Technologies Quotes

Technologies Quotes by Kim Stanley Robinson, Al Franken, Henry Petroski, Mark V. Hurd, Rebecca MacKinnon, Hillary Clinton and many others.

Many of the technologies we’ve invented are necessary to keep 6.5 billion people alive. We can’t go back from that, so we need to decarbonize really rapidly.
Kim Stanley Robinson
Changing technologies, changing marketplaces, and even changing trends in anti-competitive practices have all presented challenges to antitrust enforcement.
Al Franken
Betting on the success of innovative technologies in the marketplace can carry all the uncertainty and risk that betting on the next card in the deck does at a blackjack table in Las Vegas. There is a factor of randomness that must be factored in, but precisely how to do so is anyone’s guess.
Henry Petroski
We have, of course, all of our Oracle technologies in our cloud. But I don’t think you’re going to see customers wanting to deal with 50 clouds or 40 clouds or anything like that.
Mark V. Hurd
Companies should have a due diligence process to determine the likelihood that their technologies will be used to carry out human rights abuses before doing business with a particular country or distributor.
Rebecca MacKinnon
I also believe that we have an extraordinary opportunity for the United States and European Union to lead the world in developing and implementing new and more efficient technologies – smart electrical grids and electrical vehicles.
Hillary Clinton
Every kid coming out of Harvard, every kid coming out of school now thinks he can be the next Mark Zuckerberg, and with these new technologies like cloud computing, he actually has a shot.
Marc Andreessen
Cloud is so important because it enables digital transformation. It underpins disruptive new technologies in social, mobile, and analytics – and it is enabling industry leaders to compete in digital. Innovation is happening in the cloud – and cloud gives companies the speed and flexibility to be much more agile.
Julie Sweet
The need for improved technical support in schools has expanded as the Government and schools have increased their investment in information and communications technologies.
Estelle Morris
We have plenty of technologies we could use to destroy the planet, and we don’t. There’s more love on this planet than hate; there’s more creativity than destructive power.
Dan Brown
When private sector, government, social, and philanthropic leaders apply innovative partnerships and technologies to address social challenges and build sustainable communities, the impact is multiplied.
Tae Yoo
In software and many other online markets, even dominant firms face potential threats because of the low costs for competitors to enter those markets. Threats more easily emerge because of better or newer technologies leapfrogging older ones.
Marvin Ammori
Gene therapy technology is much like computing technology. We had to build the super computer which cost $8 million in 1960. Now everyone has technologies that work predictably and at a cost the average person can afford.
Liz Parrish
I not only work online through my various projects, but I am an avid user of online technologies to connect and engage with friends as well.
Rachel Sklar
In a digital world, there are numerous technologies that we are attached to that create infinite interruption.
Tim Ferriss
Technologies that may be realized in centuries or millennium include: warp drive, traveling faster than the speed of light, parallel universes; are there other parallel dimensions and parallel realities? Time travel that we mentioned and going to the stars.
Michio Kaku
The State Energy Program, it provides grants to States and directs funding to State energy offices. The States use these grants to address their energy priorities, program funding to adopt emerging renewable energy and energy-efficient technologies.
Rosa DeLauro
We have witnessed Chernobyl, Bhopal, Challenger, Seveso, Amoco Cadiz, Three Mile Island and have still not wakened from our fantasy that large organizations can carry out complex technologies on a huge scale with total perfection.
Donella Meadows
The bottom line is that while automation is eliminating many jobs in the economy that were once done by people, there is no sign that the introduction of technologies in recent years is creating an equal number of well-paying jobs to compensate for those losses.
Moshe Vardi
I think that technologies are morally neutral until we apply them. It’s only when we use them for good or for evil that they become good or evil.
William Gibson
Today we have access to highly advanced technologies. But our social and economic system has not kept up with our technological capabilities that could easily create a world of abundance, free of servitude and debt.
Jacque Fresco
We started Vector with the goal of creating a development platform that would foster and bolster the micro space innovations currently underway and bring the promise of space-based technologies to a much larger pool of entrepreneurs who don’t need to be space experts.
Jim Cantrell
Still, there may be technologies that are very useful in identifying people over the age of 18 because they have all kinds of identifying characteristics, while those same tech may be useless for 12- and 13-year-olds.
Richard Blumenthal
Although designers continue to dream of ‘transparency’ – technologies that just do their job without making their presence felt – both creators and audiences actually like technologies with ‘personality.’
Brian Eno
Instead of using new technologies to preserve for ready discovery material that might in the past never have been stored, or deleting everything as soon as possible, we can develop systems that place sensitive information beyond reach until a specified amount of time has passed or other conditions are met.
Jonathan Zittrain
Speed and adaptability are crucial to success in conflict and can be helped by new technologies.
Dominic Cummings
There’s a long list of technologies that have now made it possible to carry out very precise search efforts in the deep sea.
Robert Ballard
Social media, like blogs, are truth-seeking technologies. In fact, the Internet itself is the greatest truth-generating device ever created.
Jason Calacanis
Technologies evolve in the strangest ways. Computers were created to calculate ballistics equations, and now we use them to create amusing illusions. Creating amusing illusions is a big business if you play it right.
Howard Rheingold
We build our technologies as a way of addressing all our anxieties and desires. They are our passions congealed into these prosthetic extensions of ourselves. And they do it in a way that reflects what we dream ourselves capable of doing.
Richard Powers
Enlightened self-interest from those involved in hydrocarbons should lead to the support of technologies enabling the clean use of hydrocarbons, such as carbon capture and storage, and not to the defence of deniers and cranks.
Nicholas Stern
What if the Big Three automakers made products that were simple and easy to use – imagine a car with a user interface made by Apple – while also constantly trying to push the state of the art? What if they constantly sought out new technologies and ideas, and incorporated them into their products?
Daniel Lyons
Google is a company whose very existence depends on innovation – on inventing things that are new and didn’t exist before – and on refining existing ideas and technologies to allow consumers to do things they couldn’t do before.
Daniel Levitin
The Cox Committee found that the Chinese military acquired many of the technologies over the past seven years, although many of them had been targeted for acquisition for more than a quarter century.
Charles Bass
What Techstars is fundamentally a global ecosystem in which entrepreneurs are enabled and empowered to bring new technologies to the market.
David Cohen
Film and the other creative industries are being transformed by digital technologies.
David Puttnam
Capitalism historically has been a very dynamic force, and behind that force is technical progress, innovation, new ideas, new products, new technologies, and new methods of managing teams.
