are most witty, which causeth many times a divine ravishment, and a kinde of Enthusiasmus, which stirreth them up to bee excellent Philosophers, Poets, Prophets, etc.
The president is just the coach of a football team. You need the right support, the right stadium, the right players, the right staff. An excellent coach is not going to win games.
Just how do I design if not with prototyping? An excellent question. The short answer is ‘on paper.’
Alan Cooper
Pap Machinery uses LubeMate products to keep our truck fleet moving so we can provide timely service to our customers. LubeMate has proven they manufacture quality products that meet our daily demands. The LubeMate team at Valley Industries has provided excellent service and their products are an exceptional value.
Greg Roberts
People are more comfortable with the familiar. It takes selling a big dream that comes with excellent income possibility to get someone to leave his or her comfort zone.
Philip Kotler
Kroos is an excellent player.
Xabi Alonso
Humor is an excellent method of keeping a tight rein on unproductive displays of emotion.
Barbara Mertz
The passion for praise, which is so very vehement in the fair sex, produces excellent effects in women of sense, who desire to be admired for that which only deserves admiration.
Joseph Addison
Howard’s enchanting Hospice obeys its own magical inner logic with excellent prose and a sadness that will split open hearts. You have in your hands a story that is inquisitive, gripping, and triumphant.
Deb Olin Unferth
I may not be perfect, but parts of me are excellent.
Ashleigh Brilliant
I promise to be a splendid husband, but give me a wife who, like the moon, won’t in my sky every day…
Anton Chekhov
The Eleventh Plague hits disturbingly close to home An excellent, taut debut novel.
Suzanne Collins
Most of all, I love unfussy, unpretentious, simple food made with excellent ingredients. If I’m a snob, it’s about quality, not cuisine.
Kate Christensen
We wanted Glossier to have an excellent customer experience and reach as many of you as possible from day one, so we went with venture – the stuff fast-growth, tech-enabled companies like Facebook, Amazon, and Apple are made of.
Emily Weiss
Theories of “natural law” and the “law of nations” are another excellent example of discussions destitute of all exactness. […] “Natural law” is simply that law of which the person using the phrase approves[….]
Vilfredo Pareto
The Lord’s Prayer is short and mysterious, and, like the treasures of the Spirit, full of wisdom and latent senses: it is not improper to draw forth those excellencies which are intended and signified by every petition, that by so excellent an authority we may know what it is lawful to beg of God.
Jeremy Taylor
Peace is an Excellent Thing, and War is a great Misfortune. But there are Many things More valuable than Peace, and many Things Much worse than war. The maintenance of the Ottoman Empire belongs to the First Class, the Occupation of Turkey by Russia belongs to the Second.
Henry John Temple, 3rd Viscount Palmerston
I once knew an otherwise excellent teacher who compelled his students to perform all their demonstrations with incorrect figures, on the theory that it was the logical connection of the concepts, not the figure, that was essential.
Ernst Mach
As I have said, you have no reason to trust me, and an excellent reason not to.
Robin McKinley
I think that fiction is an excellent place for us to struggle with questions of good and evil, and humanity and inhumanity.
Brent Weeks
These happy endings all express the weak and sly promise that the world is not rotten and out of joint but meaningful and ultimately in excellent condition.
Douglas Sirk
Excellent value relative to the week investment of time….To my mind, this is the definitive course on leadership.
William Wrigley, Jr.
I sometimes give myself excellent advice. Occasionally, I even listen to it.
Jim Butcher
What are the critical success factors of your job? What must you be absolutely, positively excellent at doing to be successful?
Brian Tracy
Football is not an exact science, but it is about chemistry: Ronaldo and Mandzukic, when they are together, have an excellent understanding.
Massimiliano Allegri
Tom Coughlin has done a great job and is an excellent coach.
Bill Cowher
I would be really excellent in a horror film because I have a great scream. I’d be really good in a comedy too. I’m top, top, top quality.
Serena Williams
Unpopularity is a excellent salve to the conscience; it is delicious to be misunderstood.
Stella Benson
I believe the choice to be excellent begins with aligning your thoughts and words with the intention to require more from yourself.
Oprah Winfrey
Total abstinence is so excellent a thing that it cannot be carried to too great an extent. In my passion for it I even carry it so far as to totally abstain from total abstinence itself.
Mark Twain
I’m not a prejudice person, and I’ve worked with many male legislators and some have been excellent for us, so I’m not speaking against a class of people.
Eleanor Smeal
It is a misfortune that necessity has induced men to accord greater license to this formidable engine, in order to obtain liberty, than can be borne with less important objects in view; for the press, like fire, is an excellent servant, but a terrible master.
James F. Cooper
Money is in some respects life’s fire: it is a very excellent servant, but a terrible master.
P. T. Barnum
That which exercises reason is more excellent than that which does not exercise reason; there is nothing more excellent than the universe, therefore the universe exercises reason.
Zeno of Citium
If the first year of the Trump administration has made anything clear, it’s that experience, knowledge, education and political wisdom matter tremendously. Governing is something else entirely from campaigning. And perhaps, most important, celebrities do not make excellent heads of state.
Thomas Chatterton Williams
I’m pretty good at putting up drywall and I’m an excellent kisser. That’s pretty much all of my skills right there.
