Over You Quotes

Over You Quotes by Lee Westwood, Mae West, Katherine Hannigan, Zhuangzi, Robert Breault, Martin Luther and many others.

You’re the only one in control over your golf ball. It’s not like tennis: you’re hitting a shot and somebody’s hitting it back at you.
Lee Westwood
Give a man a free hand and he’ll run it all over you.
Mae West
…all of a sudden I felt filled up again, so that my heart might come up my throat. And I was thinking how that can come over you, out of nowhere, and if it wasn’t such a fine feeling, it might almost be frightening. Like there’s more love and good thoughts and powerful things inside of you than one body can hold.
Katherine Hannigan
But you now, you wear your soul on your sleeve, exhausting your energy, propping yourself up on a tree, mumbling, or bent over your desk, asleep. Heaven gives you a form and you wear it out by pointless argument.
As important as it is to keep picking yourself up and brushing yourself off, it’s also important to stop tripping over your own two feet.
Robert Breault
For God is wholly present in all creation, in every corner, he is behind you and before you. Do you think he is sleeping on a pillow in heaven? He is watching over you and protecting you.
Martin Luther
That dreams have power only over your own mind. But with money you can have power over the minds of others
Vikas Swarup
You get over your first love by falling in love with something new.
Mo Ibrahim
Nothing is ever simple. What do you do when you discover you like parts of the role you’re trying to escape?
Marilyn French
Everyday some people discover you! What good things have you got for them? Just like preparing a soup, prepare good things and keep them ready for the people who discover you!
Mehmet Murat Ildan
When you’re happy it’s pretty tough to knock you over. You can handle whatever comes along in life.
Frederick Lenz
When the show is over we still have to pay our rent, we have to buy food. We have to do all the same things that you do.
Jamie Farr
We want more people owning things in this country. Let me put it to you bluntly: In a changing world, we want more people to have control over your own life.
George W. Bush
There may be stranger reasons for being alive. There are books There’s interlibrary loan. There are books you can fall into and pull up over your head.
Jo Walton
I hear actors complain about being stereotyped, and a lot of the time, you have yourself to blame. Just don’t take the part if you feel like it’s a stereotypical part for you. You have control over your life. We don’t have the old studio system, where you have to do what they tell you.
John C. Reilly
Explore your mind, discover yourself, then give the best that is in you to your age and to your world. There are heroic possibilities waiting to be discovered in every person
Wilferd Peterson
Quickly you make rash decisions. You dismiss your last allies: hope and trust. There, you’ve defeated yourself. Fear, which is but an impression, has triumphed over you.
Yann Martel
Why don’t you do the world a favour. Pull your bottom lip up over your head and swallow.
Walter Matthau
You see, we all want the same things. We want to be able to take care of our families, provide for our children, to have a roof over our heads and a good-paying job.
Dennis Hastert
Don’t push me I’ve got a corner at my back I’ve nowhere to go except over you.
Henry Rollins
The tide of my love
Has risen so high let me flood
Do something! Start something! As you make consistent efforts, you will begin to see your goals come into focus. You will discover your mission–the one only you can fulfill.
Daisaku Ikeda
I have no distributor… it is indicative to me that there are these pockets of players and collectors all over. You should see the correspondence I get from over the world letting me know how significant they think I am. I know that wherever I go, I am well received.
Bill Dixon
When you discover your gift and authority, that gift attracts people. When people come to you, they are not really coming to you for you but for the gift and the vision that you are serving the humanity of your generation with.
Myles Munroe
There are really so many people trying to get control over you on a daily basis and steal your soul in some way, take a part of you…
Gerard Way
Your education begins where what is called your education is over.
Your fate is but the common lot of all.
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Now, it is much more difficult for young people coming to New York. But also when you’re young, you have more time to interact with one another, to discover yourself with people of your generation.
Kiki Smith
In general, being independent is so liberating, you get to create without someone looking over your shoulders.
Raheem Jarbo
As you gain more discipline over your body, you will find that a corollary discipline will develop in the mind because the two really go together.
Frederick Lenz
If you could find out what the most successful people did in any area and then you did the same thing over and over, you’d eventually get the same result they do.
Brian Tracy
Discipline is a difficult word for most of us. It conjures up images of somebody standing over you with a stick, telling you that you’re wrong. But self-discipline is different. It’s the skill of seeing through the hollow shouting of your own impulses and piercing their secret.
Henepola Gunaratana
… true financial freedom doesn’t depend on how much money you have. Financial freedom is when you have power over your fears and anxieties instead of the other way around.
Suze Orman
Sometimes we don’t want the bad guy to get caught because otherwise the story is over. You want to at least see it through to the end.
Billy Bob Thornton
It was one thing not to want a husband, I realized; it was quite another not to need one for the roof over your head, for your meat and bread, for the shoes on your feet and the coat on your back.
Margo Lanagan
You have started the book with this bubble over your head that contains a cathedral full of fire – that contains a novel so vast and great and penetrating and bright and dark that it will put all other novels ever written to shame. And then, as you get towards the end, you begin to realise, no, it’s just this book.
Michael Cunningham
I find that when you read a script, or rewrite something, or look at something that’s been gone over, you can tell, like rings on a tree, by how bad it is, how long it’s been in development.
Joss Whedon
If you allow dunya to own your heart, like the ocean that owns the boat, it will take over. You will sink down to the depths of the sea. You will touch the ocean floor.
Yasmin Mogahed
Never forget, your family should always have priority over your work.
Mary Kay Ash
Once you grow up and discover yourself as a human being you look at things for what they are.
Marco Pierre White
I was trying to explain my situation to myself. My situation was that I was in pain and nobody knew it, even I had trouble knowing it. So I told myself, over and over, You are in pain. It was the only way I could get through to myself. I was demonstrating externally and irrefutably an inward condition.
Susanna Kaysen
Always make sure your jewelry isn’t taking over you or your ensemble and keep everything in proportion to your frame
Nina Garcia
We all have brains and we’re all really smart people, but the underlying reality is that we’re really just animals and sometimes animal instinct takes over your capability to really think things through.
Cristian Machado
At every turn you have to find a new kind of self-sovereignty over your environment. Every kid I see is at the mercy of Periscope, Twitter, or an Angry Bird of some description. People are shackled to their mediocrity by companies and businesses who want to consume your life with theirs.
Daniel Gillies
The only people who have control over their careers are the ones you see on the covers of magazines. Everyone else is just plodding along making a living. The key is not to live over your means and overdo it.
Adam Baldwin
When you’re a director you always feel weird with another director watching over your shoulder.
Fede Alvarez
I’m pretty ruthless about that; I think when you sign over your story, you sign over your story.
Rachel Griffiths
Your past is just a story. And once you realize this it has no power over you.
Chuck Palahniuk
The solution to low self-esteem is to get over yourself and get a higher purpose.
Marianne Williamson
Your brain develops depending on your individual history. What has gone on in your own brain and its consciousness over your lifetime is not repeatable, ever – not with identical twins, not even with conjoined twins.
Gerald Edelman
It’s not a matter of whether or not someone’s watching over you. It’s just a question of their intentions.
R. K. Milholland
The way you discover your gifts is really by serving not by searching.
Loren Cunningham
Work hard to discover your gift and you will never envy or hate another human being who is manifesting theirs.
Louis Farrakhan
When a politician says, concerning an issue involving science, that the debate is over, you may be sure the debate is rolling on and not going swimmingly for his side.
George Will
When you are afraid of someone, they can gain power over you, meaning they can drop your energy level.
Frederick Lenz
I have found life highly competitive. I accept it. It is useless, merely a hypocritical humbug, to sincerely wish your opponent to win. If you are out to win you are better not wanting to know your opponent, much less grow to like him – and wish him, honestly success over you. I have never functioned that way.
Percy Cerutty
When it’s over you look up: the world looks the same but you are somehow different and that feeling lingers for days.
Audrey Niffenegger
If I am good enough and quiet enough, perhaps after all they will let me go; but it’s not easy being quiet and good, it’s like hanging on to the edge of a bridge when you’ve already fallen over; you don’t seem to be moving, just dangling there, and yet it is taking all your strength.
Margaret Atwood
Fight against yourself, recover yourself to decency, to modesty, to freedom. And, in the first place, condemn your actions; but when you have condemned them, do not despair of yourself. For both ruin and recovery are from within.
Refraining from all evil, not clinging to birth and death, working in deep compassion for all sentient beings, respecting those over you and pitying those below you, without any detesting or desiring, worrying or lamentation – this is what is called Buddha. Do not search beyond it.
One’s objective should be to get it right, get it quick, get it out and get it over. Your problem won’t improve with age.
Warren Buffett
Everybody kind of has to learn the same lessons. You’ve got to learn how to get over your first love. You’ve got to learn how to forgive people that emotionally abuse you. You’ve got to learn how to let go in a lot of ways.
Weyes Blood
Wherever you go in life, you will feel somewhere over your shoulder a pink, castellated shimmering presence, the domes and riggings and crooked pinacles of the Serenissima
Jan Morris
There are so many things that can take over your life: money, alcohol, drugs – even fashion. People hand you things, and you start to believe life is easy. And it’s not like that – you’re not supposed to be the person you play in the movies.
Miley Cyrus
Some teams have a nucleus to build around. The Falcons barely have an embryo. So if you see suspicious looking wires running from the locker room to Dimitroff’s office, and the general manager pushes down on the plunger as early as today, don’t feel the need to cover your eyes. You’ve already seen the worst.
Jeff Schultz
To me that’s what art is about – when you don’t really have any control over your desires to do it.
Noah Taylor
With voice-over, you have to pretend like youre three, except you can talk and read.
Molly Quinn
Your genius will shine through, and happiness will fill your life, the instant you discover your higher purpose and direct all your energies towards it.
Robin Sharma
I mean, if 10 years from now, when you are doing something quick and dirty, you suddenly visualize that I am looking over your shoulders and say to yourself “Dijkstra would not have liked this,” well, that would be enough immortality for me.
Edsger Dijkstra
And I think it’s that time. And I think if you just step aside and Mr. Romney can kind of take over. You can maybe still use a plane. Though maybe a smaller one. Not that big gas guzzler you are going around to colleges and talking about student loans and stuff like that.
Clint Eastwood
The reaction to death is sometimes as violent as death itself. Shock throws a cautious coolness over your senses, but your stomach still has knots, your skin stings as if the Reaper is glaring at you as well.
Tim Lebbon
The right attitude toward any negative state begins with understanding that its only authority over you is a direct reflection of your attitude towards it.
Guy Finley
Commandment #1: Believe in yourself. Commandment #2: Get over yourself.
Kristan Higgins
There are ways to minimize the risk if you are a woman working in the Middle East: You can dress modestly, wear the hijab, cover your head, always travel with a man.
Lynsey Addario
Being an immigrant and staring life over, you learn to be a survivor and how to face your challenges and basically overcome them. And that has been a great skill set that I’ve developed and has helped me in my career.
Anousheh Ansari
You’ll know what kind of bird I am when I fly over you.
Tommy Newsom
Time is an absurdity. An abstraction. The only thing that matters is this moment. This moment a million times over. You have to trust me. If this moment is repeated enough, if you keep trying — and you have to keep trying — eventually you will come across the next item on your list.
Jonathan Nolan
What I do is draw but if you make an animated feature obviously it takes a whole team of people, and Zippy is my work. I felt that turning it over to a team of people would be wrong.