Manmohan Singh
The two things I’m most excited about are self-driving cars and speech. Speech doesn’t sound like that much, but it’s one of those technologies with the potential to change everything. Steve Jobs didn’t invent the touch screen. He just made it work very well, and that’s changed everything.
Andrew Ng
Technologies, including cell phones, have the potential to help millions of poor people out of poverty by enabling access to a range of safe, affordable financial services – most importantly, savings accounts – that have long been out of reach.
Sylvia Mathews Burwell
The list of traceability for some automotive components needs to be rethought for new technologies to send adequate signals about the strengthening of the value chains in North America.
Ildefonso Guajardo Villarreal
When people talk about wearables, when people talk about connected XYZ – home, car, whatever – those are all smartphone technologies.
Steve Mollenkopf
As Michigan’s voice on the Senate Finance Committee and Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, I will continue working to make sure the next generation of advanced technologies and alternative fuel vehicles are made right here in America.
Debbie Stabenow
Novel technologies and ideas that impinge on human biology and their perceived impact on human values have renewed strains in the relationship between science and society.
Paul Berg
Terrorists remain determined to find a weakness in our defence… To stay ahead of the terrorists, I call on the international community, the private sector, and academia to share knowledge, expertise, and resources to prevent new technologies becoming lethal terrorist weapons.
Antonio Guterres
Looting and site destruction are global problems. We have a tough road ahead, and one key will be developing more collaborations and using new technologies like satellite imagery.
Sarah Parcak
Personally, I believe that government, rather than money, tends to be the primary factor limiting the development of new technologies.
Charles Platt
The U.S. and Israel probably lead the way in terms of venture investment in technologies companies focused on the security paradigm. That is quite encouraging.
John W. Thompson
Infrastructure is more than laying new roads and expanding transit: it’s running the fiber and deploying new technologies for reliable, affordable Internet in every part of the state.
John Hickenlooper
Web searching and cellphone use both flourish in the wee hours. Before the dawn of the web, I would stay up watching television. But there is something soporific about television: I would often nod off. Not so when I’m online. As technologies expand, these problems may only worsen.
Sendhil Mullainathan
Call me an optimist, but in the past 300 years we have built amazing technologies which – by and large – have advanced humanity.
Sebastian Thrun
There is huge demand for artificial intelligence technologies.
Yuri Milner
When the Constitution was written, the founders had no way of anticipating the new technologies that would evolve in the coming centuries.
Al Franken
Hard disks have disappointed me more than most technologies.
Steve Wozniak
Today’s world requires a different leadership style – more collaboration and teamwork, including using Web 2.0 technologies. If you had told me I’d be video blogging and blogging, I would have said, ‘No way.’ And yet our 20-somethings in the company really pushed me to use that more.
John T. Chambers
The only reason we don’t notice how absolutely interwoven our thinking processes have become with older technologies – pencils, paper, electric light, penicillin, fire – is that they’re old, so we’ve ceased to notice their effects.
Clive Thompson
Successful technologies often begin as hobbies. Jacques Cousteau invented scuba diving because he enjoyed exploring caves. The Wright brothers invented flying as a relief from the monotony of their normal business of selling and repairing bicycles.
Freeman Dyson
With the advanced editing technologies, it’s not difficult to play double roles these days. It can be done easily.
Vijay Antony
Digital companies can reach new customers immediately and at virtually zero marginal cost. They can compete in new sectors by collaborating with peers and competitors. They can massively improve quality and productivity by converging technologies and sources of data.
Pierre Nanterme
Photovoltaics are a great technology for certain applications, and, in fact, we invest in photovoltaic technologies. But they’re not good substitutes for grid electricity.
Vinod Khosla
We’ve almost been wiped out as a species many times, going back millions of years, and we’ve survived by reinventing ourselves and enlarging our circles of awareness, inventing new technologies and social structures.
David Grinspoon
When Apple looks at what categories to enter, we ask these kinds of questions: What are the primary technologies behind this? What do we bring? Can we make a significant contribution to society with this? If we can’t, and if we can’t own the key technologies, we don’t do it.
Tim Cook
The progressive integration of new technologies in our economy amounts to a paradigm shift with a profound impact on the context and content of work.
Alexander De Croo
I always thought that using more efficient energy sources, pushing the clean energy technologies such as renewable energies are important.
Fatih Birol
Through social, location, and mobile technologies (SoLoMo) we now have the ability to leverage our virtual communities into the physical world, to bring our online experiences offline.
John Zimmer
I love my DSL, but I love my WiFi more. And I probably get on the Internet 40 percent to 50 percent more because of the combination of those technologies.
Michael K. Powell
Very little useful science got done in the space station. NASA never did the experiments needed to develop the technologies required for a genuine interplanetary expedition: centrifugal gravity to avoid bodily harm and a truly closed biosphere.
Gregory Benford
The tools and technologies we’ve developed are really the first few drops of water in the vast ocean of what AI can do.
Fei-Fei Li
India is one of the world’s largest and most peaceful states with advanced nuclear technologies and has been isolated from the rest of the world on nuclear issues.
Henry Paulson
For so many in the UK, the social contract is broken – the idea that if you work hard and play by the rules, you’ll reap the rewards. Advances in robotics, artificial intelligence and other technologies are just as capable of fixing the social contract as they are to weaken it further.
Jo Swinson
What we are seeing now is customers shifting their attention from security products like firewalls and intrusion sensors, to the policies that need to be in place, and the technologies that help them enforce policy compliance.
John W. Thompson
I work a lot with my ski sponsor, Head, to develop new technologies.
Ted Ligety
Energy consumption has to be managed by an intelligent grid when it comes to highly populated areas. Smart-grid technologies allow for the integration of renewable energy into the grid as well as energy from distributed sources.
Joe Kaeser
Like all technologies before it, artificial intelligence will reflect the values of its creators. So inclusivity matters – from who designs it to who sits on the company boards and which ethical perspectives are included.
Kate Crawford
You can use a lot of different technologies to create something that doesn’t really have a lot of value.
Shigeru Miyamoto
Our people are willing to work with the government on new technologies. Now, it’s a habit; every Estonian looks at it as part of our national identity. We understand that this allows us to provide better services to our people than our money would allow.
Kersti Kaljulaid
Power, of course, is very important, but really, there’s a bundle of technologies you have to have to make sure they’re highly integrated, so you have to have modem, you have to have connectivity, you have to have GPS, you have to have graphics, you have to have CPU.
