Third Parties Quotes

Third Parties Quotes by Vladimir Putin, Jill Stein, Thomas Sowell, Bernie Sanders, Mahatma Gandhi, John Kenneth Galbraith and many others.

This is the political culture of the United States, which one should accept as is. The United States is a great country and it deserves non-interference and no third-party comments.
Vladimir Putin
Pay attention America. Third party might not win it this year, but we could be seeing the shift away from a two party system unfolding.
Jill Stein
Think about it: What the busybodies are saying is that third parties like themselves — who are paying nothing to anybody — should be determining how much somebody else should be paying those who work for them.
Thomas Sowell
As the longest serving Independent in the history of the United States Congress, as somebody who came into office by defeating an incumbent Democratic mayor in Burlington, Vermont, I know something about third party politics. And I respect Jill [Stein].
Bernie Sanders
When a man wants to make up with his Maker, he does not consult a third party.
Mahatma Gandhi
Third party politics, at least since La Follette, has always had an element of romance.
John Kenneth Galbraith
India has always maintained that there will be no third party in Indo-Pak talks. Hurriyat cannot be a party.
Sushma Swaraj
The anti-slavery parties were also called spoilers, including the Republican party that went on not just to abolish slavery but they actually take over the Presidency moving very quickly from third-party into the Presidency.
Jill Stein
We exercise great caution in airing an audio- or videotape released by a terrorist organization holding a hostage. These are decisions made by CNN’s editorial staff and not by any third party.
Jim C. Walton
I am not interested in a third party. I do not believe it has any future.
Shirley Williams
Refraining from false speech: speech from the heart. Undertake for one week not to gossip (positively or negatively) or speak about anyone you know who is not present with you (any third party).
Jack Kornfield
What the government has to do, if it wants to govern for any length of time, is it must appeal primarily to the third parties in the House of Commons to get them to support it.
Stephen Harper
My personal view is that nobody should stand between an employer and employee when it comes to employment contract negations. Not the government and not meddlesome third parties. This includes the ability for individuals to bargain collectively with their employers.
Mark Noble
‘Fair’ is one of the most dangerous concepts in politics. Since no two people are likely to agree on what is ‘fair,’ this means that there must be some third party with power – the government – to impose its will. The road to despotism is paved with ‘fairness’.
Thomas Sowell
I hate politics. It’s slimy. Any job where people pander for votes I don’t like. The country has gotten so partisan that if you’re not on my side, you’re the enemy.
Mark Cuban
All I will say is that there are particular features of the American constitutional system that renders a third party futile – at best.
Todd Gitlin
We thought these incidents warranted a third-party investigation. It will give us some outside expertise and a more global look at the problem.
James Hunt
Health care costs are on the rise because the consumers are not involved in the decision-making process. Most health care costs are covered by third parties. And therefore, the actual user of health care is not the purchaser of health care. And there’s no market forces involved with health care.
George W. Bush
As I was saying, half a democracy is showing up and people have got not only to agree with this agenda, some of these third parties listeners, they’ve got to show up.
Ralph Nader
In ordinary life, the action of a third party does not free the contractor from an obligation; but the advantage of making a contract with heaven is that intentions are valid currency.
Machado de Assis
The property a man has in his own industry, is violated, whenever he is forbidden the free exercise of his faculties or talents, except insomuch as they would interfere with the rights of third parties.
Jean-Baptiste Say
Probably Hobbes got it right when he said that a leviathan, a third party with a monopoly on the use of legitimate use of force in a territory, might be among the biggest violence reduction techniques ever invented.
Steven Pinker
I look at my sons’ little faces, and I want to be their superhero. I don’t want them to have to look outside to a third party for a hero, for someone to look up to and admire. I want that to be ME. I want that person to be MOMMY for them.
Lashinda Demus
The interest in life does not lie in what people do, nor even in their relations to each other, but largely in the power to communicate with a third party, antagonistic, enigmatic, yet perhaps persuadable, which one may call life in general.
Virginia Woolf
I’m rarely wrong but I could be. There might be a third party. I just think that the realization that Hillary Clinton, the Democratic Party posed the greatest threat to our future, children, grandchildren, all of that, is going to bring everybody back to reality.
Rush Limbaugh
Seventy-five percent of voters now [in September 2016], according to the latest poll, want third-party candidates included in the debate. We have the highest disapproval and distrust rates ever in our history for these two presidential candidates, which the system is doing everything it can to force down our throats.
Jill Stein
Some people say we need a third party. I wish we had a second one.