Bill Griffith
When you get over the anxiety, you discover you should have been mad a long time ago.
Amy Clampitt
This is ridiculous. It’s been months and for some reason I just can’t get over us. I’m stronger than this. Enough is enough; no more walking around with my head down, I’m so over being blue crying over you.
When you’re young, there’s so much that you can’t take in. It’s pouring over you like a waterfall. When you’re older, it’s less intense, but you’re able to reach out and drink it. I love being older.
Sigourney Weaver
I realize more and more what it takes to be a really good photographer. You go in over your head, not just up to your neck.
Dorothea Lange
It’s very rare that a character comes to mind complete in himself. He needs additional traits that I often pick from actual people. One way you can cover your tracks is to change the sex.
Louis Auchincloss
They’re counting on your patriotism to distract you from their plunder. They’re counting on you to be standing at attention with your hand over your heart, pledging allegiance to the flag, while they pick your pocket!
Bill Moyers
When you need an answer, look over your left shoulder and ask your death.
Carlos Castaneda
If you deny the existence of your fault or error, it will strengthen its hold over you. If you recognize it, your awareness will destroy it. He who rejects this will never know the entrance to the Temple.
R. A. Schwaller de Lubicz
It’s not about any one person. You’ve got to get over yourself and realize that it takes a group to get this thing done
Gregg Popovich
By going over your day in imagination before you begin it, you can begin acting successfully at any moment.
Dorothea Brande
From tonight onwards, take complete control of your life. Decide, once and for all, to be the master of your fate. Run your own race. Discover your calling and you will start to experience the ecstasy of an inspired life.
Robin Sharma
Pilates is gaining the mastery of your mind over the complete control over your body.
Joseph Pilates
The way to be successful is through preparation. It doesn’t just happen. You don’t wake up one day and discover you’re a lawyer any more than you wake up as a pro football player. It takes time.
Alan Page
The BP president said yesterday that the company would survive. That’s like someone running over your dog and saying, ‘Don’t worry, my car is fine.’
Jimmy Fallon
There is no logical reason why thoughts, which have no substance, should have so much power over you, nor is there any reason why you should become their slave
Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche
At times of recession, running a budget deficit is highly desirable. Once the economy begins to recover, you have to balance the budget. But it will also need additional revenues. Should the government not receive them, we will all get punished with higher interest rates.
George Soros
Once they call you a Latin Lover, you’re in real trouble. Women expect an Oscar performance in bed.
Marcello Mastroianni
Sex is the greatest driving force on this planet. Christ, why are we living if we can’t have a little fun? Sex is giving, and the more you give, the better lover you are.
Jack LaLanne
Go out there and swear to this world your oath, not with your words, but with what you do. Not with your hand over your heart, but with your hand outstretched to a world that desperately needs your hand, your help, your insights, your creativity, your honor, your courage. It needs you.
Cory Booker
Let me just try to give you sort of the intuitive one here on the stimulus funds. If you have a two-person economy – let’s imagine we have two farms, and that’s the whole world, just two farms. If one of those farmers gets unemployment benefits, who do you think pays for him? Am I going way over your heads today?
Arthur Laffer
I become quite inhibited particularly when I do comedy, I won’t – there’s a whole thing of allowing an audience in and if you – if you cover yourself with a mask of, kind of, severity, which I’m quite good at doing, that’s masking fear of course, then people feel shut out.
Ian McLeod
Why won’t you run in the rain and play, let the tears splash all over you?
Dave Matthews
When you live with integrity and value your word over your excuses, you have the power to speak your dreams into existence.
Hal Elrod
You don’t want to get to the end of life’s journey and discover you never left the interstate.
Robert Breault
If a group of beings from another planet were to land on Earth – beings who considered themselves as superior to you as you feel yourself to be to other animals – would you concede them the rights over you that you assume over other animals?
George Bernard Shaw
Without passion, the powers-that-be can run roughshod over you.
Bette Midler
Whatever you do to recover from a loss, people will be critical because they believe that the only way to recover is their way. And you will even run into some people who should be run into by rhinos because they actually don’t want to see you get over your tragedy at all; grief is a spectator sport for them.
Joan Rivers
You don’t get to know anybody in a movie until after it’s over. You work less together in a film than you do onstage.
Al Pacino
Family’s the one thing you can’t change. You can cover yourself with tattoos. You can get a grapefruit-sized ring going through your earlobe. You can change your name. You can move to a different continent. But you cannot change who your parents were, and who your siblings are, and who your children are.
Jonathan Franzen
And if you say a word about this over the radio, the next wings you see will belong to the flies buzzing over your rotting corpse.
John Malkovich
I don’t want to be influenced as to what I write in the next book, to hear those voices in my head when I’m writing. The idea of second-guessing your reader is dangerous, trying to please some notional reader looking over your shoulder, instead of just yourself.
Maggie O’Farrell
Trust God’s love. His perfect love. Don’t fear He will discover your past. He already has. Don’t fear disappointing Him in the future. He can show you the chapter in which you will. With perfect knowledge of the past and perfect vision of the future, He loves you perfectly in spite of both.
Max Lucado
The sky’s the limit if you have a roof over your head.
Sol Hurok
You are redeemed and you are also victorious, over your sins in Jesus.
Corrie Ten Boom
The world has only as much power over you as you give it. Rebel. Go beyond duality.
Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj
You know, when someone prefers their own brother over you, it isn’t a confidence booster.
Cassandra Clare
Please ignore rumors! I’ve had them for years and you have to just let them go over your head. Don’t take them personally.
Emma Bunton
If you’re worried about putting food on the table or putting a roof over your head, that stress is definitely will contribute to unhappiness, but once you have your basic needs met then incremental money.
Tony Hsieh
It is a terrible thing to look over your shoulder when you are trying to lead – and find no one there.
Franklin D. Roosevelt
I can see in your eyes that there’s no seam of untapped joy left in you. The best of life has come and gone. Those days when sudden epiphanies swept over you, and you had visions of the rightness of all things and of your place amongst them; they’re history. You’re in a darker place now.
Clive Barker
I want to keep on living forever and watching heroes and fools and knights go up and down, into the world and out. I want to keep being myself and mind the work that minds me. Work is not always a hard thing that looms over your years. Sometimes, work is the gift of the world to the wanting.
Catherynne M. Valente
Discover yourself, otherwise you have to depend on other people’s opinions who don’t know themselves.
Every so often, let your spirit of adventure triumph over your good sense.
H. Jackson Brown, Jr.
In live action, you go scene by scene, but in voice over you go line by line. In voice over you do a lot more takes.
Joshua Rush
Reporters have a different point of view and a different job. Consequently, to the extent that you can help them turn in an interesting story that their editor is going to like and that’s going to further their careers, they’re going to give you more ink and cover you.
Roger Ailes
One of ennui’s most terribel components is the overwhelming feeling of ennui that comes over you whenever you try to explain it.
Ingmar Bergman
Don’t believe that jazz about there’s nothing you can do, “turn on and drop out, man” – because you’ve got to turn on and drop in, or they’re going to drop all over you.
John Lennon
See what a good actress I am? I’m just typing over and over, “You’re a good person, Mary Lynn! Hang in there! You can do it!”
Mary Lynn Rajskub
When the Holy Spirit takes over your life, He’ll drive every sickness out of your body; He’ll make right everything that was wrong.
Chris Oyakhilome
To win over your bad self is the grandest and foremost of victories.
You just came wild and sexy all over my hand and even left some claw marks on my back to prove it. Don’t go getting shy on me now. ‘Cause baby, before the night is over you will be naked in my bed.
Abbi Glines
Tell me why you’re so hard to forget. Don’t remind me, I’m not over it. Tell me why, I can’t seem to face the truth, I’m just a little too not over you.
David Archuleta
I know something about performing. I know that when it seems like the avalanche is about to roll over you, you face into it and keep both arms swimming as hard as you can. You smile and you sell it.
Jillian Lauren
Never walk near the bed; to a ghost your ankle is your most vulnerable part-once in bed, you’re safe; he may lie around under the bed all night, but you’re safe as daylight. If you still have doubts pull the blanket over your head.
F. Scott Fitzgerald
Adolescence is that time in your life when you discover your ability to be depressed.
David Gerrold
When this election is over, you’re done, you’re finished. There is no more GOP. Don’t care what you GOP leaders are thinking, you’re not welcome. We don’t want you in our club, and you’re not gonna get in.
Rush Limbaugh
You can either give negativity power over your life or you can choose happiness instead.
Anais Nin
It might be a meaningless moment, but those sparks that ignite the song…. It’s mystical maybe, those magic moments. And to make music for a living, to perform these songs over and over, you have to safeguard those sparks. If you can do that, they’ll last a lot longer.
M. Ward
This is my first experience working in a foreign movie, but the mechanics, I think, are pretty much the same all over; you still have to wait in the trailer.
Dennis Farina
You might want to check with the IPCC Bureau. I’ve been told that IPCC is above national FOI Acts. One way to cover yourself and all those working in AR5 [the upcoming IPCC Fifth Assessment Report] would be to delete all e-mails at the end of the process. Hard to do, as not everybody will remember it.
Phil Jones
In a way, after you’re done directing there is a sense of amnesia that washes over you, you can’t exactly remember how you did things. It’s a zone, just like an athlete, when they can’t remember what they did, but somehow got it done.
Rebecca Miller
A positive attitude gives you power over your circumstances instead of your circumstances having power over you.
Joyce Meyer
There is no question that a very large number of people have to move; you cannot live where the water comes over you. I have not heard one suggestion on how we are going to move one hundred million people out of low-lying areas and what countries would be willing to accept them.
Walter Munk
Heavenly Father and the Savior are grateful that you do your part. They know you, They watch over you, and They love you.
Henry B. Eyring
You can run for cover, you can run for help. You can run to your lover, but you can’t ever run from yourself.
Tanya Tucker
Acquire a government over your ideas, that they may come down when they are called, and depart when they are bidden.
Isaac Watts
Emotion without reason lets people walk all over you; reason without emotion is a mask for cruelty.
Nalini Singh
So over you is the greatest enemy a man can have — and that is fear. I know some of you are afraid to listen to the truth — you have been raised on fear and lies. But I am going to preach to you the truth until you are free of that fear…
Malcolm X
When it’s all over, you’re remembered for what you did, not what you said you were going to do.
Jodi Picoult
The excitement for me lies not so much in interviewing the hard-to-get famous person, but the person whom you are about to discover. You know, like maybe the character actors who are just coming into their own and you’re realizing how great they are.
Terry Gross
Stressing and obsessing over your vision blocks it.
Gabrielle Bernstein
Buddhism is reason. Reason will win over your lord.
At the intersection where your gifts, talents, and abilities meet a human need; therein you will discover your purpose
You can’t plan for the future, because some guy’s going to land in a spaceship with three heads and a big beak and take over everything.
Paul Kantner
You say you’re looking for someone who’ll pick you up each time you fall, to gather flowers constantly and to come each time you call, a lover your life and nothing more. But it ain’t me, babe.
Bob Dylan
You have to understand that once an indictment has been signed, all countries that are signature to the U.N. charter will hand a person straight over. You dont have to go through the normal extradition process.
Tony Greig
I followed your footsteps,” he said, in answer to the unspoken question. “Snow makes it easy.” I had been tracked, like a bear. “Sorry to make you go to all that trouble,” I said. “I didn’t have to go that far, really. You’re about three streets over. You just kept going in loops.” A really inept bear.