Patrick Rothfuss
He will not succeed in this,” Taran said. “Somehow, we must find a way to escape. We dare not lose hope.” “I agree absolutely,” Fflewddur answered. “Your general idea is excellent; it’s only the details that are lacking.
Lloyd Alexander
The men and women at our borders, given adequate resources, are doing an excellent job of keeping us safe.
Pete Gallego
The Iranians and Persians are excellent at the art of negotiation.
Donald Trump
If you are well-mannered towards those whose views are similar to yours, you may be said to exhibit a fairly good character. But, if you behave properly wit those holding divergent views from you or who criticize you, then you deserve to be credited with having an excellent character. (p. 99)
Maulana Wahiduddin Khan
A little scandal is an excellent thing; nobody is ever brighter or happier of tongue than when he is making mischief of his neighbors.
David Boreanaz is actually a very good director and he directed one of our episodes. Excellent director, knew exactly what he wanted. We never had long days with David. He was great, he knew exactly what he wanted and he’s a fantastic director.
Michael Clarke
It is of itself that the divine thought thinks (since it is the most excellent of things), and its thinking is a thinking on thinking.
I was an excellent student before I left school. But I graduated early so that I could work longer hours on ‘90210.’
Jennie Garth
The perfection of mathematical beauty is such…that whatsoever is most beautiful and regular is also found to be most useful and excellent.
D’Arcy Wentworth Thompson
For any relationship to survive, one needs excellent communication.
Kunal Khemu
Surely in a country that works for everyone ensuring that everyone has access to an excellent education should be the first priority of any government?
Angela Rayner
Woody Allen has done some excellent serious movies, too, like Crimes And Misdemeanors. Very overlooked movie, I think, and really his best. And currently I like Big Fish!
David Zucker
I do not admire politicians; but when they are excellent in their way, one cannot help allowing them their due.
Horace Walpole
I love playing for Liverpool FC. The fans are excellent and fantastic in how they support us all the way. They support us throughout the games, and the work they do during the match is beautiful.
Roberto Firmino
Daniel stretched his arm around her and guided her head toward his shoulder. “Little – known fact about angels: We make excellent pillows.
Lauren Kate
I don’t think that every child in America is going to necessarily aspire to, you know, a four-year degree from a liberal arts college or a certain kind of life. I think that people should learn to be excellent in the thing that they choose to do.
Angela Duckworth
All things excellent are as difficult as they are rare.
Baruch Spinoza
I have never yet known a poet who did not think himself super-excellent.
Marcus Tullius Cicero
The Prussian Academy of Sciences is a fast-track academic institute that requires a proactive, hands-on-type individual to overthrow the Newtonian conception of the universe. The successful candidate will have an excellent command of mass, energy, space, time and some maths. Bonus paid upon completion of proofs
Albert Einstein
No excellent soul is exempt from a mixture of madness.
Not to be cheered by praise, not to be grieved by blame, but to know thoroughly one’s own virtues or powers are the characteristics of an excellent man.
Satchel Paige
What an excellent tool the internet is for freaks.
Steig Larsson
I feel that the All-Star game is more like a party because its made up of a lot of elements. However the core of All-Star is still the 48 minute-game and all the fans will pay all attention to the showcase of the players excellent skills. The result of the game is not much of a concern.
Yao Ming
From 1997 I was at Lazio for three and a half years and they were lucky times – a beautiful time. The chairman did almost everything I asked. We won seven trophies and were excellent.
Sven-Goran Eriksson
Not only has President Bush broken his word on funding, he has not put in the effort required to turn this excellent idea into a lifesaving reality.
Jamie Drummond
Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.
Seneca the Younger
A skill is something that you aren’t inherently talented at and that isn’t an effortless action, the way your thinking talents might be, but is something you can become excellent at nonetheless.
Caroline Ghosn
A great thing about these trees is that they are excellent for cleaning, both groundwater, and of course, air.
Mike Lowry
I like the taste of grass-fed meat. It is chewier, I’ll own that… The Argentines make excellent beef that’s grass-fed. They’ve learned how to age it, and they’ve gotten good at it.
Michael Pollan
We need to be skilled into knowing God and His Word, then act as excellent translators of these things to the people in our churches.
Vicky Beeching
Average is very acceptable in our society but I don’t think the angels are applauding. If you are determined to be excellent, to not back out of it, you will reap a harvest in your life.
Joyce Meyer
Dybala is an excellent player.
Roberto Carlos
Artistic tricks divert from the effect that an artist endeavors to produce, and even excellent elements such as bullets, arrows, brackets, ornate initials, are at best superficial ornamentation unless logically employed.
Paul Rand
Apple’s advantage is that it designs and builds software together, so if the software isn’t excellent, it does the superlative hardware a disservice.
Walt Mossberg
There’s an excellent movie we have on TCM called ‘It Happened on Fifth Avenue,’ which was originally going to be directed by Frank Capra… but just before he was going to start working on it, he came across this story called ‘The Greatest Gift.’ And that turned into ‘It’s a Wonderful Life.’
Robert Osborne
When Robben joined Chelsea in 2004 nobody realised how good he was. He was seen as an excellent player rather than a world-class one, and he suffered a lot with injuries. In the years since, he has elevated his game.
