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Moms Quotes by Kathryn Hahn, Meryl Davis, Ann Romney, Julia Restoin Roitfeld, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Goldie Hawn and many others.

I loved doing ‘Bad Moms.’ I loved doing ‘We’re the Millers.’ But now that I’ve tasted complexity, it doesn’t matter what the genre is – it would be really hard to go back.
Kathryn Hahn
My mom is my role model. Charlie and I have two great sets of parents, but our moms are often the ones that go with us to competitions. My mom was with me in Sochi. I am so lucky to be a part of the Thank You Mom program partnered with Puffs and P&G.
Meryl Davis
It’s the moms of this nation – single, married, widowed – who really hold this country together. We’re the mothers, we’re the wives, we’re the grandmothers, we’re the big sisters, we’re the little sisters, we’re the daughters. You know it’s true, don’t you? You’re the ones who always have to do a little more.
Ann Romney
So much of my body changed from being pregnant. My hair got so much longer from all of the multivitamins and pregnancy vitamins, like the New Chapter’s Every Woman Vitamin I’ve been taking – it’s a lot of folic acid. I know a lot of moms cut their hair, but I just want to keep mine long.
Julia Restoin Roitfeld
I got to see the first step, hear the first word. Most people – and certainly working moms – are not able to do that. I wanted to appreciate the fact that I had worked so hard all my life to be able to have those moments.
Sarah Michelle Gellar
Moms and dads don’t last forever. If you’ve got unfinished business, we need to face that, and that’s not easy. Every child wants to love their mother and their father. Love is the most important thing, and when they feel rejected and unloved, that hole can never be filled by anyone else.
Goldie Hawn
I skated and rode bikes on ramps, and my mom was always super supportive. She was one of the only divorced moms in the neighborhood, so all the other parents looked down upon her for letting her kids do that kind of thing.
Spike Jonze
Moms Mabley blazed a path for female stand-ups in a housecoat and floppy hat. Phyllis Diller worked equally hard to make herself unattractive to men and non-threatening to women.
Nell Scovell
Millennials are always on their phones and it’s running their lives, but you know who is also on their phones? Moms and Dads and also some dogs… everyone is on their phone all the time.
Adam Conover
Of the many horrors of divorce, the most egregious is that it robs a kid of the best of both worlds. Dads can do many things that even the best moms can’t, and vice versa.
Rob Lowe
When new moms and dads can better support their families and give our youngest Americans the healthiest, most loving start to life, we all benefit.
Michelle Wu
Moms don’t just sit there cooking everyday and aren’t always there to greet their kids at the school bus.
Kate Gosselin
I love engaging in conversation with other moms because we can relate to one another, and we swap valuable insight and information.
Laila Ali
I have been lucky to be surrounded by other great working moms, like Tina Fey. I’ve certainly taken a lot of advice from her in every realm, from actor choices to mom choices.
Jane Krakowski
‘Dance Moms’ was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had in my life!
JoJo Siwa
I always find myself stopping to write down ideas of things I’d like to make from computer hardware items to things new moms need – inventions to share with others to make their lives more fun or interesting or easy.
Lisa Loeb
I started playing drums at about seven or eight. My mom used to let me play with the pots and pans, and instead of telling me to stop like most moms would, she just let me do it. So the noise kind of turned into music. From that point on, musically, that’s what I want to do: start creating beats.
Roshon Fegan
‘Workin’ Moms,’ obviously, is about mothers who also work. But we’re also expected to remain graceful when we return to work, and that’s just impossible.
Catherine Reitman
I think there should be better child support laws to make it easier for those single moms to support their children so they don’t have to go on welfare.
Gloria Allred
My mother used to dress rather risque when I was a kid, and that sort of shocked me. I always thought moms were supposed to wear cardigans and flats, but she was in leather bracelets and minidresses. In hindsight, it was pretty cool, but I’m probably more conservative because of it.
Drew Barrymore
I think that any moms that leave, even for the day at work, and come home every night will tell you that it’s not easy.
