Fridges Quotes

Fridges Quotes by Peter Higgs, Robert Breault, Dana Cowin, Caroline Rhea, Bill Bailey, Nigel Dennis and many others.

I never expected this to happen in my lifetime and shall be asking my family to put some champagne in the fridge.
Peter Higgs
A wise saying is something you keep picking up off the floor in front of your fridge
Robert Breault
Check out the produce bin in your fridge or your cabinet before you buy more. When you see something on the verge of going bad, freeze it, turn it into a sauce, make jam.
Dana Cowin
I constantly walk into a room and I don’t remember why. But for some reason, I think there’s going to be a clue in the fridge.
Caroline Rhea
Yes. Yes, when we live our life like 1950s detective films. I often go to my fridge, “Hullo, we’re out of milk. I say mother, where’s the milk?”
Bill Bailey
For the first few years we lived in a tiny rented cottage at the bottom of a friend’s garden. We often joked that there was plenty of film in the fridge, but not too much food!
Nigel Dennis
I’m like it’s – it’s like taking out whatever you have in your fridge and putting it in a bowl and eating it.
Trisha Yearwood
… I stare into the fridge. Like a mirrored image of myself. Cold and empty, and the lights come on only when you open the door. Otherwise ice-cold purring darkness.
Hallgrimur Helgason
Hey.” Her grin grew as she glanced from me to Nash, then back. “You’re blocking the fridge.” “There’s a cooler in the other room.” Nash nodded toward the main part of the house. Emma shrugged. “Yeah, but no one’s making out in front of it.
Rachel Vincent
This sounds like a brag, but I know how to make good fried rice. I learned in college. There are two secrets – take the rice after you cook it and let it get cold in the fridge. Then cook the egg like you’re making a fried egg and just before it’s done, dump the rice and veg on it and swirl it around.
Patton Oswalt
Well, I’ve got a color telly, and a fridge. I’ve got some pork chops in the fridge, but the chops keep going off, so I have to keep buying more.
Syd Barrett
Keep food in the fridge, so it don’t go stale. When there is nothing left to eat, I bite my nails.
Big Daddy Kane
Constantly having to think about money is not nice. People used to say, ‘Being rich doesn’t make you happy’. And I’d think, ‘I’ve got no electricity, nothing – tell that to my empty fridge’.
Rebecca Ferguson
Why would I want a place of my own? Then I would have to things worry about, like doing laundry and having food in the fridge.
Rafael Nadal
I don’t have sophisticated tastes. I have average tastes. If you looked in my collection of DVDs, you’d see ‘Jaws’ and ‘Star Wars.’ In the book library, you’d see John Grisham and Sidney Sheldon. And if you look in my fridge, it’s, like, children’s food – chips, milkshakes, yogurt.
Simon Cowell
A bowl of pudding only has taste when I put it in my mouth – when it is in contact with my tongue. It doesn’t have taste or flavor sitting in my fridge, only the potential.
Daniel Levitin
I romanticized domesticity for a while, and loved having a shopping list of groceries stuck to the fridge for the first time.
Liberty Ross
I really get pursued by men in their 20s, like, a lot. They probably know there’s food in the fridge and that somebody’s going to talk to them and ask them how their day was.
Sharon Stone
My fridge is really just vegan: coconut water, Gatorade (my favorite!), cucumbers, mint, kale, vegetables, ginger, and wheat grass.
Serena Williams
Of course, if you think of a European or American household in the ’50s, so what were the things that when people started climbing up the ladder, what did they buy? A fridge, a TV, I think piano was the number three item in say ’53 or ’54.
Esa-Pekka Salonen
Nobody said anything that time. Or maybe I just wasn’t listening. After all, someone had to keep an eye on the fridge.
Karen Chance
There was a heavy, dark pause of vast significance. Which Jim broke by flashing his hands and belting out, “Booga-wooga!” At least Eddie laughed. Adrian flipped Jim the bird and headed to the fridge for another beer.
J.R. Ward
I know what it’s like not to have food in the fridge or money to buy more.
Natalia Vodianova
I have the body of an eighteen year old. I keep it in the fridge.
Spike Milligan
We [actors] are so lucky to do jobs that fulfill us and make us happy. We don’t go to work thinking okay, we’re working to put food in the fridge. We are doing that too, but we’re working because we love what we do.
Vanessa Paradis
My visitors say they noticed perfumes from different companies in my fridge, and ask what I need these for. I explain that they are mainly there as historical benchmarks of quality, below which I must not and would not want to fall.
Jean-Claude Ellena
What we need to do is stop global warming; that’s the only way to stop your peanut butter cups from melting… And if that doesn’t do the trick, then put them in the fridge… Or better yet, eat them.
Rush Limbaugh
I seriously love to cook … My grandmother was an amazing cook. As a kid, I used to help her make handmade pasta, cavatelli and ravioli. It was one of my favorite things to do. I love the idea of making whatever is in the fridge into something.