Jamie Carragher
I love advertising because I love lying. I think spending your life trying to dupe innocent people out of hard-won earnings to buy useless, low-quality, misrepresented items and services is an excellent use of your energy.
Jerry Seinfeld
As a rule, only the poor are generous. Rich people can always find excellent reasons for not handing over twenty thousand francs to a relative.
Honore de Balzac
In fact, Bill Clinton’s an excellent example of what he should be doing when he realizes that he’s not invulnerable. He realized two things: his invulnerability was contextualized in two things: junk food, and he had a problem with certain kinds of women.
Walter Mischel
When I think about Oz, when he was a teenager, I’m just reminded of what an excellent blues voice he had. He had a large voice. When we did the Aynsley Dunbar song ‘Warning’ and ‘Black Sabbath,’ his voice is so right. It’s really round, and it has that pain from within in his voice.
Bill Ward
The one excellent thing that can be learned from a lion is that whatever a man intends doing should be done by him with a whole-hearted and strenuous effort.
I think there’s inherently an issue that models will literally never be able to handle, which is that when somebody comes along with a new way of doing something that’s really excellent, the models will not recognize it. They only know how to recognize excellence when they can measure it somehow.
Cathy O’Neil
I worry so much. Like, ‘Damn, how can I be excellent?’ But it’s a journey.
People saw ‘Moonlight’ because it was excellent.
Billy Eichner
The world of the egotist is, inevitably, a narrow world, and the boundaries of self are limited to the close horizon of personality…. But, within this horizon, there is room for many attributes that are excellent.
Ellen Glasgow
The reality is more excellent than the report.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
I keep quite busy, walk 5 miles a day, and have an excellent hairdresser who keeps the gray out of my red hair.
Jodi Picoult
‘Wings’ was a blessing, but it was also very difficult. Whenever you do situation comedy, no matter how excellent the execution – and we had a great cast and great writers – but the format is somewhat limited.
Tim Daly
To be honest, there is a special gift for doing voice-overs, and the people who did the voices in the ‘SpongeBob’ cast are excellent at cartoon voice-overs, and they bring something extra to the reads.
Stephen Hillenburg
There are excellent public interest grounds to have a search engine whose rankings are transparent.
Mitch Kapor
If you see your company culture as a family, you don’t want to fire someone just because their short-term performance is not good. If you do, even the people on your team who are excellent performers will look at what’s going on and say, ‘Someday you might fire me too.’ You’ll lose everyone’s trust.
Eric Yuan
I was never happy, and neither were many of my friends. We were just normal kids that were not so excellent at what society wanted from us at that time.
Sung Jin Park
Found a bunch of old shower caps in my house. Was gonna throw them out but realized they make excellent porta potties for long road trips.
Bob Saget
Don Quixote’s ‘Delusions’ is an excellent read – far better than my own forthcoming travel book, ‘Walking Backwards Across Tuscany.’
Arthur Smith
There is a vast difference between an Apostolic life and the solitude of the Carthusians. The latter is truly very holy but is not suited to those whom God has called to the former, which is in itself more excellent.
Vincent de Paul
I think Kevin Lee is an excellent fighter who fights well on the feet, has evolved in that area, but his strongest weapon is wrestling, not jiu-jitsu.
Charles Oliveira
Charcoal or gas. Both give excellent results, so choose the one that best suits your style of cooking.
Bobby Flay
I’ll be the first to thank RuPaul, who gave me the money and let me out into the world. RuPaul is an excellent role model. I’m talking about someone who has worked hard in the business for quite some time. RuPaul put gay men in wigs into people’s living rooms. RuPaul is the reason that we’re not threatening.
Bianca Del Rio
…discussion is also a most excellent means to avoid -decision-
Fulton J. Sheen
If we cannot provide excellent educational opportunities to all children, safe communities, quality health coverage, or robust and fair avenues towards wealth creation, then our nation will increasingly be in peril.
Cory Booker
Every time you feel miserable, there is present an excellent opportunity to make a big step forward.
Lester Levenson
I don’t know the stats but with Mesut in the team, you are always going to get at least three chances a game from him. He always provides an excellent pass or something, a good move or play that leads to a goal, or almost leads to a goal.
Alex Iwobi
Atheists have an excellent longevity record because we have no place to go after we die, so we take good care of ourselves and our world while we are here.
Madalyn Murray O’Hair
We can only stop Cristiano Ronaldo as a team. In front of goal, he’s like a machine. You can’t shut him out completely; he always gets his chances in a game because of the lines he runs and his excellent timing.
Jerome Boateng
Harry, Cedric, I suggest you both go up to bed,” said Dumbledore, smiling at both of them. “I am sure Gryffindor and Hufflepuff are waiting to celebrate with you, and it would be a shame to deprive them of this excellent excuse to make a great deal of mess and noise.
J. K. Rowling
It turns out having a fast car is an excellent hobby when you’re a workaholic because even when you don’t have any free time, you can always drive to work.
Tim Sweeney
I’m not a very good writer, but I’m an excellent rewriter.
James A. Michener
I think women are excellent social critics.
Laurie Anderson
One of the marks of excellent people is that they never compare themselves with others. They only compare themselves with themselves and with their past accomplishments and future potential.