Haylie Duff
I used to tell moms that for the sake of their well-being they had to put themselves first. But I know now that’s not always possible.
Jillian Michaels
My mom was one of the moms who was like, ‘You are so handsome why aren’t you modeling? I am handsome, but model… let’s not get crazy.
Bob the Drag Queen
I moved to L.A., and I lived in the Oakland Apartments, which is this notorious hub for actor children and their stage moms. For the first few years that I lived there, Hilary Duff and Frankie Muniz frequented the apartments. I was much younger than them at the time.
Britt Robertson
I give and give, and sometimes I can’t find me. I’m sure many moms and wives go down that same rabbit hole.
Kim Fields
I find that the ‘moms club’ is a very, very exclusive club! It’s the club of mothers who wear skinny jeans and white button-down shirts and wash their hair twice a day! I do not, and mothers who do make me feel really bad. You know who I am talking about!
Marissa Jaret Winokur
A lot of moms give their kids line reads. My mom wasn’t put in that position because I always had an acting teacher helping with the feelings rather than how to say something.
Kirsten Dunst
I think it is important for working moms to recognize that family is the most important.
Paula Broadwell
I gradually understood why European mothers aren’t in perpetual panic about their work-life balance and don’t write books about how executive moms should just try harder: Their governments are helping them – and doing it competently.
Pamela Druckerman
I wish new moms wouldn’t be burdened with the pressure to get back into pre-baby shape so quickly.
Eve Torres
Working moms commonly testify that they feel guilty when they are away from their children and guilty when they are not at their jobs. Devoted fathers certainly miss their children deeply, but it does not seem to be with the same gnawing, primal anxiety that often afflicts women.
Camille Paglia
I certainly know women who had children, quit their jobs, and still have full-time nannies. That’s who these women are: Even to the detriment of their own relationship with their kids, they want to appear perfect Martha Stewart moms.
Busy Philipps
Divorce is challenging. When your kids go through things, it’s tough. But it’s no different for any other woman. And I have great compassion for single moms. It’s lousy out there for them. I had the ability to work. I have always been the provider anyway, but there are a lot of women who can’t support themselves.
Marie Osmond
My advice to moms that have to go to work is to just be easy on yourself and know that you’re doing the best you can.
Haylie Duff
My mom always taught me – you know, little boys listen to their moms too much – that whatever you put into something is what you’re going to get out of it.
I think I’ll be one of those moms that doesn’t raise her kids with too much technology around because I didn’t have much of that growing up. I was creative and played with what I had.
Karol G
Our moms accuse us of selling out all the time, so we’re still trying to cope with that. They claim to be true fans, like they’ve been there from the beginning, and they think that we’ve kind of, like, changed as humans.
Tyler Joseph
In too many cases, the moms, the dads, the sisters and brothers of children with cancer must stand by a hospital bed and watch helplessly as this horrible disease consumes the life of an innocent child.
Michael McCaul
People label themselves husbands, wives, moms, sisters, and friends before they label themselves Democrats or Republicans.
Stephanie Ruhle
With my new venture, Club Mom, we want to empower moms to feel their value and also build their collective power to make their lives better and easier. We want to bring them together as a community to share experiences and information.
Andrew Shue
I think the whole ‘tiger mom’ thing is a very common trope. People like to show Asian moms giving pressure, but they don’t really show the love that comes with it.
Ronny Chieng
People are really connecting to my birthmark. I’m getting lots of messages from moms saying that their child has a birthmark on their face and it’s a huge boost of confidence to them.
Oliver Stark
Women work as much as men now, if not more. There’s a resurgence of dads in the home and moms working.
Morena Baccarin
The face of the eviction epidemic is moms and kids, especially poor moms from predominantly Latino and African American neighborhoods.
Matthew Desmond
I really feel like because I had my son so young, I didn’t want everyone’s help. I think people felt entitled to give advice, so I’m always very sensitive to moms and letting them feel their way out.
Solange Knowles
I’ve played so many moms, best friends, sisters and understanding people.
