John Walter Bratton Quotes

John Walter Bratton Quotes.

Congratulations on turning 60
Now you can wear what you like
No one cares, and more particularly
You’re fine telling ’em ‘Take a hike’
John Walter Bratton
You moan a lot and jingle your change
But let’s face it, there’s no escape
You can flick the remote as much as you like
But she’s on the TV and on every tape
John Walter Bratton
Wherever you may go
Wherever you may have been
Saying goodbye is fine
If you say hello again
John Walter Bratton
Be pleased to look forward,
And pleased to look behind,
Count today, your 40th, and each birthday
With a grateful mind.
John Walter Bratton
I’m glad God chose you to be my Dad!
John Walter Bratton
Take life with a pinch of salt
A shot of tequila and a wedge of lime
Do nothing at all
But take your time
John Walter Bratton
The greatest gift I ever had
Came from God; I call him Dad!
John Walter Bratton
May every memory that you share
Of dreams you’ve seen come true,
Help make this special anniversary day
A happy one, for the two of you
John Walter Bratton
True Friends are the bacon bits
In the salad bowl of life. How true
I read that and straight away,
My thoughts turned to you
And especially today on your 60th
These special wishes I send
Have a really wonderful birthday
My special “bacon flavored” friend
John Walter Bratton
May today be filled
With bright hopes for the future
And happy memories of the past
John Walter Bratton
It’s a good thing wrinkles don’t start ’til you’re 50ish.
So, wrinkles, then Happy 60th, and then
Just think, you’ll be 70
In just those short years, numbering ten
John Walter Bratton
It’s not easy for you, Dad
You seek your own space
You slope off to watch telly
But still see (Mom’s Mum’s Mam’s) face
John Walter Bratton
If I could choose the perfect Dad
There’s no one I would rather
Have Dad, than you Dad
Coz you go further, Father
Happy Birthday Father
John Walter Bratton
Gladys.. work has kept you fit
And Bill.. you never moan
Well life’s not for carrying cases
With a butler of your own
John Walter Bratton
Look back on your wedding
And be filled with joy and pride
Deservedly so, for the many years
You’ve flourished, side by side
John Walter Bratton
It started with a simple ring,
You became husband and wife,
You progressed to being parents
And you’re still best friends for life.
John Walter Bratton