Linda Pastan Quotes

Linda Pastan Quotes.

I have dreamed of our bed as if it were a shore where we would be washed up, not this striped mattress we must cover with sheets. [from “After an Absence”]
Linda Pastan
Grief is a circular staircase.
Linda Pastan
Spring is the shortest season.
Linda Pastan
I am tired of the litany
of months, September October
I am tired of the way the seasons
keep changing, mimicking
the seasons of the flesh
which are real and finite.
Linda Pastan
Evil is simply
a grammatical error:
a failure to leap
the precipice
between “he”
and “I.
Linda Pastan
Poetry is not a code to be broken but a way of seeing with the eyes shut.
Linda Pastan
What we want is never simple.
Linda Pastan
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