Replicate Quotes

Replicate Quotes by Gerard Arpey, Andrea Pirlo, Ato Essandoh, Frances McDormand, Lee Mack, Billy Butler and many others.

Second, we have to make the most of the strengths we have, the amenities that many of our competitors cannot replicate. But again, those advantages won’t mean much if we don’t do a great job with the basics of our business.
Gerard Arpey
Since I was a child, I watched tapes of Baggio, Zico, and Maradona, and then I tried to replicate them just playing on my own against the wall. Certainly it’s talent, but you have to cultivate that talent.
Andrea Pirlo
I think I’m a good actor, but to replicate tens of thousands of man hours in surgery is really hard.
Ato Essandoh
There is simply too much of my life that is involved in my work that I couldn’t replicate in any other way.
Frances McDormand
Bobby Ball, who plays my dad in ‘Not Going Out,’ is very funny. He has a magical sense for comedy that nobody has been able to replicate.
Lee Mack
That – 2012 – was definitely my best year, and sometimes it’s hard to replicate that.
Billy Butler
The Lester B. Pearson era is what I hope to replicate.
Elizabeth May
Once you get a feeling for trophies and going far in European tournaments with your club, then you want to replicate that with your country.
Andrew Robertson
We tried to talk about [the Owls’ zone], but it’s hard to replicate it. It’s nearly impossible to penetrate that zone. What you do get are open outside shots. You’re going to have to make some of them.
Chris Mooney
You can’t replicate Seamless or OpenTable for another industry.
Payal Kadakia
There’s a gratification that comes from performing in front of a live audience, and you can’t replicate that with anything else. In the studio, the creation part of this business is fun. But, when you see the fans letting you know that they enjoy what you’re doing, that’s why I keep doing what I do.
Trace Adkins
Trump is a very specific case. It’s really gonna be hard to replicate that.
Jennifer Pozner
I have gained Selecao recognition, eventually. I’m very proud of it, and now I want to replicate my Benfica’s performance for my country.
No matter how much you train, you can’t replicate the stresses that the body takes when it’s in a competitive environment.
Johanna Konta
You can’t replicate walking 94 days through the wilderness by yourself with a really heavy pack until you do it.
Cheryl Strayed
There’s nothing that can replicate the smoky flavor of char, so when I’ve got the hankering for it, I tell my wife that I’m taking care of dinner. I have three different types of barbecues – a coal, gas and smoker – so I can experiment a lot.
Guy Fieri
The first of the request prayers in the daily Amidah is a fractal. It replicates in miniature the structure of the Amidah as a whole.
Jonathan Sacks
The biggest invention of modern time is the book. The book is a digital medium; book text is written in a different form and replicable. What it really does is it allows us to replicate cultural information, scientific technology, and information out of the human brain.
Sebastian Thrun
The culture of New York is just impossible to replicate. Its such an incredible feeling to be walking on the streets of New York. You can literally find everything you need in a five block radius oftentimes.
Max Schneider
Singers put emotions into songs which the actors later replicate on screen. When I know that I can also present myself well on-screen, why not do that?
Kumar Sanu
You can measure the warming oceans with a thermometer. You measure sea level rise with a yardstick. You can measure the dramatic increase in acidification with a simple pH test, and you can replicate what excess CO2 does to seawater in a basic high school science lab.
Sheldon Whitehouse
Biologics must be grown in living systems – fermented, for example, in large vats of bacteria cells. This makes them hard to replicate. For decades, biologics weren’t subject to competition from copycat generic medicines, even once patents and exclusivities had lapsed on originals.
Scott Gottlieb
The common-sense notion that ‘there is a time and a place for everything’ gets carried into a set of prescriptions which replicate the social order by assigning social meanings to spaces and times.
David Harvey
We should not replicate the situation where one country is in a situation to hijack the rest of Europe because they organize a referendum.
Emmanuel Macron
I am in touch with a company that hopes to replicate my voice. However, they are not replicating my original voice – if they did that, I would sound like a man in his 20s, which would be very strange! They are actually trying to replicate the synthesizer that sits on my wheelchair.
Stephen Hawking
In general I’m more attached to a cinema that tries not to replicate the real world and life.
Miguel Gomes
Texas has more effectively capitalized on its opportunities as a border state, and I’ve always said that I want to look to states that are doing better than we are and replicate those success stories in Arizona.
Doug Ducey
I used to be concerned about style, worried about my work looking like a bad copy of someone who’s better than me. So my embracing of the research and finding a way to replicate something consciously rather than replicate something unconsciously seemed like a way to go to distinguish what I do.