Rita Wilson
Literally, ‘Dance Moms’ was so amazing, and I have the world to thank for that. They were so awesome – the set, the cast, the crew – it was amazing.
JoJo Siwa
I didn’t bother with trash-talking people’s moms, wives, or girlfriends. I was like, ‘Hold on, man, you mean to tell me you’re making $10 million a year? That’s $9 million, $999,999 too much!’ That ate them up.
Shannon Sharpe
It’s important for moms, but also dads, to recognize that they’re role models when it comes to their kids’ physical health, when it comes to working out, and when it comes to nutrition.
Dominique Dawes
I’m just one of many moms who will say an extra prayer each night for our sons and daughters going into harm’s way.
Sarah Palin
My dream was to play football for the Oakland Raiders. But my mother thought I would get hurt playing football, so she chose baseball for me. I guess moms do know best.
Rickey Henderson
I like showing moms what it’s really like having a baby, and how it’s not Hollywood life.
Bethenny Frankel
I’ve met so many fans of daytime television who’ve watched the shows with their moms and grandmas and feel like they’ve known the characters their whole lives. It’s sad for them to have to say goodbye to their favorite soaps and characters. We don’t want that to happen to the ‘Days’ fans.
Alison Sweeney
When moms stayed home, it was easier just to let the kids play around the house. But as women entered the workplace and the extended family dissolved, someone else had to pick up the slack on the child-care front. Extracurricular activities fit the bill perfectly, promising not only supervision but also enrichment.
Carl Honore
I always think that some of those moms who are rocking cool fashion looks while walking their little babies in a stroller is just the bomb. You don’t have to, all of a sudden, have to transition into ‘mom’ outfits from the ’90s just because you became a mom.
Coco Rocha
We have a broad range of snackers – moms, kids and healthy active people.
Keith Belling
The one advice that I would give just to moms who have a child or a newborn is definitely sleep while the baby sleeps. I’ve heard that so many times. I never realized how true it really is. If you don’t, you’ll be walking around like a zombie.
Tia Mowry
I always hated perfect TV moms because I always thought that was unrealistic.
Patricia Richardson
My favorite role is mommy. I know that sounds cheesy to people who don’t have kids, or there are even some moms who think it’s cheesy. It’s a role you can’t prepare for; it’s a role you don’t get paid to do, but it is the most rewarding role, and to me, it’s been the most fulfilling.
Vanessa Lachey
With ‘Dance Moms’ in L.A., we film on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. When we film in Pittsburgh, we film the same days, but we still dance in our studio when we’re not filming, so I’m dancing every day except Sunday.
Maddie Ziegler
Me and my peers, we’re working really hard at being moms and sisters and professionals.
Ivanka Trump
I did some stupid things when I was younger, but I got a lot out of my system. Every time, my mom was waiting there with an ‘I told you so.’ Moms are usually right. You’re wrong if you don’t think that they’ve done what we’re doing, because they have.
Elle King
We moms are beautiful both with and without makeup, but I always love classic colors I can mix with anything.
La La Anthony
I grew up with my moms and pops. Pops was in jail for, like, three years.
The biggest lesson I’ve learned throughout the first season of ‘Workin’ Moms’ is that you have to give yourself permission to forgive yourself.
Catherine Reitman
Moms rock!
Marisol Nichols
Now, I love playing moms who can’t hide their paranoia.
Wendi McLendon-Covey
Moms, you are the first and most influential role model in your girl’s life. Use that power.
Tyra Banks
Unlike most expectant moms, I haven’t had cravings to eat anything fancy. But on one day, I felt like eating kulfi. In the next hour, every possible flavour of kulfi in all shapes and sizes were laid out in front of me.
Radhika Pandit
One of the oddities about being Judy Garland’s daughter was that everyone treated my mother with such awe that they would never have asked me the normal questions kids get about their moms.
Lorna Luft
I feel triumphant when our moms can use Airbnb without their technically inclined kids.
Joe Gebbia
Drake loves moms.