Steve Mollenkopf
The Enterprise In Space program is an exciting opportunity to simultaneously advance cutting edge technologies while getting students from around the world engaged in STEAM and space education.
Bruce Pittman
If we want to implement climate protection worldwide, countries like Germany, which are capable of developing new technologies, will have to hand over some of their knowledge. We can’t expect to have our cake and eat it too.
Sigmar Gabriel
‘Phantom Menace’ was a huge project. It was the biggest visual effects production ever done at that point, and it was a little scary how big it was and how many unknown technologies had to be developed to do that work.
John Knoll
Taken as a whole, consumer technologies have made startling advances, but they still are not as easy to use as they should be.
Walt Mossberg
Evidence and economic theory suggests that control of the Internet by the phone and cable companies would lead to blocking of competing technologies.
Marvin Ammori
New technologies and approaches are merging the physical, digital, and biological worlds in ways that will fundamentally transform humankind. The extent to which that transformation is positive will depend on how we navigate the risks and opportunities that arise along the way.
Klaus Schwab
The problem is that there are very few technologies that essentially haven’t changed for 60, 70 years.
Robert Sternberg
Make sure you give credit to those technologies adjacent to your own – even if they are your competitors.
Rana el Kaliouby
All countries will eventually need to rebuild their growth models around digital technologies and the human capital that supports their deployment and expansion.
Michael Spence
Regardless of the administration or who’s in Congress, when you look at the outcomes of what what’s been happening, there are opportunities for us to invest in infrastructure, to create more equity, to invest in new technologies, to create future – jobs focused on the future not industries from the past.
Doug McMillon
What I like to say is that we’re trying to develop a new generation of technologies that are worthy of the next generation of kids.
Mitchel Resnick
Mobile communications and pervasive computing technologies, together with social contracts that were never possible before, are already beginning to change the way people meet, mate, work, war, buy, sell, govern and create.
Howard Rheingold
I’m often saddened and dismayed to see myself portrayed as either a Luddite or as a raving technophile. I’ve always thought that my job was to be as anthropologically neutral about emerging technologies as possible.
William Gibson
I’m sure that the ideas being incubated at places like Startup Village today will form the core of the technologies of tomorrow.
Pranav Mistry
One of the most exciting opportunities created by renewable energy technologies like solar is the ability to help the world’s poorest develop faster – but more sustainably too.
Ed Davey
I’m a big mobile fan, so I love seeing all of the latest technologies with phones.
Without question, intelligent technologies will continue to disrupt the world as we know it. There will be profound implications, both positive and negative.
Pierre Nanterme
While arguments rage about plant- versus meat-based diets, new technologies will soon make them irrelevant. Before long, most of our food will come neither from animals nor plants, but from unicellular life.
George Monbiot
If the expansion of a global legal regime for communication technologies gains traction, the effects to the global economy as well as our individual liberties will be severe.
Marsha Blackburn
Unlike traditional asset management firms, our analysts do not follow sectors. They follow technologies – the 14 different technologies that I mentioned, involved in these five major innovation platforms.
Cathie Wood
Compliance with the Stop Online Piracy Act would require huge overhead spending by Internet companies for staff and technologies dedicated to monitoring users and censoring any infringing material from being posted or transmitted.
Rebecca MacKinnon
Scarcely a day goes by without some claim that new technologies are fast writing newsprint’s obituary.
Rupert Murdoch
Chemical propulsion is obsolete to go anywhere other than the moon. Three days – that’s acceptable. But for Mars, we need propulsion technologies to get us there in, say, 60 days – then spend whatever length of time we want to spend and return when we want to come home.
Gene Cernan
A National Database on Autism Research is fostering sharing of data and collaborations. Scientists are also making great strides at the interface of biology and engineering with new technologies that are laying the groundwork for future advances.
Thomas R. Insel
I like computers. I like the Internet. It’s a tool that can be used. But don’t be misled into thinking that these technologies are anything other than aspects of a degenerate economic system.
Jerry Brown
We need to invest in technologies that amplify human capacity, not replace it.
Reid Hoffman
Every day, I witness innovative technologies being used to not only address social challenges but to build stronger communities – here in the U.S. and across the globe.
Tae Yoo
I feel every technology can be abused, but fundamentally we put new technologies into the service of humanity.
Sebastian Thrun
One of the important lessons of the Internet is, how easy it is to get things done completely shapes what gets created. For that reason, technologies like Amazon’s cloud service are very important. Even if they aren’t technically impressive, they make things easy to do.
Patrick Collison
One of the advantages of moving quickly is if you do something wrong you can change it. What technologies tend to do is they tend to make a lot of mistakes… but then we go back and aggressively attack those mistakes – and fix them. And you usually recover pretty quickly.
Marc Andreessen
The biggest problem for governments with new technologies is that the limiting factor on applying new technologies is not the technology but management and operational ideas which are extremely hard to change fast.
Dominic Cummings
My job is such that I get to run new things every day, and I get to run new markets and new technologies. I enjoy that quite a bit.
Matt Mullenweg
From John Kennedy to Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush, presidents have rhetorically opened the door to the frontier for us, and each time, we have turned away to fight over destinations, technologies, and timing.
Rick Tumlinson
I love using the latest technologies to make life more efficient, but I don’t want to advocate that technology replaces the need to get together and enjoy human connections with people.
Maynard Webb
I believe that it is impossible to stop people from using the fossil fuels, so we need to develop technologies which allow us to use them without creating environmental havoc on the planet.
Klaus Lackner
In 2007, when I was a lawyer for the public interest group Free Press, I helped draft the complaint to the FCC against Comcast for secretly blocking BitTorrent and other technologies.
Marvin Ammori
Genomics, Artificial Intelligence, and Deep Machine learning technologies are helping practitioners deliver better diagnosis and actually freeing up time for patient interaction.
Frans van Houten
We must continue to fight for funding for health technologies so that they can continue to do what they do best – save lives – but also because they confer a real benefit to America’s economy.
Albio Sires
We need to be investing in the low-carbon technologies that are creating the apprenticeships and skilled jobs of the future.
Barry Gardiner
A nation’s economy is more than its markets, tastes, technologies and property rights.
Edmund Phelps
Typical tech-driven companies or hardware-driven companies always lay out the so-called roadmaps when it comes to making the new hardware. So, in other words, availability of certain technologies dictates when the company is intending to make the new hardware.