Robert Sikoryak
I think it’s really hard to replace what Scott Brown brought to Scotland. He was one of a kind and there aren’t too many players like Broony. But for me, the more you try and replicate him, the more difficult it becomes.
John McGinn
When you are doing a film about real people, you don’t have a lot of manoeuvrability when it comes to how much you can add by way of imagination. You have to replicate what they were like. What you can add to it is your version of it.
Tahir Raj Bhasin
Technology allows us to do many things, but it is always important to combine it with traditional handcrafts and, in fact, use technology to replicate dying arts so that they are not lost.
Issey Miyake
Whenever we are en route to a game on the bus I am always watching the goals of Ronaldo, Adriano, and Neymar to get some inspiration. Then, when I am on the pitch, I try to replicate what they do.
There are always lessons that can be learned from another manufacturer. You can learn from their successes and from their mistakes also. But you cannot replicate; you can only learn.
Carlos Ghosn
It’s really important that we not replicate what came before us, but we do something of our own, that’s reflective of our own time, of contemporary society.
Peter Clewes
There are supply chains that exist in China and Asia now which the U.S. simply can’t replicate.
Charles Duhigg
I can’t replicate how I feel when that whistle goes on nights like that, knowing you’ve won it, that people are going home smiling. You don’t get that sat on my tractor in Plymouth or doing the shop in Tesco.
Neil Warnock
Food is entertainment now. People tune into ‘Top Chef,’ and they’re not trying to replicate the recipes. Anthony Bourdain is entertainment. Instagramming your dishes is entertainment.
David Sax
You can never replicate the pressure you’re under in a game.
Kasper Schmeichel
I used to be quite negative about going back to Greece and making something, but there is a certain kind of freedom that I’ve experienced while I was making films in Greece that is hard to replicate elsewhere.
Yorgos Lanthimos
There’s no way to replicate a really great vocal sometimes.
John Britt Daniel
There’s an intuition learned through our work. Teaching others doesn’t mean they can just go out and replicate it.
Austin Kleon
Like other lifeforms, we [humans] exist only to replicate ourselves.
George Monbiot
America has deep, fundamental institutions that take a long time to replicate.
Anand Giridharadas
Viruses have to live somewhere. They can only replicate in living creatures. So, when the Ebola virus disappears between outbreaks, it has to be living in some reservoir host, presumably some species of animal.
David Quammen
My goal is to replicate prosperity with integrity.
Carlos Machado
I love theater. You can’t replicate the live format.
Brandon Victor Dixon
Let there be no mistake. A gay man alone could never begin to replicate the inner workings of the female mind.
Michael Patrick King
There is something about a live performance that you just cannot replicate anywhere else. Live streaming has been wonderful but it’s just not same as sitting there and experiencing that electricity, with a group of other people that you don’t even know and all being brought together.
Carrie Hope Fletcher
I think television has always been one to replicate when something’s successful. I don’t think there’s quite as much innovation.
Tom Selleck
Being an actor in L.A. is like being in prison: you go, you serve your time, you try to replicate Johnny Depp’s career – and then you move to Paris.
Alex Pettyfer
I feel like, with drum programming, the way I used to do it, I’d think of how somebody would play these drum patterns and then try to replicate that through programming. It’s not that it’s better or worse, it’s just a different style.
What it means to look like a woman or man changes regionally – from mannerisms to clothes to posture to makeup to even your vocals – so I just observe, and I replicate.
Rain Dove
I thought to myself, ‘What can I do that Amazon can’t replicate?’ I wanted to do something Amazon couldn’t do, and something that I absolutely loved.
Julie Wainwright
I have less than no interest in trying to replicate another brilliant actor’s work, thank you very much.
Martin Freeman
Knowing that my ancestry had all been quite wealthy and owned their own businesses probably left me with the ambition to replicate what they’d done.
John Caudwell
If I hear a story or a fact about somebody I don’t know and have never met, it’s like getting a hollow vessel that you can fill up with whatever you want. That’s more tempting to me than to try to replicate what I actually know.
Claire Messud
My uncle was in a ska band called the Top Cats; that was my first proper influence, as I was taken to see them every week. It sort of built up, the want to replicate it creatively.
King Krule
China’s strategy is to rob, replicate and replace. China robs American companies of their intellectual property. They replicate our technology.
Tommy Tuberville
My songs used to be significantly more bizarre. I used to play a big electric piano and a loop pedal. I was really into Regina Spektor, and I liked her narrative lyrics that were quite off the wall. I used to layer things up and try and replicate what I’d been doing with my bedroom recordings.
Dan Smith
If I could wish to steal anyone’s attributes whose would it be? Good question. Maybe not a specific attribute, but if I could replicate the longevity of Buffon’s career I’d be a happy man.