Earl Sweatshirt
Funny, how moms can tell you what to do no matter how old or big you are.
Gabrielle Reece
I believe that connecting with other moms is so important; after all, we are all on this crazy journey together and no one understands what we’re going through better than each other.
Ali Landry
I’ve been so fortunate to work with so many successful women who are moms as well.
Lily Collins
A lady passed me a note in Australia one time that said, ‘My daughter gets bullied at school because she has two moms, and you know, we told her just to tell them to watch ‘Modern Family.’
Eric Stonestreet
I don’t want to be known as just a ‘Dance Moms’ competitor. I’d really like to be known for all of Sia’s work, too.
Maddie Ziegler
Sometimes, moms have to be creative to get their babies to eat healthy.
Kym Whitley
There are so many single moms and dads out there, and we are all just trying to pick up the pieces together. It’s hard.
Kate Gosselin
I always feel guilty when I want to go get my nails done or hair done because it takes time away, but I know moms need that alone time, too.
Jessie James Decker
Yes, there have been women in comedy. Moms Mabley was one of the earliest. She was an African American comedian; she often dressed up as an older, disheveled woman.
Rebecca Traister
It’s not the most relatable thing for working moms to have freshly painted claws all the time.
Catherine Reitman
My outlook was, ‘You’re not my moms; you can’t tell me what to do.’ I got expelled from about 20 schools.
Tory Lanez
I’m lucky because I have a job I love. I really miss being away from home, being in my own bed, seeing my animals and siblings, having my moms cookies. I have a couple cats. I got a kitten about a year ago and now Im going on the road so I wont see him for a while. I feel bad.
Michelle Branch
There’s no need for women and moms to go through this world alone without the help and the support from the businesses that do business in our communities and that generate success from the women in our community. That should not be happening.
Richelieu Dennis
I don’t usually say ‘working mom’ because I think all moms are working moms. I feel like that diminishes moms. People should say ‘working dad’ as opposed to working moms.
Pamela Adlon
I think that when moms just give themselves up, the kids know. They feel guilty; they resent their mother for making them feel guilty, and then they grow up and do the same thing. Whereas my mother showed me that it’s okay to focus on yourself.
Jillian Michaels
When I did start writing books, I didn’t realize it, but the girls that grew up watching the show became moms.
Lisa Whelchel
I’ve seen wonderful stay-at-home moms and moms who could use a little improving.
Cynthia Nixon
In eighth grade, I went to home school, but it was a program meant for stay-at-home moms, and both my parents worked, so I had to grade my own papers. I’d be like, ‘Ah man, you’re close enough, you get 100 percent!’
Scotty Lago
Moms get their fair share of conflicting advice, with a heaping of unsolicited advice. Parents debate the pros/cons of different types of disposable diapers, whether the supposed carcinogens in Johnson & Johnson baby products hurt their kids who used it, which method of sleep training to use.
Christine Tsai
I have to say, I have to tell you that my kids had a most marvelous time having two moms. When my daughter was at university, she got flu. And both mums rushed to be with her. And we were both looking after her and making soup and tidying up. And one of her friends came in and went, ‘Two mums? Not fair.’
Sandi Toksvig
We should be encouraging moms to breastfeed their infants, not discouraging it by unfairly judging and discriminating against nursing mothers.
Rashida Tlaib
It’s unfair to the hard-core stay-at-home moms to pretend you’re able to have an amazing body by chasing around your kids.
Ali Wong
I don’t have time to write a mom blog, but I’m not against it. I think it’s great when women talk about things. I’m all about female empowerment. There’s a lot of lonely, lost moms out there. Moms need to be encouraged to tell the truth. There’s a lot of glamour mommy stuff. It’s OK to get real.
Kelly Cutrone
I think I’m a lot like other moms out there who feel like if we don’t have the pecan pie we have every year, then it just won’t be Christmas.
Faith Hill
I’m pretty sure the feeling of inadequacy is universal for moms.