Satoru Iwata
What I try to do is factor in how people use computers, what people’s problems are, and how these technologies can get applied to those problems. Then I try to direct the various product groups to act on this information.
John Warnock
As new technologies upend the economics of climate change, the politics surrounding the environment are changing, too.
Brian Deese
New technologies such as solar systems or hybrid cars aren’t created overnight. By extending these tax credits we are giving this industry time to grow, branch out and succeed.
J. D. Hayworth
Chips will continue to shrink, of course. We, along with other semiconductor companies, are continuing to push toward the next goal of 10 nm, but going beyond 10 nm will require the development of new technologies, materials, and manufacturing processes that are still being perfected.
Henry Samueli
We have to use cars much more efficiently. We have to look at alternative technologies of cars such as biofuels or, even more importantly, electric cars.
Fatih Birol
Technologies simmer along before they are feasible. That simmer can be short or long, but then they get traction. And from there to being huge is a couple of decades.
Klaus Lackner
But any big change is more likely to result if there is a disruptive event such as new technologies or platforms that have a surprising effect on market share.
Trip Hawkins
New standards for safety are now in place and Canada has helped provide tools and techniques that were needed. Technologies like these are innovative and represent great achievements for us.
Marc Garneau
Cryptocurrencies are just one example of decentralized technologies.
Melanie Swan
We want to build technology that everybody loves using, and that affects everyone. We want to create beautiful, intuitive services and technologies that are so incredibly useful that people use them twice a day. Like they use a toothbrush. There aren’t that many things people use twice a day.
Larry Page
It is difficult to think of anything more important than providing the best education possible for our children. They will develop the next technologies, medical cures, and global industries, while mitigating their unintended effects, or they will fail to do these things and consign us all to oblivion.
Sam Harris
Education is crucial in determining which profession women will choose, so it’s important to spark interest in technologies at an early age.
Gillian Tans
Solar will outcompete other technologies.
Billy Parish
Regardless of the technology, we at Cisco believe that there is a need to ‘connect the unconnected,’ whether it is using 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi. We are working on enabling heterogeneous access across different technologies. The basic need to ‘connect to unconnected’ still remains.
Padmasree Warrior
When you think of technological revolution, you probably think of geeks in cool coastal spaces like the Google campus, or perhaps of math wizards on Wall Street. But one source of rural prosperity is the adoption of radical new technologies – and a consequent surge in productivity.
Chrystia Freeland
What’s different here is that we have now technologies that allow these life science companies to bypass classical breeding. That’s what makes it both powerful and exciting.
Jeremy Rifkin
The impending destruction of jobs due to automation and AI technologies is definitely increasing the need for – and speed at which – we have to implement big solutions, such as a universal basic income.
Andrew Yang
I’m excited to see how current and future technologies revolutionize the way we learn.
LeVar Burton
I think that we live in techno-enthusiastic times. We celebrate our technologies because people are frightened by the world we’ve made.
Sherry Turkle
No matter how invasive the technologies at their disposal, marketers and pollsters never come to terms with the living process through which people choose products or candidates; they are looking at what people just bought or thought, and making calculations based on that after-the-fact data.
Douglas Rushkoff
There are a lot of really fabulous things that get done with digital assets and blockchain technologies to reduce friction, to reduce costs, and enable things that weren’t possible before.
Brad Garlinghouse
Augmented reality will change the world more than a lot of other technologies. Traveling around to meet people will be much less important when you can stand in a room and chat with a virtual representation of a person that’s so close to reality – it’ll be a whole new level.
Tim Sweeney
If you want to invest in early-stage technologies, putting a timeframe on it does behold you to Silicon Valley economics. You’ve got a certain time period where you have to make the money. And you have to invest that money whether you find good companies or not.
Bill Maris
One of the great things about technological innovation is that we haven’t found out a way to make it partisan yet, and so we can actually bring Republicans and Democrats together to use innovative technologies to generate a cleaner environment, and we don’t need excessive regulations to do it.
Matt Gaetz
It is a well-known fact that bringing in technologies in retail sector is good for consumers.
N. R. Narayana Murthy
We already have many of the technologies and tools that we need to build a sustainable future. What we don’t have is a new way of thinking, and that’s really the hardest part.
Alex Steffen
Connected vehicle technologies are revolutionizing and democratizing transportation for safer, smarter, more responsible, and more accessible driving.
Dinesh Paliwal
Africa cannot afford to underestimate the power of technology to fast-track the continent’s rise. Emerging technologies have played extraordinary roles in every aspect of the continent’s most touted successes.
Yemi Osinbajo
I can’t tell my people that you will get power only from 6 A.M. to 5 P.M., and after that, we live in darkness. You need 24-hour power; you need a baseload, and that baseload for India is coal. We are looking at clean coal technologies to reduce the impact of pollution.
Piyush Goyal
Most businesses do not take governments seriously when it comes to climate, primarily because many governments have inconsistent and incoherent policies and then often keep changing them, sometimes retroactively. This makes businesses reluctant to invest in greener technologies.
Jose Angel Gurria
We need to bring sustainable energy to every corner of the globe with technologies like solar energy mini-grids, solar powered lights, and wind turbines.
Ban Ki-moon
Japan is already a leader in energy efficiency, and it has a wealth of innovative technologies. We must put this expertise to use creating a model for growth and sustainability that we can share with the world.
Yoshihiko Noda
You beat China by outcompeting them, by dominating the new technologies: wind, solar, electric vehicles, artificial intelligence, additive manufacturing. We should be reinvesting back in the United States and beating them on the economic playing field.
Tim Ryan
What the American public thinks is very important to the future of global health. Many people are moved by the idea that there is unnecessary suffering in the world, and we could do a lot to stop it. We have the technologies necessary to stop most of the suffering.
Paul Farmer
The idea that the mind can extend even beyond the body is an intriguing one, and is bound to become more pressing as we increasingly develop technologies that augment our natural abilities.
Julian Baggini
Designing a station with artificial gravity would undoubtedly be a daunting task. Space agencies would have to re-examine many reliable technologies under the light of the new forces these tools would have to endure. Space flight would have to take several steps back before moving forward again.
Andy Weir
The Web is actually a coming together of three technologies, if you like: the hypertext, the personal computer, and the network. So, the network we had, and the personal computers were there, but people didn’t use them, because they didn’t know what to use them for, except maybe for a few games.
Robert Cailliau
Blu-ray and the technologies emerging around it are the premiere format for reproducing what we do as filmmakers. There’s more space on the disc, more bit rate.