Jim Hightower
I believe that it is preferable sometimes to have one candidate rather another candidate, while you understand that that is not the solution. Sometimes the lesser evil is not so lesser, so you want to ignore that, and you either do not vote or vote for third party as a protest against the party system.
Howard Zinn
Now, with a warrant, they can always go to the information service provider and attempt to get that information. But even then, they may not be able to because the party selling the encryption services may be a third party and may not even know who the parties are that are communicating.
Rod Beckstrom
I create offbeat advice; I don’t follow it. I rarely take third-party advice on my investments.
Mark Cuban
As for my store, most artists’ sites send you to a third-party storefront like iTunes, whereas we’re disseminating it ourselves. I was always uncomfortable with the thought of sending somebody who came to my site to buy something to some other store. It just occurred to me, “Why can’t we do this?”
DJ Shadow
Gossip is when you have a malice of intent or mindless, third-party conversation to someone about someone, something you haven’t said to that someone.
Iyanla Vanzant
Sometimes you can just tell there’s something unique about it, but you can never really truly tell until you show it to a third party – you show it to you friends, or you show it to people you know that know about music like my label or those kinda people.
Absolute passion cannot be understood by a third party.
Soren Kierkegaard
Never arbitrate. Arbitration allows a third party to determine your destiny. It is a resort of the weak.
Attila the Hun
Against these two [Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton] I would [vote], but I never voted for [Barack Obama]. I always voted third party – the ones who say their gonna jail the bankers.
Bill Burr
I think that … none of [the candidates in he third party] have the courage to do what’s right for the country. And I have, now, two grandchildren, which I didn’t have before. I’d like to leave them a better world.
Michael Bloomberg
Hilary Clinton said you know, it takes a village to raise a child and somebody said it takes a village idiot to believe that … it is part of the whole thing of third parties wanting to make decisions for which they pay no price for when they’re wrong.
Thomas Sowell
Let the RINOs start a third party
Mark Levin
When BP was not moving fast enough on claims, we told BP to set aside $20 billion in a fund – managed by an independent third party – to help all those whose lives have been turned upside down by the spill.
Barack Obama
Google’s screen for privacy settings does give you more options for what you share than Apple’s does. But it’s not a complete list, and people aren’t aware of whether or not that information will go to a third party.
Al Franken
Much of what we see in America, what most people feel has been progress and good things, have been brought about by the existence of third parties.
Peter Camejo
Fairness’ is one of the great mantras of the left. Since everyone has his own definition of fairness, that word is a blank check for the expansion of government power. What fairness means in practice is that third parties — busybodies — can prevent mutual accommodations by others.
Thomas Sowell
Why is an actor’s unintentional giggling called a ‘corpse’? It seems to me quite the opposite. It proves that he’s very much alive, and can still tell how silly this all is: him dressed up as someone else speaking words written by a third party.
Antony Sher
I’m voting for Gore because the other is unthinkable. Which most of us will probably do. I hope all of us. I’ve always liked Ralph Nader and would like to see a real third party, but the thought of George Bush as president is unthinkable.
Richard Gere
A lot of people in 2008 voted for Obama. I did not vote for him. I voted for a third party. But I believed in Obama’s promises. He continued with the policies of his predecessor.
Edward Snowden
The question is who threw chemicals on the same day on our soldiers. That’s the same question. Technically, not the soldiers. Soldiers don’t throw missiles on themselves. So, either the rebels, the terrorists, or a third party. We don’t have any clue yet.
Bashar al-Assad
The base of our party is commonsense conservatives.If the Republican Party gets back to that base, I think our party’s going to be stronger and there’s not going to be a need for a third party.
Michael Enzi
Violent movements attract thugs and firebrands who enjoy the mayhem. Violent tactics provide a pretext for retaliation by the enemy and alienate third parties who might otherwise support the movement.
Steven Pinker
And if I am elected, I promise the formation of a new party, a third party, a wild party.
Alice Cooper
Fire is the most tolerable third party
Henry David Thoreau
The most reliable way to be certain of their classroom impact is through independent studies conducted by third-party organisations which compare the student growth in our corps members’ classrooms to that of other teachers in similar situations.
Wendy Kopp
I do not support the third party movement anymore. I now advocate the abolishment of all political parties. We’ve allowed the parties to take over the government.
Jesse Ventura
Marriage is an intimate relationship between two people. It is a bad idea to involve a third party.
Amy Dickinson
I cannot allow a third party to decide on my country’s future.
Antonis Samaras