Maureen Johnson
. . . Action always happens in the present, because it is an expression of the body, which can only exist in the here and now. But the mind is like a phantom that lives only in the past or future. It’s only power over you is to draw your attention our of the present.
Dan Millman
The path to the Truth is a labour of the heart, not of the head. Make your heart your primary guide! Not your mind. Meet, challenge and ultimately prevail over your nafs with your heart. Knowing your ego will lead you to the knowledge of God.
Shams Tabrizi
Love yourself and be awake- Today, tomorrow, always. First establish yourself in the way, Then teach others, And so defeat sorrow. To straighten the crooked You must first do a harder thing- Straighten yourself. You are your only master. Who else? Subdue yourself, And discover your master.
Gautama Buddha
Acknowledge your limitations or they will tyrannize over you.
Mason Cooley
In a perfect world, you can finish out your career where you start. … It’s one of those things you only have so much control over. You have to see how everything plays out and let the system work its course.
Cullen Jenkins
You need to eat well, sleep well, and have a roof over your head, but don’t go much further than that before extending yourself to others.
Sakyong Mipham
You have a tremendous advantage over the man who does you an injury: You have it within your power to forgive him, while he has no such advantage over you.
Napoleon Hill
Driving me away is easier than saying goodbye.
Erica Jong
If you are not prepared, you cannot work out intensely. If you do not perform, you cannot get results, and if you can’t do your best to recover, you won’t get the benefits of your hard work.
Kerri Walsh
When you have been compelled by circumstances to be disturbed in any manner, quickly return to yourself, and do not continue out of tune longer than the compulsion lasts. You will have increasing control over your own harmony by continually returning to it.
Marcus Aurelius
If you want to know the feeling [of labor pain], just take your bottom lip and pull it over your head.
Carol Burnett
We cannot have a world where everyone is a victim. “I’m this way because my father made me this way. I’m this way because my husband made me this way.” Yes, we are indeed formed by traumas that happen to us. But you must take charge, you must take over, you are responsible.
Camille Paglia
No, seriously,’ choked Sam, his eyes streaming. ‘You’re such a loser, that you’ve actually stopped losing and have progressed to having just lost. It’s over. The game is over. You have lost the game of life. Do not pass Go. Do not collect two hundred dollars.
Lili Wilkinson
We tend to harp on little things, or worry about something, when, really, it’s just not that important. If you have a roof over your head, and you’re healthy, and your family is healthy, that’s all that matters. Don’t let the little things get you down.
Asher Roth
When you are starting out in your 20s, it is natural to think about all that you will have and do once you start making money, and making more money. That gives money way too much power over your life. It’s not about how much you make, but the life that you make with the money you have.
Suze Orman
The sun won’t shine since you went away, seems like the rain’s falling every day. There’s just one heart, where there once was two; that’s the way it’s gotta be until I get over you.
Christina Milian
As you stopped to say hello, oh, you wished me well, you couldn’t tell that I’d been crying over you.
Roy Orbison
Afterwards, when it’s all over, you meet God. What do you say to God?
Yann Martel
Nothing I accept about myself can be used against me to diminish me. I am who I am, doing what I came to do, acting upon you like a drug or a chisel to remind you of your me-ness, as I discover you in myself.
Audre Lorde
Atra esterni’ ono thelduin Mor’ rana li’fa unin hjarta onr Un du evari’nya ono varda (May good fortune rule over you peace live in your heart may the stars watch over you)
Christopher Paolini
I promise you that all who faithfully attend to temple work will be blessed
beyond measure. Your families will draw closer to the Lord, unseen angels
will watch over your loved ones when satanic forces tempt them, the veil
will be thin, and great spiritual experiences
will distill upon this people.
Vaughn J Featherstone
You take a handful of rocks and put them in a jar. Then once a week, you take one tiny pebble out of the jar and throw it away. When the jar is empty, why, you’ll just about be over your grief. … Time alone will do if you’re short on rocks.
Sharyn McCrumb
The thing about reading is that if you are hooked, you’re not going to stop just because one series is over; you’re going to go and find something else.
Eoin Colfer
I learned early on not to feel badly about reaching out for help, and not to feel embarrassed about saying that you’re in over your head.
Dennis Crowley
If you want to get known as a singer you hire five sexy chicks and let them fight over you onstage and for the cameras. That’s publicity, man.
Sammy Davis, Jr.
When the ball is on the one-yard line, never risk a fumble. Carry it over yourself.
Robert Ringer
It gives us more flexibility, so we can do more, but it also creates the expectation of the instant response. It can take away your sense of control over your time.
Ellen Galinsky
Poetry, for me, is the answer to, ‘How does one stay sane when private lives are being ransacked by public events?’ It’s something that hangs over your head all the time.
Lisel Mueller
When it’s all over, you’ll realize that the answer is already within you.
Andrew X. Pham
Being on stage is magic. There’s nothing like it. You feel the energy of everybody who’s out there. You feel it all over your body. When the lights hit you, it’s all over, I swear it is.
Michael Jackson
If you read any of the biographies on J. Edgar Hoover, you find that they contradict each other more than they agree. Often times, they’re often told from a political perspective.
Clint Eastwood
It seems too easy to lie in the moment but you always have to tell more lies on top of it to cover your tracks.
Candace Cameron
The process of touring is always so weird to me. Once you’ve made the album, that’s over, you move along.
John Darnielle
It’s very hard to self-motivate without someone standing over you snarling, ready to hurl the chalk at your head at the slightest slackening.
Rachel Johnson
Basically what they’re saying is, if you want to be on TV, if you want to be a credible candidate, you’ve got to buy ads. And if you’re not buying ads, you’re not a credible candidate, we don’t cover you.
Robert Waterman McChesney
Selfless giving doesn’t mean you let people walk all over you. You get a lot of footprints on your face that way.
Frederick Lenz
Everything you do leaves traces, doesn’t it. The life you’ve lived is written all over you, for those who can read.
Jo Nesbo
Finnish is not a language, it is a way of setting at the end of the bench with your fur cap pulled over your ears.
Paavo Haavikko
You can only get over your fears if you attack them head on.
Mika Hakkinen
Think back over your day and consider when God spoke. How did you sense it, or why did you fail to sense it at the time? It is often between the lines and in the empty places where we hear God.
Lonni Collins Pratt
People think being in your seventies means sitting around in a chair with a blanket over your legs, drooling.
Don Rickles
You are rich if you have enough to meet your most basic needs. You are rich if you have access to clean water, food, shelter, love, a roof over your head.You have to count your blessings to see that you are richer than you think.
Michelle Singletary
Self-pity is the bestiality of emotions: it absolutely disgusts people. When you’re feeling pity for yourself, and somebody says to you ‘You think maybe it’s time for the pity party to be over? You should stop feeling sorry for yourself and try to think positive,’ it makes you wish you could saw their head off.
Augusten Burroughs
When you look at the women that have made a real difference in the world throughout history, what they’ve done has almost always been defined by fearlessness. That’s something I came to at a certain point; I wish I’d come to it younger. Stop looking over your shoulder — there’s nobody who matters back there.
Anna Quindlen
When you really don’t like a guy, they’re all over you, and as soon as you act like you like them, they’re no longer interested.
Beyonce Knowles
So you eat, you sleep, and then this wonderful child comes out, but you don’t feel like you have any control over that process, over her, over her character and who she is.
Suzanne Vega
I knew a girl so ugly that she was known as a two-bagger. That’s when you put a bag over your head in case the bag over her head breaks.
Rodney Dangerfield
Fear does its best work in isolation. Courage wears the face of your ability to love and be loved. Breakthrough happens when you discover your self-worth had nothing to do with what you looked like.
Lynn Jones
If you look – look at – I mean, look at what’s going on with your gasoline prices. They’re going to go to $5, $6, $7 and we don’t have anybody in Washington that calls OPEC and says, ‘Fellas, it’s time. It’s over. You’re not going to do it anymore.’
Donald Trump
Don’t let your imagination to be crushed by life as a whole. Don’t try to pictures everything bad that could possibly happen. Stick with the situation at hand. …Then remind yourself that past and present have no power over you. Only the present.
Marcus Aurelius
I can only speak from my own personal experience, being behind the camera and in front of it, but every magazine cover you see is completely airbrushed.
Janice Dickinson
Remember that no talent, no self-denial, no brains, no character, are required to set up in the fault-finding business. Nothing external can have any power over you unless you permit it.
Og Mandino
High self-esteem comes from feeling like you have control over events not that events have control over you.
Tony Robbins
One of the most lasting pleasures you can experience is the feeling that comes over you when you genuinely forgive an enemy – whether he knows it or not.
Orlando Aloysius Battista
Running from fear only strengthens fear-you are demonstrating that fear has power over you. Fear must be faced and gone through.
Peter McWilliams
You have no obligation under the sun other than to discover your real needs, to fulfill them, and to rejoice in doing so.
Francois Rabelais
I’m a big believer in being an entrepreneur. It’s easy for me to say because I work for myself and I am someone who likes that process. You have control over your destiny.
Robert Greene
Do not fret over your heavy troubles, for they are the heralds of weighty mercies.
Charles Spurgeon
The Latin motto over Poindexter’s new Pentagon office reads Scientia Est Potentia – “knowledge is power.” Exactly: the government’s infinite knowledge about you is its power over you.
William Safire
London’s like a black-browed brute that gets an unholy influence over you.
Robert Smythe Hichens
If you see Allah, Mighty and Magnificent, holding back this world from you, frequently trying you with adversity and tribulation, know that you hold a great status with Him. Know that He is dealing with you as He does with His Awliya’ and chosen elite, and is watching over you.
If you are sure that you are about to fail, then this strange and serene calmness can come over you or the most abject fear and panic and feeling of helplessness.
Peter Gallagher
If you ever care about things, that means they have power over you.
Frederick Lenz
A child is a person who is going to carry on what you have started … He will assume control of your cities, states and nations. He is going to move in and take over your churches, schools, universities, and corporations … The fate of humanity is in his hands.
Abraham Lincoln
Your group has a right and responsibility to preside over your behavior and you have a responsibility to make that behavior in a manner that does not endanger the group.
John Henrik Clarke
You look like a Goth factory exploded all over you!” he called as she ran down the hall. “Love you, too, jackass!
Rachel Caine
But you can’t start over Only a boy can start over You and me Why, we’re all that’s been
John Steinbeck
But it seems to me that if God had intended for you to cover your face then, in His wisdom, He would have provided you with a flap of skin for the purpose.
Pat Condell
You must give if you want to receive. Let the center of your being be one of giving, giving, giving. You can’t give too much, and you will discover you cannot give without receiving.
Peace Pilgrim
When you give up the hope that some advisor, some system, some source of inside tips is going to give you a shortcut to wealth, you’ll finally begin to gain control over your financial future.
Harry Browne
You must await your thirst and allow it to become complete: otherwise you will never discover your spring, which can never be anyone else’s!
Friedrich Nietzsche
Oh my God, Kennedy Airport – what a mess – all over you with those dopey security questions. ‘Did you receive any gifts from any unknown persons?’ Buddy, the last thing I got from an unknown person was in the 80’s.
Carol Leifer
I’m still auditioning and doing other movie parts, but I really like the developing and the writing. You have more control over your destiny.