Michael Mann
I’m trying to avail myself of the various technologies to get the message that Washington needs to be cleaned up, that the system that’s in place is not what’s beneficial in the country.
Jack Abramoff
Trade and investment are good for innovation – open economies allow new ideas and technologies to diffuse more quickly from wherever they are created.
Arancha Gonzalez
Why are the people who are most alarmist about climate change so opposed to the technologies that are solving it? One possibility is that they truly believe nuclear and natural gas are as dangerous as climate change.
Michael Shellenberger
Emotion AI will be ingrained in the technologies we use every day, running in the background, making our tech interactions more personalized, relevant, authentic, and interactive.
Rana el Kaliouby
I.B.M. was not really bringing their best technologies to India. They were dumping old machines in the country that had been thrown away in the rest of the world 10 years before.
Azim Premji
Sometimes an ethnographic inquiry will lead to new ways to use an existing technology or will generate new technologies.
Katie Hafner
I am probably not alone in sensing above me the huge corporations and monstrous banks, science, politics and technologies, spy satellites and stock markets, military systems and massive wealth – forces and dynamics I don’t understand or can hardly imagine.
Michael Leunig
We need a sweeping debate about ethics, boundaries, and regulation for location data technologies.
Kate Crawford
One of my top priorities during the COVID-19 pandemic has been to minimize learning disruptions for Connecticut students and see that every K-12 student has the educational technologies they need to thrive in school.
Ned Lamont
We need to create technologies – and a culture of respect, and an updated legal doctrine, too – that allow creative folks to make money from their own efforts.
Glenn Kelman
Prometheus – trickster, rebel and hero – links the realm of the gods with the world of humanity, with which he had such close affinity. His act of stealing fire has been viewed as the foundation of all man’s technologies.
Neil MacGregor
Vehicle emissions standards directly sparked the development and application of a wide range of automotive technologies that are now found throughout the global automobile market.
Keith Ellison
As the physical, digital, and biological worlds continue to converge, new technologies and platforms will increasingly enable citizens to engage with governments, voice their opinions, coordinate their efforts, and even circumvent the supervision of public authorities.
Klaus Schwab
The development of exponential technologies like new biotech and AI hint at a larger trend – one in which humanity can shift from a world of constraints to one in which we think with a long-term purpose where sustainable food production, housing, and fresh water is available for all.
Arvind Gupta
Spend 10% of the project budget making sure you understand problem, the key technologies involved, and have looked at all of the options before you dive into the detailed design.
Bruce Pittman
I monitor very carefully, in the automobile sector in particular, the development of new technologies which help to limit negative effects on the environment by influencing human actions.
Albert II, Prince of Monaco
In the coming era of manned space exploration by the private sector, market forces will spur development and yield new, low-cost space technologies. If the history of private aviation is any guide, private development efforts will be safer, too.
Burt Rutan
I helped start a ceramics company called CPS Technologies. We took it public in 1987 at $12 a share. Three months later, there was this horrible cliff: Black Monday. Fidelity had bought 15 percent of our stock, and their algorithm caused them to dump it all onto the market that day. We dropped from $12 to $2.
Clayton M. Christensen
Through geospatial technologies, you can plan a whole city sitting in your room.
Kapil Sibal
The important thing for my father bringing me on the board of HCL Technologies was to expose me to our largest asset, which is HCL Technologies.
Roshni Nadar
I enjoy learning about the new technologies. I enjoy getting to know the new fans and dealing with them on their turf.
Lea Thompson
Energy-saving technologies keep improving faster than they’re applied, so efficiency is an ever larger and cheaper resource.
Amory Lovins
Augmented and virtual reality technologies are the future of smart construction and we are just starting to see the possibilities.
Grant Imahara
If every country committed to spending 0.05 per cent of GDP on researching non-carbon-emitting energy technologies, that would cost $25 billion a year, and it would do a lot more than massive carbon cuts to fight warming and save lives.
Bjorn Lomborg
People need to understand how exponential technologies are impacting the business landscape. They need to do some future-casting and look at how industries are evolving and being transformed.
Peter Diamandis
I came to CSIR with a passion to apply all of my scientific – entrepreneurial talents to help uplift the masses of Indians through the delivery of technologies.
Shiva Ayyadurai
Many new technologies come with a promise to change the world, but the world refuses to cooperate.
Henry Petroski
Digital surveillance programs require concrete data centres; intelligence agencies are based in real buildings. Surveillance systems ultimately consist of technologies, people, and the vast network of material resources that supports them.
Trevor Paglen
New technologies are rapidly giving rise to unprecedented methods of warfare. Innovations that yesterday were science fiction could cause catastrophe tomorrow, including nanotechnologies, combat robots, and laser weapons.
Peter Maurer
The rise of digital technologies has eroded boundaries: Anyone can participate, start a business, and reach a global audience.
David Cohen
We’re always looking for ways to use technologies to open up new creative expressions for us artistically. So we’re constantly thinking about where something like VR may lead us in storytelling or what kind of tool that gives us as storytellers.
Anthony Russo
We live in a world where, for whatever reason, the conversations that tend to stick are the ones where ‘if it bleeds, it leads.’ But we’ve always been afraid of new technologies in spite of the fact that they’ve helped improve our lives in countless ways.
Jason Silva
Encryption plays a fundamental role in protecting us all online. It is key to growing the digital economy and delivering public services online. But, like many powerful technologies, encrypted services are used and abused by a small minority of people.
Amber Rudd
It’s not going to be true that every country has the same technological possibilities, but there is no reason why it might not be more or less true. Broadly, that the idea that the same technologies should be available everywhere seems to me very plausible.
James Mirrlees
When grand plans for scientific and defence technologies are made, do the people in power think about the sacrifices the people in the laboratories and fields have to make?
A. P. J. Abdul Kalam
More and more jobs are applying cutting-edge technologies and now demand deeper knowledge of math and science in positions that most people don’t think of as STEM-related, including machinists, electricians, auto techs, medical technicians, plumbers and pipefitters.
Rex Tillerson
I fundamentally believed in the NASA mission of advancing our space frontier, all the while developing innovations and new technologies that would benefit all of humankind.
Jonny Kim
In the United States, resources exist to retrain displaced workers and promote the development of technologies that create new job opportunities for American workers.
Г“scar Arias
CRISPR-enabled ‘gene drives’ enable us to make changes to the germ-line of organisms permanent such that changes spread through the entire wild population, including making species extinct on demand. Unlike nuclear weapons such technologies are not complex, expensive, and able to be kept secret for a long time.