Sarah Drew
Maybe the perceived fact that smart, rich parents tended to have smart, rich kids was largely due to the fact that they also tended to have stay-at-home moms or nannies who read to their kids, held them, put mobiles over their cribs, playing those annoying ditties, and sent them off for SAT training at six months.
George Kaiser
There are so many women out there who are single moms, really not by choice, and doing it and making it work every day. I think it’s becoming much more a part of our culture and I hope that it will become more accepted and that those women are going to be more and more appreciated, respected and supported.
Connie Britton
When people stop me to say they love ‘Workin’ Moms,’ it’s not just that the show makes them laugh or is a great escape – they tell me my, or another, character’s story is their story.
Catherine Reitman
One of the things I have learned is some of the most judgmental people have been other moms, and there have also been a ton of moms who have been very supportive and encouraging.
Samantha Ponder
There are certainly other female comics who are moms, but I don’t know any who are actively touring with their kids. But there are more and more becoming moms, and it’s awesome. I feel we’re in a super sisterhood.
Ali Wong
Working women, moms, students, they don’t have a lot of time to spend on their faces.
Tyra Banks
Arguably, the families most at need of housing assistance are systematically denied it because they’re stamped with an eviction record. Moms and kids are bearing the brunt of those consequences.
Matthew Desmond
It’s the moms who always have to work a little harder, to make everything right.
Ann Romney
It’s important for moms to have alone time. However, that’s the first thing that goes on a busy day. Fortunately for me, because of my job, I have to find the time to do it. At least that’s the way my mind sees it. I have to exercise to be able to fit the clothes and book the jobs.
Cindy Crawford
My fan base is really, really young. They’re the youngest demographic that you can track on YouTube: 13- to 17-year-old females. But the fan mail that I get in my P.O. box, they’re all from moms and from kids who are two years old, three years old, four years old.
Rosanna Pansino
Kids who don’t have moms suffer a lifetime.
Laura Schlessinger
The mom guilt is really something that not many moms talk about. You leave your house for an hour and you feel guilty about it. That’s something I wasn’t aware of before I was pregnant.
Maryse Mizanin
Moms, take it from me: do not buy your baby too many shoes when they’re so tiny, because their feet grow every week.
I’m inspired by all those women in the ’60s – they look so put-together and cool at the same time, and they all were moms – moms and career women. I do wear heels, though. Pretty much always. I need to feel good about myself, so even if it’s casual, I’ll slip them on.
Julia Restoin Roitfeld
I hope all the kids out there who don’t like listening to their mothers, who yell and scream at them, that moms are always right just so you guys know.
Donovan Mitchell
From Abby Lee Miller’s intensity and her students’ incredible performances to their devoted moms and its high drama, ‘Dance Moms’ has become one of the most compelling shows on television.
Nancy Dubuc
I love those hockey moms. You know what they say the difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull is? Lipstick.
Sarah Palin
I’m not one of those Hollywood moms where my kid is three weeks old and I’m a size zero. I’m a real woman and I’m a working woman and a working mom.
Kimora Lee Simmons
The most challenging roles were Disney’s ‘A Christmas Carol’ and ‘Mars Needs Moms’ because they were both motion capture, so there was a lot of physical work involved.
Raymond Ochoa
I’m lucky enough to be stopped on the street for two things, usually: for ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia,’ and for ‘Workin’ Moms.’
Catherine Reitman
Liberal soccer moms are precisely as likely to receive anthrax in the mail as to develop a capacity for linear thinking.
Ann Coulter
I think there’s a lot of moms who just aren’t feeling protected. And that’s one of the prime purposes of the federal government, is the security of our nation.
Kathy Szeliga
I was raised by two moms in a town that was diverse and understanding of people. I remember when I got a taste of the whole rest of the world and left my bubble when I got older, I was just so confused by the fact that not everybody else was like that.
Bea Miller
What keeps me up at night is worrying about the moms who depend on ACA for all of the preventive care and not to mention prenatal care, the wellness visits, and the cost of delivery.