Alex Borstein
If your family or your people are looking over your shoulder, change your seat or push them away.
Darryl Pinckney
When you’re hurting another person, past a certain point you’re cracking them open and whatever’s inside them gets all over you. So you should kinda check out whether you want that to happen.
Patrick Califia
The essence of education is not to stuff you with facts but to help you discover your uniqueness, to teach you how to develop it, and then to show you how to give it away.
Leo Buscaglia
To sink a six-foot putt with thirty million people looking over your shoulder, convince yourself that, if you miss it, you will be embarrassed and poor.
Jack Nicklaus
I am less interested in your chain-smoking; I am more interested in your habit. Any habit that becomes a force, a dominating force over you, is a sin. One should live more in freedom. One should be able to do things not according to habits but according to the situations.
Apparently the pro-choice types who jump up and down in the street demanding that you keep your rosaries off their ovaries are entirely relaxed about the government getting its bureaucratics all over your lymphatics.
Mark Steyn
You’d come in in the morning and put your contact lenses in and they’d put your makeup on. I tried to stay out of the sun, because the more color you had, the more makeup you had to wear, to cover your color.
Peter Facinelli
Activism is very seductive, and writing is painful and hard. It’s very scary to have a death threat living over your head. Activism is very sustaining. But I don’t view myself as a political person. I’m just someone who desperately wants to stay alive.
Larry Kramer
Do not let your “eye” be drawn by the false “beacon lamps” -of wealth, or position, or fame, or possessions. Be vigilant over your will and desires, for these are the corrupt forces that dwell within, and keep you from living free.
John of the Cross
Discover your uniqueness and learn to exploit it in the service of others, and you are guaranteed success, happiness, and prosperity.
Larry Winget
It’s only when gravity starts to take over you begin to think about your body.
David Soul
Do not look down, brooding over your weakness! Do not look back upon your past, strewn with failure! Look up to the living Christ!
F.B. Meyer
If you use a poor headline, it does not matter how hard you labor over your copy because your copy will not be read.
John Caples
There’s a kind of love that has the power to save you, to get you through life. It’s like breathing. You have to do it or you’ll die. And when it’s over, your soul starts to bleed. There’s no pain in the world like it, I swear.
Susan Wiggs
Do you know how much power I have over you? Yes, you, the one just sitting there hitting the f5 button day in and day out!
Andrew Hussie
Brutus, I do observe you now of late: I have not from your eyes that gentleness And show of love as I was wont to have: You bear too stubborn and too strange a hand Over your friend that loves you. Poor Brutus, with himself at war, Forgets the shows of love to other men.
William Shakespeare
Would you have a great empire? Rule over yourself.
Publilius Syrus
I took a drink. “I guess it’s different for you.””Hmm?” “I bet you have girls hanging all over you. Dozens would probably kill to be in my spot and here I am, allergic to your bread.
J. Lynn
When you’re acting in front of a camera, you can really give all of your emotions with your eyes so the camera can see it. When you’re in voiceover, you can’t do that at all. It’s a lot tougher because you have to convey this emotion, and you have to have a lot of trust in the animators.
Joshua Rush
Nothing that happened before this moment has any power over you whatsoever, except to the extent to which you carry it into this moment. Dwell in the present with full forgiveness of yourself and others, and your life will be lifted to divine right order…perfection, prosperity and peace.
Marianne Williamson
Ready comprehension is often a knee-jerk response and the most dangerous form of understanding. It blinks an opaque screen over your ability to learn. The judgmental precedents of law function that way, littering your path with dead ends. Be warned. Understand nothing. All comprehension is temporary.
Frank Herbert
A dead man is the worst enemy alive, I thought. You can’t alter his power over you. You can’t alter what you love or owe. And it’s too late to ask him for his absolution. He has beaten you all ways.
John le Carre
A good umpire is the umpire you don’t even notice. He’s there all afternoon but when the game is over, you don’t even remember his name.
Ban Johnson
Generally in New York, people just walk over you with no problem about that. Other countries, people want to resuscitate you, like, after a bit.
Andy Goldsworthy
Few things are more delightful than grandchildren fighting over your lap.
Doug Larson
You have mourned over others; now sit down for a while and weep over your own self.
Here, you can walk into a bookstore and pick up a Bible or Christian literature and learn. Over there, they are lucky if they have one Bible for a whole village.
Michael Scott
When it’s over for a woman, it’s over. You’re not getting an appeal.
Jack Nicholson
You are taken, shaken, by moments when the improbability of our lives comes over you like a fever. Everything is remarkable, people, living, events present themselves to you with the immediacy of players in some barbarous and splendid drama that it seems we are part of. You have been given new eyes.
Doris Lessing
Every girls dream is to have two hot guys having a bit of a barney over you.
Lenora Crichlow
You can spend your life looking over your shoulder or you can look ahead. I choose to look ahead
Pleasant Rowland
Only one thing I expect from all of you: to be yourself, to discover your inner beauty, your purity of consciousness, your hidden splendor – and spread it to as many people as possible. People are miserable. Help them to laugh a little, to sing a little, to dance a little.
I felt like God was giving me a chance to assist in a miracle. There is something so relieving about life taking over you like that. You’re playing a part in a much bigger show. And that’s what life is. It’s the greatest show on earth.
Beyonce Knowles
All the earth is at rest and is quiet: they are bursting into song. Even the trees of the wood are glad over you, the trees of Lebanon, saying, From the time of your fall no wood-cutter has come up against us with an axe.
Nothing can kill the future dreams and goals of a new graduate than 50k of debt like an anvil over your head. I got to Indiana University not because I visited the campus and loved everything about it. I picked Indiana University because I saw a list of the top 10 business schools and it was the cheapest.
Mark Cuban
It would be much more consumer friendly for them to beep you when you swipe your card that says, uh-oh you’re over your limit, are you sure you want to use that?
Richard Thaler
I look at what I’ve gone through in my career and I really shouldn’t be talking to you now. I should be dead ten times over.
Jack Wild
I also really loved the sea when I was young, when I lived in Sicily, but unfortunately the sea here has been reduced to a trash dump. It’s a horrible pain going to the beach; you risk getting an infection or getting tar all over you.
Dacia Maraini
If you are part of a religion that very strongly insists that you believe then to decide not to do that is quite a big hurdle to jump over. You never forget the thought process you went through. It becomes part of your whole intellectual picture.
Brian Eno
When you do the right thing, enjoy it! When you take positive actions, enjoy them. After all, they are leading you toward positive results. Pat yourself on the back. Truly enjoy the fact that you’re making positive progress, and the negative temptations will have no power over you.
Ralph Marston
The thinking mind is a useful and powerful tool, but it is also very limiting when it takes over your life completely, when you don’t realize that it is only a small aspect of the consciousness that you are.
Eckhart Tolle
You are NOT a financial failure if you rent. You are getting something for your money. A roof over your head.
Michelle Singletary
Take control over your skin by using an acne treatment system that actually works: Proactiv+.
Adam Levine
We make weapons now that, if we ever used them, would kill ourselves. How do you explode a weapon with so much radiation in it that it will wipe out an entire city and think that it’s not going to blow over your own cities? We all breathe the same air. It’s madness.
Wayne Dyer
Cunning is a short blanket–if you pull it over your face, you expose your feet.
Austin O’Malley
You’re playing and you think everything is going fine. Then one thing goes wrong. And then another. And another. You try to fight back, but the harder you fight, the deeper you sink. Until you can’t move… you can’t breathe… because you’re in over your head. Like quicksand.
Keanu Reeves
In the mirror of your paper you will discover your identity as an artist.
Rex Brandt
Don’t ever think I fell for you, or fell over you. I didn’t fall in love, I rose in it.
Toni Morrison
Once a new technology rolls over you, if you’re not part of the steamroller, you’re part of the road.
Stewart Brand
All I needed was a friend to lend a guiding hand. But you turned into a lover, and mother what a lover, you wore me out.
Rod Stewart
Don’t spend all your time trying to win over your critics. Just run your own race.
Joel Osteen
I’ll stand over your grave ’til I’m sure that you’re dead.
Bob Dylan
The way that being on the job works on your adrenaline highs and the crashes that come after the adrenaline highs. It really takes over your life.
Mireille Enos
Whenever we don’t turn the ball over, we’re pretty productive. When you’re turning the ball over, you’re cutting down on offensive opportunities.
Eric Snow
Any moment you’re willing to give up your fig leaves, which you think are covering you, God will give you His righteousness, which will really cover you.
Johnny Hunt
I regret that I didn’t realize that actually they’ve got no power over you at school — it’s all just a trick to indoctrinate you into being a conditioned, tame, placid citizen. Rebel, children, I urge you, fight the turgid slick of conformity with which they seek to smother your glory.
Russell Brand
Looking for a gem, we are sometimes dumb enough to try to hold on to a lump of coal, convinced that it will turn into a diamond in our lifetime… but all it does it get sh*t all over you until you burn it and use the energy for something else.
Ingrid Weir
You smile upon your friend to-day, To-day his ills are over; You hearken to the lover’s say, And happy is the lover. ‘Tis late to hearken, late to smile, But better late than never: I shall have lived a little while Before I die for ever.
A. E. Housman
Look may be that everything is right, it is always best to have an inspection before marching. To forget a screw, if you have a loose one, and only discover your loss when you are miles from home and the view before you is “perfect”, is to promote, possibly suicide, certainly profanity.
Henry Peach Robinson
I have a new method of poetry. All you got to do is look over your notebooks… or lay down on a couch, and think of anything that comes into your head, especially the miseries. Then arrange in lines of two, three or four words each, don’t bother about sentences, in sections of two, three or four lines each.
Allen Ginsberg
The authentic religion teaches you to discover your immortality, to discover the god within you.
He (Jesus) will reign over you, either by your consent, or without it.
Charles Spurgeon
There’s few things that get you over your own crap more than working hard.
Adam Savage
Things that don’t have a big impact seem to be crucial. Always when you go out to make a movie you have questions, “What if this doesn’t work? What if that doesn’t work?” you want to cover yourself, you want to bring back enough [footage] so you can do something.
Ang Lee
Don’t look over your shoulder and don’t use or abuse others to get ahead. Keep your eyes focused on your goals and keep working for what you believe in and what you want to accomplish.
Richie Sambora
I’ve missed you, too, Graystripe. I watch over you, every day and every night.
Erin Hunter
Game over,” you say, and I don’t know which I take more exception to– the fact that you say its over, or the fact that you say it’s a game.
David Levithan
There’s no way to play it cool when you meet Paul McCartney. You just start sweating, you trip over your words. Everyone kind of reverts back to being a 10-year-old girl. You can’t help it. He’s one of the only people on planet Earth that everyone knows who he is. Everyone.
Rob Huebel
When you finish something of great importance to you and then it’s over, you’re left with this giant hole.
Taylor Momsen
This is a team of gay dudes, isn’t it?” What gave it away? The pink shirts, or half our team drooling over you?
Simone Elkeles
That’s what Samuel Johnson said: “Read over your compositions, and wherever you meet with a passage which you think particularly fine, strike it out.”
Nick Laird
You are my lover, you’re my best friend. You’re in my soul.
Rod Stewart
Even when [Federal Reserve Chairman Ben] Bernanke said the recession was over … you think that would have been a bigger boom somewhere, but it seems we just take everything in stride.