Brian Tracy
The word that I constantly hear out of women is ‘fear.’ It’s almost like a background melody. Women have excellent degrees and experience, but we are afraid we aren’t good enough because we have such high expectations.
Mireille Guiliano
Nothing excellent can be done without leisure.
Andre Gide
My grandfather was an excellent harmonium player, and after him, I, too, trained myself and can play a few musical instruments well.
Neil Nitin Mukesh
a most excellent man, though I could have wished his trousers not quite so tight in some places and not quite so loose in others.
Charles Dickens
Reward excellent failures. Punish mediocre successes.
Tom Peters
Excellent outcomes with much lower intervention rates are achieved at home births. This may be because the overuse of interventions in hospital births introduces risks or the home environment promotes problem-free labors.
Henci Goer
…HH Beard has perfected …3 excellent (urine) cancer tests, all of proven accuracy of 95% or better….. in 1942 and onwards.
Sir Arthur Harris, 1st Baronet
My mother enjoyed acting as well with my father, who used to direct her in plays at his regiment. My sister is an excellent singer. However, it was only me who decided to pursue acting as a career.
Ajay Mehta
S…For Stupendous! T…For Tiger, ferocity of! U…For Underwear, Red! P…For Power, Incredible! E…For excellent physique! N…For…Um…Something..Hm, well, I’ll come back to that… D…For Determination! U…For…Wait, How do you spell this? Is it “I”??
Bill Watterson
I don’t think that there are any limits to how excellent we could make life seem.
Jonathan Safran Foer
The theory of the lung as a gland has justified its existence and done excellent service in bringing forward facts, which shall survive any theoretical construction that has been or may hereafter be put upon them.
August Krogh
Serie A is a great tournament with many excellent players.
Franck Ribery
I think I’ve got an outstanding defensive assistant staff that’s really going to help us have consistent, strong defenses. And offensively, we have an excellent staff. We’ve got some younger guys on offense, but that’s what I coach and have my entire coaching career.
Steve Spurrier
Nonsense, n. The objections that are urged against this excellent dictionary.
Ambrose Bierce
A word of advice, if I may? Explosions are an excellent way to kill the undead. But you should probably take a few steps back first, kid.
Heather Brewer
Any Canadian looking in the bathroom mirror is sure to recognize one of Guy Vanderhaeghe’s people. Man Descending is the startling debut of an excellent writer.
Rudy Wiebe
During my high-risk pregnancy, I consistently experienced subpar care from my hospital, which led me to hire two midwives instead. They provided me with excellent and loving care, and they made my pregnancy a truly special and powerful moment in my life.
Patrisse Cullors
Well, user feedback was excellent. Even when the software didn’t work at all, there were few people who were avid users, and there were people who were just sending excellent feedback and excellent ideas.
Shawn Fanning
There is no reason why excellent pictures can’t be made for $4-5 million.
Bill Duke
When you write down your ideas you automatically focus your full attention on them. Few if any of us can write one thought and think another at the same time. Thus a pencil and paper make excellent concentration tools.
Michael LeBoeuf
Mosquito control in the United States is very much a local and state activity. Some states have excellent programs, other states not so much. It’s one of the reasons it’s so urgent to identify and spread best practices to try and track and reduce mosquito populations.
Tom Frieden
Men, however, shouldn’t despair. They are excellent at identifying and imitating animal sounds, which would have been a significant advantage for the ancient hunter. Sadly, that’s not quite as much use today.
Barbara Pease
Perhaps I will stay in Chicago and operate on human beings instead of on dogs. From a business standpoint, it would be excellent. But, as I hate medical practice, I would like better to make little money in doing scientific work than a great deal in doing surgical operations.
Alexis Carrel
Freeing Your Child from Anxiety is an excellent book, one of the best of its kind.
Judith S. Beck
There ought to be so many who are excellent, there are so few.
Janet Erskine Stuart
The lie is so vile, that even if it were in speaking well of godly things, it would take off something from God’s grace; and Truth is so excellent, that if it praises but small things they become noble.
Leonardo da Vinci
My personal sources in the intelligence community and the military are very good. They’re excellent. I have very high-up, in-depth sources.
Peter Landesman
Pep is a super coach! He is excellent. He is the best at analysing an opponent and the concept of a game. I don’t know what impact he had on German football, but he left a mark on all of us at Bayern because of how he analysed and educated the players in each position and the way he taught us to play.
Philipp Lahm
I went without health insurance until ‘Roger & Me,’ basically – from about age 20 till about age 35. With ‘Roger & Me,’ I joined the Directors Guild and the Writers Guild, and since then I’ve had excellent health care managed by the union.
Michael Moore
Don’t use that foreign word ‘ideals.’ We have that excellent native word ‘lies.’
Henrik Ibsen
The scenes in the show were filmed with a crew of really excellent stunt jumpers, but we had the feel of the parachutes, so we could be more realistic in the roles.
Ken Curtis
North Carolina enjoys a worldwide reputation as a center for textile research and workers. Our excellent business climate and location offer international firms an ideal place to reach and serve customers in the United States.
Roy Cooper
My education at Baron Byng High School was excellent, with dedicated masters (boys and girls were separate).
Rudolph A. Marcus
The object of the Gita appears to me to be that of showing the most excellent way to attain self-realization.
