Undeniable Quotes

Undeniable Quotes by Gabe Kapler, Adam Cole, Dean Haglund, Al Sharpton, Angelica Ross, Yungblud and many others.

Wrigley, beyond its status as a baseball icon, has an undeniable positive energy all its own, which penetrates all who enter its gates.
Gabe Kapler
When you say the word ‘undisputed,’ what do you think of? You think of something that is untouchable, undeniable. Myself, Bobby Fish, and Kyle O’Reilly are all of those things.
Adam Cole
The beauty of any conspiracy theory is that because it can’t be proved, that just makes it more ‘real.’ It’s not a question of believing or not believing, really; it’s more a question of just accepting a series of probabilities that lead to an undeniable conclusion.
Dean Haglund
As I often say, we have come a long way from the days of slavery, but in 2014, discrimination and inequality still saturate our society in modern ways. Though racism may be less blatant now in many cases, its existence is undeniable.
Al Sharpton
Having a skill makes you undeniable.
Angelica Ross
To me, that’s what music entails. It’s freedom, it’s having the undeniable confidence to express yourself in a way that you know is right.
I always wanted to be cheered up. I felt like that feeling of the first day of summer or when a girl would agree to go on a date or you found a $20 bill – that undeniable rush of excitement – I wanted to make a soundtrack of music for that kind of moment.
Andrew W.K.
ISIS itself, it draws its central belief system from the Koran and from the writings of the Prophet Muhammad. That is undeniable. And it’s a medieval interpretation of it. It is a literal interpretation of it.
Jack Keane
The power of Bollywood is undeniable. When a celebrity wears your clothes, it sells out – stars here can make you a household name.
Masaba Gupta
That Rubio is an open-borders, Chamber-of-Commerce Republican is undeniable from his record, and when conservatives compare any candidate’s campaign promises to his voting record, they believe the record, not the promises.
Tom Tancredo
‘King of the Cruiserweights’ is not just something I say. Let me be straight. I am the king. You can see that. It’s undeniable.
It is time to celebrate the New Black Americans – those who have sealed the Deal, who aren’t beholden to liberal indulgence any more than they are to the disdain of the hard Right. It is time to praise blacks who are merely undeniable in their individuality and exemplary in their levels of achievement.
John Ridley
The Obama administration has an undeniable pattern of using regulatory overreach and intimidation to further its political aims.
Ron Johnson
Quibbling over the definition of genocide does nothing but help obscure the long history of vicious racism and undeniable suffering of Indigenous people in this country. It’s bad enough whatever you want to call it.
Neil Macdonald
But I think it’s undeniable that the Times is a liberal paper.
Daniel Okrent
It’s undeniable that what we are taught as a culture to believe about disability is at odds with traditional notions of masculinity.
Stella Young
There is an undeniable need to stop candy-flossing the impact of fundamentalism.
Barkha Dutt
Men want a battle to fight, an adventure to live, and a beauty to rescue. That is what is written in their hearts. That is what little boys play at. That is what men’s movies are about. You just see it. It is undeniable.
John Eldredge
It is a sad but undeniable reality that people have died in the line of duty since the earliest days of the United Nations. The first was Ole Bakke, a Norwegian member of the United Nations guard detachment, shot and killed in Palestine in 1948. The toll since then has included colleagues at all levels.
Ban Ki-moon
You know it’s right when you feel this undeniable connection and chemistry.
Ali Larter
For so many years, women and people who aren’t white have had to be undeniable to get into line-ups.
Rose Matafeo
There’s an undeniable tradition of sexism in this country that ties into the move westward by people of European descent and different ways of looking at Manifest Destiny on the west side of the Mississippi River.
Tommy Lee Jones
At an incredibly divisive point in pop history, Donna Summer managed to create an undeniable across-the-board experience of mass pleasure – after ‘Bad Girls,’ nobody ever tried claiming disco sucked again. It set the template for what Michael Jackson would do a few months later with ‘Off The Wall.’
Rob Sheffield
Music and football are two industries where black people excel, because talent is undeniable. You can’t deny an amazing voice. You can’t deny amazing athletic prowess. Physically, it’s evident. But in other industries, circumstance is more of a thing.
Santan Dave
The positivity of the Obamas as a family is undeniable.