Dominic Cummings
Technologies tend to undermine community and encourage individualism.
Henry Mintzberg
If you want to keep on being relevant as a director, I think you have to embrace the times. And with the times come technologies and formats.
Alfonso Cuaron
I want to impact the world through futuristic yet affordable technologies to make the world a better place.
Pranav Mistry
Yeah, the majority of Brit+Co users are women, but DIY? You see kids DIY, adult men geeking out hardcore with anything related to woodworking and all these cool new technologies, metalwork, leatherworking, concrete making. Everyone has a passion. I truly believe it’s in our DNA literally to build things.
Brit Morin
As we all become increasingly reliant on social networking websites and new technologies to stay connected, it’s important to remain cognizant of how private personal information and data is handled.
Michael Bennet
With tens of thousands of patients dying every year from preventable medical errors, it is imperative that we embrace available technologies and drastically improve the way medical records are handled and processed.
Jon Porter
We will always work on technologies that are required in our market, which is India.
Bhavish Aggarwal
There are few aspects of everyday life that aren’t touched by the technologies developed for space travel.
Scott Kelly
I’m not saying that more performance wouldn’t be better – all these technologies are going to get better – that’s the difference between first generation and second generation.
Trip Hawkins
Even Silicon Valley investors have put well over a $1 billion in new energy technologies.
Daniel Yergin
As part of KPMG, Cynergy’s people and processes can help clients leverage digital and mobile technologies to transform existing customer engagement and employee mobile enablement into seamless experiences for end users across multiple platforms and devices.
Lynne Doughtie
There is nothing efficient about firms spurning more productive technologies because years of unrelenting attacks on social safety nets and collective bargaining have created cheap labour in abundance.
Clive Lewis
As a matter of historical analysis, the relationship between secrecy and privacy can be stated in an axiom: the defense of privacy follows, and never precedes, the emergence of new technologies for the exposure of secrets.
Jill Lepore
Mood-aware technologies would make personalized recommendations and encourage people to do things differently, better, or faster.
Rana el Kaliouby
All of these technologies that we are putting together… our memory technology, our CPU, our graphics architecture, our GPUs – all that is being applied to where the data is. You can almost predict where Intel will be in the future. It will be where data resides.
Brian Krzanich
I am impressed with the innovation in the wireless marketplace. The Blackberry, the iPhone, the Pre, and other smart devices are breakthrough technologies that have helped revolutionize the wireless space.
Julius Genachowski
Ethanol is here to stay, and we’re going to work for new technologies to be more efficient.
Sonny Perdue
It seems like every week we are considering bills that would make it harder to limit the amount of carbon we are dumping into our atmosphere, and prevent implementation of clean technologies. The voters who sent us here deserve better.
Mark Pocan
Government paved the on-ramp to space. Now, the vehicles taking us up to the space highway are being built by citizens, leveraging off government-catalyzed technologies and needs.
Rick Tumlinson
As we’re unleashing the benefits of communications technologies, we also want to minimize the downsides.
Ajit Pai
The occult sciences were simply ancient technologies for making the occult or unseen manifest in the world – whether that was the influence of the stars and planets, the mysterious meanings of lines inscribed in your palm, or forms of action at a distance like magic and spells.
Deborah Harkness
Google’s founders have had a good eye for imagining what technologies will be significant in the near future. No one asked Google to develop self-driving cars, but it helped them with street views for Google Maps.
Barry Ritholtz
As chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, I’ve logged more than 5,000 miles driving across the country to see first-hand how digital technologies are unleashing opportunity in U.S. communities and to understand the connectivity challenges many Americans face.
Ajit Pai
Responsible employers who pursue bold growth agendas must embrace intelligent technologies.
Pierre Nanterme
Most of Google’s home technologies have failed to catch on in a major way.
Barry Ritholtz
Americans are in need of an all-of-the-above energy approach, and when you think about all-of-the-above, you think about wind, solar, hydrogen, think about all those groovy technologies I really like.
Jeff Duncan
As more and more people are automated out of the economy through robotics and self-driving cars and other technologies, there will be a way to create value for other human beings online. There will be a virtual economy for exchanging value, goods and services, entertainment experiences, and all that.
Tim Sweeney
Cloud computing, smartphones, social media platforms, and Internet of Things devices have already transformed how we communicate, work, shop, and socialize. These technologies gather unprecedented data streams leading to formidable challenges around privacy, profiling, manipulation, and personal safety.
Oren Etzioni
The interesting products out on the Internet today are not building new technologies. They’re combining technologies. Instagram, for instance: Photos plus geolocation plus filters. Foursquare: restaurant reviews plus check-ins plus geo.
Jack Dorsey
I think a really great creative person is almost by nature incredibly curious and digging deeply into cultures and technologies and getting all this input and using it to make things better – basically, creating better solutions.
Mark Parker
We must learn to set our emotions aside and embrace what science tells us. GMOs and nuclear power are two of the most effective and most important green technologies we have. If – after looking at the data – you aren’t in favour of using them responsibly, you aren’t an environmentalist.
Ramez Naam
Safer chemicals and more energy-efficient technologies can provide cooling without severe climate implications. Shifting to these alternatives could avoid the equivalent of 12 times the current annual carbon pollution of the United States by 2050.
Frances Beinecke
Our farmers and ranchers constantly evolve and adapt to the conditions surrounding them, and if provided better and faster connectivity, the development of new technologies on the farm will rival any other sector.
Abigail Spanberger
Disruption is a critical element of the evolution of technology – from the positive and negative aspects of disruption a typical pattern emerges, as new technologies come to market and subsequently take hold.
Steven Sinofsky
For thousands of years, until about 1850, you see humans accumulating more and more power by the invention of new technologies and by new systems of organization in the economy and in politics, but you don’t see any real improvement in the well-being of the average person.
Yuval Noah Harari
Digital is really two things. It refers to a set of technologies, everything from artificial intelligence to the use of e-commerce. But digital is really about a different way of working, of making decisions, of partnering and reaching your clients, and so it’s also about how you do things.
Julie Sweet
Research into manned spaceflight is shifting from low-Earth orbit to destinations much further away, like Mars and the asteroid belt. But society will have to invent many new technologies before it can plausibly send people to those distances.
Andy Weir
I think my imagination dictates the technologies I use. But at the same time, my imagination can be technologic. Sometimes I see a tool and I know immediately how to use it, but most of the time I use the tool for an idea I already have.