Mahatma Gandhi
We look for people who demonstrate perseverance in the face of challenges, the ability to influence and motivate others – people who want to work relentlessly to ensure that kids who are facing the challenges of poverty have an excellent education.
Wendy Kopp
I played for Santos at 16, and we had an excellent team, so it helped a lot. And then I played for Brazil at the Maracana against Argentina. So I get more experience. This was one year before the World Cup, and it made a lot of difference.
For a developing country, average long-run growth of 5 percent a year per capita is excellent, and 7 percent is stellar.
Alex Berenson
Yoga exercises are excellent; the speaker does them every day, for an hour or more; but that is merely physical exercise, to keep the body healthy, and so on.
Jiddu Krishnamurti
I’m a big fan of Ant and Dec, I think they’re excellent presenters.
Noel Edmonds
The Army will take its lessons learned. They’re excellent at looking into themselves and reflecting on what did we do right, what did we do wrong.
Colin Powell
It’s Latin, which is an excellent language for mischief-making, which is why governments are so fond of it.
Catherynne M. Valente
Nature seems to have treasured up the depth of our mind talents and abilities that we are not aware of; it is the privilege of the passions alone to bring them to light, and to direct us sometimes to surer and more excellent aims than conscious effort could.
Francois Alexandre Frederic, duc de la Rochefoucauld-Liancourt
Judge Sarah Frisch is a wonderful woman, and does an excellent job.
Ayelet Shaked
Nothing more excellent or valuable than wine was every granted by the gods to man.
Music is just a really fun hobby that I do, because I’m actually really good about writing songs and producing. People don’t realize this, but I am an excellent writer for artists.
Tila Tequila
To rely upon conviction, devotion, and other excellent spiritual qualities; that is not to be taken seriously in politics.
Vladimir Lenin
Excellence is everything today, and most people aren’t excellent. If you’re not excellent – like truly excellent at what you do – you’re toast.
Jason Calacanis
We found that the most exciting environments, that treated people very well, are also tough as nails. There is no bureaucratic mumbo-jumbo… excellent companies provide two things simultaneously: tough environments and very supportive environments.
Tom Peters
You see, in this country are a number of youths who do not like to work, and the college is an excellent place for them.
L. Frank Baum
I was sent to Korea, which was excellent training for what came later. I was assigned to remain on duty until I completed one hundred combat missions – or got knocked out – whichever came first.
Gus Grissom
Every woman who vacates a place in the teachers’ ranks and enters an unusual line of work, does two excellent things: she makes room for someone waiting for a place and helps to open a new vocation for herself and other women.
Frances E. Willard
Clay Aiken is amazing beyond that glorious voice. Turns out he is an excellent comic actor and a master of character.
Mike Nichols
We’ve had such thorough training, we’ve had an excellent team on the ground. With the minor glitches that have occurred, we’ve been able to take care of them. And the teams on the ground are getting tons of incredible data.
Laurel Clark
Everybody keeps calling for Excellence – excellence not just in schooling, throughout society. But as soon as somebody or something stands out as Excellent, the other shout goes up: “Elitism!” And whatever produced that thing, whoever praises that result, is promptly put down. “Standing out” is undemocratic.
Jacques Barzun
A well arranged scrapbook, filled with choice selections, is a most excellent companion for anyone who has the least literary taste.
Channing Tatum
Excellent content is available online to everyone. I like it because it’s a flattening of the playing field.
Mariam Naficy
For neither birth, nor wealth, nor honors, can awaken in the minds of men the principles which should guide those who from their youth aspire to an honorable and excellent life, as Love awakens them
I have excellent relationships with Jewish organizations and participate every year in a Hanukkah celebration with my family. There haven’t been any anti-Semitic tendencies in my team for a long time.
Viktor Yushchenko
Without exception, the dominance and coherence of culture proved to be an essential quality of the excellent companies.
Tom Peters
Rich people are almost always excellent promoters. They can are willing to promote their products, their services, and their ideas with passion and enthusiasm.
T. Harv Eker
The system itself has the mark of cleverness and ingenuity…. When you manipulate the menu system, you feel as though you are at the helm of the future…. The Xbox probably has the most raw potential for excellent games
Jerry Holkins
What is excellent,
As God lives, is permanent;
Hearts are dust, hearts’ loves remain,
Heart’s love will meet thee again.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
My view has always been that marriage means love, and an excellent way of describing your love for another person is to make that permanent commitment.
Valerie Jarrett
Every journalist has a novel in him, which is an excellent place for it.
Russell Lynes
‘ABCD’ is a very good film – the story, the production value – everything is excellent.
Prabhu Deva
Humor’s an excellent way to make a point more palatable and/or relatable.
Jen Lancaster
People tend to associate Qualcomm with the chip – and they should: We’re an excellent chip company – but I think we have a larger role in the ecosystem of cellular that I think people are not aware of. And our relevance to more consumer electronics – and, I would say, industries – is actually just increasing.
Steve Mollenkopf
Freedom of speech is the great bulwark of liberty; they prosper and die together: And it is the terror of traitors and oppressors, and a barrier against them. It produces excellent writers, and encourages men of fine genius.
Benjamin Franklin
An excellent monument might be erected to the Unknown Stockholder. It might take the form of a solid stone ark of faith apparently floating in a pool of water.