Valerie Jarrett
Teachers are expected to be teachers, psychiatrists, nurses, sociologists, psychologists, surrogate moms or dads, as the case may be.
John Kennedy
I love that, ‘mommy-shaming.’ When I was a new mom, I was obsessed with how I was being perceived and trying to fit in as a mom, going to mommy-and-me classes and things like that, and never quite measuring up to ‘the real moms,’ the ‘robot moms,’ as I called them.
Pamela Adlon
I was a camp counselor for kids whose moms were on welfare, unfortunately, and right across the camp was the best, most pristine and preppy camp in the universe.
Harvey Weinstein
After doing ‘Dance Moms,’ I’ve been super inspired and motivated to work with girls.
Cheryl Burke
I want to be one of those moms and women that when I look back, I know that I always stayed focused.
Like so many new moms, I felt anxiety over the impending birth of my daughter. However, most of the anxiety I felt was around the idea of raising a child. I wasn’t focused on potential risks to my health or hers that could occur during the actual birth.
Christy Turlington
Once upon a time, the homemaker was just Mom, but now we’ve evolved and come to a place where we’re celebrating grandmas, grandpas, moms, dads – all the people that keep it safe and clean for our kids – and the overall health for ourselves so we can continue to function and do the variety of things we all do.
Christina Milian
‘The Voice’ has lots of singers who fit the ‘Idol’ mold of young, innocent ingenues with psycho stage moms. But it also has long-suffering adult pros, with a whiff of thirtysomething despair in their voices. That adds an edge of realness.
Rob Sheffield
Sometimes I feel like women of the world who are single moms and are working in Walmart are the strongest women out there, and that’s what’s really exciting to me is being all these different types of women.
Cobie Smulders
We’ve overmedicated kids. Quite frankly, some of the overmedication of kids are because welfare moms want to get additional benefits, and if they can put them on SSI through maintenance drugs, they can also put them on Social Security disability and get a separate check. That is wrong on every single level.
James Lankford
For Christian faith not to be idle in the world, the work of doctors and garbage collectors, business executives and artists, stay-at-home moms or dads and scientists needs to be inserted into God’s story with the world. That story needs to provide the most basic rules by which the game in all these spheres is played.
Miroslav Volf
I think with boys… it’s all about shoes. I’ve seen so many little boys, and their outfits are so cute, and then their moms put kind of dorky shoes on them.
Kourtney Kardashian
I’ve done a lot of work in my life and have begun to let go of that need to be perfect, and I loved that my character in ‘Moms’ Night Out’ was going through the same thing.
Sarah Drew
We still want to idealize moms, and sometimes we want to idealize actresses who are moms, too. I know that’s something I’ve experienced, but we’re all just doing the best we can and we’re all trying to raise our kids and talk to them about everything that needs to be discussed.
Annette Bening
Our mission began with finding solutions for families, especially busy moms.
Kathy Ireland
These days, it’s often women in uniform – moms, wives, even grandmothers – who deploy and leave their families behind.
Tulsi Gabbard
When I first decided to launch a clothing line, I was pregnant with my daughter Spencer-Margaret, so I looked for a retailer with values that mirrored my own growing family concerns. Kmart is a family store where value-conscious moms shop, so my partnership with Kmart seemed like a natural fit.
Jaclyn Smith
I love football, but I also want to give back. I want to take care of kids and single moms, so it’s not only about playing football. I want my life to matter in that way.
Zach Ertz
Join a Bikram-flow-yoga, Flywheel, or Pilates class so you can find spiritual oneness amid grunting socialite moms. Do whatever you want. Just, please, for the love of God, stop talking about it.
Mary H.K. Choi
Pretty isn’t the only thing that matters – being smart and kind matters more, of course – but all daughters should hear from their moms that they look pretty once in a while.
Meg Cabot
I think that’s something people need to convey because you see all these celebrity moms out there, and the perception is they can do it all, but they have sooo much help. And it’s kind of an unfair image to project for many women, because it is really hard, and if you have help, you should indicate you have help.