Michel Gondry
We stand at the birth of a new millennium, ready to unlock the mysteries of space, to free the Earth from the miseries of disease, and to harness the energies, industries and technologies of tomorrow. A new national pride will stir our souls, lift our sights, and heal our divisions.
Donald Trump
The new technologies that we see coming will have major benefits that will greatly alleviate human suffering.
Ralph Merkle
Cognitive neuroscience is entering an exciting era in which new technologies and ideas are making it possible to study the neural basis of cognition, perception, memory and emotion at the level of networks of interacting neurons, the level at which we believe many of the important operations of the brain take place.
John O’Keefe
Instead of constantly enhancing the norm – forever upping the ante of the ‘normal’ with new technologies – we should work on enhancing the concept of normal by broadening appreciation of anatomical variation.
Alice Dreger
Evolving technologies that allow economists to gather new types of data and to manipulate millions of data points are just one factor among several that are likely to transform the field in coming years.
Ben Bernanke
Renewable energy also creates more jobs than other sources of energy – most of these will be created in the struggling manufacturing sector, which will pioneer the new energy future by investment that allows manufacturers to retool and adopt new technologies and methods.
Jay Inslee
The marketplace judges technologies by their practical effectiveness, by whether they succeed or fail to do the job they are designed to do.
Freeman Dyson
From solar to electric cars, from geothermal to reconfiguring the grid, the scale of investment needed in green technologies in order to meet whatever agreements on emissions reductions are finally agreed will be immense.
Noreena Hertz
By definition, startups are not constrained by the limits of established company culture. And so they push boundaries and develop new technologies and ways of doing things.
J. B. Pritzker
The potential financial reward for building the ‘next Windows’ is so great that there will never be a shortage of new technologies seeking to challenge it.
Bill Gates
There are technologies you couldn’t predict at all when I started.
John Ratzenberger
When I look at the next set of technologies that we have to build in Salesforce, it’s all data-science-based technology. We don’t need more cloud. We don’t need more mobile. We don’t need more social. We need more data science.
Marc Benioff
We’re so enamored of technological advancements that we fail to think about how to best apply those technologies to what we’re trying to achieve. This can mask some very important continuities in the nature of war and their implications for our responsibilities as officers.
H. R. McMaster
Actually, because of new technologies, my full studio is on my laptop. And I have a little keyboard in my bag. I can make everything I do come from my laptop. Even when I go to a big studio, all I do is to plug in my laptops. That’s they way I do it.
David Guetta
The bulk of the utility industry today believes that coal and nuclear are the only solutions we have. Nuclear is greener but has the other issues. Coal, they think, can be transformed into the so-called clean coal technologies.
Vinod Khosla
I hope that Facebook and other Internet technologies were able to help people, just like we hope that we help them communicate and organize and do whatever they want to every single day, but I don’t pretend that if Facebook didn’t exist, that this wouldn’t even be possible. Of course, it would have.
Mark Zuckerberg
Technologies like PayPal foster competition because they enable people to shift their funds from one jurisdiction to another, and I think that ultimately will lead to a world in which there’s less government power and therefore more individual control.
Peter Thiel
What the public needs to understand is that these new technologies, especially in recombinant DNA technology, allow scientists to bypass biological boundaries altogether.
Jeremy Rifkin
More than two decades after the birth of Louise Brown, and all the hysteria that surrounded her ‘test tube’ conception, we should know that institutions, not technologies, create dystopias. Artificially conceived children are everywhere, beloved by their parents, and they haven’t radically altered our world.
Virginia Postrel
I combine magic and science to create illusions. I work with new media and interactive technologies, things like artificial intelligence or computer vision, and integrate them in my magic.
Marco Tempest
We’re using the space station as a test bed for some of the technologies that are going to enable us to work autonomously in space and hit some of our deep-space exploration goals.
Anne McClain
So many of the things I’ve predicted were technologies that were just sitting right in front of us.
Joshua Lederberg
At Tencent, we may be businessmen, but we are still chasing our IT, our science. We are still striving to create something really cool, trying to create things we couldn’t even imagine without our new technologies. I am still clinging to this enthusiasm.
Ma Huateng
New technologies can be used for destructive purposes. The answer is to develop rapid-response systems for new dangers like a bioterrorist creating a new biological virus.
Ray Kurzweil
T-Series has invested heavily in monitoring technologies and is very aggressive in protecting its copyright.
Bhushan Kumar
Technology is changing so fast that investment in hardware is getting riskier everyday. On the other hand, whether it is traditional computers or smart gadgets which are part of the convergence technologies of the future, some planning of hardware needs is still important.
Sucheta Dalal
We are approaching a time when human intelligence alone will be incapable of managing a highly advanced society. Existing technologies are rapidly exceeding the human capacity to absorb and process information.
Jacque Fresco
So many technologies start out with a burst of idealism, democratization, and opportunity, and over time, they close down and become less friendly to entrepreneurship, to innovation, to new ideas. Over time, the companies that become dominant take more out of the ecosystem than they put back in.
Tim O’Reilly
Electricity is an example of a general purpose technology, like the steam engine before it. General purpose technologies drive most economic growth, because they unleash cascades of complementary innovations, like lightbulbs and, yes, factory redesign.
Erik Brynjolfsson
We need to shift the paradigm from reactive technologies to more integrative solutions that deal with the variety and complexity of the threats that are out there today.
John W. Thompson
Surveillance technologies now available – including the monitoring of virtually all digital information – have advanced to the point where much of the essential apparatus of a police state is already in place.
Al Gore
I came here to help make America more competitive and prosperous by developing an energy policy that increases conservation, promotes cleaner technologies, encourages development of renewables and enhances domestic production of gas and oil.
Greg Walden
An international race in the relevant technologies is getting under way at this point, not necessarily with an understanding of where that race leads in the long run, but strongly motivated by the short-term payoffs.
K. Eric Drexler
Facebook draws from the public and public-interest sphere, a simultaneously bold and modest step towards acknowledging that our new networked technologies deeply affect our lives in ways not always captured or best shaped by the typical template of consumer and seller.
Jonathan Zittrain
To me an influencer must embody 2 critical skills, continuous learning and storytelling. Accenture enabled me to accelerate my learning about exponential technologies and how they were impacting businesses, the economy and the world.