Felix Riesenberg
The most excellent of those who perform good deeds are those who most often remember God in all situations.
Ibn Ata Allah
My older brother Mike is an excellent trumpet player. By the time he was 12, he was playing around Kansas City in classical situations. He was already an amazing talent.
Pat Metheny
Bonds and the pangs of hunger are excellent prophet doctors for the wits.
As mayor of San Francisco, I will provide the vision and work hard to make San Francisco a beautiful, well-planned city with excellent housing and transportation options
Gavin Newsom
There are a lot of things I might be good at, such as competitive figure skating, window washing from ten stories up, and being an open heart surgeon. I might also make an excellent Kamikaze pilot – except for the fact that I don’t want to learn how to fly and have no interest in taking my own life on behalf of Japan.
Jen Kirkman
I’ve been to the Bahamas. It’s a beautiful country with truly excellent people. When I took a cruise that docked for a couple hours in Nassau, it mostly reminded me of a giant version of my grandmother’s neighborhood in Mobile, Alabama… but with better accents.
W. Kamau Bell
I see no reason why France and Britain should not have excellent relations – we are old allies.
Marine Le Pen
A great mix of tips, tricks, and anecdotes, All is Forgiven, Move On has excellent ideas for your weight loss journey and for improving your life along the way!
Judith S. Beck
“Don’t be stupid!” is excellent advice.
Amy Dickinson
I like a lot of my Republican colleagues, starting with my friend from Indiana, Senator Lugar. We’ve had an excellent relationship.
Evan Bayh
Facebook and Twitter and Instagram are excellent ways to keep in touch with the audience and maintain your image an actor.
Alice Ripley
I’m bi everything; sexual, coastal, political, controversial. I think if you find your comfortable sexual preference then that’s excellent. Everybody knows that I’m a huge fan of gay men and drag queens and would not be who I am today without their help, support and make-up tips.
If you love, absolutely love what you are doing, chances are excellent that you will succeed. There is nothing so exhausting as working on a job you don’t like.
Napoleon Hill
This new age metal Luminex Uno- made up of gold, platinum and silver is excellent.
Bappi Lahiri
We gain nothing by being with such as ourselves. We encourage one another in mediocrity. I am always longing to be with men more excellent than myself.
Charles Lamb
There are three kinds of intelligence: one kind understands things for itself, the other appreciates what others can understand, the third understands neither for itself nor through others. This first kind is excellent, the second good, and the third kind useless.
Niccolo Machiavelli
Malaysia Airlines is a robust airline – it’s been around for many years. It has an excellent reputation, both for service and for safety.
Richard Quest
David Cronenberg is the most provocative, original, and consistently excellent North American director of his generation.
J. Hoberman
Albuquerque is my home. I want my kids and all of our children to be able to go to any public or charter school and receive an excellent education.
Steven Michael Quezada
I had rather excel others in the knowledge of what is excellent, than in the extent of my power and dominion.
Alexander the Great
The first time I read an excellent book, it is to me just as if I had gained a new friend. When I read a book over I have perused before, it resembles the meeting with an old one.
Oliver Goldsmith
Great investment opportunities come around when excellent companies are surrounded by unusual circumstances that cause the stock to be misappraised.
Warren Buffett
Duffers who consistently shank their balls are urged to buy and study Shanks – No Thanks by R.K. Hoffman, or in extreme cases, M.S. Howard’s excellent Tennis for Beginners.
Henry Beard
Criticism is like champagne, nothing more execrable if bad, nothing more excellent if good; if meagre, muddy, vapid and sour, both are fit only to engender colic and wind; but if rich, generous and sparkling, they communicate a genial glow to the spirits, improve the taste, and expand the heart.
Charles Caleb Colton
I reached in experience the nirvana which is unborn, unrivalled, secure from attachment, undecaying and unstained. This condition is indeed reached by me which is deep, difficult to see, difficult to understand, tranquil, excellent, beyond the reach of mere logic, subtle, and to be realized only by the wise.
Gautama Buddha
The good man is the only excellent musician, because he gives forth a perfect harmony not with a lyre or other instrument but with the whole of his life.
None of us will ever accomplish anything excellent or commanding except when he listens to this whisper which is heard by him alone.
Thomas Carlyle
Men value things in three ways: as useful, as pleasant or sources of pleasure, and as excellent, or as intrinsically admirable or honorable.
Mortimer Adler
No solution [to the problem of poverty] is so effective as providing income to the poor. Whether in the form of food, housing, health services, education or money, income is an excellent antidote for deprivation. No truth has spawned so much ingenious evasion.
John Kenneth Galbraith
The Grammys are supposed to be awards for artistic excellence… Iggy Azalea’s not excellent.
Azealia Banks
If you have excellent people, then you have to give them the power.
Shiv Nadar
Ceremony keeps up things: ’tis like a penny glass to a rich spirit, or some excellent water; without it the water were spilt, and the spirit lost.
John Selden
The necessity to constantly turn in an excellent performance, to be absolutely wedded to this dedication and this ideal means that as a child you’re going to pay for it personally.
Twyla Tharp
A kind
Of excellent dumb discourse.
William Shakespeare
Conviction never so excellent, is worthless until it coverts itself into conduct.