Jack Butland
When we’re dealing with historic buildings, we don’t replicate, but we try to be subordinate and be deferential to them.
Peter Clewes
I think television has always been one to replicate when something’s successful.
Tom Selleck
There is a gentleness in Michigan that you just can’t replicate.
Jennifer Granholm
It’s okay to take that reservoir of passion that you have and let it flow into whatever you love. Experiment, question, replicate, be critical, be nerdy, be yourself.
Kyle Hill
If you look at me as a role model, I agree with it. If you look at me as an idol, I don’t because an idol for me is someone that you want to replicate. You want to be them and I don’t wish that on anyone to lose what they have personally, because that’s when your spark is lost.
Miley Cyrus
Life needs a membrane to contain itself so it can replicate and mutate.
Frans Lanting
When I started using the extreme short depth of field and single point of focus, I was trying to replicate my changing eyesight. We have binocular vision; one eye perceives space from the other. I don’t experience a scene visually at F32. It’s more like F1.4.
Keith Carter
The quality of competitors abroad really pushes your timings, something that’s tough to replicate in the country.
Dutee Chand
I am lucky to have been gifted with a good ear and the ability to mimic. If I can hear it… I can replicate it, whether it’s a dialect or just matching the tone of someones voice.
Robin Atkin Downes
The culture of New York is just impossible to replicate. It’s such an incredible feeling to be walking on the streets of New York. You can literally find everything you need in a five block radius oftentimes.
Max Schneider
If you really love people, you say you really love people, really care about people, want the best for people, well, America is the best place. Instead of coming here and destroying it, why not copy it, replicate it?
Rush Limbaugh
I think it’s the most responsible thing you can do, to have kids. It’s not something to be taken lightly. I don’t have that gene that people have to replicate.
George Clooney
When you’re out there together on the pitch, you’re fighting for each other. It’s amazing, overwhelming and you either sink or swim in that atmosphere. It’s what makes professional footballers what they are. You can’t replicate that in any other job.
Jermaine Jenas
The adrenaline of performing live in front of an audience is a feeling that’s hard to replicate.
Jim Ross
I like looking at a book and asking myself, ‘How do I replicate that experience I just had as a reader?’
Jane Goldman
If you have an effect that nobody can replicate, then your phenomenon fades away. So if you want to to have a legacy, then you jolly well better have an effect that replicates.
Susan Fiske
Memeticists have to give empirical evidence to support the claim that, in the micro-processes of cultural transmission, elements of culture inherit all or nearly all their relevant properties from other elements of culture that they replicate.
Dan Sperber
It doesn’t cost anything to replicate code. So the companies that make code, that’s why they’ve done so well. We take it for granted now, but why is it that code is free? It’s because somebody built this self-replicating process.
George Dyson
There is an emotional aspect to live players that, no matter how good the samples are, you cannot replicate.
Ramin Djawadi
One of my main legislative efforts in education is to help expand and replicate successful charter schools. Charter schools are public schools with site-based governance.
Jared Polis
I love my cameras. I love contact sheets. I love the visceral thing of film and I’m not positive that I can replicate my lighting digitally. My assistants tell me I can, but, just stubborn I guess.
Carol Friedman
Surpassing my achievements feels incredible; I want to replicate that again and again.
Katherine Reutter
Being charitable provides a boost to your psyche that is tough to replicate in any other way. But note that although any charity will happily take your money, you can give in other ways and still reap the same happiness reward. Volunteering and donating your old or unused belongings have the same result.
Jean Chatzky
We’re seeing a lot of major companies as well as startups coming up with smartwatches that replicate a lot of the functionality you might have in your smartphone. Will it be as big a market as smartphones? Probably not, but it still can be a very substantial market.
Henry Samueli
The point of remaking ‘Straw Dogs’ is not to replicate the philosophies of Sam Peckinpah at all. What made that film singular was the attitude that he brought to the characters. Oddly enough, that’s the one thing that I really wanted to change.
Rod Lurie
The persona in my stories may be truer to my “real” self than any alleged objective, factual “I” that I could replicate for the purposes of storytelling.
Norman Lock
In the 123rd minute of the semifinal game at the Olympics against Canada, I scored the game-winning goal that brought us to the finals. You can’t replicate those do-or-die moments in practice or a friendly game.
Alex Morgan
When I make a recipe for the first time and it’s fabulous, I know I’m in trouble because I don’t know exactly what I did, and I can’t replicate it.
Diane Mott Davidson
One thing I don’t understand is how people want you to replicate your past successes. Being an artist should be about freedom and not just becoming one thing, because I think that’s terrible and boring.
Charli XCX