Bill Maher
Somewhere in him, a shadow turned mournfully over. You had to run with a night like this so the sadness could not hurt
Ray Bradbury
Solutions come through evolution. They come through asking the right questions, because the answers pre-exist. It is the questions that we must define and discover. You don’t invent the answer-you reveal the answer.
Jonas Salk
Blue to get ready Green to go Yellow to guide you through the snow Orange to warn you that over you’ll go Then red will be the final glow Now seek the black, there’s no going back.
Angie Sage
Peace is the gift of God. Do you want peace? Go to God. Do you want peace in four families? Go to God. Do you want peace to brood over your families? If you do, live your religion, and the very peace of God will dwell and abide with you, for that is where peace comes from, and it doesn’t dwell anywhere else.
John Taylor
Nothing external to you has any power over you.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
A woman is like beer. They look good, they smell good, and you’d step over your own mother just to get one!
Matt Groening
Your imaginings can have as much power over you as your reality, or even more.
Charles Tart
*Oh, I know I could say were through And tell myself I’m over you But even if I made a vow I promise not to miss you now And try to hide the truth inside I fell cause I, I just can’t live a lie *
Carrie Underwood
To our Palestinian neighbours, I assure you that we have a genuine intention to respect your right to live independently and in dignity. I have already said that Israel has no desire to continue to govern over you and control your fate.
Ariel Sharon
If you look to lead, invest at least 40% of your time managing yourself – your ethics, character, principles, purpose, motivation, and conduct. Invest at least 30% managing those with authority over you, and 15% managing your peers.
Dee Hock
I’ve had a wordless phase, and that’s still not entirely over: what I sing is not always literally meant that way, and you can hear that in the way it is sung.
Beth Gibbons
Fear can’t hurt you,” she said. “When it washes over you, give it no power. It’s a snake with no venom. Remember that. That knowledge can save you.
Maureen Johnson
You can either be informed and your own rulers, or you can be ignorant and have someone else, who is not ignorant, rule over you.
Julian Assange
The music is just very specifically [designed] to get you energized. That’s the great thing about those situations: I have no choice. It completely takes over your body and pushes you, like it was designed to do. I’m constantly surrounded by music, energy, and experiences that put me in that state of cheer.
Andrew W.K.
Watch over yourself. Be your own accuser, then your judge; ask yourself grace sometimes, and, if there is need, impose upon yourself some pain.
Seneca the Younger
And you would accept the seasons of your heart just as you have always accepted that seasons pass over your fields and you would watch with serenity through the winters of your grief.
Khalil Gibran
Over a long period of time, living as if you were someone else is no fun.
Richard Chamberlain
I’d say it’s harder to play with an acoustic guitar strapped over your shoulder for a few hundred people than it is to play in front of thousands with an entire bombastic band behind you. After all these years, I still get nervous in front of people. I can’t help it.
Robin Zander
Boys frustrate me. I hate all their indirect messages, I hate game playing. Do you like me or don’t you? Just tell me so I can get over you.
Kirsten Dunst
Hardly had the glow been kindled by some good deed on your part or by some little triumph over your rivals or by a word of praisefrom your parents or mentors when it would begin to cool and fade leaving you in a very short time as chill and dim as before.
Samuel Beckett
C’mon kids! Wake up and smell the CO2! Take over your administration building, occupy your university president’s office, or storm in on the next meeting of your college’s board of trustees until they agree to make your school carbon neutral.
Thomas Friedman
Never do what a specialist can do better. Discover your own specialty. Do not despair if your specialty appears to be more delicate, a lesser thing. Make up in finesse what you lose in force.
Jean Cocteau
This is the problem with dealing with someone who is actually a good listener. They don’t jump in on your sentences, saving you from actually finishing them, or talk over you, allowing what you do manage to get out to be lost or altered in transit. Instead, they wait, so you have to keep going.
Sarah Dessen
Here you go on this long long dream. Don’t even try to wake up. Just let it go on until it is over. You will learn many things. Just relax and observe because there is pain and that’s it mostly and you aren’t going to be able to escape no matter what. Eventually it will all be over anyway. Good luck.
Francesca Lia Block
Enjoy your life. No curse hangs over you, nor did it ever. No devil chases after your soul. Sing and dance and be merry.
Christopher Pike
When I think of work, it’s mostly about having control over your destiny, as opposed to being at the mercy of what’s out there.
Gary Sinise
To be really obvious about something, if somebody straps an M1 on your shoulder and throws you in Iraq, you’re going to get a sense of what the hell’s going on there. Boy, you’ll wake up fast when bullets are flying over your head.
Al Pacino
Everything comes by being! Be the love you seek. Be the friend you seek. Be the lover you seek. Be the honesty you seek. Be the integrity you seek. Be the patience you seek. Be the tolerance you seek. Be the compassion you seek.
Bryant H. McGill
May you discover your own special abilities and contribute them toward a better world.
Charlene Costanzo
Anyone who tries to make a living as a painter knows you can’t lounge about waiting for inspiration to hit; nothing motivates like keeping a roof over your head.
Nita Engle
The path to self-esteem lies in getting over yourself. There is nothing to esteem about our smaller dramas; it’s our commitment to something beyond ourselves that is truly estimable to ourself and others.
Marianne Williamson
Speak God’s words over your circumstances today. Speak His words in faith and watch Him move!
Kenneth Copeland
The greatest victory you can win is over your own mind.
Swami Satchidananda
To mourn is to wonder at the strangeness that grief is not written all over your face in bruised hieroglyphics. And it’s also to feel, quite powerfully, that you’re not allowed to descend into the deepest fathom of your grief – that to do so would be taboo somehow.
Meghan O’Rourke
I’m a bit of a control freak, so I always appreciate being inside the nuts and bolts of the music – I don’t like newer programs that paper over your cracks.
Max Tundra
How would you like to have a thousand brilliantly colored cliff swallows keeping house in the eaves of your barn, and gobbling up insects over your farm at the rate of 100,000 per day? There are many Wisconsin farmsteads where such a swallow-show is a distinct possibility.
Aldo Leopold
The easiest thing to do in the world is pull the covers up over your head and go back to sleep.
Dan Gable
You don’t merely give over your creativity to making a film – you give over your life! In theatre, by contrast, you live these two rather strange lives simultaneously; you have no option but to confront the mould on last night’s washing-up.
Daniel Day-Lewis
I dont think a really good pie can be made without a dozen or so children peeking over your shoulder as you stoop to look in at it every little while.
John Gould
Just when I thought life was over you came into my life.
Jon Jones
Do not act as if you were going to live ten thousand years. Death hangs over you. While you live, while it is in your power, be good.
Marcus Aurelius
May hope rise within you.
May peace wash over you.
Charlene Costanzo
If you let social activities take precedence over your academic activities, then you will soon lose your basketball activities.
John Wooden
If life was a dream, then dying must be the moment when you woke up. It was so simple it must be true. You died, the dream was over, you woke up. That’s what people meant when they talked about going to heaven. It was like waking up.
Ian Mcewan
No! I don’t want to Ouija, or do the pendulum thing, and I swear if I see one tarot card or rune stone I’ll yack cupcake all over you. (Grace)
Sherrilyn Kenyon
As of late, I am more of a homebody. I like having people over. You can smoke in the apartment. I’m just not into going out so much. The crowd is getting younger and younger.
Chloe Sevigny
When you reach 95, after you get over your surprise, you start looking back.
Kirk Douglas
If you allow a political catchword to go on and grow, you will awaken some day to find it standing over you, arbiter of your destiny, against which you are powerless.
William Graham Sumner
I played everything. I played lacrosse, baseball, hockey, soccer, track and field. I was a big believer that you played hockey in the winter and when the season was over you hung up your skates and you played something else.
Wayne Gretzky
Far too many people opened their hearts and lives at the drop of a hat. Why give someone that power over you? Why endow them with the ability to hurt you that much? Let someone in and you were asking for an emotional kicking some day.
Dorothy Koomson
There are few things in this world more satisfying than having your son teach you how to play tennis, unless it is having a semi-truck run over your foot.
Erma Bombeck
You can live for years next door to a big pine tree, honored to have so venerable a neighbor, even when it sheds needles all over your flowers or wakes you, dropping big cones onto your deck at still of night.
Denise Levertov
The tram can run over you only if you are on the tram way! The darkness can run over you only if you are on the ignorance way!
Mehmet Murat Ildan
Traditional graffiti writers have a bunch of rules they like to stick to, and good luck to them, but I didn’t become a graffiti artist so I could have somebody else tell me what to do. If you’re the type who gets sentimental about people scribbling over your stuff, I suggest graffiti is probably not the right hobby for you.
Self respect, Colie. If you don’t have it, the world will walk all over you.
Sarah Dessen
Tomorrow I’ll get over you if I just get through tonight.
Lila McCann
Tuesday night at the Bible study we lift our hands and pray over your body, but nothing ever happens.
Sufjan Stevens
Though you may be last to discover your follies, be always first to correct them.
Norm MacDonald
When you start out in the wrestling business, you make a lot of mistakes, tripping over your own feet and looking like a fool.
Hulk Hogan
I’ve wanted you since the moment you tried to run me over. You are unlike any woman I have met before. You are strong, and courageous, and you do not suffer fools.
Katie MacAlister
The more control you have over your life, the more responsible you feel for your own success – or failure.
Arthur C. Brooks
If you are looking at data over and over you better be taking away valuable insight every time. If you are constantly looking at data that isn’t leading to strategic action stop wasting your time and look for more Actionable Analytics.
Thomas Carlyle
And when that bad news washes over you and that pain sponges in, I just hope you feel like you’ve always got two choices.В  One, you can swirl and twirl and gloom and doom forever.В  Or two, you can grieve, and then face the future with newly sober eyes.
Neil Pasricha
Bigger budget features are the juice. Delicious juice you want to spill all over yourself.
Kyle Cassie
Most people like to think they are discovering a new talent. If you ask, then it makes them feel as though they are being used. Allow them to discover you.
K Callan
You do not pursue potential conflict unless you hold power over your foe.
Harvey Pekar
You do not use art as a means to an end, but as a way to inhabit and explore the present. Right and wrong fade away; you recover your sense of what is authentic in you.
Michele Cassou
I am 36 years old, I can’t change. I have tried, trust me, but I can’t. It’s nice to get over yourself and just do it.
Kevin Drew
I don’t think of myself as a role model for others, but I like to live my life by my own integrity. So, in that sense, I might be a positive influence. I do believe you should get over your insecurities and just try to be the best you can.
Lily Cole
Determine to pray more words over your marriage than you speak about your marriage.
Lysa TerKeurst
If you want to shine over the world, first let the wisdom shines over you!
Mehmet Murat Ildan
The night before, go over your schedule and see what you’re going to do and what the purpose of what you’re doing is. I advocate having a two-column schedule. On the left, put down all your appointments and phone calls. On the right, put down what the purpose is.
Robert Pozen
You might find it necessary to ‘snap’ out of your mental inertia, moving slowly at first, then increasing your speed, until you gain complete control over your will. Be persistent no matter how slowly you may, at first, have to move. With persistence will come success.
Napoleon Hill
Sometimes love is so intense that it turns into this gray area that borders on hate. That’s what happens when the people you love have that type of power over you.
Julie Murphy
We are moving toward a global economy. One way of approaching that is to pull the covers over your head. Another is to say: It may be more complicated – but that’s the world I am going to live in, I might as well be good at it.