James Corden
There’s this moment happening in our culture where the power of the audience and the influence that people of color have is undeniable at this point.
Elaine Welteroth
The past has an undeniable grip on everyone, except, perhaps, amnesiacs.
Tom Drury
I think it’s absolutely undeniable that nobody really advocates for complete total speech without any consequence or absolute freedom of expression. There’s a line that most of us agree on somewhere.
Thomas Chatterton Williams
We know that gardening is good for you. It is fantastic, all-round exercise. That is easy to see and evaluate. It inculcates high levels of well-being. That is undeniable and needs little measurement.
Monty Don
There’s a tension in Washington that was undeniable. I could write my name in the air there.
Barry Trotz
I want to be the most melodic artist. ‘His music ability, the way he write, his creativity is undeniable.’ I want people to say that about me.
We all came to the conclusion that we have an undeniable chemistry musically, that we might not ever find again. The mix of friction and camaraderie channels good songs, performances and laughs.
Charlotte Caffey
I never went to drama school, I don’t have any certificates saying: ‘He’s a qualified actor.’ But I did think that ‘House’ was something I didn’t have to apologise for. It was something I was really proud of and it was sort of… whether you liked it or not, it was undeniable.
Hugh Laurie
Black Lives Matter was born out of our unwavering love for black people and our undeniable rage over a system that has historically dehumanized black people.
Patrisse Cullors
One thing that is fairly undeniable about Trump – love him or loathe him – is his understanding of how to manipulate the media and to perpetuate a symbiotic relationship with the press.
Kristen Soltis Anderson
One thing is undeniable. If we are going to continue to have support for migration, we need to be able to control the numbers.
Michael Gove
The thing I can’t figure out is why I have an undeniable compulsion to clean public spaces, airplane bathrooms, restaurant flatware, hotel gyms and Chapstick containers… yet I have no desire to make my own bed. Ever. Seriously, who made me, and where am I from?
Rachel Nichols
Whether ‘Avatar’ is racist is a matter for debate. Regardless of where you come down on that question, it’s undeniable that the film – like alien apartheid flick ‘District 9’, released earlier this year – is emphatically a fantasy about race.
Annalee Newitz
The power of music is undeniable.
Michael Gracey
I many times encountered courage, real courage. Undeniable courage. I’ve heard it said that that was the highest quality of the human animal. I encountered that many times, in unexpected places. And I have learned to recognize it when I see it.
Dorothea Lange
The more name value I have, the better. The more undeniable I am, the better. Then I can get what I want.
Matt Riddle
I’ve known from a very early age that singing was what I was supposed to do. There was this unmistaken, undeniable passion within me to sing country music.
Josh Turner
There is a racial element: It’s undeniable. We’ve had inequitable funding of schools for decades in the state of Michigan.
Gretchen Whitmer
Magic has lived an extraordinary life as a champion athlete, passionate activist, and highly successful entrepreneur. The impact of Magic’s life on the game of basketball and beyond is undeniable.
Rick Famuyiwa
While ‘Twilight”s popularity was undeniable among both the teenagers they were aimed at and middle-aged women who flocked to the series in droves, Meyer has drawn her share of criticism for her writing. Some feminist critics assailed what they saw as Bella’s mooning over her vampire lover.
Michelle Dean
Sometimes you have chemistry with people that is undeniable, and it just works, and sometimes you have matches with someone you think you are going to have good chemistry with, and it just doesn’t turn out that way.
Kevin Owens
You can write about other people and their ideas and life without having lived it, but even your perception of that is going to be colored by what you know and what you experience. And this is undeniable.
James Salter
Most people I know that are successful have a few things in common that are undeniable: driving ambition, and they have applied that to something they’re good at, that they love doing… and they are fun to be around, especially when they’re talking about their passion.
Steve Wynn
John Legend is brilliant. I feel he may be my best collaborator when it comes to delivering that undeniable soulful sound, and he does it in such a classy way.
Rick Ross
Sasha Banks. She has it all; she has everything. Her mind works like no other, and her heart is undeniable.
I just think that women make better actors; I just do. I think it’s undeniable.
Cody Fern
Only in men’s imagination does every truth find an effective and undeniable existence. Imagination, not invention, is the supreme master of art as of life.
Joseph Conrad
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Eddie Griffin