Nature Vs Nurture Quotes

Nature Vs Nurture Quotes by Larissa Ione, Simon Blackburn, Brian Greene, Emily Procter, Gabor Mate, Katherine Dunn and many others.

He was the ultimate experiment in Nature Versus Nurture, and she imagined he must be engaged in a constant battle between what he was and what he wanted to be.
Larissa Ione
When the hoary old question of nature versus nurture comes around, sides form quickly.
Simon Blackburn
Nature’s patterns sometimes reflect two intertwined features: fundamental physical laws and environmental influences. It’s nature’s version of nature versus nurture.
Brian Greene
As comfortable as I was with my adoption, the nature-versus-nurture question has been a big one for me. I adore my parents, but I always wondered if I would feel a different kind of love-not more or less, just different-for someone who was biologically related.
Emily Procter
In the real world there is no nature vs. nurture argument, only an infinitely complex and moment-by-moment interaction between genetic and environmental effects
Gabor Mate
Well, it arose out of two long-term concerns – the first being the possibility of genetic manipulation, nature versus nurture, what constitutes how people get to be how they are.
Katherine Dunn
What worries me is that the debate about gender differences still seems to polarize nature vs. nurture, with some in the social sciences and humanities wanting to assert that biology plays no role at all, apparently unaware of the scientific evidence to the contrary
Simon Baron-Cohen
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