Philip M. Condit
Enjoin what is good and forbid what is evil before the worst amongst you are given authority over you and then when even the best of you make dua against them, their duas will not be accepted.
Uthman ibn Affan
Yet where is your inner value when you no longer know what it is to breathe freely; when you no longer have freedom over your own selves
Friedrich Nietzsche
Script for an actor is like a bible. You carry it with you, you read it over and over, you go to your passages.
Cameron Diaz
The things you don’t have control over, you don’t worry about. I have control over my attitude, my perception, how I do things, and you do the very best job you can. Other people have control over other things and you let them do their jobs.
Mike Sherman
The gift of learning to meditate is the greatest gift you can give yourself in this life. For it is only through meditation that you can undertake the journey to discover your true nature, and so find the stability and confidence you will need to live, and die, well; Meditation is the road to enlightenment.
Sogyal Rinpoche
Your body is a divine container that will change over your lifetime. Revel in this! Notice it! This is the way of things: the softening of the shell so the soul may emerge.
Sara Wiseman
Eisenhower admitted that the budget can’t be balanced and McCarthy said the communists are taking over. You don’t know what to worry about these days – whether the country will be overthrown or overdrawn.
Bob Hope
I guess it’s a bit like not claiming your brother at school. This kind of disowning of the thing that you’re most like. You want to be something cool, like Michael Jackson say, with a boom box over your shoulder and wearing leather. But you know deep down you’re just a hayseed.
Ketch Secor
When you are listening to music it is better to cover your eyes than your ears.
Jose Bergamin
When you shoot nude, you always find a way to, like, cover yourself up in a way. So you really don’t feel like you’re truly naked because you’re still covering yourself.
Ronda Rousey
Movie acting is a great job for your twenties: You travel all over, you have affairs with people, and you throw yourself into one part and then another. It gets more challenging as you get older, and it’s not just having a daughter, it’s wanting to have your own life and be yourself.
Helen Hunt
You can transcend all negativity when you realize that the only power it has over you is your belief in it. As you experience this truth about yourself you are set free.
Eileen Caddy
Let Beth Leonard inspire you to sail around the world, explore the high latitudes, or discover your own capacity for adventure. Each nugget in this ‘dream becomes reality’ series of revelations is worth a thousand pictures.
Gary Jobson
I want you to just let a wave of intolerance wash over you. I want you to let a wave of hatred wash over you. Yes, hate is good – Our goal is a Christian nation. We have a Biblical duty. We are called by God to conquer this country. We don’t want equal time. We don’t want pluralism.
Randall Terry
For he who has died has been freed from sin…14 For sin shall not have dominion over you, for you are not under law but under grace.
Paul the Apostle
Once you’ve learned to study in a bathing suit on the grass with muscled men throwing frisbees over your head, you can accomplish almost anything.
Susan Rice
You wouldn’t believe how many FDA officials or relatives or acquaintances of FDA officials come to see me as patients in Hanover. You wouldn’t believe this, or directors of the AMA, or ACA, or the presidents of orthodox cancer institutes. That’s the fact
Hans Alfred Nieper
Go over and over your beads, paint weird designs on your forehead, wear your hear matted, long, and ostentatious, but when deep inside you there is a loaded gun, how can you have God?
You know you are addicted to a food if despite knowing it is bad for you and despite wanting to change, you still keep eating it. Addiction means that a craving has more control over your behavior than you do.
Kathy Freston
If you continue to blame other people for “making” you feel guilty, they still have power over you, and you are saying that you will only feel good when they stop doing that. You are giving them control over your life. Stop blaming other people.
Henry Cloud
Whenever you feel threatened or afraid, you should place your hands over your third chakra, right in the middle of your stomach, and breathe very deliberately and slowly until you feel calm.В In doing so, you will actually begin to feel stronger and more protected.В Breath gives us life and it is the source of our power.
Sonia Choquette
The goodnesses you do will beautifully cover you like the beautiful flowers covering a country house!
Mehmet Murat Ildan
You ask everybody you know: How long does it usually take to get over it? There are many formulas. One year for every year you dated. Two years for every year you dated. It’s just a matter of will power: The day you decide it’s over, it’s over. You never get over it.
Junot Diaz
Whatever increases the strength and authority of your body over your mind, that is sin to you, however, innocent it may be in itself.
Robert Southey
Don’t waste your time lookin’ over your shoulder; those loves from the past ain’t getting’ no closer. When I look in my future, you’re all I can see, so honey, don’t go lovin’ on nobody but me.
Blake Shelton
Suddenly in the end when it’s over, you feel a big weight on your shoulders. That’s the role of the captain. Unfortunately, it’s sometimes like that in sport.
Guy Forget
That is the godawful thing about television today. Performers don’t have any place to hit and miss. You’re either in or you’re out; you don’t have a chance to become good at your craft. If you make three pictures in a row and they don’t go over, you’re out of the business.
Donald O’Connor
If you don’t know yourself, if you don’t control yourself, if you don’t have mastery over yourself, it’s very hard to like yourself, except in some short-term, psych-up, superficial way.
Stephen Covey
Rage is the opposite of thought, whoever has put you in this frame of mind has more control over you right now, than you have over yourself. If he is your opponent and you will face him today, you will be defeated.
Sister Souljah
There was a certain moment. I was about 61 – two, three or four, and I got a script. And I sent it back to the producer saying – “I don’t wanna do it. The part’s too small.” And he sent it back to me, he said, “You shouldn’t read the lover. You should read the father.
Michael Caine
I remember my uncle and my father telling me that my mother didn’t want me because I was blind. She thought being blind was a disgrace and a punishment from God. I understand that a lot of young mothers probably wouldn’t know what to do in that situation, but over your life you learn to forgive everything.
Ronnie Milsap
Some men, like a wet dog, sprinkle a shower of advice over you when you are least prepared for a bath.
Austin O’Malley
For the spouse of someone in the service, you are your own provider, your own lover, you own best friend while that person’s gone – the mother and father if you have kids.
Jessy Schram
I think there comes a point where you have to grow up and get over yourself, lighten up…and forgive
Jennifer Aniston
Michael Winter’s fiction is a lot like hearing him talk about his life… harrowing in an after-the-fact hilarious way. Full of wonder and mystery. A hangover you wouldn’t miss for the world.
Michael Crummey
I’ve seen many lives destroyed. I’ve seen more people have problems with gambling than I have with drugs and alcohol. And there are some serious consequences if you get in over your head.
Michael Franzese
Sometimes friends do go from us-it will happen more and more as you grow up, Chugg. But if you really love your friends, they’re never really gone. Somewhere they’re watching over you and they’re always there inside your heart. -Martin
Brian Jacques
I definitely learned never to fall in love in high school because it just takes over your brain.
Daren Kagasoff
It is your birthright to discover your sacred contract. It will guide you to find your divine destiny.
Caroline Myss
Desire consumes you, it takes you over. You forget yourself completely. All you can think about is the other, the one you desire, your self is just a fire.
Marilyn French
Whenever you do die people remember you, so it’s not completely over. You don’t 100 percent die when you die ever, because people still know who you were.
Marcy Dermansky
I did side planks for my obliques, which are one of my trouble areas. And traditional planks tone your back so you don’t have that little bit of fat hanging over your bra. Ugh!
Ashley Greene
I think, for me as an actor, if you get to a place where you’re satisfied, you’re happy with it, then you’re dead. It’s over. You’re not hungry anymore. You won’t try things anymore.
Johnny Depp
When you wear the weed of impatience in your heart instead of the flower Acceptance-with-Joy, you will always find your enemies get an advantage over you.
Hannah Hurnard
Definitely in voice-over, you have to be completely uninhibited. More than that, you have to put yourself back into the enjoyment of pretending.
Molly Quinn
God’s canopy is over you and will cover you at all times, preserving you from evil.
Smith Wigglesworth
Your karma should be good, and everything else will follow. Your good karma will always win over your bad luck.
Rohit Shetty
Do not say things. What you are stands over you the while, and thunders, so that I cannot hear what you say to the contrary.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
If you want a show to succeed, you’re going to have to have a certain amount of people watch who are non-black and non-Latino. If you can’t cross over, you don’t belong on TV. That’s not just me saying it. That’s just the way it is.
George Lopez
The illusion holds power over you when you are not able to remember that you are a powerful spirit that has taken on the physical experience for the purpose of learning.
Gary Zukav
How would you like it if, at your job, every time you made the slightest mistake a little red light went on over your head and 18,000 people stood up and screamed at you?
Jacques Plante
Science of mind teaches you how to realize how much control you have over your own life. It teaches you that we have the ability to change our lives at any point we choose.
Marla Gibbs
There really is no weight to telling the truth. It’s a little scary sometimes, but if you tell the truth, you don’t have to be looking over your shoulder.
Jussie Smollett
The first time you hold your baby in your arms, I mean, a sense of strength and love washes over you. It washed over me and I never thought that possible.
Colin Farrell
A human being is only interesting if he’s in contact with himself. I learned you have to trust yourself, be what you are, and do what you ought to do the way you should do it. You have got to discover you, what you do, and trust it.
Barbra Streisand
Passion and purpose go hand in hand. When you discover your purpose, you will normally find it’s something you’re tremendously passionate about.
Steve Pavlina
God, I love the “fine morality” of the wealthy and powerful. You’ll spill tears over your own, in a heartbeat. And then never even look twice at people below you, whose very lives are ground under every day, day after day, year after year.
David Weber
A lot of people profess to have power and it is very minor astral power. They do get power over you, not because they have any intrinsic power, but because your fear immobilizes you and makes you do a bad job.
Frederick Lenz
If you can take pride in what you’re doing on defense, it’s going to be pretty hard for that offensive opponent to go by you or make a shot over you.
Jason Terry
Emo is over, you can all go home now
Pete Wentz
Unless you become more watchful in your states and check the spirit of monopoly and thirst for exclusive privileges you will in the end find that…the control over your dearest interests has passed into the hands of these corporations.
Andrew Jackson
Our attitude is that we want to cross over. You can’t go on making records just for your own hometown.
Cheryl James
If you’ve been in a symbolic struggle long enough, even when the struggle is over, you don’t know it’s over.
Shirley Geok-lin Lim
Words, they climb all over you/’Til they uncover you From where you hide.
Peter Gabriel
It’s okay to lose your pride over someone you love. Don’t lose someone you love though over your pride!
Work was like cats were supposed to be: if you disliked and feared it and tried to keep out if its way, it knew at once and sought you out and jumped on your lap and climbed all over you to show how much it loved you. Please God, he thought, don’t let me die in harness.
Kingsley Amis
[When to have a facelift:] If you’re tripping over your neck.
Phyllis Diller
You don’t get to cut that chain of evidence and start over. You’re always going to be pursued by your data shadow, which is forming from thousands and thousands of little leaks and tributaries of information.
Bruce Sterling
Take your bottom lip and pull it over your head.
Bill Cosby
The nature of honesty is that if someone has information or knows something about you that you don’t want heard, then they have power over you.
Ben Folds
I think faith can be anything. It can be believing in yourself, or if you believe there’s a higher being that’s watching over you.
Miley Cyrus
When people start asking you to do the same thing over and over again, that’s when you know you’re way too close to something that you don’t want to be near.
Neil Young
You have no right to criticise Russia over Chechnya.