Thomas Carlyle
The scientist knows that the ultimate of everything is unknowable. No matter What subject you take, the current theory of it if carried to the ultimate becomes ridiculous. Time and space are excellent examples of this.
Charles Proteus Steinmetz
For me, content is paramount, and even if I’m to do a potboiler, the content should be excellent.
Shweta Tripathi
My dad, Frank Addison Albini, was a terrific shot with a rifle and had generally excellent hunting skills. While my dad loved hunting and fishing, he didnt romanticize them. He was filling the freezer, not intellectualizing some caveman impulse or proving his worth as a real man.
Steve Albini
Cheerfulness is also an excellent wearing quality. It has been called the bright weather of the heart.
Samuel Smiles
I am trying to come up with some “adult” reads, but I mostly read young adult fiction (my job), which, by the way is excellent. I will post about some of my favorites that should appeal to adult readers
Megan McCafferty
Pubcon is always one of the first shows I put on my calendar. Content is excellent, social is excellent, networking opportunities are excellent.
Jim Banks
Personally, I always felt times aren’t so excellent as are performances.
Bill Rodgers
I think Juan stopped short – he got halfway to the destination and got off the train. He is certainly an excellent writer and a good person, but I’m not a nationalist.
Clarence Thomas
Human will-power alone is not enough. Will-power is excellent and we should always be using it; but it is not enough. A desire to live a good life is not enough. Obviously we should all have that desire, but it will not guarantee success.
Martyn Lloyd-Jones
I’m a great pass catcher. I’m excellent in pass protection, which is the most important thing. You can’t play, you can’t get on the field if you don’t protect that franchise quarterback.
Ezekiel Elliott
In my own career, I have always tried to treat my colleagues with respect and kindness, whoever they are, and am proud to have developed and mentored the careers of many excellent young scientists who will be tackling tomorrow’s biological problems long after I have left the scene.
Tim Hunt
The London Olympic Opening Ceremony was excellent. The mixture of old and new, of classic and contemporary was a beautiful reflection of Great Britain. Danny Boyle is a genius.
Ludovico Einaudi
You can’t succeed by being good. That’s what you get paid for. You can’t succeed by being excellent. That’s what you’re expected to do. You can only succeed by being outstanding.
Tony Robbins
Curiosity and listening [are the principles to an excellent interview]. I never go into an interview with a dedicated list of questions in which I will not deviate. You must be curious about the subject and listen to his answer and ask the next question off that rather than the next question on your list.
Michael Kay
You can be in excellent physical shape, with low cholesterol, a healthy body weight and good overall physical fitness – but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re healthy.
Michael Greger
When young Mark Robarts was leaving college, his father might well declare that all men began to say all good things to him, and to extol his fortune in that he had a son blessed with so excellent a disposition.
Anthony Trollope
There really was nothing like it at the time. We had good ideas for implementation, so we proceeded. I think it was an excellent solution to the reliability issues with existing search engines.
Shawn Fanning
That which is excellent endures.
At painful times, when composition is impossible and reading is not enough, grammars and dictionaries are excellent for distraction.
Elizabeth Barrett Browning
I have an excellent body, not an extra gram of fat. A washboard stomach.
Alexander Ovechkin
Maybe Ferrari’s mirrors are excellent & have HD resolution
Sebastian Vettel
Although I liked especially physics and mathematics for which I had considerable talent, I decided to study medicine. This profession had for me a strong emotional appeal, which was reinforced by having an uncle who was an excellent surgeon.
Renato Dulbecco
Minds are of three kinds: one is capable of thinking for itself; another is able to understand the thinking of others; and a third can neither think for itself nor understand the thinking of others. The first is of the highest excellence, the second is excellent, and the third is worthless.
Niccolo Machiavelli
All of us salute the ITU’s excellent work in the telecommunications space. It has set standards which encourage investment in infrastructure and ensure that a call made from Europe or America connects smoothly in Kenya or anywhere in the world.
Ory Okolloh
‘The Apprentice’ has been excellent for my dad. Before, there was always that kind of corporate, Napoleonic evilness to Donald Trump. Now people see him interacting with normal – barely normal – individuals, and it’s like, ‘Wait a second. He’s a regular guy!’
Donald Trump, Jr.
I know – I’ll play you for it,” Alice suggested. “Rock, paper, scissors.” Jasper chuckled and Edward sighed. “Why don’t you just tell me who wins?” Edward said wryly. Alice beamed. “I do. Excellent.
Stephenie Meyer
Now, I have nothing to say against uncles in general. They are usually very excellent people, and very convenient to little boys and girls.
Dinah Maria Murlock Craik
There is absolutely zero doubt that you can technically do an excellent full-featured FPS game, because these devices are more powerful now than, like, a previous generation Xbox.
John Carmack
I’ve never been in a business where safety performance was excellent and the business performance was not, so they go hand in hand, and for me, safety performance is an indication of discipline, of focus and of how joined up an organisation is.
Cynthia Carroll
You have to have something about you to perform in Scotland. I’m sure these foreign players are excellent but we don’t know how they’re going to perform.
Kyle Lafferty
Man is, beyond dispute, the most excellent of created beings, and the vilest animal is a dog; but the sages agree that a grateful dog is better than an ungrateful man.