Jay Shetty
If we can speed up the deployment of clean energy technologies in developing countries with investments from the Green Climate Fund, hundreds of millions of people will be able to access electricity for the first time – with all the education, health, communication and entrepreneurial opportunities electricity enables.
Ed Davey
California has a special relationship with the Internet. Many of the core technologies that power the Internet were invented here. Many of the most successful online entrepreneurs and content creators – in business, the arts, and countless other endeavors – got their start here.
Kamala Harris
I am often asked what the future holds for Emotion AI, and my answer is simple: it will be ubiquitous, engrained in the technologies we use every day, running in the background, making our tech interactions more personalized, relevant, authentic and interactive.
Rana el Kaliouby
Everybody thinks that when new technologies come along that they’re transparent and you can just do your job well on it. But technologies always import a whole new set of values with them.
Brian Eno
People say we’re running out of energy. That’s only true if we stick with these old 19th century technologies. We are awash in energy from the sunlight.
Ray Kurzweil
It is poor civic hygiene to install technologies that could someday facilitate a police state.
Bruce Schneier
I was born in Africa. I came to California because it’s really where new technologies can be brought to fruition, and I don’t see a viable competitor.
Elon Musk
Green Revolution technologies are scale-neutral but not resource-neutral. Inputs are needed for output; therefore market-purchased inputs become important in providing soil and plant healthcare for higher yields.
M. S. Swaminathan
American jobs are being lost to foreign countries, and U.S. companies are urged to move their manufacturing plants, new technologies and headquarters overseas.
Kevin Brady
I’m fascinated by steam engines and with Victorian engineering generally, and as a corollary to that, I’m fascinated by the idea of long-lived technologies.
Alastair Reynolds
Seen that way, the wholesale transformation of production technologies that is mandated by pollution prevention creates a new surge of economic development.
Barry Commoner
I like to keep my budgets at a certain price when I work for someone else, and even more so now that I’m working for myself, and use new technologies to deliver films that look like they have high production levels.
Robert Rodriguez
For those Muslim Chinese not in camps, Xinjiang is a surveillance state. Millions of artificial-intelligence-powered cameras use facial- and gait-recognition technologies to monitor individuals, Internet activity is closely tracked and DNA samples are collected.
Robert C. O’Brien
Green technologies – going green – is bigger than the Internet. It could be the biggest economic opportunity of the 21st century.
John Doerr
If we look at the life cycle of technologies, we see an early period of over-enthusiasm, then a ‘bust’ when disillusionment sets in, followed by the real revolution.
Ray Kurzweil
Not only will the development of coal-to-liquid and environmentally friendly sequestration technologies increase our energy security, but these advancements will also help create better, higher-paying American jobs.
Peter Roskam
I have talked about the ‘fractal organization’. Those smaller pieces should innovate and lead the rest of the organization. There will be parts that will be thinking about technologies of the future, and you need to nourish them.
Shiv Nadar
When we look at Huawei and ZTE, there are significant indicators that – because of Huawei’s close relationship with the Chinese military and Chinese intelligence, the use of Huawei technologies could create backdoors for areas of access to consumer data or company data that we would find unacceptable.
Abigail Spanberger
We will hear more regrets from founders of tech companies about the addictive technologies they have launched.
Moshe Vardi
Industrial technologies that allowed for increased mechanization in 19th-century armed forces also spurred Frederick Winslow Taylor to develop his ‘Scientific Management’ doctrine in Philadelphia steel mills.
Stanley A. McChrystal
I know it sounds strange to say, but the very technologies that have made traveling easier for most people – GPS, automated ticket machines, online schedules and ticketing, boarding passes you can print out at home – have actually made things harder for me.
Philip Schultz
Technologies and specific vendors may come and go, but massive cultural transformations and new kinds of relationships? Those don’t go away.
Clara Shih
The only way you get economic progress, real standards of living moving higher, is to have the savings of the society continuously invested in the cutting-edge technologies. And those technologies which are obsolescent get dropped out.
Alan Greenspan
I’m the one who made many of the bold comments that we’d seen the technologies from AMD as pretty good. Their technology in many areas was leading. But those are transient.
Kevin Rollins
Entrepreneurship is the key to emerging technologies.
James H. Clark
The re-use of a Dragon capsule is yet another example of how SpaceX uses cargo flights to prove out new technologies that can be later used on crewed flights, and is a key step toward a commercial return to the Moon.
Bruce Pittman
The video game industry is constantly evolving. The sheer creativity matched with cutting-edge technologies gives me the comfort that innovation is alive and well in America.
Erik Prince
A lot of people use collaborative technologies badly, then abandon them. They aren’t ‘plug-and-play.’ The invisible part is the social skill necessary to use them.
Howard Rheingold
Because of new technologies, new wealth, new conditions of domestic life and of international relations, unprecedented criteria and issues are coming up for national decision.
Herman Kahn
When you think about Twitter and you think what a dumb stupid throwaway technology, and then you have the Iranian elections and it actually saves the day – you can’t prejudge technologies now because they have effects you may not have intended.
Douglas Coupland
We need to reduce or at least limit U.S. demand for oil as quickly as possible, and we need to develop new technologies that can further help address our addiction to oil in the future.
Sherwood Boehlert
The cloud presents a variety of new opportunities for Fortinet, ranging from how we leverage our own cloud-based technologies to make networks more secure, to actually developing the solutions that help secure the cloud infrastructure.
Ken Xie
All the scientists and technologists should work in appropriate region, specifically the rural technologies, to transform Indian rural sector.
A. P. J. Abdul Kalam
Let us embrace Science and the new technologies unfettered, for it is these which will liberate mankind from the myth of god, and free us from our age old fears, from disease, death and the sweat of labor.
Claude Vorilhon
Rarely do we see immediate use of innovative technologies. I believe that the future is built by small pieces that add up.
Neri Oxman
All of the clean technologies are known, it’s a question of simply applying them.
Barry Commoner
With new technologies promising endless conveniences also comes new vulnerabilities in terms of privacy and security. And nobody is immune.
Clara Shih
Sometimes we wonder whether or not our adversaries have technologies that are a little bit further down the road than we thought or that we realized.
John Ratcliffe
Entrepreneurs do not try and create new types of smartphone technologies now because they know it’s pointless: They’re going to get sued almost immediately.
Charles Duhigg
Now it’s easy for someone to set up a storefront and reach the entire world in very modest ways. So these technologies that we thought would dis-intermediate traditional sellers gave more people the tools to be sellers. It also changed the balance of power between sellers and buyers.
Daniel H. Pink