Shwayze Quotes

Shwayze Quotes.

I was so obsessed with 2Pac. He was one of the first rappers I heard. “Dear Mama” was one of the first tracks I ever memorized.
Girls in New York look like giraffes.
Long neck, long legs, tiny tits and ass.
Girls from L.A rock over sized shades.
And chill all day cause they already paid.
Girls in Miami…string bikinis and bump techno by Dj Tiesto.
Girls from Detroit like electro
And dance all night till they break they neck yo.
Music is my girlfriend, pretty much. It’s makes it a little difficult, but I’m always looking, looking for the right girl.
In 10 years, I’m gonna be all over. I’ll still be doing mad music, I’ll be doing a couple movies, maybe some TV. Hopefully coaching some of my son’s sports teams and be in heavy daddy mode.
We [with Cisco Adler] came back to the concept that our music, our lifestyle, and what we stood for was dope. So whoever the show brought to the music, they would stick. It was a way to bring people to the music, and I’m still doing that.
When you play the old songs, it’s awesome and I love it, but it’s not work because everyone already knows it and it’s easy. I have to break the crowd in on a new song and that’s what is kind of cool and fun.
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