Boris Yeltsin
You always want to be a little in over your head and be challenged to get better.
Taylor Ho Bynum
If you believe that the economy has more power over you than GRACE does, then you will buy into that story and start to live that life.
Mastin Kipp
We have to stop meeting like this.” And that was the truest thing ever spoke. I needed to stop staring at his bicep… and chest… and tattoo. Never thought the sun could be so… sexy. Wow. This was awkward. “You running over me, me almost running over you?” Cam elaborated. “It’s like we’re a catastrophe waiting to happen.
J. Lynn
Art has such a transforming power. It can really take over your mind once you allow it to.
Pamela Love
I think all actors want to change. When you do something many times, over and over, you want to do something fresh. But movie is still my business. A lot of action actors want change, but no studio wants to spend money on something that is not guaranteed; not proven. I think it is very difficult. It is hard to change.
Jet Li
Shakespeare tells the same stories over and over in so many guises that it takes a long time before you notice.
Howard Nemerov
Let go and let God. Let Him take over your life and run it. He knows how.
Norman Vincent Peale
May God preserve you and watch over you.
Muqtada al Sadr
Being involved in competition is a privilege and an opportunity. Seek to make the most of that opportunity by pushing yourself to the limit of your abilities. When it is over, you will have earned the respect of your opponents, your coaches, and yourself.
Tony La Russa
When you face discouragement, you can do one of two things, and the one you choose will color your perspective. You can look at others to place the blame, or you can look at yourself to discover your opportunities. The choice is yours.
John C. Maxwell
Until you become a parent, you can’t begin to discover your capacity for strength, love and fatigue.
Peter Gallagher
Use the light that is in you to recover your natural clearness of sight
All the great teachers have left a similar message: Go within, discover your invisible higher self and know God as the love that is within you.
Wayne Dyer
A big sister who cries over being human over you. A gravelly voiced kid who’s friends left him over you. And a pink-haired girl who keeps your picture in her wallet.
R. J. Palacio
A startup is the largest endeavor over which you can have definite mastery. You can have agency not just over your own life, but over a small and important part of the world. It begins by rejecting the unjust tyranny of Chance. You are not a lottery ticket.
Peter Thiel
The Bible does not teach that sin is completely eradicated from the Christian in this life, but it does teach that sin shall no longer reign over you.
Billy Graham
I’ve known Harvey for over 40 years and I worked with him on the Burnett show for 11 years. I guess you could say we’re about as close as you can get to being a comedy team.
Tim Conway
Trying to be happy by accumulating possessions is like trying to satisfy hunger by taping sandwiches all over your body
George Carlin
Slasher movies are fun. You watch yourself get chopped to pieces, yet you’re still alive. You see the blood on the ax and think, Holy **it, this is sick, but you kind of get over your fear of death.
Tara Reid
Don’t cry over someone who wouldn’t cry over you.
Lauren Conrad
Being at the mercy of the acting profession, in the early days of one’s career, is really brutal and feels like you have no control over your life, at all.
Charlie Hunnam
It is curious how people take it for granted that they have a right to preach at you and pray over you as soon as your income falls below a certain level.
George Orwell
The only thing you sometimes have control over is perspective. You don’t have control over your situation. But you have a choice about how you view it.
Chris Pine
There are having flowers in Spring, breezes in Summer, moon in Autumn, snows in Winter. If there is nothing worrying over you, it will be the best seasons at all times.
Gautama Buddha
I really don’t have time “to Twitter,” it’s not something that should grab your day. That’s a big misconception, actually, about the whole service. You don’t go out of your way to tweet, you just post when you’ve got something. Hopefully, not while you’re driving. It complements your life more than takes over your life.
Chris Hardwick
I probably do better not being in politics. They have too much control over you when you are in politics.
Evander Holyfield
As for my career, I always said to my kids, ‘You don’t cry because it’s over, you’re happy because it happened.’ That’s the main thing. I’m very happy that it happened.
Pat Burns
Do you understand what God has done? He has deposited a Christ seed in you. As it grows you will change. It’s not that sin has no more presence in your life, but rather that sin has no more power over your life.
Max Lucado
You can have no dominion greater or less than that over yourself.
Leonardo da Vinci
Believe me, if I start getting sick, you’ll be the first to know since I’m sure it’ll be all over you. (Alix)
Sherrilyn Kenyon
No, make something different from war. Don’t allow your enemies to be enemies. Make them something else, because otherwise they have a power over you that they should not have. If you think in the same ways as the past, you will only get new versions of the past. Think differently. That’s what I’m saying.
David Anthony Durham
Words are wind, Brienne told herself. They cannot hurt you. Let them wash over you.
George R. R. Martin
The paradox of American democracy has been that its slogan of equal opportunity has meant, often, equal opportunity to get power over your fellows.
Mary Parker Follett
The most decisive event in your life is when you discover you are not your thoughts or emotions. Instead, you can be present as the awareness behind the thoughts and emotions.
Eckhart Tolle
Innocent people can get into terrible jams, too. One false move and you’re in over your head.
Ben Hecht
Happiness, I do not know where to turn to discover you on earth, in the air or the sky; yet I know you exist and are no futile dream.
Rosalia de Castro
I don’t deny that there can be an element of escapism in mountaineering, but this should never overshadow its real essence, which is not escape but victory over your own human frailty.
Walter Bonatti
If you have no fear, no one has power over you.
John Maeda
Once your acting job is over, you just hope they have a good editor and they put together a good film.
Virginia Madsen
As for breaking up, once the relationship is over, you never really know what went wrong; you just feel nauseous whenever the subject comes to mind. After a plane crash there’s the black box that tells the FAA what caused the crack-up. Too bad there’s no black box of relationships.
Linda Sunshine
In life, some people just know that they have the power of their money. They can sign checks, contracts, and things like that. And they think they are bright just because they can sign these things because someone gave them the possibility to have this economic power over you. And they behave as censors.
Gaspar Noe
As you discover your daily good, and believe in it, and think about it, expect it to continue.
Ernest Holmes
You discover yourself through the research of your work.
Carine Roitfeld
You will never be powerful in life until you are powerful over your own money. How you think about it, how you feel about it and how you invest it.
Suze Orman
There is a time early in life when there seem to be countless reasons for happiness, and then you discover your mom is making them up.
Robert Breault
POSSIBLE OPENERS AFTER YOU’VE GOTTEN DRUNK AND SLEPT IN YOUR GUY ROOMMATE’S BED (A LIST):1. Hey, Drew, thanks for letting me sleep in your bed. I hope I didn’t puke all over your sheets.2. What do you mean? I slept in your bed? Really? I don’t remember any of it, I was so wasted.3. Thanks for not trying to molest me.
Lauren Barnholdt
Instead of being critical of people in authority over you and envious of their position, be happy you’re not responsible for everything they have to do. Instead of piling on complaints, thank them for what they do. Overwhelm them with encouragement and appreciation!
Joyce Meyer
Langdon turned to Sophie. “Who is that? What… happened?” Teabing hobbled over. “You were rescued by a knight brandishing an Excalibur made by Acme Orthopedic.
Dan Brown
After a hit show is over, you soon realize this is a very tough business … brutally tough. But I’m a better actor and I have more gravitas than I had at 24 with bleached-blonde hair.
Jack Coleman
Slay that dragon once, and he will never have power over you again.
Steven Pressfield
It is better to doubt that a concept is stupidly flying under your head than profoundly flying over your head.
Criss Jami
I was never given this advice, people aren’t given this advice, focus on growing and maintaining relationships for your network, and that’s key. And most of the advice tends to be, you know, discover your strengths, build up your resume, get a title, all of that stuff pales in comparison.
Reid Hoffman
Don’t mourn over your bad decisions. Just start overcoming them with good ones.
Joyce Meyer
I definitely learned never to fall in love in high school because it just takes over your brain. We were so psychotic for each other that I didn’t care about anything else. It was too much. Relationships are important, but stay focused on all the things that are important. Figure out what you want.
Daren Kagasoff
There are things in your life you can control – and there are variables you can’t. The more diligent you are at controlling what you can, the more influence you’ll have over your destiny. You just have to figure out which are which.
Carleton Young
To forgive someone means to take away the power this person has over you.
Marshall Sylver
It’s awful to be rich and mind-boggingly handsome and have women fawn over you. My heart bleeds for you. Poor dear, how do you manage?
Ilona Andrews
Those moments before a poem comes, when the heightened awareness comes over you, and you realize a poem is buried there somewhere, you prepare yourself. I run around, you know, kind of skipping around the house, marvelous elation. It’s as though I could fly.
Anne Sexton
It’s an extreme to go from an artist like myself to a commercial artist with art directors looking over your shoulder, or any other knucklehead telling you what your art should look like.
Raymond Pettibon
I have no use for people who throw their weight around as celebrities, or for those who fawn over you just because you are famous.
Walt Disney
All I can say is that when millions of plastic dolls of you are being sold each day and an equal number of teenage boys are masturbating over you each night, it’s bound to do something screwy to your psyche.
Carrie Fisher
It would be helpful if the universe would give us one big clue, or a giant compass, if you will, pointing to the direction we should be taking. In fact, the compass is there. To find it, you need only look inside yourself to discover your soul’s purest desire, its dream for your life.
Deepak Chopra
You’re encouraged to pitch your own story. That way, you’ll have more control over what you do.
Rob Corddry
I don’t want to be a celebrity athlete. When you are, there’s this pressure on you. It’s like you have this halo over your head and have to walk on eggshells. That’s not for me. All that glamour builds up a false sense of ego. It’s not needed. I’m already happy with who I am. My job is just to get on the podium.
Shani Davis
It’s funny when you put music up against picture, and all your preconceptions go away, and you start over. You just realize that that doesn’t work at all.
Victor Levin
To discover your real questions, simply take a time-out. Stop looking ahead of yourself at where you’re going or backward at where you’ve been. When you do stop, there’s a sense of going nowhere. There’s a sense of gap, which is a tremendous relief. You can simply breathe and be who you are.
Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche
You cannot find your soul with your mind,
you must use your heart.
You must know what you are feeling.
If you don’t know what you are feeling, you will create unconsciously.
If you are unconscious of an aspect of yourself;
if it operates outside your field of awareness,
that aspect has power over you.
Gary Zukav
The way he looked at you. I got it then. He loved you, and it was killing him. He won’t get over you, Clary, he can’t.
Cassandra Clare
May you live to see the green grass growing over your grave.
Frank R. Stockton
When you’re comfortable, you’re more confident – I really believe that. If you’re walking around in a dress or a pair of shoes that are uncomfortable, it reads all over you.
Erin Wasson
No man is truly free who is in financial bondage. ‘Think what you do when you run in debt’, said Benjamin Franklin, ‘you give another power over your liberty.’
Ezra Taft Benson
he card companies will often, as a courtesy, honor that credit card, but hit you with a penalty. And you keep swiping your card for $3 at Starbucks for your lattГ©, and you’re getting hit with a $25 penalty because it’s over your credit limit.
Richard Thaler
If you keep on excusing, you eventually give your blessing to the slave camp, to cowardly force, to organized executioners, to the cynicism of great political monsters; you finally hand over your brothers.
Albert Camus
Work Does Not Need You, You Need Work. Through Work, Destiny Unfolds. Your work is to discover your work and then with all your heart give yourself to it.