Great fit and synergism for both companies and excellent outcome for employees, customers and shareholders.
Philippe Kahn
Whoever would entitle himself after death through the merits of his Redeemer, to the noblest of rewards, let him serve God throughout life in this most excellent of all duties, doing good to our brethren. Whoever is sensible of his offences, let him take this way especially of evidencing his repentance.
Thomas Secker
When a man makes utensils out of a metal which has been thoroughly cleansed of dross, the utensils will be excellent. You monks, who wish to follow the Way, make your own hearts clean from the dirt of evil passion, and your conduct will be unimpeachable.
Gautama Buddha
Mueller is the leading North American provider of water infrastructure and flow control products – things such as fire hydrants, valves, pipes, fittings, and couplings. While this is no doubt a mundane business, it is also an excellent one.
Whitney Tilson
The nice thing about baseball is that all of the possible outcomes are known – it’s not quite as messy as the real world. That makes the game an excellent playground for probability.
Paul DePodesta
For a film to be excellent, everybody working on it must also be excellent.
Zhao Wei
One sign of an excellent speech? ‘Can people repeat something they heard, word for word?’
Sam Horn
Today is one of those excellent January partly cloudies in which light chooses an unexpected part of the landscape to trick out in gilt, and then the shadow sweeps it away. You know you’re alive. You take huge steps, trying to feel the planet’s roundness arc between your feet.
Annie Dillard
Unfortunately, our existing traditional thinking habits insist that you must attack something and show it to be bad before you can suggest a change. It is more difficult to acknowledge that something is excellent and then to ask for change because although it is excellent, it is not enough.
Edward de Bono
The acting in Downton Abbey has been consistently excellent across the board.
James Frain
I’m excellent at losing weight, but I’ve never been excellent at maintenance. I have some better days than others in terms of being hypervigilant, but with maintenance you don’t know if you’ve been good at it until you’re done.
Valerie Bertinelli
I eat excellent bread, clean meat, good crisp veggies, organic fruits and nice wine and cheese. It is one of the things I am truly grateful for. I’m not kidding. You can’t ask a single mother of three working two jobs for minimum wage to eat that way. I am lucky.
Rachael Taylor
I listen a lot to how people speak. I’ve read a great many good books in my life. I had some excellent English teachers. Surely, those things were helpful.
Anthony Bourdain
I don’t know if I actually respect other artists as people as much as I should. I look at their work as excellent data that feeds my mind as nature feeds my body.
David Berman
Bouillabaisse is only good because cooked by the French, who, if they cared to try, could produce an excellent and nutritious substitute out of cigar stumps and empty matchboxes.
Norman Douglas
Killing is an excellent way of dealing with a hostility problem.
James Coburn
I know that there are many excellent arguments for a universal form of basic income. Since everyone would get it, it would remove the stigma that dogs recipients of assistance and ‘entitlements’.
Rutger Bregman
We have an interest in excellent relations because we are neighbours as Europeans with Russia. We are allies with the United States in the NATO framework.
Joschka Fischer
If my time has come I shall have nothing to complain of. For fifty-tree years I have been painting; so I have been able to devote myself entirely to what I loved best in the world. I had never suffered poverty; I had good parents and excellent friends; I can only thank God.
Jean-Baptiste Camille Corot
Don’t get me wrong, I’ve seen some very excellent women musicians.
Lita Ford
[Buckminster Fuller] was quite a Newtonian in certain ways. But he was an excellent inventor and kept people on their toes.
Paul Laffoley
I think Rory MacDonald is a great striker, I think Jorge Masvidal is an excellent striker.
Stephen Thompson
Whenever a team has three weeks to prepare, and it’s an excellent coach and coaching staff and great players, you’ve got to work on it all.
Urban Meyer
We Icelanders are an excellent animal model for humans. This is exactly the way you find common disease genes.
Kari Stefansson
The ‘Classics Illustrated’ series was an excellent primer in literature, and I also really enjoyed Zachary Hamby’s mythology books for teens.
James Holzhauer
But money spent while manic doesn’t fit into the Internal Revenue Service concept of medical expense or business loss. So after mania, when most depressed, you’re given excellent reason to be even more so.
Kay Redfield Jamison
If I were flying, I would travel to a perfect place. A place with frosted cakes and beautiful flowers and excellent trees to climb and absolutely no doldrums.
Kyo Maclear
I always think Michelle Williams is excellent in her work. And I do love Sofia Coppola. She always creates something so atmospheric. I love Wes Anderson, Roman Coppola, Andrea Arnold.
Felicity Jones
I believe in excellence. It is a basic need of every human soul. All of us can be excellent, because, fortunately, we are exceedingly diverse in our ambitions and talents.
Edward Teller
I believe excellent fantasy reflects us all, and yes, it can use those myths that underpin societies, our subconscious yearnings and longings, and perhaps our barren spirituality.
Isobelle Carmody
You want to make me the best soldier possible. Go down and look at the standings. Look at the all-time standings. So far you’re doing an excellent job with me. Congratulations. Now when are you going to put me up against a good army?
Orson Scott Card
Mindfulness creates centered awareness. When you do one thing at a time, you’re guaranteed excellent results. If you do too many things simultaneously, it messes up your neural circuits. Focus on one thing at a time.
Deepak Chopra