Bradley Cooper
Why did she give up wine for Lent? Polly was more sensible. She had given up strawberry jam. Cecilia had never seen Polly show more than a passing interest in strawberry jam, although now, of course, she was always catching her standing at the open fridge, staring at it longingly. The power of denial.
Liane Moriarty
If we have to be cat burglars, I’m going to see what’ to steal in the fridge.” We’re trying to find evidence she’s the poisoner. Just a thought before you start putting random things in your mouth.” Ruth shrugged and walked past Val.
Holly Black
There are certain things in the scripts that need to be planned: you know, big stunt sequences, battle sequences… you can’t improvise that stuff. You can improvise when there’s just two of you standing in a kitchen and the most dramatic thing that’s going to happen is someone’s going to open the fridge.
Tom Hiddleston
I use a lot of fresh citrus, garlic, and fresh herbs when cooking to cut down on fat and sodium but punch up flavor. Our cupboards and fridge are full of condiments – mustards, vinegars, etc. that also add tons of flavor but are low in fat, calories, or other processed additives.
Cat Cora
I’d learned how to lie and manipulate from an early age so a combination of that, desperation, having to have my own fridge and my umbilical cord back… I had to go out into the world. Then some angel somewhere said: “Have you considered going to drama school?” And this sounded like the solution to all of my problems.
Tom Hardy
When I tour, I stuff fridges full of organic food and stick to that.
Avril Lavigne
Don’t die with a bottle of champagne in your fridge.
Rufus Sewell
There is something wonderful about a death, how everything shuts down, and all the ways you thought you were vital are not even vaguely important. Your husband can feed the kids, he can work the new oven, he can find the sausages in the fridge, after all. And his important meeting was not important, not in the slightest.
Anne Enright
Opening the fridge door, I found a rat eating the cheese. My dealings with rodents, particularly those tagged verminous, have been few, but generally the pattern has been one of man, the boss, the caretaker of creation, the namer, appearing and the lower orders hitting the road.
Tibor Fischer
Always keep a bottle of Champagne in the fridge for special occasions. Sometimes, the special occasion is that you’ve got a bottle of Champagne in the fridge.
Hester Browne
I thought there was a good chance the fridge was possessed. It was subtle about it, but I had its number. I knew its ways. Oh yes.
Karen Chance
I always have applesauce in my fridge, and when traveling I take protein bars just in case I get hungry. They’re my go-to snack.
Sloane Stephens
I’ve always felt that there’s a very thin membrane between madness and alcoholism, and/or destitution and being an OK American guy in a comfortable heated apartment with meatballs and a decent Sauvignon Blanc in the fridge.
August Kleinzahler
Only the rich can achieve enlightenment because the poor are too busy looking for fridge freezers.
You might be a redneck if you have to go outside to get something out of the fridge.
Jeff Foxworthy
Since I’ve been on my own, I’ve been eating a lot of popcorn, cereal, instant noodles, and snack bars. I have a hot plate in my bedroom, a microwave, and a small fridge. That’s the kind of kitchen I know how to get around in.
Karen Marie Moning
I’m still living the life where you get home and open the fridge and there’s half a pot of yogurt and a half a can of flat Coca-Cola.
Alan Rickman
I slice up a ton of cucumbers, celery, carrots and red and yellow peppers. Keep them in your fridge so you always have something handy to curb your snack attack.
Summer Sanders
If I like chocolate it won’t surprise you that I have a few chocolates in my fridge, but if you find out I’ve got 16 warehouses full of chocolate, you’d think I was insane. All these rich guys are insane, obsessive compulsive twits obsessed with money – money is all they think about – they’re all nuts.
John Cleese
If I were to look in you ferigerator….refridgefreetorator…fridge….what would I find?
Louis Tomlinson
Open the fridge and put My heart on a plate. I’m just as you left me, and I taste even better leftover.
Cecily von Ziegesar
And your dinner for the orchestra officials.” “Haven’t you ever had people coming over and no time to shop? You have to make do with what’s in the fridge, Clarice. May I call you Clarice?
Thomas Harris
Ford put a hand to his head. “Back up. Back up!” he cried. “You’re too close.” Heart pounding, I looked at the eight feet between us and pressed into the fridge. “I think he meant for the ghost to back up,” Jenks said dryly.
Kim Harrison
My favorite dish is cleaning out the fridge on Sunday night and improvising a great medley.
Matthew McConaughey
I think I am becoming obsessive-compulsive. David Beckham apparently turns all the Diet Coke cans in his fridge to face the same way every morning, and I nerdily sharpen all the pencils in my pot before sitting down to work.
Andrew O’Hagan
He decided there was no point in telling her he’d looked in the fridge and seen none of these things. There’d just be some variation of his mother’s standard crack about Male Refrigeration Blindness Syndrome.
Nora Roberts