Chin-Ning Chu
Achieve self-mastery over your thoughts, and constantly direct them toward your goals and objectives. Learn to focus your attention on the goals that you want to achieve and on finding ways to achieve those goals.
Napoleon Hill
Having control over your schedule is the only way that women who want to have a career and a family can make it work.
Mary Matalin
When the creative impulse sweeps over you, grab it. You grab it and honor it and use it, because momentum is a rare gift.
Justina Chen
We also mark what’s ours. And as I’m not going to see you for twelve hours, I think I’ll leave a little more all over you.
J.R. Ward
If you look around the world, the countries with the best environmental practices are the wealthiest. There’s a reason for that. If you’re worried about where your next meal is going to come from or shelter over your head, your focus is on those things.
John S. Watson
There is a feeling of disbelief that comes over you, that takes over, and you kind of go through the motions. You do what you’re supposed to do, but in fact you’re not there at all.
Frederick Barthelme
For which reason I would exhort you to pay all due Regard to the government over us; to the KING and all in authority; and to lead a quiet and peaceable life.
Jonathan Mayhew
Somehow the river is louder when you cover your ears.
Niall Williams
When you encounter some problems, if you point your finger at yourself and not at others, this gives you control over yourself and calmness in a situation, where otherwise self-control becomes problematic.
Dalai Lama
Yes, I will go. I would rather grieve over your absence than over you.
Antonio Porchia
There is ripe fruit over your head.
Henry David Thoreau
Having a rough day? Place your hand over your heart. Feel that? It’s called purpose. You’re alive for a reason. Don’t give up
Joyce Meyer
Mission starts with determining what you really care about and want to accomplish and committing yourself to it. You can always develop expertise. First, discover your preference.
Charles Garfield
I would assign every lie a color: yellow when they were innocent, pale blue when they sailed over you like the sky, red because I knew they drew blood. And then there was the black lie. That’s the worst of all. A black lie was when I told you the truth.
Steve Martin
I never had, or wished for, power over you. That isn’t true, of course. I wanted the greatest power of all. but not advantage, or authority.
Shirley Hazzard
Feel free to cover your eyes at anything that might upset you
Annie Sprinkle
Going on tour, you don’t have a lot of time to mull things over. You’re just kind of, “Another beer, another show, another song.”
Mac DeMarco
Hand over your responses to the man who triggers them, and you have already lost the battle for self. Look beyond, and find yourself there instead.
Richard K. Morgan
Before you go to sleep, run over your personal world mentally and thank God for everyone and everything.
Norman Vincent Peale
You will never have a greater or lesser dominion than that over yourself.
Leonardo da Vinci
It’s never over. You don’t want to be in the position to be down four runs in the ninth inning, but it’s not over until the last out.
Derek Jeter
If you are able to discover your own keynote or chord and play it over gently to yourself, you will revive as if by magic. Your keynote can be ascertained by listening to some good music. When the note is played it will send a thrill right through you.
Vera Stanley Alder
If ye keep watch over your hearts, and listen for the Voice of God and learn of Him, in one short hour ye can learn more from Him than ye could learn from Man in a thousand years.
Johannes Tauler
“Red Dawn” was a movie made in 1984 I think about World War III. If you have not seen it and plan on watching it, you want to close your eye and cover your ears but not really. You can figure it out.
Rachel Maddow
If you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my friends
Emma Bunton
I’m 48. For a while after ‘The Jerk’ (movie) I had a feeling of failure. I was a little scared. First people discover you and they love you. You get big and then you fail. And people are glad that you fail. But I’ve always come back and I’ve started to trust myself.
Steve Martin
When you’re busy doing your own stuff it’s like running a race. You try not to look over your shoulder to see who else is in the race, you do the best you can.
Gene Simmons
If you fall in love with somebody you’re working with, fine, but wait till your project is over.
Liev Schreiber
Have you noticed that all you need to grow healthy, vigorous grass is a crack in your sidewalk? Having a baby is like taking your lower lip and forcing it over your head.
Carol Burnett
If you study the root causes of business disasters, over and over you’ll find this predisposition toward endeavors that offer immediate gratification.
Clayton Christensen
Newtonian physics is over. You don’t act on the world to change the world. You realize the world is a projection of your inner self. If you change, the world changes.
Marianne Williamson
It’s just a matter of willpower. The day you decide it’s over, it’s over. You never get over it.
Junot Diaz
Most of the time for movies and stuff, with the exception of Jeff Nichols, who I’ve worked with a few times, you just don’t know people too well. Everyone is cordial and nice and some people are very genuinely friendly, but once the movie is over you never see them again.
Michael Shannon
As I told you, from the time I was fifteen, I thought the theater was too much involved with actors trying to make the audience love them, being over emotional.
Richard Foreman
Maybe you can’t play over your head at all. Maybe it’s just potential you never knew you had.
Fran Tarkenton
When you love someone, its never over. You move on, because you have to but you take them with you in your heart
Elizabeth Chandler
You don’t give God authority over your life. He has it, totally.
John Piper
The truth is, I can never die. For I will be in everything and see you in everything and watch over you. I am your reaction in the water of a mountain lake
Klaus Kinski
All that you may achieve or discover you will regard as a fragment of a larger pattern of the truth which from the separate approaches every true scholar is striving to descry.
Abbott Lawrence Lowell
I always say if you can’t buy it three times over, you can’t afford it. Don’t drive a Bentley on a Benz income.
Slim Thug
It’s terrifying to think you can remember things you shouldn’t possibly be able to. It’s like that childhood fear of having your soul slip from your body in your sleep. The darkness, those black sheets of glass sliding over you, upping the pressure, pushing you through the time and space and story.
Tim Winton
Rejection’s just something that you need to get used to and you need to accept it and you need to know there’s always going to be someone that’s smarter, prettier, younger, or knows the right person over you.
April Rose
At any age you can start over. You have to drop the idea of where you should be in your career. And you have to do without a lot of love. Not everyone’s going to love you.
Mary Harron
Your Master Teacher knows all you need to learn, the perfect timing for your learning it, and the ideal way of teaching it to you. You don’t create a Master Teacher — that’s already been done. You discover your Master Teacher.
Peter McWilliams
You know you are really famous the day you discover you have become a comic character!
Nelson Mandela
When you discover your essential nature and know who you really are, in that knowing itself is the ability to fulfill any dream you have, because you are the eternal possibility, the immeasurable potential of all that was, is, and will be.
Deepak Chopra
In the state of emptiness, you are the action not the performer of the action. Allow an activity or event to take precedence over your own point of view.
Frederick Lenz
I’m all over the place. As you may have seen from the credits, I write with everybody.
Michael McKean
When we put the pen to paper, we articulate things in our life that we may have felt vague about. Before you write about something, somebody says, ‘How do you feel?’ and you say, ‘Oh, I feel okay.’ Then you write about it, and you discover you don’t feel okay.
Julia Cameron
If you do not understand what God’s present claims over you are, you may depend upon it that as days of testing come on you will not be able to keep your footing.
George Wigram
Actually I like working kind of fast, because if you got it, why bother doing it over and over?
Alan Cumming
When you get honest with God, you can exchange the fig leaves you used to cover your sin with the righteousness of Jesus Christ.
Johnny Hunt
You don’t really want an army of people making individual decisions. And I don’t think I completely understood that until people gave me examples of what happens when your army takes over your government and it’s like, “Oh, yeah, I guess you can’t really have people make individual moral decisions.”
Joel Stein
Asking for help with shame says:
You have the power over me.
Asking with condescension says:
I have the power over you.
But asking for help with gratitude says:
We have the power to help each other.
Amanda Palmer
Really, it’s my fault. It was there. A hundred times there. How often did I see it? I knew. It kept happening. Over and over, you’d say you were through with him…and over and over, I’d believe it…no matter what my eyes showed me. No matter what my heart told me. My. Fault.
Richelle Mead
Start it at no particular time of your life; wander at your free will all over your life; talk only about the thing which interests you for the moment; drop it the moment its interest threatens to pale.
Mark Twain
Your former Fathers the Spaniards have now no further Authority over you.
Zebulon Pike
When your perspective is preloaded with the Word of God, lies lose their power over your life.
Steven Furtick
The ego constantly competes with the spirit for control over your inner voice.
Darren Johnson
I especially wish to praise and encourage young mothers. The work of a mother is hard, too often unheralded work… Do the best you can through these years, but whatever else you do, cherish that role that is so uniquely yours and for which heaven itself sends angels to watch over you and your little ones.
Jeffrey R. Holland
If you will fling yourself under the wheels, Juggernaut will go over you; depend upon it.
William Makepeace Thackeray
Put cotton in your ears and pebbles in your shoes. Pull on rubber gloves. Smear Vaseline over your glasses, and there you have it: instant old age.
Malcolm Cowley
I had two things I could do: I could run over you, and I could put a good stiff arm on you. That was about it.
Earl Campbell
You won’t know until it’s over. You won’t find me in time.
Julie Anne Peters
Nail up some indecency in plain sight over your door; from that time forward you will be rid of all respectable people,the most insupportable folk God has created.
Paul Gauguin
At the worst possible moment, the most painful, darkest moment when you can’t take it anymore and you are afraid, that is when a feeling of peace and comfort will come over you, and it’s like nothing you’ve ever felt.
Ann Brashares
Don’t look back, over your shoulder! Keep your eye on freedom shore! Because you know the brave man with you, also pays for the wages of war.
Jackson C. Frank
There is something akin to freedom in having a lover who has no control over you, except that which he gains by kindness and attachment.
Harriet Ann Jacobs
If you aren’t happy with yourself, find a way to be victorious over yourself.
Joe Vitale
I had someone correct my grammar once on a blind date, and within the first 10 minutes the date was over. You just don’t correct somebody’s grammar. That’s just not okay. I’m from Tennessee, so I probably say everything wrong. I might have said ain’t, or something like that.
Reese Witherspoon
You will die and it will all be over. You will die and find out everything or cease asking.
Leo Tolstoy
Self-judgment is how conditioned mind keeps control over your life.
Cheri Huber
The best thing about Valentine’s Day is that if you don’t have a lover, you badly remember to get one!
Mehmet Murat Ildan
You cannot cast a vision that has not cast a spell over you.
Derwin L. Gray
Relationship is the mirror in which you discover yourself – to be is to be related.
Bruce Lee
When a politician says the debate is over, you can be sure of two things; the debate is raging; and he’s losing it.
George Will
It is in between your thoughts, where you will discover your greatest FLOW from Spirit.
If God has called you, do not spend time looking over your shoulder to see who is following you.
Corrie Ten Boom
There’s definitely a dangerous feeling when you’re in love-it’s giving your heart to someone else and knowing that they have control over your feelings. I know for me, who always tries to be so tough, that’s the dangerous thing.
Beyonce Knowles
Think What You Do When You Run in Debt: You Give to Another Power over Your Liberty
Benjamin Franklin
USE this time of fresh beginnings. Use it as an impetus, the force or energy toward change. Become stronger, a better leader, more focused in your thoughts. Exert more influence over your dreams by bringing them closer to your thoughts, every day.
Mary Anne Radmacher
Play isn’t you being clever, or finding a trick, or finding a way of covering over your own misery, or persuading someone to do what you want. It’s the process of working with the materials that you find and discovering what’s possible with them.
Ian Bogost
When you discover you’ve been leading only half a life, the other half is going to haunt you until you develop it.
Phillips Brooks