Lisa Ling
For my grandmother’s generation, the big invention was cake mix; for our moms, it was the microwave, and for me, it’s the iPhone. And that’s enabled us to do so many different things more efficiently at home.
Brit Morin
I have a special place in my heart for working moms – it’s a constant pull on your heartstrings.
Angela Kinsey
Apart from sharing my tips on toys or snacks, I’m open to hearing new ideas from other moms. I want to learn, too.
Heidi Klum
My purpose is to refuel, refresh and rejuvenate moms.
Lisa Whelchel
Moms are sometimes the craziest because they know they want to get their daughters to be seen by us or get an autograph.
Kevin Jonas
I do know I will enjoy family life. What I’ve seen from moms, or heard stories from people who became a parent, it’s such a consuming thing; it’s such a wonderful thing. I consider it an extreme luxury to have that time and to not have to do anything else, and just be with my kid.
Floor Jansen
Moms, you should parent in whatever way works for your family and spend less time worrying about other people’s perceptions of how you’re doing.
Rachel Hollis
American politics are rich with characters and stereotypes – Joe the Plumber, Harry and Louise, Nascar dads and hockey moms, to name a few. But one persistent type hasn’t gotten much attention: the Republican football coach.
Steve Kornacki
I used to have this illusion that time and remote areas prepare you for the world. Our moms used to think that kind of thing. Well, it doesn’t prepare you for the world at all!
Jim Harrison
David Stern should get with the mothers of the NBA and let the moms decide what the dress code should be. I asked my mother if I could wear a chain, and she told me yeah. So I do stuff that my parents allow me to do.
Shaquille O’Neal
Back in 2008, after we’d won the election, no one really expected me to keep teaching. But I couldn’t just walk away… So I did both. For eight years, that was my life’s dichotomy. State receptions – and midterms. Dinner with the most powerful man on earth – and study sessions with single moms.
Jill Biden
Working moms, and increasingly working dads, don’t want a government handout, but they do need a hand up.
Madeleine M. Kunin
With girls, there’s an insecurity that starts early on. It hangs around them, like some annoying kid from down the block who won’t take the hint and go home when dinnertime comes. And moms are usually not great at giving their daughters confidence.
Steve Schirripa
I’m a beauty guru, I just love all of that stuff. We have a makeup artist for ‘Dance Moms’ that touches us up and stuff, but I love doing my own makeup; sometimes I do my friends’, too. My favorite is doing eye shadow and eyeliner.
Maddie Ziegler
I hope this will help new moms not feel alone or desperate, and that there is no shame in their feelings. PPD is out of their control, but the treatment and healing process is not.
Brooke Shields
Working moms, stay at home moms, they’re both extremely hard jobs.
Hilary Rosen
There hasn’t been any positive steps for moms in the NWSL. Now we’re kind of getting our heads together, getting ideas together, and so now we can start somewhere as moms… Child care is not cheap. And if you look at our paychecks and you look at child care, there goes our paycheck. How are we going to eat?
Jessica McDonald
Undereye patches are genius. From traveling, I get really puffy under my eyes. Klorane Smoothing and Relaxing Patches are a great ten-minute trick to look refreshed. They’re perfect for moms running on no sleep.
Lily Aldridge
I was in love with a lot of people, because I was a student of the game of comedy – Carol Burnett, Jack Benny, Red Skelton, Jackie Gleason, Don Rickles, Red Foxx, Moms Mabley – who gets no credit, Richard Pryor, Bill Cosby, George Kirby. I loved them all, and I used to just take a page out of all of them.
Bernie Mac
When moms and dads put their kids in acting class, good luck. Because you’re just filling them with stuff they don’t need yet.
Anna Chlumsky
I’ve been playing sexually aware women most of my life. At this point I expected to be playing moms and wives. It’s exciting to play a femme fatale.
Kim Cattrall
‘Mars Needs Moms’ was motion capture, where you walk into a space that’s essentially a black box with cameras everywhere. It was so technical. You have these mandibles with cameras on your face and a helmet, and you have to hit certain marks. You couldn’t shoot this stuff without the green-screen aspect.
Dan Fogler
I am thankful for moms who try their best, give their all and bless their children with something priceless.
Koena Mitra
Conservatives were sure that if you eliminated welfare for single moms, it would eliminate – or at lease greatly reduce – single motherhood. So in 1996 we had welfare reform. Did not change the trend in the least. Soon half of all babies will be born out of wedlock.
Gail Collins
Let’s face it: Most of us don’t realize it, but we are failing our kids as reading role models. The best role models are in the home: brothers, fathers, grandfathers; mothers, sisters, grandmothers. Moms and dads, it’s important that your kids see you reading. Not just books – reading the newspaper is good, too.
James Patterson
People look down on teen moms and young mothers when they are the most gracious and significant women on this Earth. They sacrifice their freedom and their lives to give life.
Princess Nokia
Like many moms in this country, I work to provide my child the best life she can have. It’s tough. It’s hard to take care of a sick baby all night, wake up tired, and have to go to work when all I want to do is spend time holding her.
Tammy Duckworth
I love playing moms. It’s a lot easier than being a mom, I hear.
Faith Ford
My moms always told me, ‘How long you gonna play the victim?’ I can say I’m mad and I hate everything, but nothing really changes until I change myself.
Kendrick Lamar
I am proud of our diversity, and when you attack the federal workforce, you are having significant impact on women – many of whom are single moms working to support their family – and you’re having a significant impact on communities of color.
Tom Perez
I think moms need to share information on a regular, intimate basis.
Susie Bright
Most families need both parents to work. Moms need to be able to work and earn fair pay and have the flexibility in their jobs to also be primary caretakers.
Joan Blades
We know taking care of an infant isn’t just women’s work – so why should maternity leave be the norm when paternity leave is the exception? There’s no question that taking care of and bonding with a new baby is just as important and meaningful for dads as it is for moms.
Randi Weingarten
In the U.S, Zika outbreaks are hopefully going to be easy to isolate. The biggest threat is likely to be from the fear Zika sows, especially among expectant moms.
Scott Gottlieb
The brands that you can put on children’s pajamas, ones that give moms a feeling of warmth and comfort, are in short supply.
Haim Saban
It’s always interesting to talk to people’s moms or sisters or wives. It gives you a different perspective of somebody that everybody already thinks they knew.
Angie Martinez
Films are deprived of the conventional elderly figures now. They are more into yo moms and dads.
Alok Nath
I don’t know that I have any role models now that are fixed. Definitely my mom – she’s the coolest. She’s worked really hard her whole life and I just think she’s got a great attitude. Moms just know so much it’s so silly.
Larisa Oleynik
The funniest is the moms who get really angry with me, and they bring their kid who’s dressed like Deadpool, and he’s 9 years old, and they’re scolding me that their little kid can’t enjoy Deadpool.
Rob Liefeld
I love the fact that Facebook offers equal leave for moms and dads. Consider that for your company.
Christine Tsai
Most moms and dads, they want to be good moms and dads. But it’s an incredibly hard job when you are stressed out, when you are poor, when your life is in chaos. And giving them some of the tools to be better parents, to whittle away at that parenting gap, gives those kids a much better starting point in life.
Nicholas Kristof
To this day, I continuously get social media people tweeting doing ‘Glorious Bombs’ from all over the world. You have little kids doing them. You have moms doing them who have no idea what they’re doing, but they’re doing it. It’s become one of those entertaining things.
Bobby Roode
As far as children out there that hate their moms and dads, just get over it, because you get one dad and one mom. You know, suck it up. Learn something.
I can see how the young girls really get hurt when their moms are critical, or vice versa when they’re overly critical of their moms. It can be so painful.
Tori Amos
I gained, I think, 65 pounds when I was pregnant. And I will say to moms out there, ‘Don’t stress about losing it. It will happen when it happens.’
Vanessa Lachey